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Intex Recreation reviews & complaints

Intex Recreation complaints 175

Intex Recreation - Bubble spa jet tub

The 1st unit I got from intex did not work…. Took me 6 months to get a new unit. Now that I got my unit it is refurbished and completely rusted on the inside and leaking water out of every possible spot. Is there still a lawsuit? Put me down!
I have has this thing 2 years and used it a total of 6 months. What kind of crap are they pullog? This wasn't cheap and mad I spent so much in chemical, water, electricity and time!

Desired outcome: 100% new everything

Intex Recreation - Index pool 6 way valve

We purchased the index pool this summer and the 6 way valve on the filter on top froze after one months use. I filed for a replacement part filled out there form and sent with my receipt. I checked to see if it had been sent and found it's on hold because part is out of stock. I called customer service (Hong Kong) and was told nothing can be done cause it's out of stock. And your season is almost over anyway. I asked if there was a distributor in the US and was told the part comes from California I asked for number to them and was told, we don't have a number and they are out as well. I guess this IS one of those buyer beware.

Desired outcome: Would like a full new filter not just top piece

Intex Recreation - Easy Set Above Ground Pool 4 feet high by 15 feet Round

Te top ring I have to refill with air every day.I looked and cannot find a leak. I know it expands in hot weather and contracts at cooler weather but that is not the problem.I have bought about 5 Intex pools over the years and I am dissappointed in the quality of this top ring. One night I lost about 1500 gallons of water after the ring came down. The ladder and pump seem good but I feel the quality of the pool needs to be upgraded. Now I have to add air every day and worry about wearing out the air intake lock wearing out.

Desired outcome: Give me a solution to fix the problem.

Intex Recreation - Replacement hot tub

On May 5th I ordered a replacement hot tub for my family. I incorrectly put in the wrong address. I was off one digit (thanks auto correct). The next day i called intex to change the address but they wouldn't do it. They said i had to call fed ex. I called fed ex but they told me the shipper would have to change it, so i again called intex. They again said they wouldn't change it and to have fed ex return it to them for a partial refund. This is probably the worst customer service I've had from a company in a long time.

Desired outcome: Give me a full refund or change the damn address so i can take delivery of the product.

Intex Recreation - Bubblespa heater / pump part # 12097 replacement

I have filed a claim on 01/06/2021, the claim #710515 was approved for pump to be replaced then. since then I have emailed through the company site to get any update on the replacement pump and all the company seems to have shut down the [protected] has been shut down, and the reply within 48 business hours email (complaint department) never answers. Is the Company gone? bankrupt? what is going on? All the Claim number page says is part is not in stock, and I get that covid 19 might have delayed the delivery of the part "BUT" using that as an excuse to not replace my warrantied part until the warranty has expired is NOT acceptable.

Desired outcome: Replace the pump as the spa is usless without it, or refund my $706.86

They told me on one call that the part 12097 was discontinued and that I need to order 5 parts to make the newer control base work with my tub. Now I called back to place the order online and they tell me to just keep checking back to see if 12097 is back in stock. The customer service person doesn't speak very clearly and has a TV blaring in the background. Not sure there's anything we can really do. No other suppliers seem to have this part either.

Intex Recreation - Intex inflatable hot tub

First, we ordered with 2 day shipping in Mid-Feb 2021. Not only did we not receive the hot tub in two days but it took nearly 10 days and a second order! The company was responsive but very speculative. We bought this in late February and after finally receiving the item; we set it up and got to using it straight away. For a week, the purchase seemed very cost effective and we were thankful. That did not last long. It is now March 31st and we keep encountering an E90 error. We have received the error notification about a dozen times in the last 3 weeks! The heater overheats, shuts down and days go by before we can reheat to use again. This is a drastic waste of money. We have purchased new filters, new pumps, researched changing of the items, the E90 error itself, and by this point, we could have purchased a real hot tub. Please do yourself a favor and SKIP this listing. Find something else.

Desired outcome: Refund

Intex Recreation - Pure Spa

Bought 12/20/2020. Within a week found it was a defective timer/clock. The INTEX company is by far the worst Customer Service I have ever seen!!

For 3 weeks after filling out all the information and uploading all information, faxing it, and even snail mail. NO ANSWERS... Finally after 3 weeks of no return calls (they don't have outbound lines). A formal request for a supervisor or manager to call. They said fill out a form and within 3 to 5 days someone will call you back. NOTHING it has been 7 days!

Finally, they updated my claim that the part is out of stock. No other answer. Tried to find out when they anticipated the part. NO ANSWER HELP
Jack Kaplan [protected]

Desired outcome: Replacement part or Speak to ANYONE in management

Intex Recreation - Pool Pump

Bought a pool with all the accessories on May 13, 2019. the pump quit working early the summer of 2020.Called and they finally sent me a new pump. That pump didn't work. I paid $67.03 to get it sent back. They sent me another. It didn't work. Now they want me to pay that amount again to get another one. The warranty is 2 years. I have been through 3 pumps in1 year which 2 never worked. I would like to sue them.

