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It's Just Lunch [IJL] reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 5, 2008. The latest review Lack of service was posted on Dec 4, 2020. The latest complaint Harassment scam not a real job was resolved on Sep 19, 2014. It's Just Lunch [IJL] has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 53 reviews. It's Just Lunch [IJL] has resolved 23 complaints.

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It's Just Lunch [IJL] Complaints & Reviews

It's Just Lunch [IJL]Lack of service

I was cold called for about 5 years straight by this group.
Finally I decided to trust them and they insisted I pay and sign a contract within 3 days.
Then it was a hurry to meet my dating coach.
Who I have spoken 3 times. My initial sign up then briefly 2 other times.
I heard that I can use my membership in another state and I will get pep talks before the date ect...
I have e mailed multiple people and have called at least 6 times. No acknowledgement.
No new dates no response to anything.
Extremely disappointed.

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    It's Just Lunch International [IJL] — dating agency in singapore

    It's Just Lunch Singapore is just a scam. I am a French man, 38, paid SGD1, 700 for 3 month trial in...

    It's Just Lunch — solitating tactics

    They call you regularly with tactics such as "Hi, Francesca here. I have great news! Call me back...

    It's Just LunchDating

    This company is a scam. Their customer service is horrible. They never listen to any of your needs. Their male dates are not prescreened. Most of mine stated they received a free date to try on me. They clearly do not have enough people, but they is not what they share up front. They even requested I go on a date to meet someone in the evening near the county jail. The representative told me they don't have any restaurant agreements near me. All dates were a minimum of over 30 minutes away with no traffic. My "stylish" date showed up with a belly over his pants and popping buttons on his shirt. Then had two drinks before I arrived, and 4 more on the date. One brought a dog and was over 15 minutes late. Many restaurant partners could not find the reservation. One date had dinner before the planned dinner date. The waiter brought me bread. I think he felt bad. My last one quizzed me on plastic surgery and hair extensions. Clearly high quality individuals. The owner should be embarrassed.

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      Its Just Lunch SingaporeUnethical deliverance of service

      I signed on with Its Just Lunch on March 2016. The consultant Prab was so concerned with my "well being" of finding someone intially and thereafter i realised that it was all a scam!

      Its November 2016 and I have had by far 2 dates after calling them and reminding them both times. I have not had the profile which I had asked for and the 2 dates were far from any potential at all.

      It seems like these people are only interested in taking your money and its not cheap! They are not at all interested in your well being and will not offer you any dates unless you call them and nag at them constantly

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        It's Just Lunch — Very Rude Service and Refusal to give Refund

        I started receiving phone calls from It’s Just Lunch in February 2016. They advertise their company as a...


        It's Just LunchSCAM! Horrible Customer Service and Lack of Willingness to Work With Me

        My dispute against It's Just Lunch is based on the blatant lies and atrocious Customer Service. But most importantly, I was told last week by Debbie H. @ Corporate that It's Just Lunch NEVER gives REFUNDS! This company is a very expensive scam, don't get suckered into it. Also, be sure to check out the BBB, you will be shocked!!!

        During the initial sales calls I was contacted numerable times by a very lively Representative. She told me there were plenty of men just waiting for dates and I would NEVER have to spend another “Date Night” alone again if I didn’t want too.

        Prior to making the decision as to whether I would agree to the terms of “It’s Just Lunch, “ the Representative spent a significant amount of time on the phone with me boasting about the company’s outstanding dating ratings and the wonderful service they provided. During one conversation the Representative read a note she claims to have just received from “recent clients” who married and was writing to share their exciting news of their “New Arrival.” Evidently they were expecting a baby. How exciting! Immediately following this conversation the Representative eagerly told me she already had someone perfect in mind for me and could not wait to send this information to me. I signed the paperwork very soon thereafter and completed all that was asked of me by the end of the day.

        Immediately a biography of a male client was emailed to me. I called the Dating Coordinator right away to let her know that I would gladly accept a lunch/dinner with him. Unfortunately with each call I made; I only received voicemail. Her voicemail indicated I should leave a message and she would respond within 24 hours! For my $2, 000 I wanted to speak with a REAL person and not leave a message in hopes someone would eventually return my call when she finally decided to get around to it. I found her voice mail to be totally unacceptable.

        After sending a very angry email regarding my "un-phone call" to those I had previous contact with, I requested a refund. Several hours, pm that evening I finally received a return call from my Dating Director. I started our conversation by letting her know I was very angry. I stated that I felt her voicemail was unacceptable and let her know I felt it was her responsibility to stay in touch with me on a regular basis. I also stated that prior to signing my agreement I was reassured I would receive attention throughout out our contact. Evidently, this is supposed to be part of their service and my Dating Director was not fulfilling her duties.

        Then I inquired about the "Male Biography" sent to me. I was told he never responded, so I said to please send me a new biography of someone else. I was told that finding another match could take 2-3 weeks before possibly finding someone else.

