Jack in the Boxlazy no good night crew won't serve shakes.

R Sep 13, 2018

The imperial Missouri location is a joke at night. Pathetic lazy crew will not serve shakes anytime they don't want to. I have gone by every night for a shake and the same young man claims they aren't serving shakes anymore. It's open 24hrs come on. I have gone back since being denied 2 times in a week to once everyday after 9:00Pm for a shake and was told the machine is broken. We just sold our last shake. Sorry no shakes tonight we are waiting on parts for it. That very next day I went in for breakfast and asked if they managed to fix their shake machine and the manager said "when was it broken?". I said "last night". He replied "that machine hasn't broken down once in the 6yrs I have been here working". I proceeded to inform him of the night crew establishing this idiotic means to really make a customer angry. I have since moved on to White Castle shakes and I am a physical therapist that's works out and I drink a shake everyday and it makes me wonder why jack and the box wouldn't want to take my money everyday because these rude young millennials feel a sense of entitlement to be lazy [censored] and not serve shakes. I want this crew punished and taught a lesson. I have owned my own business for 13 yrs and it's based solely on word of mouth and believe me when I say that I can really pass them word that this location is terrible and lazy at night. So far about 12 people and myself have switched to other vendor shakes because of this stupid issue. And it's not just about getting a shake. It makes you so mad to hear the same [censored] persons voice be a [censored] about when he tells you it's broke, they are serving anymore, the last person got the last one, or better yet...we are out of ice cream!?!! Wth!?!?! This is making a lot of people angry and quite frankly turned off and going elsewhere. I truly hope that you remedy this issue by the night crew. There is no way that every night even when I'm driving one of my 4 cars so as to not be remembered as the same person coming through it's the same answer. I think not.

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