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Spur reviews & complaints

Spur complaints 134

Spur - Ribs

I ordered 2 rib combos, kids burger, nachos and that new drinks u guys have with sprite different flavors, 1st I had to clean my own glasses, Manager passed us when she was checking her table, waiter took his own sweet time to check on us, order waffle n I was told it's closed now n we can't have but mind u the are still tables in the shop, not 2 or 3 like lots of table in the shop, so for me am sorry that is not how Spur treat their customers,

Desired outcome: You can tell me

Spur - Wi fi

Kindly note that the spur restaurant at Wesend in Nelspruit wi fi is not working always.I have complained severally to the staff including to managers but seemingly they are not prepared to resolve the matter.I hope you will assist us as loyal customers so that they get an efficient Wi Fi as a matter of urgency.Even today is not working

Thanking you in advance

Spur - Injury

my name is Christinah I have a problem I am writing this letter asking for a help.
On the 20/03/2021 me and my family went to Spur Vanderbijlpark, on our arrival just after entering Spur, I twisted my left ankle on the stairs which are going downward inside Spur.
After undergoing X-Ray at Naledi Inkanyezi Hospital, it was revealed that I have an displaced fracture on the 5th metatarsal and therefore have to undergo a surgery.
The surgery was done a week later at Mediclinic (Vereeniging).
The manager of spur told me to go to hospital then they will take it from there.
After a months I wrote a letter to them asking why they haven't call me or ask how I am, they said to me they were waiting for me to call back to them .
Now the case was referred to brokers for a claim .
The guy who was talking to me about my case he told me to send all the document and why I think spur in responsible for my injury I explained to him.
He didn't even bother to call me back or let me know what is happening .i called again to find out because I have to remove the screw then he said to me the insurance won't pay because I don't have a strong case and he said I must think again and send email .now I can see this guy is not going to help me .
His name is Piet, now I want a second opinion because now I don't know what to do.my medical won't pay for removal of the screw .he said to me start over and send email again because your case is not strong insurance they won't pay

Thank you


Spur - Spur ribs and garden salad

I'm Joana Ngele from Bethal, we Bought 2 x 400g ribs one with a garden salad. The ribs are dry and tasteless, for the very first time both me and my husband could not finish we resorted on making bread. The garden salad the lettuce is so old its realy an insult that someone would package something like that for a customer. Contacts [protected]@gmail.com [protected]
Complaint is for Cedar peak Spur bethal

Desired outcome: Do your own due dilligence, find out if that Spur is following your recipes or your standards

Spur - Complaint about food

Good Day, My Spur card number is [protected] I went to the Spur in Rooihuis Kraal the Ridge Spur I was absolutely disgusted the way my food was, I had the fish and calamari combo my husband...

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Spur - Wrong take away and slow service

My mom and I went to spur at silverstar casino yesterday, and we asked for pumpkin and creamy spinach for take away when we got home we got chips and onion rings after we told the "trainee" several times what we wanted and he didnt listen. I am not happy with spur anymore and this is not the first time this happened. We also asked him numerous times to give us a take away cup and after the 4th time asking he brought it. Spur is going backwards, and its starting to feel like people to care anymore and they are just there to make money.

Im done with Spur, I would rather go to a fast food place

Desired outcome: I think people serving should listen to instructions the first time even the trainees.i also think trainees should not be left alone and should be companied with a trained waiter|waitress

Spur - Spur westgate mall, mitchells plain

So on the 3rd October 2021, myself, my kids and aunty visited spur in Westgate mall. The food was delicious. My daughter ordered the kiddies combo which includes the burger meal plus the shake, desert and she was suppose to receive a party packet aswell. We reminded the waiter numerous times not to forget to bring as we were settling the bill. Yet he forgot and we realised when we arrived at home that he didnt bring it. My daughter was highly upset regarding the service and so were we. We normally spoil ourselves to a spur meal once weekly and never encounted an issue like this before.

Spur - No olives or feta

Elaine Viljoen
email address: [protected]@yahoo.com
Spur Welkom, Free State

I visited Spur today at 11h30 with a friend and we ordered a Greek salad each, only to be told the olives and feta cheese are out of stock. What a disappointment. The waitress only said they are waiting for an order to do a purchase. We are regular customers and I would have liked the manager to at least came over to explain the situation.

Desired outcome: Please answer per email to [email protected]

Spur - Breakfast special

Good day

I visited the Halaal Spur in Boksburg Indianapolis today the 3rd October 2021 for breakfast.

