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Complaints & Reviews

be careful with travel card

Be careful when you go for icici travel card, on the following things:

1. Anything happens to the card or
2. You are overcharged
3. You return item you bought oversees and money is not credited back to your card

Bank will not take any responsibility to resolve the issue. Bank will ask you to settle with merchant.

By then you will be in India and no way you can communicate with merchant

  • Pr
    prapti Mar 23, 2009


    I have got one travel card of ICICI Bank. I have used this travel card for transition on internet but I am not able to do it. it says authorisation fail. :(

    Can you please help me out?


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  • Sr
    SravanBonagiri Aug 23, 2012

    Faced a similar problem with ICICI Travel card, the customer card department is so worst no one answers correctly to the queries

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most filthy language being used by the collection agency personnel

My wife for the past two months she did not pay minimum balance as she was requesting to waive interest part...

icici bankwithdrew all my savings in the account without any intimation

I deposited my salary cheque in my ICICI Bank savings account on 8th December 2006 at Nagpur Branch. My account was freezed and restricted me from accessing my account then.my credit card account no.[protected].

After repeated followups at their Icici call center I came to know that my account is been seized ,for the want of credit card payment. I had already setteled my credit card account on dt 28 september 2006 and have got acknowledgment receipt duely signed and with icici seal on it from them.

Few facts in this connection:

1. Mr. Shukla of write off section of ICICI,NAGPUR had come to my place for settlement of credit card payment prior to that i have contacted their office and the call center number of times to inform them that the charges are exorbitant ,irrational and illogical.

2. I have cleared my credit card account in full in april 2005, then after i made a purchase of Rs.15000 (fifteen thousand) against which i paid around Rs. 55000 (fifty five thousand).

3.they charged overlimit charges 650 plus late payment 350and other charges where overall penalty charges came to 1500 per month.

I was leaving Nagpur for job purpose so i was interested in settling the account and make the reasonable payment which i have made.

I was working in bangalore then, now I am working in cheenai. My job is a transferable one and my family resides at Nagpur. I am the only earning member of my family and suffering from cardiac problem since 1999.

  • Su
    Sunit Mohan Prasad Oct 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Its a matter of great surprise that without my consent a hefty amount has been debited from my saving account to some of your ICICI credit card account. As per norms ICICI credit account is not covered under any ecs account hence fore please conform debit account from my saving account, this matter is very serious and to be taken very urgently, reply should reach us within 24 hrs. If we don't get a suitable reply will force to a legal action against recovery of payment from saving account without any consent of the account holder. My account no. SB/008301514784

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  • Ha
    HARI May 24, 2009

    The Bank Never Allow to sleep the middle class people, who struggle to get money.
    The Bank is paying Money to media, not to explore the issues.

    Also The CEO wants to get a good profit margin by recovering money from the credit card holders.

    Shine, A software engineer, Bangalore

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harassing repeated phone calls

I get phone calls every single day from call centers asking me for a home loan. This is total harassment!!! Please STOP Forwarding my number to call centers. I want to take strict legal action against all these unsolicited phone callers who keep calling every day for home loans or credit cards.

The call i got today was from this number. [protected]

Is there an authority that takes strict action against them? I heard from a friend that Supreme court has passed the order to block such numbers and make them pay compensation for such harassment.

Sincerely, Pallavi Pinge

poor customer service

On 2nd April, 2007 I applied for a 10K tax saver health plan (Policy No: W-013316) for my Parents using the online facility at www.icicilombard.com. I stay in Bangalore and my parents are near to Warangal-Andhra Pradesh. As my father's age is above 45 he has to undergo a medical test to get enrolled in the policy. The website states that within two day's from the receipt of the premium my parents will get a call for the medical test, though it is 27th April today (25 days since i applied for the policy and paid the premium) my parents have not received any call for the medical test.

I have sent numerous mails and have also called them 6 times, they seem to have no clue about the medical test. They were not even able to confirm when they will be calling my parents.

