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I got my car Verna serviced from HMP, New Delhi. Since then, there is some problem in AC cooling after the car was handed over to me after servicing. Since than I took my Hyundai Verna Car Reg. No. HR 29 Q 5789 to Hyundai Motor Plaza, Mathura Road, New Delhi INDIA for air conditioning problem, but during last 3-4 visits, always they topped up the gas and told me this is OK now, but after 2 days, the ac starts losing work. Taking to service centre is very much tiring especially repeatedly. It seems that Hyudai is shirking to replace the problematic parts of my car, because it is in warranty. This attitude is not appreciable and filling hate for Hyundai in my mind. Can any senior intervene in this regard?? Dr. Anand Bhardwaj [protected]


  • Vi
    vivek007 Apr 18, 2010

    I purchased one hyndai santro GLS on 13.1.2008 and used to service my car (free as well as paid service) from ultimate hyundai, industrial area, chandigarh. from the third service i made a complaint to the service centre regarding tyres burning even after regular alignment and balancing. Despite by several oral complaints they did not bother to hear me and advised that the tyre burning is due to non alignment and imbalance of the car and further advised me to rotate the tyres which i did from the outside of the service centre becasue their alignment machine is out of order and told that side rotation of the tyres can be done from the outside. which again i did on the same day. Same is the positon on the fourth paid service. On 9.4.2010, i went to same service centre to get my car service and agian i complaint about tyres burning on which they advised me to appraoch good year tyre company, industrial area, chandigarh. When i visited the tyre company they advised me to lodge a complaint on customer care or by SMS. I send SMS and thereafter i received a call from the tyre company on which we fixed a day i.e. friday 16.4.2010 at the venue of Ultimate Hyundai, Industrial Area, Chandigarh. After checking the car the representative of the good year typre company handover me a report that tyre burning of two tyres is more than 57 %, which is higher than the regular burning as the car has done only 17900 approximately till today from the date of purchse, he also advised that the alignment and balancing has not been properly done and company is required to check the car properly. It is pertinent to mention that on the fifth service i asked the service centre to do the alignment and balancing on which they only done balancing and when i asked them about the alignment they said that the alignment of the car is ok. it is to inform you that after a huge recommendations made by my friends in circle that the product of your company are very good in performance, i purchased the product but i am flabbergasted to see the conduct of your service centre. you are requested to kindly look into the matter and direct the authorised dealer / service centre to replace the tyres of my car. hoping for positive reply.

    Vivek Pahwa
    #1007, Sector 10, Panchkula
    [email protected]

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  • Co
    Complaint Accent GLE May 27, 2010

    I purchased a Accent GLE car in Dec 2007 from Pioneer Hyundai Ludhiana, Since the date of delievery there is noise coming at the seped above 90, i gone to KLG, Joshi and met Mr S K Nandi Customer Care head, they chec ed thec ar from mechanic and told me that the problem has been rectified, but still problem remains the same, i went again to joshi hyundai and complaint regarding the noise, Mr Nandi Said- Noise at some level is coming from all the vehicles.Instead of getting it checked they gave me excuse.
    After that there is some problem in front window mirror which still not rectified bu the service centre.
    I request you to pl look into and provide me the solution urgently


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  • An
    anil Patni Sep 18, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    From : Anil Patni
    C/M-1, Sukhalia
    Opp. Hira Nagar Thana
    Indore – M.P.
    Date: 03.09.2010
    Reminder on 18.09.2010

    The Customer Care Dept.
    M/s. Hyundai Motor India Ltd.
    A-30, Mohan Co-Op. Industrial Estate
    Mathura Rd. New Delhi – 44

    Sub.: Negligence of my complaint regarding POOR AVERAGE of
    I-10 Era Regd. No. M.P. 09 – CD - 3345
    Dear Sir,

    I am the customer of your prestigious product by purchasing a Car- I-10 Era Regd. No.MP-09 CD-3345 from your authorized dealer Harsh Hyundai Indore on 09.04.2009, since then I am constant touch with dealer and other dept. regarding poor average of my said car. Further I would like to narrate my problem faced & yet hang on & request you to look into the matter sincerely & get to the bottom of my problem & solve the same.

