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E Aug 01, 2018

On the 27/06/2018 my husband and I went to Hyundai pinetown to shop for a vehicle, on arrival we met with a salesman named Kashan who assisted us. A deal was put through for a new Hyundai i10 of which came back with a high installment. We then tried another vehicle and it was the same, we then wanted to leave the dealership.

Kashan insisted he has another vehicle Hyundai i20 that was just traded in and we should have a look at that vehicle. We had a look and went for a +-3min test drive. Apon viewing the vehicle we noticed on some scratches and dents on the vehicle which my husband pointed out to the salesman. He informed us that everything would be fixed and touched up. He then put the deal through and requested a deposit of which we informed him when we walked in we do not have a deposit. The bank wanted a deposit and we clearly said we do not have a deposit and we said we will leave and try applying for a cheaper car somewhere else. The salesman insisted they will make a plan to get the deal through.

On the 28/06/2018 I received a call to come in and sign for the vehicle as it was the branches financial year end and they wanted to put the deal through before closing of their books. I went to the branch to sign, and only to my surprise the vehicle was not ready to be taken. I was then told if I get everything sorted out on that day, I would receive a R500 fuel voucher. I was informed that the vehicle would be ready for collection on Monday 02/07/2018. I called on Monday to arrange for someone to pick my husband and I up, and was told the vehicle was still not ready, and will be ready on Tuesday 03/07/2018. On Tuesday I was told again that the vehicle was not ready and would be ready on Wednesday 04/07/2018 by 10am.

On Wednesday 04/07/2018 at 9:30am my husband and I was picked up and taken to the dealership, only to be told that the vehicle was not there. We waited till 01:30pm till the vehicle came back. My husband noticed that there was scratches and paint on the front bumper that was not sorted out and informed salesman Kashan, his response was we should bring it back to get fixed. At 14:12 on the same day I sent Kashan a message stating that I really disappointed with the vehicle, he call us and we explained we discovered more faults with the vehicle.

Faults are.
*Squeaking clutch
*Squeaking brakes
*Knock on the steering wheel when turning
*Rattling at the back of the vehicle
*Steering being very stiff when driving
*Rust spot at the back of the boot lid
*Knock coming from the back of the vehicle when braking.
*Faded paint on mirrors

On the 05/07/2018 Kashan replied and said it's good we informed him early as this was not our faults that we caused.

On the 10/07/2018 I tried to contact Kashan, with no response from him. I then sent him a message stating I'm unhappy and what is going on. He informed me that he was not at work and was off sick.

On the 11/07/2018 I called the branch and spoke to a manager named Venesh and explained my problem of which he was aware of. I explained I do not want the vehicle and they should cancel the deal as I was extremely disappointed with the vehicle. His response was "sorry you signed for the vehicle and, they cannot take it back"

12/07/2018 no response from dealership regarding my complaint, or the fact that I no longer wanted the vehicle.

On the 13/07/2018 I sent Kashan a message stating that I was waiting for a response from him, as I explained to him on the 05/07/2018 that I no longer wanted the vehicle

On the 16/07/2018 I received a message asking when can my husband drop of the car, I replied back informing them that it's back to school for our kids and we have no other means of picking and dropping them at school. And I will inform him when I can bring the vehicle in, as I need to find other means of transport for my kids 1st, as they wer not willing to provide me with a courtesy vehicle.

On the 23/07/2018 my husband took the vehicle in to Hyundai pinetown and was informed it would be ready by the evening for collection as we still did not have any means of transport. To my surprise the car was not ready by that evening.

On the 24/07/2018 I was informed that the vehicle was gone to the panel beaters.

On the 25/07/2018 my husband was picked up from home and taken to the dealership to collect the vehicle. As he collected the vehicle he noticed that the key was broken and following faults was not sorted out.
*Squeaking clutch
*Squeaking brakes
*Knock on the steering wheel when turning
*Rattling at the back of the vehicle
*Steering being very stiff when driving
*Knock coming from the back of the vehicle
After 3 days of them having my vehicle and only the rust spot and mirrors was sorted, and It came back with a broken key. He complained on the spot and they informed him to leave the vehicle back as they will fix up the faults and the broken key, and return the vehicle to me on the 26/07/2018.

On 26/07/2018 Kashan informed me that everything was sorted out and he will be dropping the vehicle off at my home, only to notice, they only fixed the key and nothing else was fixed.
My husband called the branch and spoke to a manager named Venesh and questioned why the faults was not sorted out. His response was " he sold me the vehicle below cost and they are not willing to repair the faults" of which I knew nothing of them selling me the vehicle below cost. My husband took the vehicle back to Hyundai and had a meeting with Venesh and the workshop manager. My husband explained the faults and questioned why are we being lied to that the vehicle was being sorted out. A response from Venesh was again that the vehicle was sold below cost. My husband respond by saying " we did not beg you or hold a gun to your head in order for you to sell us the vehicle below cost and now that there are faults with the vehicle you refusing to fix it"
Venesh was holding the vehicle file in his hand, he opened the file shoved the file in my husbands face and said in a rude and abrupt manner " I did not hold a gun to your head and ask u to sign for this vehicle" and then threw the file on the desk for the workshop manager to look at. My husband stood up and told Venesh this is not the way to treat customers, this is not a spaza dealership at the corner of the road, it's Hyundai a well-known reputable company, and walked out the office. He went straight to the Dealer principal named Mark and explained what has just happened, and the manner in which he was spoken to and treated. Mark apologised and told my husband that he should bring the vehicle in on Tuesday 27/07/2018 and he will make sure everything will be sorted out or try and get the vehicle out of our hands

On the 27/07/2018 my husband dropped the vehicle off at Hyundai pinetown at 09:30, all faults that was needed to be fixed was noted on the job card . At 17:00 we received a call from the salesman Kashan informing us that the vehicle was fixed the vehicle was going to be dropped off at my home. My husband explained if all the faults was not sorted out, they should not bother delivering the vehicle, at 18:00 the vehicle was dropped off Only to notice that.

The paintwork on the bumper was not fixed. The knocking sound on the steering was not fixed. The rattling noise from the back was not fixed.
As well as it came back with a new knocking sound coming from the front tire when going over speed bumps.

I cannot understand why a company like Hyundai would constantly be lying to me. Why is it Everytime the vehicle goes in for repairs and comes back with a new fault. I am starting to believe that, they are creating these faults Everytime the car is with them. I am now stuck with a vehicle that I was lied to about. I have now lost all hope with Hyundai and honestly regret giving them business. They have wasted my time, as well as financial strain as I had to Uber my kids to and from school on the days they had my vehicle As they refused to provide me with a courtesy vehicle, as these faults was not caused by me, and came with the vehicle. I now fear for this vehicle as I stress to wonder what other hidden faults will surface in the days to come, I as well fear to take my vehicle back to them as I have lost all trust with that branch and feel they will cause more faults in the vehicle.

I have failed with the salesman and his manager 3 times, I thought I would get some joy with the dealer principal, but to my surprise it was also a fail. What do I do in a situation like this.

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