Inteximpeller problems


I would have recommended anyone to buy one of these pools until we went through 2 pumps because of faulty impellers. In my opinion these PLASTIC impellers were designed to fail and force you to by a new pump. The design of the hoses and hook ups also makes it difficult to move to a btter designed pump without replacing everything and good luck with that. Intex did not step up and help me and I am dissapointed and would not recommend thier pools to anyone. All of this bad feedback for a $2.00 part.


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    Dbet Jul 11, 2015

    I am on my 4th pump/filter in 2 years. Customer service prevents any problems from being escalated. They will only accept my warranty claim if I send them my defective pump first! The cheesy impeller is of such poor design with the selection of the impeller shaft being bound to fail prematurely. The comments about finding mating connections for another brand of pump is true. Save yourself grief and spend more on a quality product.

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    arthur phillips May 14, 2016

    Need to file a class action against intex I will start it

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    realdealkim Jul 20, 2017

    Intex sucks! We kept getting an error heat and no filteration was working on our intex hot tub spa...They want that 290.00 for a new control base..when its a 5 cent plastic shaft that kept breaking. You turn the whole unit upside down and the impeller housing is located underneath on the very bottom underneath base..Where youd least expect it to be, suppose they did it that way so people would be stupid enough to keep giving them money. Anyhow it disconnects easy 3 bolts for plastic cover and 4 or 5 for inpeller cover..the impeller is magnatized so just pull it out. And chances are if your pumps not filtering or soas not heating its the cheap white plastic shaft of impeller. Easy fix. Pull out broken shaft and replace with a #10 finishing roofing nail..guarteed to last alot longer that their money grubbing product is suppose to.

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