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Complaints & Reviews

scamming usa nri customers!

I visited the Bund Garden branch, of the ICICI Bank in Pune to open an account as an NRI needing a Credit Card. The information that is given is only half true and you only discover this after you have parted with your hard earned dollars.

You lose about 8% in the exchange rate as soon as you open the account, considering the best they can offer is about 5.33% per year you have already lost 1 1/2 years interest in a couple of seconds. The minimum amount to open the account is $400. Then you find out that you as an NRI from USA (other country NRI's are exempt)can only invest your account money in Mutual Funds of their choice, with a recurring deposit of Rs.100,000(about $2500)per year for 3 years. You have no say in the matter if their Mutual Fund goes South and you begin losing your Principal, you would still be forced to keep paying $2500 per year for 2 more years. THERE BROCHURE DOES NOT MENTION THIS FACT AT ALL AND IS FRAUDULENT AND MISREPRESENTATIVE OF THE TRUTH. They should be sued on just this point alone.

They have yet another clever scheme/scam where you are led to believe that the funds in the above account can be put in a "Special" High Interest (8.5%)earning vehicle only to learn that you would have to add another $9600 to the above account to avail of this scam (always losing a "measly" 8% in the exchange rate of course).

Now, after all this as if this is not enough already, to get a Credit Card you have to open another Fixed Deposit (CD) account with a minimum balance of Rs.100,000. Within 5 minutes of learning the facts I asked that my application for opening the account be canceled and that my amount be returned to me. NO WAY JOSE!! You are now the victim of the ICICI System. You will now have to wait a week so that the account can be ACTIVATED before you can DE-ACTIVATE it.

Can you believe this cr*p!!

NRIs in the USA you don't know how good you have it in the US. The service here SUCKS!! and the ###s who run this business here try to make you feel that they are doing you, the CUSTOMER, a favor. Things have not improved here in this part of the world no matter what they say in the News. This attitude, the bureaucracy and red tape along with the corruption will keep India in a rut long after all the other developing countries in Asia have left us in their dust.



The officers(?) who subjected me to this unforgettable experience were Ms.Arti and one other who gave me a card bearing the name Yatin Gupta, Branch Manager.

  • Ab
    Abhiram Anant Mar 21, 2008

    I have taken personal loan from ICICI bank in Nov 2006. Could you please provide me my personal loan account number and other details.

    Thanks in advance.

    Warm Regards,

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  • Yo
    yogesh jagdale Mar 26, 2008

    Yesterday, I have credited Rs. 5000/- in the account of Mr. Satish Lengare A/C No. 000501506065 via quick money transfer desk in bund garden, Pune branch office. It wasn't credited to his account till 08:00 Am today. Please let us know the status whether it has been deposited in account or not and why it has been delayed.

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  • Sh
    SHYJAN .T.J Apr 25, 2008

    sir, my account number in ur branch 000501532105--saving acount,
    now i in saudi arabia, in jeddha, i like to know how much balnce in my account in present status,
    pls send the balance amount to my mail id, ([email protected]) it wil be help me to have contact with u now and in future

    thanking you
    with regards

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  • Ma
    mahesh May 01, 2008

    give me summery of A/C balance please call me

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  • Ja
    Jatin Khanna Jun 12, 2008

    i have been asked to pay for the transaction of the bill of huge amount Rs.9670 which i have not made. It has been told to me that it has been payed through my credit card which i have never used till date.

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  • Sa
    safdar sayeed Jul 05, 2008

    since two months i did not get the statement of transactions. I am regularly sending or transfering the money to icici bank account in india but i did not receive statements.i had received security alert notice about netbanking but i have not operated netbanking yet.please let me knowwhat is the reason that the bank is not sending the statements.

