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Ruby Tuesday Complaints & Reviews

Ruby Tuesday / Not sanitary

Rubo1 on Oct 16, 2017
We stopped by at ruby tuesdays in wrentham outlets in ma and were surrounded by flies. We were extremely hungry and didnt leave, but the flies kept bothering us and others. Never seen a restaurant that has flies...not to mention the food was not good. Kids pizza was burnt and green bean...

Ruby Tuesday / this place is racist hospitality lane jacksonville florida 32225

KATHY LUCAS on Oct 13, 2017
Just went to place a to go order the blond headed bar young girl I wasn't finished when she rudely started taking someone else's order who walked up and just started talking over me, I was not even finished ordering, the blonde girl turned away from me to help the other person...

Ruby Tuesday / manager using guest silverware to itch body

DisgustedPatron07 on Oct 10, 2017
On Sunday, October 8 around 4pm, for the 4th time in as many weeks, we paid a visit to Ruby Tuesdays. This visit was just as the last 2 had been, a visit to give the staff another chance to turn around their horrible dining service experience. Per the usual, things were extraordinarily...

Ruby Tuesdays / service

jrblackburn on Oct 3, 2017
Hello my name is James Blackburn tonight for dinner we started at Ruby Tuesdays in North Carolina on oleander drive but unfortunately due to very bad service because of the salad bar preparer we left the building with drinks on the table, appetizer ordered and a large salad on the table...

Ruby Tuesday / manager

Faye1956 on Sep 29, 2017
Evening manager at this location was openly trash talking staff and previous customers at bar with several customers seated in nearby booths overhearing entire conversation. Held non work related gossip/conversation with staff while tables waited for service from servers. Please look into...

Ruby Tuesday / refuse to honor their coupons

Toyota Diesel on Sep 26, 2017
Me and my wife went for lunch today and the manager refuse to honor their coupon claiming what we ordered was already discounted which PS we ordered mini burgers with salad it was $9.99 each then we gave him another coupon for free deserts and he refuse to accepted again stating that again...

Ruby Tuesday / complaining about the food

Lisa Scott on Sep 22, 2017
The service and employees were great. But my food was horrible, got it to go. Got home and my steak was well done, and i asked for medium rare. It was very tuff. Speant 30 dollars, i was very very disappointed. And i always enjoyed my food there, but not tonight. I enjoy going out to eat...

Ruby Tuesday / staff

Denice River on Sep 21, 2017
I've experienced racism but not as much as today September20, 2017, we were driving around looking for a place to go dine in and that's when we noticed that we should go to Ruby Tuesday since there was less then 10cars outside so there wouldn't be a waiting line. Since hurricane Irma my...

Ruby Tuesday / food

Rgates47 on Sep 19, 2017
so on this Sunday just passed me and my husband decide to go to dinner the bartender was the one that actually greeted us since they were no one that was at the door too so we went to the bar to have a dinner where he made us a great drink Long Island and we had the salad bar and we...

Ruby Tuesday / visits

Deb Fairlie on Sep 17, 2017
Went there with my family for lunch with my family and for order the salad bar no one informed me that they had a special 999 minis with unlimited salad bar. My husband ordered a salmon his food comes out just a dish of salmon with the salad bar. Order two kids meals the kids were very...

Ruby Tuesday / supervisors

Lori Bansel on Sep 16, 2017
I witnessed one of the supervisors being extremely rude to their staff. I wanted to say something so bad but I didn't want to be out of place or get my food messed up. Supervisors shouldn't yell at their employees in front of customers, or at all really. This is the 2nd time I have seen...

Ruby Tuesday / supposed manager in red shirt, refused 2give his name or general manager info

Don Dublin Granville on Sep 16, 2017
Refused coupon I presented to waitress. She was nice, he came and argued with me, which I didn't care to do while trying to eat with my wife. I have a picture of him as he made us leave. All for an $8 difference, incredible lack of professional ability of customer service, and of something...

Ruby Tuesday / half ribs and southern chicken tenders

Pammy Lamb Presnell on Sep 9, 2017
My hubby rec'd his order of half ribs and chic tenders. He usually orders this meal...and we also usually get the cheese bisquits also. What a joke! 3 very small chic tenders were on the plate. Ribs and chic for $18.59. They must have split a very small chic breast into 3 pieces. Very sad...

Ruby Tuesday / food

Yhtak75 on Sep 6, 2017
We went to the location at the Orlando airport. We waited forever for menus and to place our orders. My son asked for a leamande and a Sirlion steak meal we asked well done. Leamonde was horriable, switched twice didn't offer for something different. Steak was raw had to send back!!! Took over...

Ruby Tuesday / chicken and mac n cheese entree

Vegas1957 on Sep 3, 2017
i requested grilled chicken vs the fried chicken. Noted the chicken had artificial grill marks, white in color, rubbery, and tasteless. I took the meal home and attempted to Doctor up the Mac n cheese and discarded the chicken". The Mac n cheese was separated into three snacks sizes. It...

Ruby Tuesday / Employees

JlAnthony on Aug 31, 2017
To whom it may concern I am putting in a complaint on a co-worker of mine Adriana Vasquez, for simple reasons as to this person not showing up to work for no reason or no note and this is on a constant basis management does nothing about it and there has been multiple episodes where...

Ruby Tuesday / poor quality

X027rr on Aug 26, 2017
My family and I decided to eat at Ruby Tues in Hickory, NC after doing some shopping. For starters, the plates on the Garden Bar were dirty. I went through 5 plates trying to find a clean one. The bar itself was dirty. Everything on this bar was chopped up into huge bits or either diced...

Ruby Tuesday / service

Ldooley on Aug 25, 2017
My family and I were recently in the Bedford, Virginia Ruby Tuesday about a month and a half ago. We were greeted by a waitress who appeared to have been drinking or drunk. Our service was plum awful!! She was slurring her words and seemed to be unsteady on her feet. We complained to our...

Ruby Tuesday / compliment for bartender (travis) #20764

Thalea on Aug 24, 2017
I visited ruby Tuesday's at springfield mall pa. 19064. Store #20764 I sat at the bar and my bartender name was Travis he was amazing and he constantly made sure we we're comfortable . He also made great conversation, he has a great natural work ethic it's pretty amazing . You don't see...

Ruby Tuesday / employees

Alex Montes on Aug 22, 2017
Hello, my name is Blanca Arévalo and I'm a employee at a Ruby Tuesday at Virginia, at 5880 Crossroads Ctr Falls church, VA 22041, I'm complaining about two manager, last time I complained about Alisha and Ben, both managers and now I'm complaining about the reason, Alisha and Ben this past...

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