    1. I did the market survey before purchasing I-10 Era, through my relatives and other way also referred the advt., as I was having Maruti 800, & desire to get better model which may having all features look wise average wise etc.

    2. Your Indore Executive Mr. Ashish & Mr. Mukesh (S.M) approached me & narrated all the features also promised that average would be 19-to 20 km. per ltr. & I was convinced & decided to go for only Hyundai Product and immediately purchased said car.

    3. After purchasing said car I used it and found the average V.V. Poor average and immediately I approached the dealer they advised me after getting 2-3 services your average will be more then 19 km. per ltr.

    4. But even after 2-3 services average remain between 9-11 k.m. in this connection I brought the complaint to Service Manager Mr. Prasannaji they get my car tested at their workshop as well as in the highway with their different parameters but there was no up gradation in the average.

    5. Recently 24-07.10 & 26.07.10 they called me with car both the day they used all parameters and drive my car approximately 200 to 300 k.m. but they fail to get the problem solved. They said that your car may be MANUFACTURING PROBLEM. In this connection I talked to Mr. Jaspreet & Mr. Haris on Customer Car No. [protected] & subsequently to R.O. Mumbai on 022-[protected] Mr. Sapanaji and put my problem.

    6. Further to state that money and Time both wasting but problem stand as it is. So, all expenses i.e. legal & other whatever will be bearing by me Hyundai will have to reimburse me as no response I am getting from your end.

    7. The trust regarding your Hyundai plummeting day by day. I am totally harassed with the non cooperation from your part & feel that I am cheated by your company. However I am waiting for 7 day if my problem not solved then I will approach the reputed Media & Consumer Forum. I am having proofs till then I am facing since I purchased the card.

    Thanking You

    ( Anil Patni )
    Mob.No.[protected] -[protected],

    Copy to : Director – Sales & Services ( Hyundai India )/ Harsh Hyundai Indore
    Copy to : CNBC-18, AAJ TAK, SAHARA India

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  • Ja
    Jatin Gupta Nov 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Subject: regarding unsatisfactory services provided by your vendor for accidental cars.

    I am customer of HYUNDAI i-10.On last month(24-oct-2010) i met with an accident so i took my car to nearest HYUNDAI Vendor i.e KOSMO hyundai, Jalandhar(Punjab). they had given me time of delivery of car on 15-11-2010 where they made an excuse of not getting parts from HYUNDAI on time and gave me another time of delivery of next week(24-nov-2010) but the work of car was started was on 20th nov 2010 by my continous visit to your vendor and after wasting my whole day in your vendors showroom i got the delivery of my car on 25-11-2010 in evening. Car was most probably repaired by my guidance that what i was seeing wrong in my car but still my car is not running well which was proven OK by your vendors experise workers. Even though their store manager and their assistants are giving me excuse after excuse for delaying which are completly lame and shown their incapability of completing their commitments.

    IF they are incapable of preparing major loss cars.??? then why they are taking those cars in and after that harasing customer of making visits again and again. I am a businessman and i am not having that much free time that i can come over and over to HYUNDAI SERVICE CENTRES .

    I am seeking for your reply as soon as possible

    Thank you,

    With Regards,
    Jatin Gupta
    [email protected]

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  • Da
    Darab A Nov 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Application under consumer protection act 1986 in respect of deficiency in service and providing wrong and misguiding information during free car service, causing monetary loss & mental torture.

    Matter of fact.-(1) On 25/04/2010 I purchased the Santro Hyndai GLS from MGF HYUNDAI, JHANDEWALAN, KAROL BAGH, NEW DELHI the car number is DL 2C AE 8869 Santro Hyundai. Its engine no is 44 HN AM 993728 key no is RO409 Model no 44 DY...

    After First free service I felt that the service is not satisfactory, so I consulted a private motorter workshop/ Service centre who told me that the service is not satisfactory accordingly I informed to service center (MGF- Patpargunj Industrial Area) on mobile and lodged my complaint and said that due to your negligence I may suffer loss I saw the center and informed about the report of the private work shop, I further told them that tryes of the car have been changed, during service. But they said that the tires were the same. I told them that if it is so then how so soon the tires were rubbed off and consequently car was tilting after service where as it was not tilting before service. But they ignore me.
    I pointed to them about the following also.