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  • Go


    This is shankar g j, A/C NO 624001519135, Sivajinager Br., but for online Transfer i am not getting the location in website, wether it is shifted ?, pls send me the Addres


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  • Ab
    [email protected] Sep 14, 2009

    I would suggest ICICI to either start taking action on the complaints mention above or close this service. Further Mr. Branch Manager, I would be better if you resign from your post and join some small co-operative bank. you are not worth being part of such a reputed bank of India. Mr. Manager, please go and learn some better banking, and please stop talking in future tense. Groom your team with more fundamental banking concept than camouflaging. Teach them banking and not cheating. Your team should available with all the updates. Please respect your customer.
    It is easy to make a customer, it is even more easy to loose your customer, but please note it is very hard to maintain your customer. Try maintaining your customer.
    All the best.

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  • As
    Ashish Dhakite Nov 14, 2009

    I am ICICI bank credit card holder. Because of some problems i was not able to pay my dues and due to which the bank blocked my money from my savings account, later on i made the payment by cash, and still that blocked money was deducted from my account, now for the return of the money i have called four times to the customer care service number 9890476000,
    1st reply was call in the evening server is down.
    2nd reply was call after 1hour server is down.
    3rd reply was call in the daytime because the technical support team works in daytime.
    4th reply was call on monday server is still down.
    Well i m just waiting for my PF to come in my account, after that i will break all the connections with ICICI bank...

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  • Ra
    Rajendra Panhalkar Dec 09, 2009

    Rajendra Vithal Panhalkar
    S. No. 42/1, P. No. 26B,
    Kargil Soc, Warjemalwadi,
    N.D.A. Road,
    Pune 411 052.
    [email protected]
    Date : 8. 12. 2009



    SUB : - About ECS payment.

    Dear Manager,

    I have a salary A/C in ICICI Bank, Bund Garden road Branch. My A/C No. is 000501521204. In this A/C every 5th of month Rs.14359/- debited to CitiFinancial bank through ECS. On 30th Nov. 2009 I have closed my CitiFinancial loan A/C No.15568782. So that I had already given letter to ICICI BANK Kothrud branch, Pune for stop ECS. But 5th Dec. 2009 Rs. 276/- debited from my A/c for ECS return charges. Please waived this charges, otherwise I will go to consumer court.

    Kindly do the needful.

    Thanking you

    Rajendra V. Panhalkar.

    M. No. 9822662136

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forged signature

The UBP form wasn't filled by me and some ICICI executive has done forged signature of mine on the form. I am not sure how did he get my LIC Policy Number. I have written a mail to ICICI bank, but there is no reply so far. Never trust ICICI Bank!

  • Ri
    Richard Dunn Feb 10, 2007

    I transferred over $20,000 Can. from ING to ICICI and I knew when it actually left ING. Assuming a 2 day electronic lag I knew when it should have arrived at ICICI. They showed it as arriving over a month later. Repeated calling, waiting on hold listening to their inane self promotion and squelching music, over and over. First they stick to their arrival date, then they back date a little and add a little money to my account. I just got off the phone and told them I will never call them again and they better have the correct amount in my account this week. I will transfer it out, never do business with them again, and tell everyone I know about their idiocy...or if they continue on with their inability to do simple math, I will get a Canadian News team's interest.