I feel that I have taken a wrong decision in applying for a policy from ICICI Lombard.

Swetha Chinthireddy

  • Pr
    Pradeep Aug 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The most horrible guys!!! The worst customer service ever possible. its been 3 months since they are deducting the EMI for the insurance which I had purchased over the phone.

    Till now I have not recevied the policy and noody answers at the customer care, but when I mail them they say we will send it in 10 working days everytime.

    Its been pathetic and probably would have to give up the 8k premium I have paid and go for another insurance.

    Please never buy the insurance from these people. they are big cheaters.

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customer cheating

I am registering this complaint out here for ICICI lombard. I met with an accident on 15 feb round about at 01:15 hr. I called these guys and my claim ID is 289750. My car was in swastik motors, Indirapuram, owner - Mahesh Gaur. The total damage bill was for about 35000 which mahesh gaur provided to ICICI lombard. After following up with these guys they have given me a cheque of 25,300 which doesn't make sense to me. I agree that there is 50% deduction on plastic & glass material and 5% depreciation on metallic parts even after calculating it they have provided me approx 6000 less. Beware ICICI Lombard, they are cheating customers.

  • Ma
    Mahender Kumar Joshi Sep 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I submit My bill on 09/02/2007. in Delhi Office they have dispatch my bill to Pune on 22 March 2007 ,the consignment number is 115999411 By Blaz flash couriers.

    After number of calls to PUNE ttk Today they are saying that they didn’t get the bill. Now where is my bill?

    No I get mail from ICICI lombard customer care they are sying my main bill is pending.

    Note: My main bill was cleared on 13 april 2007

    So please look into this matter ASAP.


    Note: Customer care service in both Pune and Delhi office is very bad. They make hold for 10 to 15 minute. After making hold they said they will contact you and take the cell number. But never call back.

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  • Sh
    shankar raghunath vispute Oct 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm Mr shankar raghunath vispute I had icici credit card no. 4477 4621 6665 5009.
    Before 40-45 Icici credit card offered me new icici credit card(master card)having 1,20,000/- limit & made me compulsion to take lombard health policy of 2lacs.
    I received the lombard policy no.4034/fnp/02617707/00/000.
    But when i enquired @ customer care for credit card i came to know that there is no such credit card offer for me.
    This way icici credit card departt had made miscommittement to me for icici lombard health policy.
    So I request you to cancell my policy no.4034/fnp/02617707/00/000.
    I will request you not to make miscommittement to customers.
    Plz call me or mail me & confirm me cancellation of the policy.
    Plz do the needful,



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  • Mr
    Mr Radhapalli Oct 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ICICI lombard is created to cheat the people. They planed that way that they can harrase people. ICICI lombard should be banned!

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  • Bh
    Bhupendra Singh Jul 16, 2008

    is dental care is also being included in ICICI lombard polcy
    Please let me know
    Bhupendra singh

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delay in aph of property

I am a salary a/c holder and home loan customer of ICICI Bank for last three year Loan A/c no. LBMUM00000905023 . Now for investment, I have selected another flat at Badlapur -- Dist Thane.

For which I had submitted all the documents required for pre-approval of the property i.e what you call as APF or APH 2 months back. I have got sanction letter from your bank for my new home loan application, but waiting for disbursement as the APH number is not alloted to the property. I have submitted the papers through Unique Finance -- Dombivli Ph. no. [protected], Even after daily follow-up with this office and Mr. Boban Jype of your ICICI office at Kalyan, they say that all paper work are OK of the property every thing is done and I will get the APH number in 2 -3 days. every time i get this reply, but sorry to say that it is taking too much time for allotting the number. No one gives the correct picture when the APH number will be alloted. Due to this delay, I have been pressured by the builder to cancel my agreement.

  • Na
    nayeema ahmed Dec 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I need to take a independent house in Hyderabad India. Please help me to get!

