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Reviews and Complaints

IHOPI paid in american cash and was not given any exchange at all on the us cash I paid with

I had dinner with a friend today, Friday, July 12, 2019 at 540 pm at the 455 Sterling Lyon Parkway location of IHOP. The service was great and the food was tasty. At the end of the meal I went to the cashier to pay for my bill in US American cash and I was told they would not give me any money for the exchange rate between US and Canadian money. My bill was $29.50 Canadian and I paid with $30 American Cash a US $20 Bill and a US American $10 bill. she gave me back 50 cents Canadian. I demanded to see the manager and asked wby they do not give exchange on the difference between American and Canadian money and I was told THAT IS THE IHOP POLICY ...NO EXCHANGE RATE PAID. I looked online and my $30 US American dollars is worth $39.10 Canadian so IHOP JUST STOLE $9.10 from me BUt they sure will get the $9.10 exchange rate when they deposit it in the bank tonight. I got the manager Ashley to sign my cash register receipt that I paid $30 US American cash but they didnt give me exchange. so when do you plan on giving me my $9.10 for the exchange that your restaurant didnt pay me ?? I have no problem with going to the Winnipeg Free Press and CTV NEWS and CBC RADIO to tell them how you steal the exchange rate from customers . McDonaklds even gives exchange rate but IHOP CANT !!! right . I have a copy of the recipt number and you can contact me at my email [protected] and I will gladly email you the recipt with the store manager signature saying I paid US cash and didnt get exchange rate paid to me.