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Wish to change subscription period

I signed up with SinglesNet on 9th May. It was my intention to try this dating site for only 1 month. I may...

Featured Member Fraud

There is a featured member with the screenname bear1952--, who once contacted starts claiming he is an...

Arbitrarily Removing Appropriate Profile

On two seperate occassions I edited my written profile as a result of a person who would not correspond with me because she was convinced that I am a female.I used that information as a catalyst to edit then re-edit my profile.I did two on 5-5-2011 and I did a final one on 5-6-2011.I am not computer literate and I do not type well or very fast and each of those profiles took me over an hour to edit and rewrite.By their own rules there was absolutely nothing in those profiles that were indecent, offensive or inappropriate.They simply removed them arbitrarily with no explanation. I am livid and a disatisfied customer at this point and demand an explanation and I want them to restore the most recent profile.

Arbitrarily Removing Appropriate Profile
Arbitrarily Removing Appropriate Profile
Arbitrarily Removing Appropriate Profile


unauthorized payment

I was a member of Singlenet.com. I paid for 1 month of service back in May or June of 2010. Today I checked my bank account and there was a pending payment for 26.60 from Singlesnet.com. I went to their website and put in my e-mail and it said it was not found, (this is because I canceled their services last summer). ALSO in November o f 2010 I got a new debit card, with a new card number. I called the bank and they said that service had used that number. What I don't understand is how they got that number when I canceled their services months before I received the card. I tried calling their number but it was after 5 pm. I will be calling first thing in the morning.

can't get in to my ad.said someone is using my email address and passwords

I have tried to reach this company by phone, but the number listed is'nt a working number.I would like for them to tell me why someone else is using my name and email adress and password I have had to put a different ads on due to the fact they are letting other persons use my information. I have wanted to speak with someone about this problem but to no avail it's still the same bull ### each and every time. I would like for them to combine all of the ads I had to put on their system into only one but I know thats impossible because you can't get a hold of nobody to talk with. so I want my ads deleted.

can't get in to my ad.said someone is using my email address and passwords
can't get in to my ad.said someone is using my email address and passwords
can't get in to my ad.said someone is using my email address and passwords

  • Ma
    mandilon Jan 03, 2011

    These thieves stole $89.95 from me. 30 day refund policy is a scam!

    Taking them to small claims court. Never responded to emails or answered the phony phone.

    They 'operate' out of a P.O. Box! STUPID me for doing business with a company that operates 'out of a mail box!'

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In my opinion, SingleNet.com is not honest

When you click on their site, It claims no credit card, free to e-mail members and review matches. I received an e-mail went to respond and was led by the site to upgrade in order to e-mail the contact person. In my opinion, SingleNet.com is not honest.

  • Yo
    yourfault Dec 14, 2010

    Deal with your boner like a man

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  • No
    Notmyfault Dec 14, 2010

    I understand if you don't have a credit card. Hookers normally take cash.

    -1 Votes
  • Lc
    lcjg715 Jan 01, 2011

    I just spent a lot of time inputting my profile and found, too, that in order to email my "matches", I have to pay. This is not what they advertise. It's known as bait and switch.

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30 day refund guarantee not refunded

30 day refund guarantee not refunded. I asked for a refund after ten days. no answers or refund. RE...

Charged for 2 months instead of one

I signed up with Singlesnet.com for ONE month, and after trying to cancel before the second month's billing cycle I was sent an e-mail stating that my membership would run out at ehe end of June, and not be billed further. Well, they went ahead and charged me in July. I again tried to contact them by email, this time with not response. I even voiced a complaint about a member who ended up trying to scam money out of me so that he would not be able to rejoin the site and try that with someone else. No response from them WHATSOEVER. Then I turned to calling them, and the number they give always just gives me a busy signal. I am angry that they billed me for a second month without permission, and did not address the issue regarding the member I had a complaint about. I am very dissatisfied with Singlesnet, and would NEVER use them again! Now if I want to recoup the money from the second charge, I have to cancel my debit card and my Credit Union will reimburse me for that charge, but then I have to notice all businesses that I have automatic bill pay through (car insurance, cell phone...) Now I have a big mess but at least I could recoup the money. It is only 25.00, but it is the principle of the thing. If they are doing that to everyone who trys to cancel their service, they are ripping off alot of people. I certainly hope they are contacted about this because they are crooks, and I had no means of contacting them past emails that they did not respond to!!


Hello, I have a complaint against several people on singlesnet.com. I hyave tried to work with these people...


romance scam

To many of my friends and myself have meet men on singlenet date site.We believe that the men and the picture...