        At first I thought she was joking, but unfortunately she was VERY serious. I was disgusted, especially when you consider this is not what I was told by the Sales Representative who spent several days telling me all of about the quality people they have available for dating. I let her know I found it odd that prior signing up, they already had a match, but now it was going to require 2-3 weeks before they could find another match!

        At this point I was so dissatisfied I contacted my bank to dispute the charges. During this time I received several calls from an extremely rude, obnoxious employee. She felt the need to yell at my son and then HANG UP on him, saying; "I don't have to talk to you." When she called me, she spent the entire time yelling at me until I made it clear I would no longer accept being spoken to that way.

        My case was in Arbitration for 3 months, but sadly I did not win. I absolutely want nothing to do with this company so I offered to pay a prorated fee even though I NEVER went on a single date. I was told by someone in a higher position they would not accept the $660.00 prorated fee I offered because It's Just Lunch NEVER gives refunds!

        I find it very sad that a company would not hesitate to state the NEVER give a refund - Just what does this say about them? They are a scam. If you sign up with you it will quickly discover you have made the biggest mistake of your life.

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          It's Just Lunch — Matchmaking service

          I paid 3500 dollars for a matching making service and they haven't delivered anything they promised. I...

          It's Just Lunch — The most expensive waste of money I have ever spent

          Despite having to repeat numerous interviews to numerous counselors(which I was told wouldn't happen but...

          It's Just Lunch Matchmaking ServiceHorrible matchmaking

          This is the letter i wrote to the business after my awful experience! I truly wish i'd looked around before i threw my money away.

          First of all let me say, i was quite excited to use this service. Sheila made it sound great over the phone. But what i experienced made this whole thing a huge disappointment. I went on a date with john on august 28th and it was a waste of time and money.

          In my initial conversation with sheila, she asked me about ethnicity and i was honest in saying i want a caucasian man. I said to her (And sheri on facetime, at our coaching session) that my parents opinion on who i dated was important to me and as such, caucasian needed to be at the top of the list. In seeing john's pictures, i was unsure as to his ethnicity and didn't know he was middle-eastern until sheri said so, the day before the date. I was completely surprised by this, but i had already committed. I felt it was better to go ahead than to cancel at the last minute; i didn't want to be rude. This is also totally unacceptable. I told two separate people what i wanted and it seems as though no one paid any attention to me. Then you pulled someone who hasn't been a part of this program in two years just to fulfill your part of the contract. Totally unacceptable!

          When i spoke with shelia, i made sure to ask if there was an even amount of men and women signing up for this service. She said yes, for the most part, it is equal. She said sometimes you might contact someone who's membership has just expired, but that was rare as there were enough people to potentially pair from. In speaking to john, he said his membership had been expired for closer to two years! This is totally unacceptable! He's no longer in a stage of his life where this service would be beneficial to him. Instead of talking about finding 'the one', he talked about how he wanted to quit his job, move to italy, and work on a farm. That is not even remotely close to what i'm looking for and can't believe someone thought this might be a good match. Additionally, he said he didn't even get pictures of me. How can anyone go into this blind?

          Now, i understand, this service cannot guarantee love or even chemistry. I did not go into this date thinking it was going to be the best thing in my life and we were going to run off and get married. But, john was on a cleanse! Shelia and i spoke about health and exercising and how important it is to me (It's not that important); i imagine whoever spoke with john, however long ago, got a feel for that with him as well. But again, whoever he was two years ago and who he is now... It was ridiculous. He didn't even want to be at the restaurant your service chose and made me feel quite uncomfortable. Due to his cleanse, he didn't even have a drink; we ordered food, but i felt like he was judging me with every bite i took. At different points i found john to be insincere and arrogant. And at the end of the date, he seemed like he couldn't get away fast enough. And this is after he was late and used his phone at different points during the 'meal'.

          This is without doubt the worst dating experience i've ever had. I will give your service a bad review on any and every site i can find, but that really can't matter to you. Unfortunately, i should have checked reviews before i signed up. A simple search has just shown me what a disreputable company you are.

          Thanks for nothing!

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            It's Just Lunch — Bad service, does not honor their contract

            I signed up for It's Just Lunch (IJL) on 4/22/15 for $5200/year. I was promised personalized matching...

            It 's just Lunch Singapore — Unprofessional dating services companies

            If I had seen this page that so many complaints about it's just Lunch Singapore. I buy package & they...

            It's Just Lunch — Horrible Service

            This is a terrible service, and DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! My experience with IJL has been unconscionably...

            It's Just LunchPoor Customer Service

            Horrible customer service from a horrid woman named Debbie. Even 1 star is too good. I called with a small issue. Debbie was rude from the moment she picked up the phone. She was abrupt and acted like she resented having to help a customer. I asked her why she was being so rude, and she got even nastier. Then, an argument ensued. (I shouldn't have lowered myself). But I told her she needed to work on her communication skills and customer service skills. So far, I have left messages for Julie Novotny Lopez (a supervisor), Tia (a supervisor) and Melissa Brown, the president of the company. So far, you wanna know who has called me back? None of the above. Just Debbie, herself. She discovered that I was trying to file a complaint on her, so she called me back to politely harass me. Still waiting for someone in charge to respond to my complaint. This is no way to treat a paying customer. When I told Debbie that - she responded by saying, and I quote - "I don't take your money. I don't own the company". So it is obvious that she cares nothing about her employer or customers.

