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Indian Railwaysofficials corruption

I went to the Sarojini Nagar railway reservation counter on the 18th of April to get a ticket for Pune from New Delhi for the 20th of April. Before leaving, I made sure from the Indian Railways website that there were three tickets left in the tatkal quota on Jhelum Express. But when my turn came, the person sitting at the counter told me that there was no ticket available on tatkal on that specified date and train. When I insisted, he said he would help out but I would have to give him a bribe of Rs. 100.

Since it was vital for me to get a ticket for the 20th and also because I didn't have the time to pick up a fight, I was forced to pay him of Rs. 100.

So apart from the service charge of Rs. 300 for a 3rd AC ticket, I also had to pay an "extra service charge" to this railway official!

I have heard complaints in the past about such demands for money made by officials at the Sarojini Nagar counter. Railway Minister Lalu Prasad who by all accounts is trying hard to provide world-class services to the passengers should also take note of such instances of corruption and impose strict punishments for such officials.

Manu Sankar S.,
45-A, Hauz Khas Village,
New Delhi.


  • Re
    Rednet Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The PNG (Panipat / New Delhi / Ghaziabad) mail is a regular train from its source to destination. The problem is that there is only one ladies compartment in the train. We all know that there is a huge no. of people travelling through this train, as a result of which it becomes very difficult for us to commute in such a suffocated train. Few days back, a child had died because of the rush in the train. It is extremely pathetic that after so many complaints nothing has been done to take care of this problem.

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  • Na
    navedwashere Apr 20, 2011

    Today I went to book 8 tickets for my family from Kota to Ernakulam.
    I reached the dakaniya talav reservation counter jst before 6 AM. But, I am surprised to see that many touts were present before me and that were having a large number of bookings. When the reservation counter opened the touts were first to book tickets and they were having a bulk no of tickets to book and I can do nothing but to wait for my turn.
    When I check the seat availability their were 88 tickets available for 3rd ac in Marusagar exp.
    After all my number came and the person sitting at the booking counter said that you will get this ticket in waiting or you pay me rs100 per ticket and I'll give you confirm.
    I could do nothing but to give him a bribe of rs800 as I'd no other option.

    Now, my question is that why the railway officials are not taking any action to penalize booking touts and also why I've to give a bribe of rs.800 when the seats were available.

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  • Bi
    Biswa1206 May 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had been trying to book Tatkal e-tickets for my journey to kolkata from NJP. Everyday from early morning the irctc site works fine till 0759 hrs. As soon as the clock hits 0800 hrs, the site stops responding for about 30 mins and by that time, all the tickets get exausted. Being an engineer I understand that the site is deliberately jammed as other sites are accessable. I have also lodged the complaint in the irctc call centre but nothing has changed. I have also noticed that during the tenure of previous rail ministry, this problem was not severe as I have travelled in Tatkal quota in numerous occassion, but during this ministry, this problem has become giant. It is unfortunate that common citizens are deprived to facilities and everyting is controlled by the touts.
    Wake up Railway minister, its high time that you address these issues instead of fighting in Bengal!

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  • Gk
    gkroy Apr 28, 2010

    Dear Sirs,

    Last 5 days I am trying to get sleeper ticket on Netravati express, 6345, morning 7 O'clock to I am ready to book takal ticket, upto 8 O'clock everything is normal, 8 O'clock when enter for ticket, the computer is saying "Sorry you can book e ticket only after 8 hrs.
    same message is continuing upto 8:20, what is this ? who is responsiblity for this type of error purposely showing the internet for helping the Agents. Last week I had gone to ticket from CST counter. morethan 500 people was their in the que, but 90% people was Agents and their steppinies, joke is this agents 90% from U.P. before 7:45 they starting their drama, The RPF Police their own people, they may get good bribe. You can sent someone for see this drama, This Agents and Police how close. poor public will not allowed inside before 8:15am. What is going in CST? Who will take responsibility for this type manupulation? Total CST Officials only supporting the Agent. What is duty of DRM? Everybody want money? I had seen many time RPF is collect haffa from periwala (footpath business people) Even anybody can see this people doing their business in the compund also. No public is reacting?


