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I called exactly two weeks ago about a credit card I was transferred to the credit card department and applied over the phone and was approved the agreement was for a transfer balance from my Chase account to this credit card through Huntington Bank for $8, 500 then I called a week later to inquire about it because I saw a line of credit for $1, 800 on my Huntington bank account with $210 left so I called to inquire about that they said a man named Nicholas is the one who opened by count and he was a banker and they tried to get ahold of him and he was at lunch so they would have him call me back that was on a Tuesday he never called back on Tuesday or all day Wednesday so I called back to the credit card services again on Thursday
I was on the phone for a little over an hour most of the time I spent on hold only four the representative to tell me that Nicholas would have to call me back and clearly Nicholas never called me back the two days prior I was given Nicholas's phone number and tried to call of course he did not answer I left a message I called back to credit card services and told the next rep to have someone call me as I did not want to be on hold for an hour again and she said she would need some information from me to escalate my call and probably put me on hold for about 4 minutes then she came back and said she was an outbound call center so she couldn't call me back and I said that's okay I'd love to have a supervisor call me back or anybody for that matter to call me back she proceeded to try to explain about the protocol I said I have spent over an hour on hold with you all I will not be on hold again someone needs to call me back with that be Nicholas or somebody else but I refuse to stay on hold again for you all to do absolutely nothing and I hung up because she already had my call back information I tried to call Nicholas again I ended up leaving three messages with no call back today I received no call back again and I called him at 4:30 and left a message I had told the representative and Nicholas on his voicemail if I don't get a call back I am going to social media because this is utterly ridiculous I have a question to ask about what transpired when I open the account and no one will give me the courtesy of calling me about it

Oct 11, 2019

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