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  • Ma
    Manoj kumar Sep 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Loan A/c no is LBCBT00001384951
    Loan amount 1500000/- for 180 months
    Now last month i got a statement that my loan tenure is 240 months.
    I want to close my loan amount much earlier than 180 months.
    If i am paying 1 lak rupees every six months how will you treat that amount (Principle or EMI)
    Pl give me some coustemer service ph no

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very poor administration

I have an RRSP GIC account with ICICI bank. This year I wanted to add $2,000 to it upon maturity. I sent in my cheque with instructions.

It has been two months and the cheque still is not processed. No one can tell me if they have it or not.

I kept calling and getting put on hold with no explanation ever resulting.

I ended up having to borrow another $2,000 from my credit card to make my RRSP contribution in time for the March 31st deadline. While of course still leaving the $2,000 in my bank account if and when ICICI bank ever decides to complete the transaction.

I have been waiting two months now with this $2,000 in my bank account not getting any interest on it. Still waiting. No response to my email. And the 5 or 6 phone conversations resulted in no progress.

It seems their is no notes left from the last time I talked to someone because I have to keep saying the same thing over and over.

I really give up. I think I will put a stop payment on the cheque and get my GIC out of their when it comes due next year.

For goodness sake I am trying to make a deposit and their administration is so poor they can't even figure out how to take my money.

Ok, I better stop now... my eye is beginning to twitch.

withdrawal of icici lombard loan care insurance policy

I had foreclosed my ICICI Home loan LBTRI00001165829 and LBTRI00000650151 and I had given an application to cancel the ICICI Lombard Loan Care Insurance Policy, attached to the same, on 25th August 2006. The premium charged on this policy was Rs. 30105. I have received a payment of only Rs.1887.00, for the cancellation of the policy and I believe that, this amount is calculated based on only the top-up Loan - LBTRI0000116582. I request you make the necessary arrangements for cancellation of the Policy attached to the Base Loan - LBTRI00000650151. I have already given the proof of the foreclosure of both these loan.

I believe that arrangements will be made at the earliest. This issue is pending for the past 8 months.
I have been calling the concerned person in the ICIC Lombard office at Trichy, and I have not got any solution for the issue till now. Very poor service!

  • Ku
    Kuldip Sharma May 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One policy was issued to me in the month of June, 2005, which was cancelled on my request. Charges deducted from my credit card and again credited to my account, but another policy was also issued to me in the month of June 2005, which was not in my knowledge. When I contacted the office for the dues against my credit card and known that one policy was issued to me. I requested many times on phone to the office, but no satisfactory answer was received.

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  • Sh
    Shruti Sep 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't do any deal with ICICI. Its a fraud. We have take insurance on our loan amout.
    We were ready to pay lumsum amount, but they convince us to pay based on monthly basis, w/o telling us that it will be charged at 12 % floating interest, which later increased to 14 %. Also, its being seven months now, that we have not recevied our policy, though EMI is deducted every month from our bank.
    When we enquired, we came to know that policy is made on some other property, which is not ours. When tried to contact the concerned person, he dosn't pick up the phone.
    In brief: Before taking insurance they will call u 100 times, to take a policy and fool u giving all fake advantages and later they won't respond at all.

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unnecessary policy cancellation charges charged to me by icici lombard

COMPLAINT: Unnecessary Policy cancellation Charges charged to me by ICICI Lombard.

CAUSE : My name and address was wrongly spelt on the policy certificate. I returned the policy immediately. I requested to correct the same. I sent 19 mails to ICICI lombard and ABN AMBRO. They did not bother. Ultimately I cancelled the policy. This they accepted and charged me heavy cancellation charges.

