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March 25, 2019, my daughter and I went to our local IHOP and order I ordered a omlette, she ordered pancakes. While chewing my food I notice a small bit was crunchy and I though, eggshells, got back to the business of enjoying breakfast. I could not eat it all and brought the rest home where I warm it later and had it for dinner except I did not finish the meal. Again, while chewing I noticed a small bit was crunchy but this time I went after it and pulled out a small piece of what appeared to be a chip off a coffee cup or plate, it was small as ones front teeth. I did not know what to do about this then and I still do not know what to do. I have held onto the receipt and the plate with the tiny bit of glass in it because that is what is. I am attempting to reach out to corporate, I believe someone deliberately put that into my food. I was at the same restaurant the week before and again a bit of crunchy, I just thought it was eggshell then also but now I am not to sure. I am African American. I am old enough to remember when Denny's had to face court because it was proven that this, as well as other dangerous practices, was common to people of color in their restaurants, you can google this. I will post picture and if anyone have positive advice I am interested. No one, no one should go to a restaurant and unknowingly pay to have glass put in their food and worse, chew it. Screw a lawsuit, IHOP need to investigate this if this is not their practice and make the restaurant safe for ALL people of all CULTURES, men, women and children!

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IHOP Restaurants

May 07, 2019
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      May 07, 2019

    I also believe that someone deliberately put this in your food. The person was you trying to win a bogus lawsuit. Also liar there is no trace of the food on that piece of glass. If you are going to lie and try to scam at least put some of the sauce on the glass. It looks pretty clean for something that you "found" in the food.

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