    (1) The Tires are almost rubbed off. Where as it has run only 35, 000 Km
    (2) Hand break is not working properly on deep slop
    (3) Pickup on AC goes down low in CNG
    (4) Vehicle is tilting toward right side.
    (5) Make a peculiar noise while taking sharp left turn
    (6) Average on Petrol is not satisfactory. It appears as if it is giving less average than it should be.

    Even after second free service the fault were not removed.

    Now just after running of 35, 000 Km my tyres are almost gone.

    At the time of first paid service they told that such and such fault is there and you will have to change all the five tyres.

    I want to know why.

    In view of above it is requested that the car may please be looked /checked properly and all the faults are removed other wise I shall have no option but to go to appropriate forum for the redressal of my grievance, and you shall be responsible for all the consequences.

    Darab Ahmad
    [email protected]

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  • Yo
    yoge6969 Feb 22, 2012

    To whom so ever it may concern
    Please read this entire complaint letter as it is very serious and not done after repeated request.
    This is Yogesh from India and my dad owns a red I20 diesel version purchased in 2010 in DSC Hyundai Chennai.
    1. They delayed the vehicle delivery for a very long time (Executive Name: Vasu, DSC Saidapet).
    2. Every time when we enquired, they gave me some lame answers and sometimes they asked us to come and take the car. But when we arrive there, again they say that the vehicle is not yet here blah blah blah. They kept doing this for months. They cheated in few other things which I don’t want to mention. Even after all the inconvenience, the sales executive asked me to give full points and we did so.
    3. Since the purchase, we have serviced with same dealer DSC Hyundai in Porur. Last year when the car had crash, I took it to the same centre. I paid them the full amount but when I looked at the paint job, it was so ugly and unprofessional. Visible paint spills, sand stuck on the paint, finger prints, paper marks and plenty of visible lines. I was leaving to Singapore and when the customer service rep called me, I gave her my complaint and asked her to follow up with my dad on this issue. But no one did.
    4. When I came back to India, I had air con complaint and gave the vehicle to DSC and mentioned them about the paint job. They promised me to redo that. From that day, they have asked me to bring the vehicle several times and I had to allot time even with my very busy schedule. But when I reach there, they don’t repaint it but just do a wax polish.
    5. Later Mr Jayaram from DSC was in contact with me and asked me to bring the car after pongal holidays and I confirmed on the day with him to com. When I went to the service centre, I was turned back by the body shop manager Mr. Jagadheesh saying that the equipment is out of order. They should not have asked me to come at the first place. When I asked him to quote a price for a small paint job which is not even 2 inches, he said it will cost more than INR3500. I do own a Suzuki and they do a perfect paint job with affordable price. Ok, I will pay but will the job be worthy? He said that DSC executives sometimes, get less money and do a low quality job. So if I pay more, I will get a high quality job. Is this a brand? Is there some low quality and high quality work by Hyundai. Mr Jagadheesh, openly said that if I pay more, I will get high quality job. I have paid them lots of money but is the job good?
    6. When I asked him about the old paint job which has to be redone, he turned back and went inside the office. I was waiting for Mr Jagadheesh outside near my car under the heavy sun but even after noticing me, he never came back.
    7. I called the customer service this time and placed the complaint telling them the whole story. They kept in touch the next day and I told them that I don’t want to continue with DSC. But in spite of telling them, they asked DSC to contact me. These guys called me again and forced me to give my car to them for the repaint work. Mr Jayaram came to my house on 30/01/2012 and got my car. He said that he will redo the old paint job perfectly this time and also new paint job which cost not exceeding INR 1500 which on the front bumper.
    8. Today they called me saying that the car is ready and I have to pay INR2000 which is different from what Mr Jagadheesh quoted. I went to the centre and when I saw the old paint job, it was not redone but polished again. When I asked the executive, he lied to me saying that they have repainted but actually not. All the marks are still there and not a bit change. When I looked at the bumper area which was painted yesterday, I was upset because it was the worst case like the rear paint job. But I paid them everything but the quality of job is ZERO. When I questioned the executive, he stood still. He was not ready to give me a solution and none of the other works I asked them to do was done. I called the customer care again and asked any higher officials Email so that I can send this mail but they were not ready to help me.
    Why should I buy a brand which has worst service. Hyundai should understand not just sales performance is good but the company should seriously concentrate on what’s happening after that. Every time they force us to give them 10 points and we do so. Today I refused to fill the feedback form. We bought this car only because it has wide service network in India after Maruti Suzuki. But with this service, how can I trust Hyundai and ride my car???? How can I recommend this brand? How can I have a safe ride? Should I waste my time with such unnecessary things???? Should I waste money even after I know that I am cheated?
    Yes, I swear that my next car or any of my relatives and friend car will not be a Hyundai when there are several other better brands in India to choose. My advice to Hyundai is to look into such issues and make this a better brand. Not just your marketing strategies will help to sell Hyundai cars but customers are very important.
    I request the person to provide me the top official (Regional director, Head etc) email so that at least they can take care of this. Just think why I should waste my time by typing this mail if nothing is taken care. If this long complaint mail is ignored after reading, I am so sorry but Hyundai is not a worthy and trustable brand.
    Lousy work again by DSC Hyundai. How can I trust this dealer and this brand if they are only interested in filling their cash counter but not doing a good job even after repeated complaints? They ignored my previous compliant and tried to cheat me by say that they have repainted that part which I have complained for a long time. But they just polished and gave it with the same condition. A new paint job for which I paid today was a kid’s work. I had enough with DSC and they are not ready to fix their mistake. Very rude indeed. Is there anyone to look into this? What should I do now?