1. In the month of Mar06 I applied for ABN AMBRO credit card.
2. They accepted and offered me credit card. They also offered me a health insurance policy from ICICI Lombard, on monthly payment basis. I accepted
3. 20 Apr 06 I received the credit card and insurance policy. But my name and address on card as well as policy was wrongly spelt.
4. 24APR 06 I returned the policy to ICICI Lombard, Mahalaxmi office, through courier. I have the POD. I requested for necessary correction. Similarly I requested ABN AMBRO for correction.
5. 29.04.06 ABN asked me additional documents. This letter I received on 24.05.06 and I submitted the documents immediately.
6. ICICI Lombard asked me to reconfirm the changes (MODIFICATION TO ENDORSEMENT) on 15.5.06, I have replied on 24.5.06.
7. I received corrected card on 22.06.06 acknowledged on 6.07.06.
8. 3.07.06 I received mail from ICICI Lombard that the new policy is under printing and you will receive soon.
9. I received the document again on 7.07.06 with wrong name and address.
10. During this period I had sent more than 19 mails to ICICI and ABN, I have spoken many times to their customer care cell/ 24 hrs banking service etc.
11. So ultimately I thoroughly convinced that ICICI Lombard can not correct my name and hence I can not get policy with correct name and address.
12. On 13 .07.06 I requested to cancel the proposal.
13. This they accepted immediately and charged me heavy cancellation Charges, stating some rules.
14. In the month of September I have paid full amount to ABN AMBRO approx. Rs. 10,800/- for NO REASON



1. They have received the policy back within 15 days hence they have no right to charge me any cancellation charges.


1. They should not charge any late payment charges when the card was under correction.
2. They should have ensured that their associate company is providing the proper service to customer.


RS 5,000/-

  • Kl
    K.LAKSHMI RANGAIAH Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,

    I have been told previously to cancel my Insurance Policy. It has been agreed over phone and again it is observed that the amout is de-duducting in my account towards ICICI Lombard Insurance.

    Requesting you once again cancel my Policy and Re-pay my amount to my ICICI Account No. 004801566319.

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  • De
    Dev Feb 18, 2009

    Beware from ICICI Lombard health Insurance

    Hello friend I am agree with you. I have also taken the health insurance policy of ICICI Lombard . when i want to cancel it, company is deducting 50 % of annual policy. So i want to say that Plz avoid ICICI Lombard that who are holding ICICI credit card.

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  • Dh
    Dhruv Rajvanshi Apr 20, 2009

    Would like to sggest you that please file a case against them in consumer forum under sec 134A.pLEASE File it asap

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  • Ni
    nirmal singh Jul 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sir, My Name is Nirmal Singh. Sir, I was opening a health insurance from your icici lombard on 18 May 2012. Amount for a sum of Rs 6740/- was debited from my account on 21 May 2012. A message has been received by us from your company on 22 May 2012 that your policy was despatched on 23 May 2012. Till date policy and documents have not yet been received by us. I'll speak with your branch at delhi about four to five times. They give reply me your documents will reach with in a week. after two month the same was not received by us. Pl give reason for delay and send the documents at the earliest. Give reply on my id ([email protected]). I'll be waiting for your reply and documents. I shall be ever gratefull for this act of kindness.

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  • Mr
    Mrun8 Jun 02, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please file a case against them in consumer forum

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worst banking i've ever experienced!

I have been dealing with ICICI bank for the last 8-9 months with my salary account in HCL Technologie...

lying and cheating customers!

The way this bank treats customers is very bad. I used ICICI to send money to India. Here is my experience...

customer harassment!

My settlement was done in july 2005, verbally by the credit card division executives. Immediately i paid 20%...

auto debit without intimation

I have heard from many but when I personally get experienced I am really shocked..!! yes, I am talking about ICICI credit cards. There are lots of hidden charges, interest rates, and other fess, which they dont tell us before getting the card. I was forced to take the card from the ICICI credit card executive. When I used that card I got a call from the customer service from Mubai stating that my purchase will be converted to EMI and interest rate is very low as 0.8%, that was a Dewali offer. I agreed for that adn my monthly EMI was Rs. 1650/- but later after two months it went to 2000, then later 4000, when I asked there was no proper response from them and I said I wont pay any more EMI better preclose my payment. I ready to pay the remaining amount, but the manager was so cruel that he imposed all the fines and tax that my actually balance was only 8,000 odd but he asked me to pay 14,000/- I said I cant pay that amount and I didnt pay any more EMI. That amount multiplied after 7 months and now the outstanding shows Rs. 35,000/-. Can you imagine?? My actual credit limit was Rs. 21,000/-. The people who are willing to pay promptly they feel its waste to continue with ICICI. The service is very poor. I had Rs. 8700/- in my account and I had applied for personal loan in CITI finance and the amount was sanctioned and was credited in my account. The amount was Rs. 17,650/-, which I kept for my parents medical allowance. Before I could take teh amount, my balance was zero '0' Rs.17650 + Rs.8700/- was auto debited from my account. Do they have hearts?? Why do people like us from middle class apply for loans. ICICI bank didnt have a courtesy to inform or ask before autodebiting. They took as if its their own money. This has to be taken as an serious issue.