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delay of policy

I bought Tata Indica from Deepti Gupta and got the same registered in my wife's name Shailaja Rallapalli. The motor insurance lapses on 21st December 2006. Hence i went to the Icici Lombard office at Punjagutta(Hyderabad,india) on 18th December 2006. Spoke to Mr Siddharth(Manager), gave him the new RC copy on my wife's name,filled an application form to transfer the insurance on to my wife's name, made the payment of Rs 10100 through my HDFC credit card. Iwas promised that the insurance will be sent to my address in 2 days. I waited for 10 days and contacted Mr Siddharth on [protected]. Iwas informed that it was given to the agent Mr Ramesh. Th agent visited my place on 26th December and handed the cover note on my wife's name. After waiting for another 6 days i contacted the agent. I was informed that the policy was issued in the name of the old owner Ms Deepti Gupta. I called the help line and raised a complaint with request # [protected] and was informed that the policy is still in the name of Ms Deepti Gupta. I called up Mr Siddharth who claimed that it is impossible that the policy is still in the name of Deepti Gupta because he already made necessary corrections. Later i was informed by Mr Siddharth that the policy is in the name of Ms Deepti Gupta because the file with transfer application and RC was sent to Mumbai office and the operations department lost it/misplaced it. An agent was sent to my place and i gave 2 more copies of the RC to the agent clearly informing if one is lost the other will again help in speedy delivery of my policy. I again contacted the agent Mr Ramesh, Mr Siddharth and the help line regarding the policy on 10th January 07. Help line associate asked me to get in touch with the local branch. The agent asked me to wait for 1 more day. Mr Siddharth calld me to inform that he is dispatching the policy through DHL couriers on 11th January 07 and asked me to provide another RC copy for Auditing. I was very sure that the policy was not dispatched and asked Mr Siddharth to provide that airway bill # and the couriers telephone number, which Mr Siddharth was reluctant to do so. Later he agreed that he lied regarding the dispatch of the policy. So after paying the amount on 18th december 2006, i am still waiting for my policy even on 12th january. If the concerned authorities are checking this, contact me to hear some words from me.

home loan - false promises, unprofessional attitude

Here is the interesting story.

- I applied for housing loan (Fixed interest rate) and got an approval for 7.75% (Year 2004). Bank asked me to send the documents that I did. ICICI guy delayed sending the form (that I was suppose to fill for disbursement).
- Bank said as there is already 31 days between approval and disbursal so you need to renegotiate the loan. New interest rate: 8.25%.
- I got the first disbursal (against construction) on 8.25%
- time came for second disbursal and I wanted an additional loan for 2 lacs. I asked the marketing guy whether you can increase the amount. He said yes he can and would be approved on the same interest rate (8.25%)
- Forget the additional amount when I got the disbursement of second installment (Remember fixed interest rate and not the floating); I got a letter from ICICI that new amount is disbursed at 9.5%
- When I called Marketing Guy; he passed my call to their operations guy and he just refused that Fixed rates are on fixed interest rate and did show any inclination of honoring commitment given by his marketing guy.
- My Experience: Last time I tried Corporation bank for my Car loan. Considering my experience I can safely say; Public sector banks are most under rated banks and are not that bad as we think. Private banks: I am not sure about others but ICICI - Sucks- Most aggressive, unreliable, no-commitment bank in India. Their "Hum Hain Na" advertising campaign looks joke to me.
- My Resolution: Close all the relationship I have with ICICI - ASAP.

  • Sh
    Shivendra Jha Feb 06, 2007

    I applied for Housing loan.They have taken processing fees without accessing whether they can finance the identified property & they promised that they will finance that.

    But at the end of the time they have decided that they will not finanace & even they never intimated me & kept me in dark. When I contacted them they simply told me that they will not finance & reason was not satisfactory.

    Consequences : I lost my processing fees of Rs 5612 & the advance payment that i paid in advance to purchase it.

    Apart from that now the loan will cost me .50% on 9 lakh rupees.

    Stay away from ICICI Bank!

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  • I had taken loan of Rs 8 lac in june 2002. After 2 years additional amount of Rs 6241 added in principal amount. Till today matter is not resolved. All emi i had paid no late fee or late payment or cheque bounced.

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  • Ko
    Kotnala S Apr 08, 2007

    Sub: Dubious motives in retail banking

    Beware when applying for loans from ICICI Bank. The sales agents do not tell you that the monthly debit cycle will hit your account on the 1st of the month. More often than not as in 99% private companies, the salaries are credited only after the 1st. So not only does ICICI make money on cheque bounce backs, but also ensure they spoil your credit history. If you take this issue up with them, the bank certainly has its pet lawyers and solicitors who promptly send you a court notice forcing you to pay up immediately.