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  • Wi
    Willy abraham Feb 08, 2010


    how is that always when we go at the counter to book the tickets there is no berth avaliable, but when we go throught he
    agents they are able to give tickets which ever days and whcih ever class without any duficult and with extra charges.
    i have a strong feeling that the entire ticket booking controled by the agent, and at thimes when we get into the train we find there are enough berth avaliable...

    willy abraham
    [email protected]

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  • Su
    Sunny Kumar Guliyani Jan 25, 2010

    Dear Concern,

    This is Sunny Kumar Guliyani as i am totly disappointed with the railways reservtion centre. When i visited over the railwayreservation centre at H Nizamuddin to book ticket of my sister husband he is in the Indian Navy and he has pass from Indian Navy From Delhi to Baliya and i visited over there to book the ticket from New Delhi to Banras the executive sitting over there name Mr Bhardawaj told me that he is not going to book my ticket i am taking the tocket till banars and the Pass is till Baliya Since the Banaras is before the Baliya he deny to book my ticket and misbehaved with me and using voulgar langaugae with then i met his chef over she told me take in wrtiiren from the Mr Bhardawaj when i agian ask for ticket and therating me if i will come again he will beat me. Then i again me his cheif and told the same thing instead of taking the action she told that you can go into the counther i will see him from back then i again ask him same thing his happen his cheif told him that wht is the problem why you denying to book the he replied that mam nothing that he is giving me the wrtiien about any he want the ticket till Banars instead of Baliya and not ready to give me how much Kilometre is Baliya from Banaras and his cheif exective told him that book the ticket but did not take any strickt action against him. So i am very disappointing with this happing. not even i saw he is taking the Bribe from other to make the confim ticket.

    So rquest you look into the matter if want to contact with me you can contact with me on my e-mail:[email protected]

    Thanks and regards
    Sunny Kumar Guliyani
    [email protected]

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  • An
    Ankit Singhania Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi there, ,

    My problem is regarding the improper behaviour of the ticket checker at the BHOPAL RAILWAY Station.. My momma and daddy was passing thru the station. They were travelling by Rajendranagar-indore express from Patna to Indore. However, by mistake they told me that the train will arrive at about 10:30 am. So, i was getting ready for that particular time. But when i call them at 9.00 they told me that it's about to reach the station.

    so, i just hurried up and reached the platform. At the time when i call them, i was at home so i have had to hurried otherwise i was going to miss the train. So, without taking the platform ticket i entered the station. when i was returning from the station, TTE asked me about the ticket and told him that i don't have.. I told him all the circumstances and then he started shouting at me. I told him that if u want i can now get u the Platform ticket, but he didn't agree with me and escorted me to his mates where many of them were present. All of them started humiliating me..
    so, according to me it was not justified. Sometimes u should see what are the circumstances of the person as a/c to me Sometimes CIRCUMSTANCES ARE MORE PATHETIC THAN RULES..that's it. I think railway should have to work upon this.

    Ankit Singhania,

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  • Am
    Amit Kumar Nov 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have two problems 1st is

    1) About side middle birth Railway added this birth but don't think about people incontinence in setting and caring there ledges if there are already two person in side birth and they have 2 or 3 bags then 3rd person where keep there bag(s) and this condition create irritation. Last month I was traveling to durg from muzffarnagar I had faced this problem because there were already bag(s) so I had to keep my bag parallel to my birth this also create problem to the people who goes to one coach to another other wise Railway strictly follow the rule to carry ledge in limit because people carry number of bag(s) or there must be a separate place to keep passenger(s) Bag(s) so that there won't be any problem.

    2) Travelling by rajdhani (Bilaspur to New Delhi 2441) yesterday the coach was very-very bad it was like general coach after sleeping on the same i am having back pen. there no water was there in coach after bhopal.AC was also not working after so many complain it get rectified this is very bad condition for rajdhani so please do the needful for the same.

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  • Am
    amit kumar Sep 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir

    This is to inform you that i regularly travel in DANAPUR TATA( 8184 )EXPRESS and i find that its such a long route train starts from patna and ends at tata i mean over 13 hours it takes to reach final destination but the train has no pantry which makes it very difficult for the passenger to eat.i request.

    secondly i would like to draw your attention to the pathetic condition of the railway station of tatanagar in jharkhand which is one the industrial city of india but its only cleaned when any minister is coming or any visit of higher ofiicial is planed also it requires a facelift in the form of new consturction, painiting, seats etal. i request you to kindly look into the matter.


