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Hello Julia Stewart,

I'm writing to share my experience of working for IHOP in the year 2002 for two years. You may wonder why I am writing you so many years later and I can tell you why. It all starts with a college student who had a passion for teaching and was attending college to become a teacher. This college student also didn't have any support financially or otherwise from my family. That person is myself who is now a successful teacher and at the time needed to work to pay my way through college. At some point during my college years I learned that I enjoyed being a waitress and thought I was good at doing so. I had just entered Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and began working at IHOP in San Luis Obispo on Madonna Rd. Since I was completely independent and could not rely on anyone if any unforeseen financial burdens arose I did feel a need to keep my job at IHOP regardless of how I was treated. That is where the why comes in with my being compelled to contact you regarding my experience. I worked for a manager at the time who yelled at myself in front of the customers such as "Hurry, Hurry!" inches from my face with plates stacked on my arms. She also treated me like I was less than or stupid. I continued trying to improve my abilities as a waitress since I was so young, in my 20s, and thought maybe I was doing something wrong. She continued to yell at me very loudly with her eyes pierced and yelling closely to me. Also, the cooks that I worked with would make me feel uncomfortable as well making advances toward myself and my sister. My sister also worked there at some point and was her first job as well as being quite young. They flirted with her as well.

The manager did nothing to curtail their advances. I was quite uncomfortable working with my co-workers but I believed in the quality of the food as well as enjoyed my customers. It was quite difficult to enjoy the aspects of the job I enjoyed due to the mental duress I was under. After all, I was afraid and feared losing my job. I do hope that others do not have these experiences and haven't since I left. I do not think it is alright for restaurant managers to treat their employees like they are stupid and create an uncomfortable working environment. They need to know there is more than upselling and making money. Wait staff are humans who may be a college student as I was who was quite alone in the world and felt a sense of accomplishment being a waitress and building those connections with customers. Building those connections with staff is just as important. Thank you for your time.

Kerri Essex


  • Updated by kdl esx, Jul 22, 2019

    What would suggest after these rude comments? don't teach English? don't complain about something traumatic? no solutions given here. Just rudeness.

  • Updated by kdl esx, Jul 22, 2019

    Excuse me, you know what's not productive, you and your comments.

Jul 21, 2019
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  •   Jul 21, 2019

    I hope you’re not teaching English. “at the time who yelled at myself in front of the customer” is grammatically incorrect. You have spelling errors and grammar errors in your post.

    To complain seventeen years later is unproductive.

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  • Kd
      Jul 22, 2019

    @SubSquirrel You not what's not productive, you and your comments.

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  •   Jul 22, 2019

    @kdl esx Could you please write that again in English?

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  •   Jul 23, 2019

    @kdl esx You call this English language?? You are a teacher, are you???


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  •   Jul 22, 2019

    As Frozen says.. let it go!!

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  •   Jul 22, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Kerri is obsessed with me now. Following my posts and comments and making foolish remarks, she is taking my response hard and doesn’t understand that we comment how we feel. I rarely call people names but may say they “act like a ...” rather than outright rudeness. I’m only rude when it’s called for as they attack my “friends” here. I know that they aren’t real life friends but daily kibitzing and common interests help form Internet friendships.

    My bff of twenty years and I met only in a chat room. Eventually I flew him out and put him up in a hotel several times! Fifteen hundred miles away and we still are close. He’s like the brother I never had plus we both love hairy men ;)

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  •   Jul 22, 2019

    Oh, the OP was fortunate to be able to write this seventeen years later. Obviously it still rankles her and she needed to vent. I’m not apologizing for my comments because I don’t feel I did anything worth an apology. The post was long overdue, lengthy, and just kept going. If y’all are teaching, and your post has more than a typo, I’ll point it out. If it happened to me, I’d have said something like, “I’m on summer break. I can be less than perfect until September!”

    You can’t take comments to heart and let them affect your life.

    I’m waiting for Frozen to be on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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