            Update - finally got a call from a supervisor named Charlene. She was very nice and professional and said the situation would be dealt with. Nothing short of a harsh, strict course in Politeness and Courtesy 101 would be appropriate for Debbie. This woman should hang a sign around her neck that says, "Does NOT Play Well With Others".

            Angela P.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              It's Just LunchHarassment scam not a real job

              The service costs between 3k-10k they guarantee a minimum of 6's a load of crap! The only difference between IJL and Match/eharmony is they do the sit behind a computer all day and call/email people to harass them to sign up. Does anyone really want to pay that amount?!? Doubtful. People have had to change their emails and phone numbers because IJL doesn't stop calling even after you state Not Interested...I would sue and give fake numbers emails unless you're really ready to sign up or really ready to be harassed. And they have scripts to tell you have wonderful YOU are and how people Are just like you! They're trying to hit the psyche and it's a load of crap. Don't be another fool. You can date as a busy professional. And you can find someone on your own...$3-10k, plus harassment and constant calls OR Eharmony/match and YOU decide, cheaper, and no harassment. Every review a person reads is correct about the harassment, the way they pick dates, the money is different for everyone. They constantly have hiring/firing bc it's a BS job and BS matches...the only thing that's not BS, is you giving away $3-10k wasting time and screwing yourself in the long run!!

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                It's Just Lunch — It's Just Lunch Knoxville

                Its Just Lunch, maybe you have read there ads while taking a flight from Mcghee Tyson or even on the radio...

                It's Just Lunch — Fraudulent Company

                It's Just Lunch, if you have flown you might have seen them advertising at McGhee Tyson or possibly even...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                It's Just Lunch — Rip Off

                Don’t Waste Your Time or Money I wish I researched this service more before dumping my money blindly...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Its Just Lunch, SingaporeUnreliable Match making service

                I have signed up for a $1500 package which promised to give me a minimum of 3 dates . During the interview, The consultant, Vanitha had verbally promised to give me 3 - 5 dates in actual. Trusted her, I signed on the dotted lines and paid up.

                The two dates they arranged were disappointing. Putting the looks aside, our characters are very different. It is within the perimeters I had agreed during the interview, so they said. Yes, that is because I think I should not narrowed down my choices. I should be more open to my preference . I prefer guys who have their quiet side and can be active at times, spontaneous, Having said this, that doesn't mean they can match me to anyone that comes down the pipeline..

                Both Like movies, age matched, height matched, live travelling...Is that all they can do.? Anyone can do match making like that. Why need them, who are supposed to be professional. What is the purpose of having that face to face interview ? Just for them to hard sell packages? Or for them to understand us in person so that they can arrange the most suitable match? I am obviously not the introvert type, why do they matched me with someone who prefers to study, doesn't know the roads well as he doesn't go out often.

                After the first nightmare with a guy who have stained teeth as he is a smoker, I've decided I do not want any dates with smokers as I have only 3-5 chances for dates. And guess what they are trying to arrange for me on for my third date. a 57 year old smoker. Are they listening to me? No more smokers.!!

                Having two disappointing mismatched dates, I raised my concern and requested them to arrange for two more dates for me as Vanitha had promised. They refused and said had to abide with the contract.

                On top of mismatching my two dates, they did not honour their verbal promise to me. A promise is a promise, be it a verbal one. I understand that is package deal for 3 dates, but if Vanitha has not promised me for 2 more, I would not have signed up. $500 for a date and we have to pay our own bills? And they are not even professional !!

                What to do, myself to blame in believing them. The consultant who ranged me for the 3rd date kept asking if I would meet the 57 yr old smoker, I said if only if they will honour their promise to arrange two more dates, I will take the chance, for I don't trust their "professional" judgement anymore.

                I feel cheated. $1500 just to see three mismatched dates and that price doesn't even include the cost of the meal! What have they got to lose to arrange two more dates for me. After all they don't need to pay for our expenses for the dates. And the main thing is, Vanitha promised she will.

                I have also heard from my other friend who took up the $2500 package, they are not following up on her closely, diligently, arranging dates for her.

                For those out there considering IJL, forget it.

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                  It's Just Lunch IJLWorst service ever

                  The company Its Just Lunch IJL company offered personalized dating services. After I sent them payment in amount of $2, 000, which was like the membership fee on their website, I never received any confirmation email or other instructions. I have no idea what I needed to do next. I called their customer services, but they refused to speak with me and hung up in the middle of the conversation. Please leave comments and share your views about this website. Thanks.

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