Desired outcome: A pump that would eventually work and the money back for shipping for the one that wouldn't. Plus extended time on the one they would send me that would work.

Intex Recreation - Hot tub spa

I purchased my spa tub online Thur Targets website for $1200.00. April 10, 2020 . My heater stop working and my water is cold. I contacted Agent IFela on January 19, 2021 in Lomgbeach . I have a 12 month Manufacture warranty on this pool. I have all receipts from Amazon showing I take 💯 great care of my spa tub . Cause I use it daily for my Chronic pain. She refused to file a claim and hung up in my face. She refused to like me speak to her supervisors. I contacted VM Express who sold the pool Thur target spoke with customer service she said she will contact them Thur email and phone. Never heard back from neither company.

Desired outcome: New Hot Tub with a working heater

Intex Recreation - 26' round metal frame pool cover

Winterized my pool and drained it below the skimmer went to install the cover that came with it, does not fit not even close extremely tight, to the point it tore. I had to go buy a new one; not happy at all!! This is not my first intex pool and cover, but this one was not even close to fitting; wasted all winterizing chemicals and had to clean the pool and vacuum again plus added more chemicals. In all spent an additional 150.00 for new cover and chemicals, not to mention the added time..

Intex Recreation - Missing part #12797 air nozzles and resistant customer service representative

On July 9, 2020 at 12:26 p.m. CST, I contacted Customer Service and spoke with Sarah (ID # 431) in China. I explained how I purchased the quickfill Electic Pump 12V DC Power pump from Wal-Mart...

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Intex Recreation - Full pool

I bought pool and haven't sent it but took the money my phone [protected] call me so I know where my pools is I bought it from guy hany and he took the money and I want pool I paid over 100 dollars

Intex Recreation - Brand new 15x42 pool liner on prism frame pool

I am outraged and completely disgusted with this company. I purchased a liner for the 15x42 Prism Frame Pool, on June 6th. 2 days after being up it's leaking and I've lost half of my pool water! No one even had the opportunity to swim in it!!! I want my money back. All $148.26 of it, otherwise I will be taking legal action! Customer service doesn't even answer the phone, so getting in touch with them is pretty impossible. I cannot believe they are able to get away with having faulty products that don't even work upon installation! This is completely unacceptable and I will NOT let this go, until I am refunded in full.

Intex Recreation - Intex pure spa Hot tub

Hi, I purchased this hot tub in April 2019. I started having problems with it in June 2019 and notified Intex. . They had me do a bunch of maint things that made it a little better. At the end of last year the pump started making a noise. I notified them again before the warranty ran out and they again sent a list of "fixes". It never has been correct. Now this year the pump died and I sent Intex 3 emails and did not get a return email or call. I have purchased many of their products over the years. This pump is defective and I need it replaced. I have spent over $100 on fix issues.

Intex Recreation - Item # 28429e purespa plus bubble massage set - claim # 677033

Intex has had my claim form and hot tub cutouts since april 30, 2020 and I have not received a replacement tub. I have called back several times being on hold for over an hour each time. Customer...

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Intex Recreation - 26679eg krystal clear 2150 gph pump & saltwater sand filter saltwater system, grey

Today is May 22nd, 2020 We have had three of Intex's saltwater generator systems. When the first one died during its second season, we received another from Intex under the warranty. When that...

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Intex Recreation - Aqua pool cleaner for 18' intex pool

I ordered an Intex aqua pool cleaner for my 18' ag pool and the parts that came in the box are the wrong size and will not connect. I have contacted Doheny whom I made the purchase through. They then said call Intex only they can resolve this matter... WTH? Almost 3 weeks of this crap. Take it back, refund, return email at the very least. Very unprofessional to have a monopoly on this brand and not allow any resolution through the company of purchase... Very poor service..

Intex Recreation - Purespa I have bought and am trying to return with my warranty that is still valid. My claim # is 675698 name is aaron davis.

I'm trying to get a replacement for my pure spa 6 person hot tub. The form that says what to send back says there is letters on my hot tub to cut out and send back, except there is not any letters on...

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Intex Recreation - Air mattress for intex

This is my 2 air mattress that I bought from Intex air mattress company it bubbled and it hurts my back.
I will post this on Facebook and share this with everyone. The store where I purchased it is useless.

Jan Wise

Intex Recreation - Intex 24" air mattress

I purchased an 24" air matress back in Sept 2019 from walmart. $79 only used it once. Pump or cord has a shortage in. I have no box or receipt from 5 months ago. Needless to say the rep was no help because I didnt have a receipt, rudely said a supervisor will tell you the same thing got my info from off their caller ID, verified my info, told me that other customers have their receipts as if I'm other customers, then hung up in my face. I dont recommend purchasing this brand. I'm stuck with an air matress that doesn't work and out of $79 such a scam company to know their are a lot of people who don't hold onto stuff for 5 months in a 500sq ft home, no room to store boxes.

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