They also send me an ICICI lombard insurance which I didnt apply for and asked to cancel, they to agreed but no steps taken instead my amount was debited each and every time.
I don't no why this is happening. Without my consent how they have deducted and charged from my credit card.

I wrote several letters and emails to them, but i think, if this is the way to run ICICI bank credit card division than this is one of worse experience i have. I also emailed to ICICI customer care regarding the same and urge them to stop the credit card from immediate effect.

Its not great to grow big but WHAT MATTERS IS to show consumers that they really mean to service in spite of growing big. I only hope ICICI wakes up sometime to deliver service PROMISED to people for them to really rely on their motto " hum hein na.."


Beware of ICICI Auto Debit!

  • Vm
    V Misherwan Mar 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Γ?Β¨ agree with the customer...

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  • An
    anuj gupta Nov 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you. I had a credit card due of 20,000 but I paid the minimum amount due on the last date online but the bank auto debited the entire amount from my salary account which I have saved for my sister's marriage. The customer care didnt gave any satisfactory answer for two days as the money was debited from my savings account but was not reflected in the credit card account.

    Then they said that auto debit facility is by default on and its companies policy not to tel this to the customer and that is why they have debited the money.

    Even after paying 1000 as minimum payment they debited the entire amount from my account. I think the bank is just to make money without giving a damn what happens to the customer.

    Bank must make the customer aware of the auto debit facility.

    Anuj Gupta.

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  • An
    anurag walia Nov 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ICICI group is a gathering of inefficiencies and false promises. I am also a sufferer of their banking and demand accounts. Luckily I have not received my credit card even after one month of applying!

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  • An
    ankur Aug 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Even I experienced the same problem.
    Even though I payed my creditcard bill by Cash at the counter, they charged me this auto debit amount .
    Why do they care about the money I have in my account if I am able to pay their bill??

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icici lombard executives from chennai are disturbing me

ICICI Lombard executives from Chennai are disturbing me in all ways, recently I received 5 to 6 calls from...

dispute of closing current account!

We at ISE Cards India Limited is opened a current account at ICICI Bank Limited, Hazratganj Branch, Lucknow India since many years. We have opened account with the request of a branch manager mr. shahnawaz, he was told that time that after three month ICICI Gomti Nagar branch will open than automatically your account will be transfered, many years has been gone, several personal request and many representatives came and taken our request and requested us to send us a fax, which we sent on dated. 1st march-2005, requested again to transfer it or closed down our account, but they are sending statement of account regularly and with add on charges, ICICI bank is cheating us and moral harassment.

  • Ba
    Balvir Singh Jun 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have applied for personal loan on june 8,07 rs.40000, only I have not yet intimated about the status f i have been done in my office, still i am waiting for status, because i have to submit cash in hospital today.

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  • Ar
    archana kumari Sep 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    E–mail: [email protected] Mob: 09450938427










    DATE OF BIRTH : 10TH JAN 1983
    KANPUR – 208011.
    CONTACT NO. : RESIDENCE – 91- 0512 – 2633882
    M.M.B - 9450938427



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  • Ra
    ratnesh kumar pandit Oct 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have submitted all the document to open my current account in the name of M/s Hindustan Textiles g-62 upsidc naini allahabad, in you civil lines main branch allahabad, but till date i have not even received any message nor any response that what is happaning to my account, when will the account will be opened do reply .