Charged me for a 2nd month then block me out

Singlesnet charged me for two months when I only signed up for one month. And when I complained about it to them on tuesday 23nd they tell me they automaticlly charge your card that they keepin their system every month untill you call in and cANCLE OUT. I cancel out they already took 24.95 for the next month which covers me untill April 21st. I went to get on the site and I couldn't they blockedme out. I tried three times and could not access it, even with my email and password. They ripped me off for a second month pay of 24.95 and then keep me accessing the site.

  • Ka
    KATHY LEUNG Jun 27, 2007

    I emailed singlesnet last month to stop taking out payment out of my credit card. I have not used singlesnet in 3 months. They said they would stop. I got my bill and there it was. How do i stop them. Should i pay it?

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  • Me
    Meg Feb 29, 2008

    Ha! The irony! When I finished typing the complaint a few minutes ago about the inappropriate singlesnet advertising, one of them came up across the top of the page on this site! Now that's just friggin ridiculous!

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  • Ke
    KEITH Oct 30, 2008

    Singlesnet does not cancel your subscription when you ask them to or try to cancel.

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  • Mi
    mij65 Aug 29, 2009

    joined/paid by credit card money deducted from account now i can't access site signed up for 30days its only been 8 days whats up with this

    0 Votes
  • Av
    avery gene runyan Sep 30, 2009

    i used the internet to stop my service they emailed me back saying they would then they are still billing my card...they are stealing, 2495 a mo. from 1000, people is good money...THIEF...avery gene runyan

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  • Af
    afrointroductions victim Jan 04, 2010

    this company provided my personal information to some of it's members, including my name, address, phone number, email address and IP address. the information was posted in their chatroom. this information has ben used by its members for identity theft

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  • Ri
    rickdavis Jun 22, 2011

    closed my account months ago and their still stealing money out of my bank account, site wont let me in to complain or stop the charges. would like my money back please.

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  • Jb
    JBAnnoyed Jun 22, 2011

    You should contact your credit card company and have them put a payment stop on them and explain to them those charges were not authorized.

    PS- Look its frank again trolling the complaint boards.

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  • Be
    BennyNYC Dec 18, 2012

    i became a membership on singlesnet after 20 minutes i got a messahe your profile has been deleted and doesnt exist..when i called singlesnet they told me you click somewhere by mistake and you delete it and i didnt click nowhere..i report to FBI 3 times this site i gave to them their number email address and location someehwre in masachuttes and they still not catch them...thats she for FBI to allowed samers and terrorist organization like singlesnet.com who still money from the people.

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Signed up for 1 month & they are still taking out money.

I signed up for 1 month on 12/30/09 for $24.95. They have continued to take payments out even thought I have...


Singlesnet.com was installed on my computer Feb 2 2017 and now I can't remove them from my computer at all. I've tried everything I could on my end and nothing works. My un-installer says it can't be removed because it's a network program, in which I have no authorization. I want these douche bags removed from my machine, I' sick of it being stuck here. My Spybot S&D keeps saying that it's accessing my computer, I want this sham site removed, yes, I'm frikken p1$$ed off, I want it gone like yesterday.

  • Valerie Oct 14, 2008

    Chooseme123 - beware! MAJOR PSYCHO. Our "First Meet" he did something that made me take a step back and re-evaluate every email and phone call we had had. I politely/honestly (as requested) told him why it would not work. He proceeded to email a barrage of hateful emails, and blocked me so as to "have the last word" I texted his phone. Assured him not to worry, I would lose the number. He called (I did not answer) and left message threatening me to call the police if I called him again. He then texted me 3 times, all within two minutes using vulgar language.

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  • Valerie Oct 21, 2008

    This person has sent a nude picture of himself on the bed with *** in the air and said some profanity and wanted me to email him back. This behavior shoud not be allowed on this site. That is not respectful to other. And I find this very rude. You men talk about women being over weight and being deceitful what have you got to say for your selfs now. When my member ship is up I will never join this site again. I didn't think this was suppose to happen. This is his code name saturn8765 if u get an email from him run the other way he is a ***.