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  • Ra
    raghavendra rao Nakkella Aug 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi sir

    I booked a ticket through internet booking services on 27-july-2008. the train name is FALAKNUMA SUPER FAST.
    I was supposed to go to Hyderabad from Visakhapatnam. But the train was cancelled on that day; still I did not get any refund amount into my Account

    My Details are:

    PNR No [protected]
    Train No 2703 Train Name FALAKNUMA EXP
    From VSKP To SC
    Date [protected] Class SL
    Boarding Point VSKP Reservation Upto SC
    Quota General

    S# Name Age Sex Seat/Berth Coach Status
    1 RAGHAVENDRARAO 028 Male 0000 RLWL 22
    Total Fare [protected]

    Please send my paid amount to my account
    Thanking you

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  • Ar
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,
    On 11/07/2008 I went to drop my wife Ms. sarika srivastava and father S.N. Lal at ( Kaifat Expres )Delhi railway station with my brother in law Raju Sarkar. at the station Mr Satish Singh ( T. C.R. )demanded ticket and we showed valid platform ticket then Mr Satish had forcefuly demanded us for cash of Rs 500/ we refused to give him cash for false reson then Mr Satish forcefuly booked the challan ( no.017937 ) U/S 145B for Rs 100/-in the name of Mr S.N Lal.who was travelling at the train ( Kaifiat Express )
    we booked the complaint in this regard to nothen Railway through complaint no 063 dated 11.06.08 but no action has been teken till the today.

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  • Ra
    RAVINDER AGGARWAL Jul 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    respected sir,
    My name is Ravinder aggarwal i am a bussiness man.I m a daily passenger of north railway(ludhiana to hissar train)n my destination is from uklana to hissar.ON THIS ROUTE there r severals problems in the train like without ticket passengers.there are a very havey rush in the train n the passenger which are without ticket allready occupie the seat n which passenger have their ticket suffer without seat and i havn't see any ticket checker(T.T)in the train since one n half years.Without ticket culprits make a very unsocial environment in the train like hooting of woman's bad words or bad comments and abuseing etc.And their are more than stopage of train without station and the location of stopage's are front of INDIAN OIL CORP. DEPOT and the 2nd one is 100 meter away from the station.At these places the passenger who are without tickets are run away.Due to unwanted stopage's the passenger which are bussiness man or govt.employe's get late to their offices and depatments.So sir kindly solve these problems as soon as possible and give relief from it. THANK YOU

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  • An
    Anoop M. Lalchandani Oct 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Misbehavior by Railway staff is well known.There is rampant corruption out there, particularly by the staff who is in the train. I sent by Registered Mail a Ticket Deposit Receipt to Chief Commercial manager (Refunds),North Central Railway, Allahabad on 20.08.2007. This was regarding refund of fare on the unused ticket by my son who could not catch the connecting train (Goa exp) at Jhansi station on the 15th August 2007 as the connecting train from Kanpur (Rapti sagar exp)reached Jhansi 5 hours late. Total fare pais was Rs. 1331 (AC 3 tier).Due to total fault of Railways my son had to spend 24 hours at Jhansi station to catch next days Goa exp (he was going to Belgium) and we had to arrange a new ticket for him at such a short notice.There was so much mental agony and tension for every one.Two months have passed and still I have not received refund from the office of CCM (Refunds), Allahabad.It is another example of corruption at Railways.

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  • Al
    ALJO THOMAS Sep 24, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Iam Aljo Thomas ,i was travelling in bangalore exp boarding at chalakudi(kerala)on 23-09-2007 on "TATKAL BOOKING".

    at around 10.00 pm , TTE came for checking and he started yelling at me in malayalam , iam just translating to english here

    TTE " where were u when i came before, and where did u boarded? "

    i said i was in rest room and boarded at chalakudi,and this was my actual boarding station. but even then , he just started yelling at me

    TTE " dont say lie, and you are a christian , how could say lie being a christian ? i will throw u out if u keep saying lie"

    the coach police also came at that time ....

    I WAS VERY MUCH HUMILIATED AND ASHAMED BECAUSE OF THE BEHAVIOUR OF TTE, i dont know the WHETHER THE railway department is teaching TTE like this...

    this is not the way to bahave with the good passenger !!!

    and one more thing to complaint about him is, he has given birth to the ladies accomodating 2 in one birth . exept the 3 berths in that division all others are occupied like this !!

    this is very inconvinient to other passengers also


    travelling date 23-09-2007
    TRAIN NO 6525
    COACH S7 SEAT 60
    boarding at chalakudi TO BANGALORE

    to save others from humiliation iam sending this mail to other official also.



    my email id [email protected]

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