    Pathetic- Mr Kamath talks about a global corporation but cant fix these bugs in the home system.

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  • Ga
    Ganesh Choudry May 23, 2007

    I definitely understand your pain because I have been through the same. However my colleague suggested me to try citibank, you would not believe my loan was sanctioned without any hassle and at the rate we

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  • Vi
    Vishwanath bhat May 23, 2007

    I availed Rs.7.2 lacs home loan from ICICI during 2005 on fixed interest worked out as 8.16%. My Loan agreement No. is LBBNG00000696229. I requested ICICI for the statement of EMI details for Income Tax purpose. I came to know that ICICI had already sent the statement of final income tax for the financial year and provisional income tax statement for the year 2007-2008. But, in my case nothing has been sent to me and i am still looking forward for the statement.

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unprofessional approach delayed property acquisition

I have applied for a home loan through ICICI Bank during Nov'06. I was contacted by one Mr.subramanian ...

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response time / false promises

Hello all, I would like to express my concern over the very time consuming procedure I have gone through in applying for a Personal Loan from ICICI. I have applied for a loan from ICICI exactly 3 weeks back, the associates who were supposed to collect the documents were pretty fast in sending their people to collect all the documents on the same day of the application. Regarding who were they : I had received a call from ([protected]) Pooja asking if I wanted a loan. Their branch is located in Thane and that is all I know of them. It took them over 2 weeks to tell me that my loan has been approved, Finally they sent a man on 22nd to pick up 4 signed Cheques addressed to (ICICI Personal Loans) and some documents, on asking them when would I receive the loan amount they confidently said Tuesday 26th Dec 2006, I confirmed from the associate if they were confident and they said yes. Based on the commitment I received I gave a commitment to some vendors from where I was supposed to buy some articles and made a down payment.

Tuesday (26th Dec) arrived and the money was not transferred to my account, I called up the number mentioned above and they said that it will happen on Wednesday 27th Dec 2006 for sure. I Confirmed once again and they said 100% it will be transferred by Wednesday 27th Dec.

Wednesday (27th Dec) : The money was still not transferred and I called up the number again, they asked me to wait another day and that’s exactly what I did.

Thursday (28th Dec) : The money was still not transferred into my account and I called them up to inquire on what's the status of the loan because I had made some commitments to a vendor and I was falling short on my commitment. I called up and spoke to a lady who was trying to tell me to wait 2 more days, I was furious and asked to speak to the manager of that branch, she told me that he was busy in a meeting and I offered to wait, but she disconnected my phone. I called up again and they kept on answering and disconnecting my phone, this happened for at least 5 times before I gave up.
I called up the ICICI call centre to report the issue and after bouncing back between many call handlers I spoke to Vasundhra (Ext 4277 on the help line #) she offered to help me out with my issue and started following up with the required individuals. She told me that she will work on this and get the money into my account latest by Friday evening, I agreed and hung up the phone.

Friday (29th Dec) : Vasundhra called me up and requested me to send an email to both you guys as they needed to verify my official email address, which I did mins after speaking to Vasundhra, hoping the money would be transferred at least by Saturday 30th Dec.

Saturday (30th Dec) : The money was still not transferred and I called up the Thane Branch and they told me that I needed to call up the ICICI call centre. When I asked them to provide me with the file # they were not providing me with the file # and disconnected the phone. If I need to call the ICICI call centre they always ask me for a file # which I am not able to provide because I am not being given one.

To Sum it up in Short :

1) This has been the most frustrating journey for me in my entire career.
2) I have no clue about when the money is getting transferred and I have commitments to meet.

Questions : ?
1) Is this the Kind of Customer Service ICICI Bank believes in providing ?
2) Is the process so tedious and long to receive a loan amount ? If yes then why do you guys state quick approvals as a part of your selling criteria ?
3) Am I every going to receive the loan amount ?
4) If not then what is being done with the 4 cheques that I have given ?