    0 Votes
  • Ro
    Roy Nov 20, 2008

    There are a lot of sick people on www.singles.net and that is why people should be screened and a background check done on them so BEWARE of men and women beacause you dont know there intentions and could stalk you take your money or GOD only knows

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  • Ro
    Roy Nov 21, 2008

    The Site is Totally useless unless you want to throw $$$$ money away they LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK

    0 Votes
  • Kr
    krispix318 Mar 29, 2010

    What did you install? You should have just gone to a website and not installed a program. If you want, run Spybot again and e-mail me and tell me what kind of program it says it is. ([email protected])

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  • Af
    afrointroductions victim Jan 04, 2010

    this company provided my personal information to some of it's members, including my name, address, phone number, email address and IP address. the information was posted in their chatroom. this information has been used by its members for identity theft and there have been attempts to hack into my computer as a result of this security breach.

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refusing to accept my removal, now charging me another month

I request, by e-mail, that singlesnet.com remove me from their dating service and that i did not wish to...


After reading all the complaints I would just like to chime in. After I signed up in November 2006 I started...


I joined singlesnet a few years ago and met a woman that went by the name "Kelly Cook". We chatted for awhile and she got me thinking she and I had a future together. Then she started telling me a story about how she was working in Nigeria and was staying at a hotel and needed money to pay the hotel bill because if she did not she would be kicked out into the street. Ofcourse her employer owed her money and had left the country and she had no way of contacting him to get her money. Then when I refused to send her any money all of a sudden she asked for my address because she wanted to write to me because the hotel charges had mounted and she was not going to be allowed to use the computer. I gave her my home address anf I received a letter sent by UPS it was a money order and I was asked to cash it and wire the money back to her. I played along because now I was suspicious that something was not right. I took the check to my bank and asked them to verify it was fake. I deposited it but I was contacted by the bank and told it was fake. The bank had put a hold on the funds and did not release any money because of the large amount. I was then pressured into sending any amount I could to her because she needed money to eat. I told her the bank said the check was fake and she became angry and demanded I send her the money immediately and stop lying. I told her I wanted the name of the person that sent me the check because I was going to the FBI and other authorities. She refused to provide the names and ceased contact after that. This turns out to be a decent ending because I did not lose any money but the point is Singlesnet should be held responsible for these scams because these people are preying on Americans and scamming them everyday. Also I had given her my cell phone number and a man with an African accent started calling me asking me when I was going to send the money. I told him I wanted to speak to her and he said not until I send money and I downright refused. I had no intentions of it anyway. She claimed the hotel manager was holding her travel documents and the only way to get them back was to pay the money. I offered to contact the US embassy and she said that would not do anything. I contacted my congressman and his staffer said she could get duplicate docs at the embassy. I told her this and she totally ignored it saying it was not true and I had just been told this by a congressional staffer. The phone calls occurred before the money order was sent to me. I told her by email I did not want anymore calls from the manager because I had no interest in talking to him. She kept saying we were going to get married and have children together when she came home. She fed me more garbage that her parents were killed in an accident and had no family that could help. This was a well planned scam everything I tried to do they had something to counter it.

  • Ge
    geekboy May 19, 2009

    this site is well used by nigerian scammers. i used it 2 years ago and i must have reported 20 profiles while i was there a short time. i actually got so annoyed that i started to scambait them and had 3 of them going for over a week...lol. they want to get you right into im so they can run there script, which is usually same variation of sorts. the only thing that differed each time was the money they asked for, but this was based on how much they think you could afford easily, so i learned to make waves and sure enough the money asked for went up and up. the last one i decoyed got so pissed, that i kept him/her talking and found out that they (the workerbees of the scam) make very little money for their part in it. they do what they call mass mailings, which basically means they send an email to every male/female inbox they can and when someone answers they move you right to im and start the game, because they dont have a lot of time before they are found out by the website and there profile is shut down...

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My law firm is investigating a possible class action lawsuit against this company. Apparently, they send e-mails to people from individuals who are supposedly "interested." To respond to the e-mail you have to sign up for their service. However, it turns out that the e-mails are complete scam. If you have had problems with this website we would like to hear from you. I can be reached at [protected]@kcrlegal.com.

  • Ex
    execvicepres May 04, 2009

    today the calls were directed to India and some of them claimed that they were at the corporate office though others claimed they had no billing in the US.. it was all in India.

    They then began to ask me for my CC numbers.. ALL of them AND my address.. Phone to follow Im sure. This company is committing fraud. You cannot reach the US on any of the calls that I made. They only have one number listed and now I am immediately canceling my credit card to prevent fraud.

    What you posted is true... not only that most of the people that write you are from Africa trying to get money with the same story over and over and over again. They tell you to write them on Yahoo.. they post fake pics saying they live in your area.. when you ask them landmarks they have no idea.

    The people on this site are poor souls and sheep for the slaughter if you ask me!

