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I received the e-mail below and thought it was legitimate so I completed the contract with ALL of my personal information and scanned and e-mailed and faxed.
I cDate: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 16:24:15 +0100
To: [protected]
Subject: Job Offer #81103. Financial Assistant.
From: ING.FUNDS.[protected]

Good day,

We are glad to inform you that after examine your resume we came to the conclusion that you are qualified much for this position: "Financial Assistant".

Financial Assistant takes part in Commercial interactions between potential customers and our company. The job is related to remote Internet operations. Every payment order will be accompanied by detailed instruction. It is also the duty to interact and report all the details of every action you take to our manager. The brief training course is enclosed. To be successful in this role, you will need to be an energetic and flexible person with strong computing skills.

Your main duties will be to communicate with clients over the telephone or through the Internet, to conduct the reports, to fulfill our tasks following our instructions, to work with business forms on your own, to conclude agreements with our potential clients, to receive payments from potential customers. You will be able to get new information from our " Project Manager ", contact your head office and to check the report on the earnings. You will get monthly salary for your work; your salary will be divided into two parts and bonuses from each transaction depending on the amount of the deal.

My name is Amanda Davidson. I will be your instructor for a month before you will obtain enough skills for independent work.
To start working you need to complete the following steps:
1. Please download the attached contract, make sure that everything is clear in it.
2. Fill out all the required fields in print letters.
3. Send it to our US fax number '[protected]'
Attached is a PDF version of your contract. If you do not already have Adobe PDF Reader installed please go to to install it..

We'll process your contract and get in touch with you in 1-3 business days.

ING Funds Distributor, LLC
Amstelveenseweg 542
1032 KL Amsterdam, Nederland
Tel: +[protected]
Fax: + [protected]

hecked with ING and found out that they did not sent this e-mail.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 14, 2016 3:00 am EDT
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My husband has worked for the same company for 27 and ING handles their 401K. Every Time we have to deal with them for anything they royally screw it up. My husband is 62 and if he tries to make a 59 1/2 withdrawal, it will say the money is available one day, say February 18 but when you try to make the withdrawal it won't let you and when you call, they say their system runs a day behind, do I really want this company with my money. Recently due to a reduction in workforce my husband was laid off, we put in to have part of our 401K put into our bank account to pay off bills. We were told the money would be direct deposited into our account on February 18, so we set up automatic payments to pay out on February 22, I mean, ING handles billions of dollars for other people they are competent to do something this simple aren't they, OH NO, we were just informed that they screwed up and our money is coming in a check, by snail mail no less and of course when we finally get it, the bank will more than likely put a 10 day hold on the check, do they care, of course not! These people are incompetent to be handling others money!

Jul 14, 2016 3:00 am EDT

My family & I have an account with ING. We had just left our church in So. California on 4-6-2008, & saw one of your billboards. It states: Fees: Ditch them like a Cheating Husband". As a faithful father, I am deeply offended and insulted by this cheap message that differentiates and singles out men, as if they are the only ones who "cheat" on their spouses. Does Ing truly have to resort to this type of base and degrading advertising? I thought your company didn't have to use such trashy advertising to attract customers. Maybe I was wrong. What type of customers do you want anyway? Is business that bad? I demand an apology. If I don't receive one, from an Ing Corporate Officer, by this time next week [protected], I will close my account + will recommend the same to everyone I know, esp. the ones that I recommended to Ing.
Timothy OBrien

Jul 14, 2016 3:00 am EDT

I use ING for my companies 401K administration. They provide the worse service I have ever seen and there are also extremely expensive. Root of the problem they do not train their employees you call 6 people, which I did, and you get 6 different answers. Also their bureaucracy makes the Federal Govt. look efficient. I asked for a loan of my own money. I sent the form that was required, but the funds were not available. I call and the funds are available, they ask me to refax the same form which they have in their possession. I asked the lady on the phone, does it make sense that I have to send a form to you which you have already in your sytem...she paused and said no but that's how it is. In short avoid this company, there has to be someone better. We are looking for a new 401K admin Co.

Jul 14, 2016 3:00 am EDT

I had a few accounts with ING, suddenly I could not access them on the internet. I called ING and they started playing a games, they would reset my password and ID and when I put them in it would come up with some like "Hello Cindy" etc, none were my accounts. This went on for over two months. Finally I was contacted by one of their Security Associates. What happen next really got me, he started asking questions about my brothers ex-wife.

My brothers marriage to this women only lasted a few years, I only met this women 2 - 3 and at the most for maybe 10 minutes, this Security Associates seemed to imply I had an affair. I failed his test questions and they closed the accounts, that was two weeks ago and no money has been returned.

