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Bought the Metal Frame Rectangular Pool 24 x 12
We have had nothing but problem after problem. This is our second year having the pool. Filled this pool with 200.00 worth of water, to realize there is a leak in both Plunger Valve Assembley Parts. Called intex for help on this emergency, customer service says "we are not taking calls right now as call volumes are high"
Thats a lot of help.


  • Ro
    robert summers Aug 11, 2008

    I have been dealing with Intexcorp for about a month and a half over missing parts for a 18' above ground metal frame pool. The valves and filter strainers needed to hook up the pump to the pool were missing, I called Intexcorp and was advised I needed to submit a claim form to get the missing parts. Ok thats fair so I faxed it to the number that they gave us and called back a week later to check on my claim. I was told that my fax did not come through and was given a second number to fax it to, sent it to both numbers this time and again called to check on the missing parts. I was told that they had received my claim but the parts were on back order and that they would be sent ASAP. Two weeks later called again and was told that my claim was not received and wanted to know what number I had faxed it to. The customer service rep. was reading from my claim form so I know that they have it, again more run around and stalling from Intexcorp. So what to do what to do? Decided to call every retailer of their products and ask them to get involved. I figured if everyone that has had a problem with Intexcorp customer service could start complaining to the major retailers, ie. Walmart, Target, Home Depot then they might stop selling Intexcorp products and put them out of business. If nothing else they might have to fix their Com.Ser.Dept. I hope that everyone that knows someone who has had a problem with INTEXCORP passes this idea on and start hitting INTEXCORP in their wallet.

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  • Th
    theresaandtom Jun 19, 2011

    pool stays dirty all the time we go thru two filters a day, pump not strong enough to suck the dirt off the bottom.

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  • Bd
    BDW1215 Jun 30, 2011

    I just bought the Intex 24/52 pool and the linner where the bottom and sides are sealed were not sealed all they way. The bottom had 1in flaps and leaked. i had to go to the pool store and I got some under water glue and patched it. All so i bought the salt water system and installed it and I have to Vacume my pool every other day. It is not working for me. my wifes uncle has one and he has no proplem. I do exactly what the video says to do and every 2 days I have high Iron and algee bad. This is getting old. This is my 2nd Intex pool with problems and it will be my LAST!!!

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  • Ka
    KariF Aug 09, 2011

    We purchased a brand new Intex Excursion 5 person boat set - First use out on lake prior to our big annual vacation and the oar broke. The cheap plastic sleeve crumbled and broke off -- no way to fix it. As we are experienced with these types of rafts & oars; this was clearly a manufacturing issue. So I looked on their website / online store and the replacement part was only $3.25 but the shipping made this $18.38 and would take two weeks to arrive. Didn't feel I should have to buy it, since it was less than 30 days from purchase and I still even had the original cardboard box. Called customer service and their response was "They don't warrantee that product". REALLY?!? So I asked what part of the boat DO they warranty -- her response was "none of it. They warranty only select components of some of their pools etc." Yet, their website claims (

    "Imagine a company so dedicated to QUALITY, SERVICE, and PRICE that it builds the best Customer Service department in the industry. That is what Intex Recreation has done to ensure that each and every one of our customers is totally satisfied with their Intex® products. Our Customer Service team is a highly trained, dedicated group of individuals with one single objective in mind: to make sure that every Intex customer fully enjoys each Intex® product they purchase. Whether it is answering a question on assembling one of our above ground pools, locating a store to purchase an Intex® accessory, or help replacing a broken airbed valve, our Customer Service representatives will be there to help."

    REALLY!?! So (1) their product was not up-to-par (2) they DON'T stand behind their product (3) they state FALSE CLAIMS OF SERVICE on their website and (4) they basically TOOK OUR MONEY AND RAN. What a joke!!! I will NEVER purchase ANY Intex product again, and will make CERTAIN that anyone else I know realizes that if you buy something from them, expect to get ripped off in every regard.

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  • Dh
    dheeraj k Nov 12, 2011

    voice problem in woofer

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  • Mm
    mmellons May 04, 2012

    i ordered some product from intex and they said my credit card was not any good .do i called my card and found out that they approved the purchase and that ny credit was perfect so tell me why they lied to me and said it wasnt any good my card holder said he would call them and tell them that it was approved so tell me did my order go there or is someone working at intex just needed my card nu something isnt right mary from alabama

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  • Do
    Done with them son Jun 08, 2012

    Okay - I have read everybodys complaints with Intex but here is the best one so far. I called to order replacement parts for my pool 5 days ago. I have not received any emails advising of tracking numbers to let me know that it shipped, etc. I call customer service and wait 40 minutes before I speak with someone. Finally - I have customer service on the phone!!, it turns out my customer service rep is speaking broken english with an asian accent and can barely understand me ( I didn't have my chinese translation book with me ). I ask the man where he is located and he tells me what I already knew...China, The whole Customer Service group is located there also. So it takes me another 15 minutes to find out where my package is...the man says it shipped. okay...what is my tracking number? He says they don't have a tracking number because it was shipped via US mail? WTF. The guy then says I should wait 3-5 business days. I already did that? Then he says wait 5-7 business days...ok - I know this game. How about I smash a bowl full of chinese noodles over your head?