It was 3 of us and we ordered the unreal breakfast which was so disappointing.

Firstly the price increased from R32.90 to R42.90 and the portions are gone smaller.

Secondly the egg that I ordered which is sunnyside up had some of the white part of the egg still raw.

Thirdly the food was ice cold including the coffee that we ordered.

To my expectations, I expected to walk out of Spur with a full stomach. But instead we did not get full. Service of staff was good but there is a concern of improving the portions of a meal and keeping it at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, due to the poor quality of food - my family will not be supporting your business.

Kind Regards

Mariam Maharaj
03 October 2021

Desired outcome: Improve portions of meals and keep it at a reasonable price.

Spur - Service and food

Went to spur Wesgate Mall Mitchell's Plain lasnyt and myself and my mother in-law ordered 2 Texan burgers. This morning we both had upset stomachs. The waiter that assisted us(did not get his name) was very unprofessional. While we were giving our order he just walked way and came back 3 min later. He then brought our milkshakes and threw the straws on our table! I am very disappointed! and now have to buy medication!

Desired outcome: REFUND!

Sep 08, 2021

Spur - Bad service at spur golden feather

Good day,

Kindly note that i placed an order 6:15pm with Bolt Food, my order was due to arrive at 7pm, the store updated the progress of the order at 6:50 stating that the order was ready for pick, however I tracked the driver only to see that at 7pm he was still at the store, when I contacted him at 7pm, he advised that my order is not ready and that this Spur always update the progress as if the food is ready when it's not, he requested that I speak to store Manager of Spur, Her name is Shakirah, she blatantly ignored him, so I advised him that i would call the store directly. When I did call, she was also rude to me, and i kept asking her why does the store update the progress of orders as it being ready when it's not, and she refused to answer me but said that my order will be leaving the store soon and cut the call on me. I called again, another staff member answered and when I requested to speak to her, she refused to come on the line and they left the receiver aside. I then cut the call and called back again, this time another gentleman answers and when i requested the owner's details then Shakirah then comes to the line and says that he will call me tomorrow, she provided the owner's name as Riaad Peterson, but did not provide a contact number. I had to cancel my order and make alternative arrangements for my family due to the pathetic service received by this store manager.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Spur - Graaff-reinet

Asked for well done eggs. Now the 3rd time still raw. Here is 6 customers here. Waiting forever for our food. It's cold when it gets to you.
The door says they are opening at.09:00. They told us to wait. We only got on at 09:15. Check the covid sheet.
I'm waiting now again for next 10 min, it's now 09:50. Still no eggs.

I'm waiting for the bill already now the eggs come.
I'm not going to pay for this eggs. Also not this poor service. I can't believe this.

Jul 21, 2021

Spur - Ribs on the mohawk combo

I ordered via Uber eats on the 16th of July from spur eagle rock . I wanted to let this go but it hurts coz I lost money, the ribs were so hard I could not chew let aline swallow that I had to throw them away. There was only a spoon of butternut and the spinach was blend. I'm not happy with the food I received and would want some proper ribs for the money I paid

Desired outcome: Can I have proper ribs

Spur - Please read attached

Please find attached the complaint sent To Spur Customer Care.

My mother was contacted by the branch and telling her that i am threating with social media and they dont know what is going on.

Why are they contacting my mother to try and mediate this matter as i sustained injuries and lost all my luggage and medication aswell as the Trauma, Humiliation and Arrest i had to go through and still getting night mares about.

Im utterly disgusted in the mannor they had me arrested as i was treated like a worthless creature!


Spur - Silverado spur, vanderbijlpark


On arrival at Silverado Spur, my husband and I found that things were not as they should be.
A man, appearing to be one of the managers was sitting at a booth with his laptop. Next to the booth we were seated in.
Across from our booth, there was a plate of food with a backpack and cellphones charging. Every now and again a waitress would come around standing with her elbows on the table, chatting on her phone and eating. Then after a while she would keave again leaving the plate of food half eaten with rice strewn all over the table.
As we ordered we were uncomfortable in our surroundings. The staff working in the kitchen were shouting at each other while working, not wearing their masks properly. They were not wearing proper protective clothes either - no hairnets, aprons or gloves. As it is during a time where corona cases are on the rise again, it is something that we were not comfortable with. Someone in the kitchen was coughing and sniffing constantly. There were not sanitizer bottles on the tables either.
As we sat there we were discussing the situation, contemplating leaving. One of the staff members was about to sit down in another booth across from us to eat something that she had been cooking in the same kutchen where our food was to be preoared. She noticed that I was unhappy and came to ask if we were alright where we complained about the plate of food sitting on the table - still half eaten.
She then removed it.
All the while the man appearing to be the manager sat next to me and could clearly hear what was going on, but still continued doing something on his laptop.
Our food arrived.
After a while another staff member arrived in the booth across from us - in the same space where the food had stood. The table had not been sanitized. The staff member started preparing the cutlery - rolling them in paper napkins. After a few seconds someone else came to sit in the same booth, starting to also eat lunch. This while the other person was still preparing the knives and forks. Neither if them wearing masks.

