Jack in the Boxdidn't receive all my order.


I went to jack in the box at 3 am on tuesday july 31st and ordered 2 munchies boxes with large jack splashes and a kids cheese burger kids meal with jack spkash as well as a chocolate overload cake when i got my bags they did not give me a receite i requested for one and she said ok walked off n didnt cpme back so i left... when i got home i relized my sons food look as if it sat for hours and was cold, then i relized they never did give me my cjocolate over load so i called the next day and told a fenale manager and she said shed put my name on the list. I just went to jack and the box and told the male nanager what had happened and he told me there was absolutley nothing he can do cuz my name was not put on the paper... im sorry but that is completly NOT exceptable i paid for a chocolate over load cake i plan to recieve it and inabsolutly will not be stolen from. On behalf of someone elses mistake...

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