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  • Sa
    Sarah Crislip Jun 27, 2012

    I bought a intex above ground (10'x33"0 for my grandson for his 4th B-day. I stretched it out and hand pumped it up just like directions say. Next day i ordered Water for the pool, Company came filled the pool, charged $120.00 to do it . Next morning the pool was flat. the ring around the top had a malfunction and all the water ran out when the ring callapsed. Out $75.00 for pool, $16.00 for cover and &120.00 for water!

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  • Ed
    edwin feyrer Jul 15, 2013

    I have an 4x18' eazy set pool with the ring on top I have tried everything possible to keep the skimmer down where it belongs in the pool ; but the smallest bit of motion makes the skimmer come out of the water and know one is in the pool, an this screws up the filter, I called technical support and they were no help at all in solving this problem, they tell me I should have a cover over it, an that may help, the slightest touch of the ring will bring it out of then water, an they never had any one else have this problem with the skimmer

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  • Pa
    pamsc Mar 14, 2016

    why cant you find a liner for a 12x24x52 rectangle pool we have looked everywhere and cant find one and all we need is a new liner..please post where you can find one

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  • Re
    Reagan Moore Aug 11, 2016

    Bought a Intex Pure Spa April of 2016. Pump keeps coming up with an error code. Intex asked me to upload a copy of the receipt, which I did. They say it's not legible. Told me to fax it, which I did. Still not legible they say. 20 days later countless faxes and uploads. Still they say they can't read it. Seems like they train their call center employees to give you the run around, so they don't have to stand behind there product. A spa pump should not go out in 4 months. They must make a killing on replacement parts. They deny you until you give up and buy the part, or just throw the product away. This is a 290.00 part for a spa that was purchased for 350.00.

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  • Co
    Cold Spa Jan 10, 2017

    I bought a spa to be used out doors in Mass. The thing worked OK all fall (never use in summer) then when winter set is iy will not keep up with the heat loss and almost froze. I called the help line only to find " i should drain it down and bring it inside for the winter" Really? Why have a HOT TUB if you can't use it when it cold out side! The tub instruction do not say anything about the climate the tub can be used in. Seriously !

    So all you northern people who want to start a class action post something here and if I see enough... I'll post a way for us to communicate together.

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  • Gi
    Gi Britey May 08, 2017

    @Cold Spa Please email [email protected], I'd be interested in that. I'm having serious issues over $420 hot tub (gauge broken-all three they sent; tub leaked air-they sent replacement tub that has deep creases all over the outside. BUT THEY SENT ME A SQUARE TUB...I HAD A ROUND ONE!!! Now they want me to cut THAT one up and ship that at my expense to get another one!!! Help!!!

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  • Le
    LeaMarie75 Oct 03, 2017

    @Cold Spa I am having issues with my 5 month old Spa. I have called there Customer Service 7 times and can't get anyone on the line. I'm reading all these complaints and have a feeling I'm gonna be out of luck with this mess. I think something needs to be done. This company claims they stand behind their products but that is simply not the case. Please email me if you have any advice or input [email protected] Thank you

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  • Ja
    James G Gilyard Mar 27, 2017

    This company has some real problems with it products and advertising.

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  • So
    Soul's Code Apr 16, 2017

    I bought their competing product to Aerobed -- a 22" high inflatable bed.

    Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump, Bed Height 22", Queen

    SKU # on Amazon:

    These people are criminals. We should mount a class action against Amazon for listing their products.

    Oh, my problem? Answer: The product is a total fraud. It's an air mattress -- quote -- that can't hold air. A party balloon holds air with greater integrity than this scam, sham!

    Even the cover bag is defective!

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  • Td
    T d Apr 23, 2017

    we bought an Intex blow up hot tub just two months ago and all of the sudden we are having problems with it, very disappointing!! error signals keep coming up and now heat is going down for no reason

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  • Td
    T d Apr 23, 2017

    very disappointing

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  • Td
    T d Apr 23, 2017

    don't purchase one of these

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  • Ka
    kay rodgers May 24, 2017

    My pump does not work. it started for a minute and shut off did everything that they said to do nothing, will not ever buy again. I'm going to have to buy a new pump somewhere else don't trust intex.

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  • Ca
    campbell/1959 Jun 12, 2017

    for the last 2 years I have bought a pump for my pool and I use it for june and july and august and then the next year it doesn't work wtf please send me a good pump item number28637EG IT SHOULD LAST LONGER THEN 3 MONTHS my nane is helen fox 4735 anglers lane fort wayne Indiana 46808 I have tried t call you but can never talk to someone always the computer that sucks

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  • Li
    Liz1976 Jul 11, 2018

    I just bought my Intex Pool so excited and we followed all the directions.. First the legs crumpled then I keep having to fill it every three days.. So keep in mind I live in a farm with well water.. So we had to buy our water it was not cheap. I called them and they want us to disassemble the pool cut some parts of it and send.. I was like so u saying I have to send u this I get a replacement and have to pay over 350 dollars more of water half way thru summer.. NO WAY.. I WILL BE SENDING THE WHOLE THING BACK.. still under the 90 day warranty.. I can't believe it .. its like they do not believe the pool is leaking??? Why would I make that up I am having fun with it just do not want to keep filling it every time.. Oh well..

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