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While living in Miami Humana offered me a $75 a month OTC card I can use in any of my local pharmacy and even allowed me to use it in Walmart since I moved to Gainesville, Fl. the allowance dropped to $125 every quarter and I can only order via a catalog which takes forever to arrive.

I called Humana pharmacy dept to complain. The first time I called the agent said they mailed the order I placed on the 19 of Oct but was mailed to an incorrect address (at the beginning of the call she verified my correct address so how was this mailed to an incorrect address?) she told me she would process the order again, I asked for it to be shipped next day and was told she couldn't do that (as of today the order is still just being processed and not shipped. She then said she will look to see if there is another plan that would get me a OTC card to use but all she did was transfer me to a sales person without letting the sales person know the reason.; I called again Tuesday and asked to speak to a supervisor, after waiting close to an hour the agent got back on the line and said she would transfer me to a supervisor but only disconnected me (hung up)

I called again Wed. Asked for a supervisor they finally connected me to a supervisor who, of course couldn't help me, I asked to speak to her manager and was told she couldn't do that but finally did. When her manager came online I asked where she was located and was told the Philippines (OMG) I asked if I could speak with a manager in the U.S. and she transferred me to a sales person in the U.S. who after explaining every thing again the U.S. sales person told me a supervisor would contact me later that day. I'm still waiting to hear from that supervisor or manager a day later, still no call no response NOTHING is this how Humana helps their customers?


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I have been taking Prevagen extra strength for my memory it does Help
Why did they stop it was covered Buy otc please can you do something about this Item Thank you GA

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Jan 06, 2022 5:58 pm

Humana has been reluctant to send out New OTC cards for the year of 2022 in time. This complicates insurer's from getting their over the counter pills that their in need of monthly.


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