How is this acceptable?

Spur - Wrong billing


I jus want clarity on the bill that I paid.

I'm surprised, l don't normally check my bills when paying so today was at Trade Route mall Spur, was given a bill of R871 +R87 excl tip of which l paid R1061.l remember very well asking my waiter if he swiped my family card and he said yes. I'm now checking my family card app l see mycard was swiped on a R700 bill. My question is whose bill did I pay? Which one was mine the R700 or the R1000 bill. I'm asking myself "Was l given a wrong bill or what".
Thank you.

Spur - No service when arriving at entrance of above mentioned spur

Myself and family arrived at Spur Blue Route Mall on the 6 May 2021 at 10.12am. At the entrance there where NO staff member to assist as there is a sign saying wait to be seated. The only staff...

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Apr 07, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Spur - Compliment tasneem manager & edward waiter - kc branch

Good Morning and I trust that this email finds its reader safe and in good health, however, I need to take this opportunity to commend Tasneem, the Manager of Spur in Kenilworth Center and Edward the waiter that served myself and my family on Monday evening past (05.04.2021)

I must be honest in saying that for a very long time my Family and I have been completely put off by the quality of food and service experienced by Spur to date and can actually mention that we had Lunch at Spur on the 25.12.2020 last year and the overall experience at the Kenilworth branch was horrific alongside the Quality of Food and the service, the restaurant was filthy and we vowed never to go back to Spur and instead spend our family lunches at Panarotti's with our favourite waiter Liam.

Be this at it is, We found ourselves at Spur once more on Monday Evening past.

The waffle machine was broken and I jokingly told Tasneem to get my family waffles from Rocomama's, as my family intended to have waffles for dessert. Low and behold 20min later Tasneem brings us these waffles from Rocomama's - I was stunned, suprised and in absolute awe of what she had done in terms of ensuring that our experience remains unhindered and that our plans of having waffles for dessert remained in tact.

Now, Tasneem did not have to do this, yet, she did and I dont think she realised the impact she made on myself and my family - she had almost instantaneously restored my faith, believe and respect in the Spur brand, however, more in particular the Kenilworth branch and clearly won me back as customer.

It needs to be said that Tasneem is an absolute gem and asset to the Spur group, as I dont know if any other Manager would have been able to pull off what she did with such confidence, grace and absolute ease.

Too many customers only report the bad, however, I really needed to give credit where credit is due.

Tasneem operates next level and this needs to be said!

The waiter Edward was also extremely professional and respectful - he held his composure throughout my waffles debacle.

What an awsome end to an Easter Weekend!

This duo made my week and will have my family speak about how Tasneem actually brought them waffles from Rocomama's for many months to come and it will be shared with so many other family, friends and at corporate functions.

This is what I call Customer Service, full stop!

Desired outcome: Acknowledgement of email received

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Spur - Service experience

Good Day My name is Michael Swartz and l trust that you will find this email well. At first I don't know whether this will be filed as a formal complaint but I just have to say something about my...

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Mar 22, 2021

Spur - I am complaining about the service and treatment I got from the manager at spur Southgate mall.

I had redeemed my Mtn loyalty points for a few spur cash vouchers, I contacted spur Southgate mall asked if I could redeem the vouchers at the branch and was told that I could the lady even checked if the vouchers were valid, I was told that I could come to place my order and pay with said vouchers when I got there I placed my order and waited the next thing I was approached by a staff member and nanager and told they didn't know anything about the mtn loyalty points and retail voucher promotion., they would need to contact head office to check, they made me feel like I was busy doing something illegal and embarrassed in front of other patrons I had to leave without my food and told I would be contacted the next day.. Until now I haven't been contacted by anyone.

Dwain Nero

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