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  • Su
    suresh Oct 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have opened the currient account in icici
    because of the banks people comes many time and
    tell me to open the account they say that now we have the schim that one year free romming currant account and u can get rs 10000/- credit from us if u using that account u can get rs 500000/- credit from us account u can open only thousand rs only no any hidin chargess aplicable so i have opened the account but they chit me they dont give me cridit not free account they charg me monthly if any body troubling like me please call
    me on 00919370120635 from india 09370120635

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  • Ma
    Manish Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I deposit Rs 50, 000/-(fifty thousand only) in icici bank Hazratganj branch at Lucknow (U.P.) yesterday at 1545 hrs in A/C No. 016701009485. But that is not credited in my account till now.

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  • An
    anubhav pandey May 05, 2009

    Go to Previous message | Go to Next message | Back to MessagesMark as Unread | Print ReplyReply All Move...Inbox
    Flag this messagecomplaint of credit card dispute transactionTuesday, May 5, 2009 10:10 AM
    From: "Anubhav Pandey" <[email protected]>View contact detailsTo: [email protected],

    Subject-Regading my credit card dispute sattlement.

    Respected sir,
    I want to informe you that about my credit card, my credit card number is 4477********4005, my address is 4d/172 awas vikas hanspuram colony naubasta, kanpur, my bate of birth is 26 may 1985, Employee of your bank who deal with credit card (who provide the credit card as per coustmer need they always begged for coustmer for card plz...take this my target will be complete in this month).i didnot want to take this because i heard alot for your company, that i found.some detail against of my credit card which is given below only two transation done by me rest is not authorised by me.plz cheak this problem.given below.

    date ref.number transaction detail transactionamount

    16/10/2008, 74580458291059137623366 dxhelp.net rs.2029.53 not by me
    17/10/2008, 74580458293059176991516 sensible-hlp.com rs.1758.92 not by me
    22/10/2008, 74056638298000000086641 smile store rs.4200.00(done by me)
    15/11/2008, 7458045832125596 relatives.com rs. 1, 758.87not by me
    03/01/2009 mobile store rs.8645.00(done by me)
    I have discuss this matter with customer care local office but no one had respond me, i am ready to pay my authorised payment which is done by me and i have fax to your cach back department ment with many request id, For a time being money rewart in my a/c but after few days it again withdrawn by bank. i have full detail wih i got from your bank and custome care department .cau you provide me contect number or responsible person who can do settlement my card payment at local level i can talk that officer.
    plz i am very tired of your poor feedback and service, i want settlement on my credit card .plz do it as soon as possible.

    thanks and regards
    anubhav pandey

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wrong late fee charges

I have a salary account with ICICI Bank. I would like to inform that my salary or funds transfer on the 7th or 8th day of every month and requisition of the same is sent by our company on 5th or 6th day of the month.

Also, there are some ECS transactions which held through my salary account on the 7th, 8th or 9th day of the month.

In Feb 2007, our company sent salary transfer request to bank on 6th Feb, 2007 as it normally does. But due to some technical problems in banks system the funds could not be transferred by the morning of Feb 08, 2007. I had been checking my funds transfer status during whole night of Feb 07 in the office.

On Feb 11, when I checked my account statement on net I found there were to penalties of Rs. 224/- due to ECS return as the funds were not transferred by the morning of Feb 08.

I mean to say the bank had funds transfer request with it but they did not transfer it due to system error or whatever, they had ECS transaction request also, but they preferred ESC transaction first.

Due to insufficient funds they levied ESC return charges to my account that too without my information (please note this is a salary account with a so called largest pvt bank in India).

If the funds transfer request was pending with them and they were not able to transfer funds due to their system error they can not levy charges on ECS return. Because it's their fault.

I hope my complaint will be listened by authorities.

  • Ra
    Rajesh May 29, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with it!

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false assurance of complimentary benefit!