    Let me know if I can join the class action! [email protected]

    ( I would never give out an email in a public forum but this account is all spam anyway).

    I called again and a man named San answered.. he claimed that Leonard the man that took my info was a supervisor.. I could here one person only in the background taking information from someone else with an echo in the background like they were in a hollow room. He then tried to get the rest of my information including passwords. I would not give these people ANYTHING!..

    Good luck!

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  • Ke
    kelan Dec 29, 2009

    alykat2260 View profile
    this is an email i recieved from a female on singlesnet.com...web site dating hooker...i've heard of everything now...and she was kind-of ugly
    Age: 40
    Location: Dayton, OH, United States
    Date: Tuesday, 29th of December

    alykat2260 has sent you an email.

    Nice language...No wonder you're alone...I get dozens of interests and gifts daily...you?...Not attractive, poor personality...yeah...keep on PAYING to have women talk to you...Its the ONLY way it will ever happen...I get compensated to attract fugs like yourself...So...keep trying...theres more getting paid to talked to you, so you'll pay to be here...Good Luck to you too ...*smirk*

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  • Co
    cougartonyusa Nov 27, 2010

    I signed up with Singlesnet.com for one month. I set my account up as a one month NO ROLLOVER account. I emailed Singlesnet at the same time I signed up to tell them I was only there for one month. Without my knoweldge or permission, they notified PayPal that I had a rolling account and PayPal allowed two more months of subscription fees to be taken. I contacted PayPal and Singlesnet. Although PayPal is at fault for allowing auto-billing I never authorized, they tried to help me recover the $53.20 Singlesnet.com owed me. Singlesnet has promised to refund the full amount on three occasions. They finally did refund half the amount because I had the PayPal rep on the phone. They still owe me $26.60. I want my $26.60 returned.

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Fraudulant/Scamming Dating Site

I was only on singlesnet.com for a couple of days. I was locked out of my mail because to receive "points" to stay active you have to submit the email addresses of other people you know.

ALL the profiles are fake, the first thing they ask is your email address so they can talk to you when they are already on a site to contact you.

Since the 2 days I was on that site Im now receiving 2-3 times a day fraudulant email scams telling me Ive won money and I need to pay so much to get my winnings, or scams similiar to that one.

This whole dating site is based out of Nigeria and it should be shut down along with several other's Ive run across that are the same.

I deleted my profile but I still receive email notices in my spam box that someone from that site has sent me mail. I clicked on EVERY notice I received to NOT receive email alerts and they still came and Im STILL receiving them with NO profile posted.

Everyone on that site INCLUDING myself had to give out our full names, addresses etc and this is information that can be used against us for these people to take out loans in our names, get access to our credit etc.

Something needs to be done to remove ALL of these fraudulant dating sites from the internet.

  • Le
    lena alex May 11, 2009

    I have been using singles.net and so far no complains.
    I did not notices increased in the amount of spam, I have found some interesting people.. Sure some of them there for the game, but this is normal scenario on alldating sites. I did not noticed any amount of scams with fake profiles and anything like that. So much better than match.com and others

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Scam and cheating

I was looking for suitable people to date and used Singlesnet.com. While it is true that people can lie really easy behind a computer or phone, screening should be a little better. I began dating someone I met on the site, he is married. Since March I have dated him off and on with promise that he will file for a divorce and has not done anything. This goes even further because he partially responsible for a grandson raised by him and his wife, which is a very spoiled and rude child. There is no intent of divorce and now his wife calls me looking for him when he doesn't answer the phone. Singlesnet, hmm, shouldn't you be single if your looking to date? One may wonder.

  • Valerie Sep 19, 2008

    SinglesNet charges my credit card monthly. I can not e-mail others on site because SNet states I must upgrade. I have done this. When I complain to them, they send cryptic messages about how to override this problem. Their proposed solutions do not work. They must apparently employ nerds !!

    Apparently I need 50 additional words. Well, I will add more verbiage to fill this requirement. Who can I contact at their site a deal with someone who can send me logical instructions on how to get the services I have paid for!!

    Or, where is a toll free number.

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    jack ruselle Nov 06, 2008

    There are no scammers in singles net...You must ignore anyone who tries to say scammers are in your site..cos they try to spil it Ok. Jack From Usa.

    0 Votes
  • De
    Dennis McShane Nov 12, 2008

    Carina 39 or 40 is a huge scammer who wants your $$$$$$$$$ money and Nothing else

    0 Votes
  • De
    Dennis McShane Nov 12, 2008

    keep cARINA 39-40 away from anyone with common sense

    0 Votes

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