I cannot stand this frustration any longer. Either ICICI Bank do what advertise or don’t do it all.

  • Bh
    Bhagwan Dass Lodwal Feb 28, 2007

    A loan sanctioned of 50,000/- from ICICI Bank Personal Loan Department by me 19-2-2007. But the Cheque was not get yet. I ask the bank staff he says that he was send the courier. & Courier said that any courier of my name was not receive.

    So I want to know that what is going on.

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  • Ad
    aditya Sep 28, 2007

    ICICI bank mission -Best products and worst customer service.
    This is what I feel about ICICI. I really hope that this e-mail will do nothing as I have been to many liers in your customer service department. But still I have copied this message and forwarded it to many managers. As a quality head, you should know that you have got a team of liers. Every time we call up- we get a new answer or our phone is disconnected ot transferred to a department where no one is available. So, we get nice music to listen on hold for 10-20 minutes. But no reply. Coming to the point
    I have a ICICI salary account and had a pre -approved loan. It has been sanctioned but I still haven't received the money. This is my loan account number LPTNE00011437576. And this is may salary account number 037701501843. Each day I call the sales executive or the phone banking, they say that today you will get the moeny. They also specify a time frame and promise me. This has been a head ache for the last week. IT is really disgusting that I only say "That the service is ###in irritational", also say sorry for the same and your agent from application department - Arun R... hangs the call. You can believe whats my condition. What is the use of moeny if I dont get it on time? If any action is not taken against this and I don't get moeny on time, I will cancel all my services with your bank. I will try to post this message on all the forums. This will be forwarded to to all the possible managers.

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  • Ja
    Jawahar Abraham Sep 28, 2007

    ICICI has beautiful advertisements placed at our cost(money they make on our deposits) but the worst service and rude sales people what is the use of them boasting of the Women in the highest postion when the customers in the lowest position.

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  • Ra
    Rajeev Gupta Oct 08, 2007

    I have applied for person loan (Rs. 1,00,000) in ICICI Bank 25 days with all the required documents. After 15 days closing of month my loan is not sanctioned because of closing time as per your employee (Mr.Abhinav Tyagi).

    After this he committed me your loan is in progress and cheque will deliver to you within 7 days. But this time he is not picking up phone and not giving response to me. My heartly requested don't commit customer to you will get your loan within 15 Days.

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  • Di
    Dinesh Dubey Dec 10, 2007

    I am strongly agree. I am the current bakra for home loans for this Faltoo and Bakwaas ICICI Bank. Kamath talks about big things... just fooling the people... the way they providing the services and dealing with customers is hopeless... all are useless... 3rd class bank....cheater... thinking to close my a/c... demat a/c of this Faltoo bank... Be cautious with this bank...

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  • Dr
    Dr.om prakash singh Feb 03, 2008

    The manager
    Icici personal loan

    Dear sir,

    i am Omprakash Singh from Ferozepur (Pb), working as Veterinary Doctor in Nestle India Ltd. Moga (Pb).,, i was applied for the personal loan with icici bank in Bhatinda,, in 1st week of Jan. 08, the concern executive (DAS Associates Ferozepur Mr. Deepak Singla: 98142-46635) said with in one week you can get the loan
    , i am also agreed, 15days back that executive called your loan got approval you should give 18 cheque leafs with sign, i have done all the formalities , after nobody didnt responce, i repeatedly contacted concerned executive but he is just passing the time,, now also he said give me one day you will get the money ,, its 15 days over ,, i dont know what icici peoples doing when i get the loan ,, iff its possible or not,, they will return my cheque or not???????????????? otherwise please be ready for litigation.
    thank you.
    aplication/reference no: 59017455

    thanks and regards
    Omprakash Singh
    Mob. 99158-59678.

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  • Ka
    Kajal.Kr.Chanda Aug 14, 2008

    The Chairman
    I.C.I.C.I Bank Ltd.

