Jack in the Boxemployees


On 10/22/17 at approximately 10:25pm, I drove through the drive-thru and the person on the other end had great difficulty understanding what I was saying. I ordered garlic fries and egg rolls. She could not understand what I was saying despite speaking loudly and clearly. I had to repeat "garlic fries" a minimum of three times and I ultimately had to spell it out as if I was speaking a foreign language " G A R L I C " I SAID very loudly.

Once I received my order I drove off only to find out later after I was GONE, I REALIZED I'd received cinnamon chiro and french fries and paid $10.04 for it... Which is obviously much too high for the order I received.

Now I have to go all the way back there on my break at work and take another 20 minutes to 25 minutes to do this all because your employee cannot understand English efficiently.

This should not happen, this is not right, you should not hire people unless they are very proficient in the English language. VERY proficient - not half-assed proficient!

In addition, I attempted to contact Jack in the Box corporate online to complain and the form does not work properly and will not allow me to fill out the personal info portion of the form, therefore the submit button does not work. I have checked this form three to four times for accuracy and there is nothing wrong with the form there is no reason as to why it will not send.

Therefore I repeat do not hire people who cannot speak the language it is so frustrating to be in my own country and not be understood like I am in a foreign country!

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