Interdate SAdating site

N Review updated:

The site appears to scammers all contacts are abroad some even asking for money or directing you to porn sites where they are models.

The last woman I was in contact with was in Ghana, she wanted money to get s medical for s visa to uk, money for s new phone and money for flights to uk. When I ran s check on her photos it too you to a porn site. When I challenged her about it she gave a sob story about a bad past etc. When I asked for her to send me s current photo she accused me of calling her s liar and got really aggressive.

The site is full of women who as far as I can make out none are real.
I have tried to cancel the subscription via the fax number provided to no avail.

Joined in 15/1/17


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    dan-eivind hamre Dec 04, 2018

    Dont get scard of the mail They send about money collection. I check with the Police ITs fake and illagale. Just burn IT. Interdate have ben scamming all Who download there apps. Google aint doing anything about IT.

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