IHOP Restaurantsmanagement cursing and disrespecting employees in front of guest

J Aug 04, 2018

This complaint is coming from an ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIER. I am a regular attending the ihop in rock hill, at least 3-4 times a week. I know every single employee and when they hire a new employee, today I went went in with my grandparents because they were in town and had never been to an ihop before. From what I can assume the manager today, has yet again cursed out another employee, I'm honestly getting sick of this! Like good management would pull the person to the side and make it a learning experience, not making the server feel like complete crap. I've been coming to this ihop for a quite some time and I see it happen almost everytime! This is truly ridiculous... I'm so outraged that I can't even bring my children or wife around this place anymore, I seriously think this manager should be fired or at least have a re-evaluation to see if he should even be considered for a management position. I've seen and done a lot of crap, that I have to deal because of my job but this is a franchise who should keep it professional at all points. Children and senor citizens shouldn't have to deal at all with this behavior from a manager.


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