Jul 14, 2016 3:00 am EDT

ING Customer Service

Although ING has very competitive rates, they should not be used for mortgages. They set a variety of tricks and traps for unwary consumers to capture bogus fees. Many comments on this website will attest to this problem, I will describe our issue.

We refinanced our home, starting in October 2010. It took nearly five months to complete the refinancing, which was irritating, but not the focus of this note. In May of 2011 we decided to move for reasons unrelated to the mortgage. I knew that we had agreed to a 1% pre-payment penalty, but asked, and was told, that this penalty would be waived if we financed the new purchase with ING.

We got contract on a new house prior to selling our first property. When we went to finance our new purchase with ING, we were rejected. The reason given was that we were attempting to hold two primary residences. ING insisted that this was our intention even though we had contracted with a realtor to list the home, and the homes were approximately five miles apart. ING would not accept that we were trying to sell the house. When we asked for a waiver of prepayment penalty, since we had attempted to purchase the new home from ING they refused, again claiming that we were trying to own two primary residences. When we pointed out that if we wanted to hold both homes, we wouldn’t care about prepayment they sent the following message:


We will review the 1% penalty if/when you decide to sell your current home. If you have additional questions, please give us a call at [protected].



Member FDIC
Equal Housing Lender

Less than a month later, we received an offer on our existing home (the one financed by ING). At this time, we had already gone through financing with another institution, one that realized that we probably weren’t trying to own two primary residences in the same city.

However, when I called to check on the waiver of the prepayment penalty I was refused. Crystal (Employee number 701590) told me that regardless of what I had been told, or what had been written previously, they would not waive the prepayment penalty. She instructed me to apply again. When I told her that ING was not trustworthy enough for me to reapply, and that we had furthermore already paid some fees to arrange our new mortgage, she told me that ING would enforce the penalties. She did promise that Justen would get a slap on the wrist for what he had written us, I’m not sure how that will help me.

$1800 is certainly not enough for me to ever trust ING again. They are a very poorly run operation. Hold times for any discussion or decision are eternal. In our case, instead of financing our new purchase, they decided to grab our money and run with it. This bank neither wants nor deserves new customers. Do not be fooled by their rates. Do not finance your loan with ING. I have learned my lesson.

Sep 28, 2011 6:09 pm EDT

I have just received the same scamming 'Finance Assistant' job offer from Amanda Davidson asking me to fill out my details and fax over. DO NOT REPLY WITH ANY DETAILS, THESE ARE CRIMINAL TRYING TO USE YOUR DETAILS! I just sent an email back telling them to **** Off. Dont give them anything !

Jun 29, 2011 5:39 pm EDT

I got similar one and i faxed them my details..But it seems its a bloody SCAM#************

Congratulations! I'm Amanda Davidson the Project Manager of ING Funds
Distributor, LLC.
I'll be contacting with you by email during our work. You became a
member of our Company. We are happy to greet you as one of our
employees. I have received the signed contract. Thanks a lot. You will
receive the first instructions about your duties and the first task of
training courses in the nearest future.
The secretary has tried to call you today but your phone did not
answer.. We are calling from the multilinear number and it is possible
that our number won't be showed.
When can we call back? I'm looking forward to hearing from you
confirming your continued interest in work for our company.

Your personal ID in our company: ING_FUNDS_ID # [protected].

Once the training courses are over I'll send you the copy of signed
contract via DHL (you'll receive it within 14 days).
Before we start the training courses (please note you'll be paid for
them as well as your future job) I would like to clear some more
details and give you several instructions you have to complete before
I'll send the training assignments to your email:

1. Are you full-time employed? (Where do you work?)

2. What's your job phone number?

3. Please confirm your home address.

4. What is the best time to call you back? Please confirm your phone numbers.

5. When does your ID document expire? (DL, PASSPORT)

6. How often can you be on-line (especially check your e-mail)?

Feb 22, 2011 3:24 pm EST

"the same thing happened to me. the email and contract has very poor grammer. next i called the phone number on the contract and found (the call can not be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again OV-20. a very suspicious offer"

Feb 22, 2011 3:18 pm EST
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Well I have send the fax with my personal details like Name, DOB, address, phone number, qualification but did not send my bank account detail. Am I safe or what should I do from now?

The same thing happened to me. The email and contract has very poor grammer. Next I called the phone number on the contract and found "the call can not be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again OV-20." A very suspicious offer.

Dec 07, 2010 6:26 pm EST

The same thing happened to my boyfriend, did anything happen to you? Did they ask you to send your bank account details?


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