Hungry Jack's Kwinanabad service

D Sep 12, 2018

At approx 6:45pm, 12/9/2019 drove to the Kwinana store to get 3 chocolate lava cakes, was informed buy a female that there were none left. I then expressed my disappointment because this has happened to me previously, and that it shouldn't happen twice, then she rudely told me that she'll give me the number to your warehouse and I can complain to them, I then informed her she was out of line, and that's not how you speak to customers, I placed a different order, I got to the the window and received my order from a different staff member, I noticed a female with headphones on and asked her if she was the one that took my order, then she started shouting at me defending her actions, I started shouting back and informed her, that is not how you deal with customers, she then said she doesn't care, then I told her to [censored] off, all I wanted was a chocolate lava cake, and I get yelled at, what a disgraceful behavior from your staff, so unprofessional

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