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  • Ra
    Rawan May 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought I10 kappa car in 2009 January 1st, My car has some problem and not moving. My car is too far (more than 100KM) from hydai service centers. contacted local mechanic he sugested If I change one of the spare part then the vechile will run. I went to Kun Hyundai showroom/service center to buy the spare parts. They are saying " Spare parts will not sale in showrooms" if you want original spare parts bring the car to showroom we will check and change the parts. I didn't understand why they are Not sale the spare parts? It is really stupid .

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  • Ne
    neeraj deora Jun 02, 2013

    This is to bring to your kind notice that on [protected] i had sent my car no dl 3c bz 4863 for 1st service in the b - 24, okhla service center area, phase - 1 new delhi 110020. It was a pick and drop facility so mr umesh upadhai (Attendent) mobile no [protected] came to our house no 251 sec 1 type 3 sadiq nagar new delhi 110049. . At that time my father accompnayed him till the service center and when he reached the service center the service center people told that your car would be dalevered at your home so you go home…
    So my father went home and when the attendent brought the car back we found that there were scratches on the both left doors of our car and when we asked him about the scratches he said they were old scratches and i have made a report of that and i have written on a report that there were scratches when i visited the house and you had signed that report. But nothing of that sought happened.
    So we went to the service center to see what report mr umesh uapdhai had made and where did we sign?
    So when we reached the service center he gave us a copy of pick and drop form and told that on a image made i have written about the scratches but nothing of that sought was written and no where we have signed. I have enclosed the copy of that slip as under…
    We had also talked to the manager mr mohomad khalid [protected]. So he suggested that you make a false fir in the police station and take the claim from the insurance company… i would like to know that is this the service of the samara haundai… and would also rewuest you to take a strict action on this and kindly get our damage repaired which was done by mr umesh upadhai (Samara haundai attendent)
    Thanking you
    Neeraj deora
    Mobile no [protected]

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  • Si
    sivaram D Aug 26, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Hyundai Customer service
    I am the owner of 2010 Petrol I20 Model Car, Since long time, my Car steering is with problem & now it is not at all moving,
    I got to know from many other complaints that 2010 I20 Model petrol car got Steering MODULE Problem (Manufacture Problem)
    MY Question: If there is a complaint against 2010 I20 Petrol Car, why is the company not recalled all the vehicles and replaced?
    As a customer, i would not know, IF some thing goes wrong within the steering and i totally blame Hyundai for this faulty steering...
    Can some one help to know the process to get this solved by Hyundai it self.


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