Hungry Jack's Australiathe treatment of staff

It's been a battle for my daughter working at HJ gungahlin. She always does her best and can only work a few days a fortnight.
One of the lady manages has given my daughter attitude and rudeness alot.
On one of these moments My daughter was very unwell with gastrointestitis. She was told she needed a doctor certificate but as a casual staff member she is not required too! I took her to the doctor and got a certificate anyway to prove she was not lying like one of the managers insinuated. I went into the the HJ and provided the working certificate, and stated there is no way she should have been working in a fast food restaurant with gastrointestitis. The manager stated the certificate was for sick pay, which I corrected her as a casual she would not get sick pay. She stated she would be. Which was not the truth.
Two weeks later working on a Saturday from 2-10pm I sat in the car until 10.45pm when my daughter finished work. And I can bet she will not be payed the extra 45mins she had to work why I sat in the car waiting. She is not older enough to drive. The way you treat your young staff members is appalling the amount you pay them is not worth all this effort. No wonder they are alway sort staffed.

Mar 16, 2019

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