I had purchased ICICI Lombard Car Insurance thru their Andheri; Mumbai (India) office in December'06 and had paid Rs.16250.00 as annual premium. On buying this policy from ICICI Lombard, I was assured of a complimentary Free Redemption Coupons of 3M of worth Rs.12000.00 and was told by ICICI Lombard's sales executive - Ms. Swati, that on availing the services, i don't have to pay any charges at all.

I was around to see that when I received the coupons (which they didn't deliver until 3 reminders were given); they were at 50% redemption only and NOT 100% redemption! When i took up this matter with Ms. Swati and her senior female officers; they flatly refused that such false commitment was given by Ms. Swati!

since there is no written assurance from her, now she & her colleagues are taking undue advantage and are jeopardizing my benefit of 100% redeeming the 3M coupons!

Two days back, when i told them that i wish to cancel the policy now due to this episode; I was told by Ms. Simaran that she will refund entire amount and today i.e. after 2 days, her senior Ms. Supriya is singing a different song by saying that if the policy is canceled; ICICI Lombard will deduct a sum of Rs.3000.00 as penalty!!!

This is an absolute breach of trust.

  • Na
    Narki Sosse Feb 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with u that ICICI Lombard is a cheater company that has no regard for customer issues.

    I purchased a policy online and I filed a claim after wards for my vehicle. For 2 months now their surveyors and customer care people are harrassing me by saying that my policy is not valid or that my policy has been bought online so it is not appearing on their system.
    I will advise all to NEVER buy any policy from them and atleast not ONLINE.

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  • Av
    A.VIJAYA Feb 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear sir,
    My Name:- B.Mallikarjuna Rao
    My Phone No: 9247495433
    The personl accidental claim insurance
    My Claim No- 4005/000109907
    Name- Ammula Naga raju this person death in accident on 04-07-2007 so i can report in Mumbai icici lombard send the claim forms so fill the forms posting on 24-8-2007 in courier in DTDC P.O.D No-H40589781SO SEVEEN Mounths passed no settled so i can phone contract in 13-02-2008 with in two days cleraing no cleraing no settled please take action and early settiled

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  • Ku
    KUNJ BIAHRI Sep 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir, my car number is rj14-ca-1496 my car accident date is 30-06-2007 and date of intimation is 30--6-2007 in ghaziabad servaier name himanshu but my car not repair in any time plz help sir

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  • Ga
    ganesan Oct 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I didnt have credit card but ICICI lombard taken amount frm my credit amount this is too fraud. I m not get credit card frm u & not any letter frm ICICI lombard. This is very very fraud stop ur credit card statement & telephone torture. otherwise we will meet on court
    Thank u
    Ganesan E
    cust id printed on statament

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ICICI bank without my knowledge and for no reason debited Rs 19000/- and no one is responding to my complaint.

Worst Bank to bank with... Experienced by most of the customers!

Besides the malpractices... the bank will force you maintain a 'said minimum balance' - quoting which they would deduct huge sums every quarter... to explain ( FACTUAL DATA - as it stand now - February 2007 ) - if you keep Rs 4999 in your account ( ie..., less than Rs 5000 , the said minimum balance ) and leave it for 1 year - they would deduct Rs 842 per three months - so by the end of 1 year your 4999 would have got reduced to about 1500 and by 18 months - your account would show negative balance ----- Its a fact which one experiences post opening the account with ICICI Bank...

So here is a bank where your money does not grow but rather diminishes over time. I am putting this on blog / sites for others to read and be cautious while dealing with this ICICI Bank... The ads shown on television are just an eye wash and they do not mean any such thing as "Hum Hain Na"... Wish they soon become "Hum Thae Na"

In nutshell -

1. ICICI bank is the worst bank to bank with
2. ICICI bank has pathetic customer service and
3. They have enough and more "tricky fine prints in their documentation " - which by design would never be told / explained to the customers - and which are used to fool customers and make easy money..

  • Am
    Amit Mar 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ICICI Bank sucks!