    Undersinged applied Personel Loan to A.J.C Bose Road Branch on 31/07/08 Application ID Nos.60357408
    proposal not considered due to false and wrong CIBIL information, on 07/08/08 produced all documents of S.B.I
    Card closure & settlement date 25/02/07, and requested to provide the valid document for CIBIL & rejection
    of loan proposal . No reply and document provided . Loan proposal kept in disposed unethically and unintateraly.

    Solicit your intervention for sanctioning the Loan proposal.

    Kajal .Kr.Chanda
    Flat 1/A, ASHIRBAD
    Nilachal Complex Narendrapur

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cheating and lying to customers!

Re: icici bank To the manager Personal loan dept Icici bank Self azad contacted by one your staff m...

harassment and inconvenience caused by icici bank!

I have a savings account with Mira Road Branch. My father who passed away on 4th Feb 2001, possessed a credit card of ICICI Bank. On 15-Dec-2006 (approximately 6 years after my father's death) my above account account was debited by Rs. 18,934.

When I contacted ICICI Bank helpline on 15-Dec-2006, savings bank account department asked me to contact credit card department. Credit card department told me that the payment wasn’t reflected in the credit card account, and I was asked to contact them next day.

I called ICICI bank helpline again on 16-Dec-2006 and spoke to a Customer Service Manager Mr Ketan Raul. Ketan gave me phone numbers of Collection Department managers and asked me to contact them (numbers given to me were: 022-[protected] of Bhavin Parekh and 022-[protected] of Pavan Laddha).

After continuously trying the numbers of collection team for two hours after speaking to Ketan Raul (9:30 - 11:30), I was unable to get through. So I contacted Ketan again to ask if there was any other way around to get in touch with Collection team. But Ketan avoided my call twice.

Meanwhile, I spoke to another manager named Priyanka Kokitkar. She assured me that she will get in touch with the collection team and let me know the status by afternoon.

When I didn’t get any call till the evening so I contacted ICICI bank helpline again and spoke to another manager named Piyush Rathore. He refused to take any responsibility. So I had to speak to his manager Mr Amit Shah.

Amit told me all this happened because it was a Saturday and he will get in touch with the collections team on Monday 18-Dec-2006 and give me solution on Monday evening latest. But I didn’t get any call from anyone and I have been trying their numbers all day long continuously.

ICICI bank stole money from my account for the credit card which doesn’t belong to me. Nobody takes any responsibility of their actions, leave alone giving explanation or intimating me before debiting my own account.

  • Pr
    Pramod Sinha Mar 26, 2007

    Contact Banking Ombudsman. They will help you.

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  • Su
    Sudhir K Bhil Jul 02, 2007

    This compliant I would like to aware all the consumer applied for the credit card with ICICI Bank. This is the incidence happened with me. And I want to Share with you all.

    1. I December 2006 I received the call from ICICI Bank branch stating that I will get the free credit card from there bank because I had home loan from ICICI Bank and I regularly paid all the installment in time. After continuously receiving the call 3/4 days. I agree to fill up the form. Then the caller said the company representative will come and fill up the form & collect the document. But fortunately the representative not turns up to me to fill up the form. Then one day I meet an agent of the ICICI bank dealing with the credit card. I fill up the complete form and submitted all supporting documents.

    In supporting document I submitted Electricity Bill for residence proof, pan card Photo ID Proof, My ICICI bank transaction slip for further verification but after submission of the entire document they rejected my application form because of some confidential reason. As per the manager’s explanation.

    2. Then in the month of February I again I applied for the credit card in this month also I received the call from the bank itself and this time I am able to meet the company representative. Again I fill up the form this time company representative told me that your all document verification is already done. You received the call from the company itself so you need not to submit all the document but till I have given him all supporting document required ie PAN card Xerox, electricity bill Xerox, and salary slip Xerox. This time also the company rejected my application again for the confidential report. These are the two incidences happened with me. I want told you that both the time I applied after getting the calls from the bank itself. Then also in first application the I am able to know that the bank was not able to cross check the my residential address though I had given my ICICI bank transaction slip (which means that I had the saving account with the ICICI bank. Though the address is same for the application and the saving account.)