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  • Om
    Omkar Nath Kachru Apr 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sub: Mental harassment

    I am father of Shivraj Kachru who had Credit card with ICICI bank presently my son is out of station and on his behalf i am getting harassment calls and legal notice from ICICI bank even after getting full and final payment done.

    We have already paid all the payment and received full and final settlement still why we are being sent legal notice.

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  • Sm
    smashit Jun 27, 2007

    1. Have you filed a police complaint?

    2. Do you want to harass icici bank's few managers and have a bit of time and a little money to spend then file a private criminal complaint, else if you have money to spend & no time ask the police to do it after filing the complaint.

    3. Go through the 4 step complaints process as on the icici website and inform the Banking Ombudsman.

    If you have a huge complaint, then attach it to a shorter, crisper one as it will be read faster.

    Teach these guys a lesson the right way, screaming is one of them, not enough though.

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  • Ra
    Rajeev Jul 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Have been facing lot of problem with SO CALLED ‘HUM HAIN NAA: PROBLEM create karne ke liye’ bank for last 4-5 years. This is one of the WORST Bank in India as far as customer’s faith is concerned. I can list most of the problems I faced but the list is long, so not including each one here.

    How many of know that ICICI & HDFC (two) bank collected Rupees 150 Crore penalty/fine from customers just not to maintaining the minimum average quarterly balance. This tells a good example of how these banks particularly ICICI cheat customer.

    On Jan-07-2007, Supreme Court of India issued warning to ICICI for not following legal procedure to recover loan.

    In past few months 2-3 person died in ICICI premise. Those people were brutally harassed/killed by ICICI recovery agents.

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  • If
    ifti367 Jun 08, 2008

    You are right ICICI bank is the worst bank and customer service is more worst than the bank. I was in UAE and i lost my debit card and for 15 days these customer care exec. gave me information in installments and on 20th day i recieved the card. I had to borrow money and could get to eat. CC execs kept on toggeling some said yes some said no but no exact information.Disgusting.No one should ever get an account with this so call bank.

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Resolved icici bank cheating customers

I have Opened my ICICI Bank Account / DMAT Account with ICICI Bank and ICICI Direct Account vide Form No. [protected] and Opened same time and given same instruction for all the accounts i.e., I have opted for that all statements etc will be sent to my domestic address and through email and yearly charges for the same is Rs. 450/-. But wrongly I have received one invoice for high amount for my DMAT Account No IN302902-[protected] and for the wrong Invoicing I have informed ICICI Bank immediately on receipt of Invoice but more than two months has passed and writing several emails to ICICI Bank but they did not responded nor credited my account with the wrong charges deducted. Beware of ICICI Bank Limited!

  • Sr
    sreenivas Feb 15, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ya chandra you are correct..now a days icici is not caring about customers..because now they entered into a stage where there is no fear about the future of icici.

    For me also they deducted the money due to the non-ICICI atm transaction failure. And now it takes 11 days to get the money back...Will see shall i get or not...i have to sit with crossing fingers.

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  • La
    Latteri Gopalan Murali Jul 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an ICICI demat account from 2003. I had changed jobs twice from then and during my last shift had forgotten to change the address. While transacting online i had forgotten my password as it needs to be changed every 15 days and so made a request for new password. A week later i realized the password had gone to the old address and returned. I subsequently went to the ICICI branch in Koramangala and put in a request for change of address with documents. After 15 days and on repeated follow up i was informed that the request MAY have been rejected!! I again gave another request for change of address. The funny part is that the S/B account attached to the demat account has the new address. I was asked to provide identity proof. My PAN card has my name as L.G. MURLI. This was the same PAN card given to ICICI for demat account opening. The demat account name is Latteri Gopalan Murali. Just an expansion of my initials. Also since the PAN card was applied and procured in the north my name; murali' was spelled as 'Murli'.

    Now ICICI says they cannot accept this as i.d. proof. What do i do to get my account unlocked? In the meantime i am unable to trade for the last one month and have suffered financial losses!

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