    With all this thing I am not able to know If the bank is not giving the credit card to the consumer like me then why they harassed the consumer by making the call and saying that They are eligible for the credit card. This I am writing now because again I received the call from bank itself for the free credit card.

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  • Ra
    Rakish Poulose Nov 01, 2007

    Many of the DSA (Direct Selling Agents) call people and claim to be calling from the bank. They say the card is pre-approved with a credit limit of xx lacs etc. etc. These people are not bank employees are just agents. Many people fall for this (I did too) and later complain that if the card was pre-approved, why was it rejected. Well, my card was not rejected but it had a credit limit of 13000 though I was told it would be 3 lacs. I promptly cancelled the card. Another DSA called me a later claiming to be calling from the bank and said there was a pre-approved titanium card in my name. When I asked him for his ICICI Bank employee number and official e-mail address, he hung up.

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  • Ch
    CHAUHAL SINGH Nov 24, 2008

    One month ago i submit a request of cheque book with a slip provided in cheque book at nehru place branch and they ensure me to send it in 4 to 5 days but still now i can't receive any cheque book... it's very urgent for me so pls take a serious or necessary action in this regard.

    chauhal singh
    a/c no. ----- 004601041668

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wrong reversal of amount debit for medical insurance

I have been given credit card by ICICI Bank.After some days I recd a Medical Insurance from ICICI lombard covering the Hospitalisation Expenses. I talked to Customer care at lucknow and informed that I am working with L&T and such scheme is already available with me so I don't require this please cancel as it has come to me without my requirement, They canceled it .After words I recd another policy at my home at Kanpur with the same specification , I was Stunned because few days back only I Have cancelled the previous one,. Once again I talked to Customer care and cancelled the Policy.

I have debited with some amount in my Credit card but given credit for approx 25% less in both the cases.
Now ICICI is behind me for the payment. I told them all the facts made the detail working also but all in vein .There is no one who can help me in this small case.

  • Sa
    sanjay pathak May 26, 2007

    Same happened with me and they have blocked my saving account with 12,000 in it.

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  • An
    Anil Raghava Kurup Aug 26, 2007

    ICICI is full of real ...ing ###. I have been given a credit card from ICICI and they enrolled me into this same Lombard Med insurance. They confirmed my interest on the same, and said that Its required to pay some 400 rs per month on Med Insurance; they gave me no other information. I waited for the credit card and for 4 months they did not sent it to me. After 4 months, they sent a Credit card statement that, Rs. 8525 has been charged from the Credit card, and I need to pay 8525/- plus the penal interest of 1800/-.

    I told that I never had received the credit card. Now they phoned me and told that the old card has been destroyed, and anew card is on the way, but I have to pay the outstanding amount.

    Now the situation is even tenser; these people call me day in and day out, and tell me that I have to pay this huge amount.

    I am really puzzled with this.

    Where can I get help?

    Please someone advice me.

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  • Ra
    Rajesh Nelavelli Feb 03, 2008

    Dear friends,
    This is Rajesh Nelavelli. I'm workin for Satyam. In August i was applied for ICICI CREDIT card. In Oct. One of the ICICI exicutive called me for verification.After that he asked me to take Lombard,it will helps in "TAX Decleration". I said "NO". Even though he sent two Lombard cards to my parent's address. They sent to me after a week. I immediately called that person(Raja Reddy,Chennai,no:+914445583586) and asked him to cancel those cards. He said that "Sir, I'm sorry for that. Unfortunately It was activaed,Please pay 1047/- for jan. , after that i will cancel the cards." Now those customer care people said to me "YOU HAVE TO PAY 5,500/- rs. as CANCELLATION FEES".

    Please tell me,"Is this is the correct way for ICICI bank to develop their business, and please tell me"What to do now"?

    with Regards,
    Rajesh Nelavelli.

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  • Na
    Nagendra Sep 08, 2008


    I have bought a mediclaim policy from ICICI Lombard (Policy No. 4034/FPS/03499714/00/000) IN APRIL 08. I submitted 4 installments. They assured me that Rs 452.00 would be deducted every month from my credit card but they went against there assurance & get RS 453.49 deducted every month.

    I call there customer care executives & send too many mail regarding this. But I did not get any satisfactory answere from them. Like this my first problem was wrong deduction. I did not care for 2 Rs. but it is the matter of a Company's wrong assurance.

    They cheating with customer and after having policy recived they even did not care about the customer they compelety forget & try to ignore him. On the other hand they publicly shout & try to convey the message in market that they care the customer better than anyone.

    When I call there customer executive they talked with me in a very rude & improper manner & said that they could not return my money as per their Company's policy but could not tell the policy to me & ask me to withdraw my policy & once again assured me that they will return me my complete money without any kind of deduction & I diid so.

    I get my policy withdrawn but once again I get cheated & I got my money deducted by the company. When I asked how my money get deducted whereelse you have said I will get my complete money back, Once again they said ------------As per the company policy-------------------- like this without telling me any policy of their company they get my policy crushed & cheated me at every point.

    Now recently I received a mail "
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: CustomerSupport
    To: Nagendra
    Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 11:40 AM
    Subject: RE:'ICICILom=003-018-544' ICICI Lombard Website - Email

    Dear Customer,
    "We request you to provide us your contact number with the STD code to serve you better."
    As per our discussion, we request you to provide us the new policy number in order to reverse all the charges related to your cancelled policy.

    Warm Regards,
    Praful Karkera
    Query Resolution Team
    When we received this mail and make a call to customer care they told me You purchase a new policy and we can settle all the thing.
    How can I belive of this type of company I never want to purchase any policy from them.
    Now I want to tell the public through you that teh assurance that these Companies are making to you are all empty bans.
    They are lier, They are cheater and they are---------------------------------------------.
    Now would you please help me in this matter.

    Thanks & Regard's
    Nagendra Kumar
    Email - [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Mobile- 9873913601

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  • Ra
    raja Sep 15, 2008

    I have a ICICI Lombard-General Insurance Health Policy.
    And I got a phone call from ICICI saying all my personal details, credit card number, date of birth which they got from my ICICI Lombard policy, saying "All the ICICI Lombard customers will be converted to ICICI Prudential, so you need to take a new policy from ICICI Prudential, and your previous policy will be discontinued". But after 3 months it doesnt happen. The money is still deducted from my credit card. I have contacted the ICICI Lombard people, they said that I am being misguided and no further action is taken.

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  • Vi
    Vijender Khatri Dec 25, 2008

    The same thing happened to me. One icici credit card is issued to me (2005) which i never got. There was no poicy on it. After some time i was reissued anther card (2008).But ICICI lombard policy was activated on it wthout my information. The most important things is that i never got any of the cards.

    I only came to know after seeing my bank statements that per months 1390 rs is being debited from my saving account from something. After talking to customer care, i came to know that i have an credit card from past 3 years on my name. As the card is with the bank with status undelivered, i was stunned to know that. They told me that this amount is debited towards this ICICI LOmbard policy and asked me to cancel this policy. When i called them to cancel this policy. I was only refunded 25% and 75 % of the premium value (appr, 15627) was deducted again from my account.

    What the hell is going on. They activate some policy without the information on the undelivered card that too with out any information. And when the person deactivate this policy a big percentage of the premium amount is charged. What the f***.

    I am still fighting with them to give me whole money back and asking for the proof that i ever agreed the terms and conditions for this policy.

    What can be the solution ...

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  • Va
    vartikagupta May 01, 2012


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