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Travelers Insurance reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 13, 2008. The latest review Travelers home insurance was posted on Mar 18, 2021. The latest complaint non payment was resolved on Dec 24, 2014. Travelers Insurance has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 44 reviews. Travelers Insurance has resolved 8 complaints.

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Travelers Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Travelers InsuranceTravelers home insurance

Good evening I bought this property in November after doing home inspections and contract the travelers home insurance 4 months a go, this month my water heater had problems and I contacted Travelers and Mrs Ava said that I should look for a authorized plumber and they diagnosed the problem and the plumber coming in my house and diagnosed the problem and send a diagnostic and pictures, and the Travelers declaim my claim number IMM3772 Date of Loss 3/6/21 saying my water heater was old and rusty, this is lie and I have the invoice and photos that prove. this company has record of complains for refusing claims and I would ask for a help.I will send you pictures, videos and invoice
Phone of Travelers [protected] Manager Robert and Ava

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    Travelers InsuranceHome Owners

    I closed on my house in November 26, 2020 and Travelers was chosen for my homeowner's insurance. On December 5, 2020 I received an email stating that my policy will be cancelled for non-payment. This is only 9 days after closing. Unknown to me, the closing attorney had not sent the required documents. Then on January 22, 2021 I received a refund check from Travelers because they cancelled my policy again. This time I didn't receive an email or a letter in the mail. When I called to find out why they said it was cancelled because the roof needed to be be replaced, the deck need to be redone and the there was a hole in the siding on the right side of the house from a bird pecking a hole. Travelers didn't give me the opportunity to make any repairs and they didn't communicate with me before cancelling. I bought this house knowing that repairs needed to be made. Had they contacted me they would have found out that I have hired a contractor to do work on the house. I now have a policy with State Farm. I will need recommend Travelers to anyone. I would be interested to know how many policies in a different zip code are cancelled for the same reasons without notification.

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      Jul 14, 2020

      Travelers Insurance — Unfair treatment

      On june 28th, 2020 I report a claim on my property about missing, broken or torn shingles, shingles that have...

      Dec 07, 2019

      Travelers Insurance — homeowners

      I recently switched insurances after calling in for a quote and the agent convinced me that since I'd...

      Sep 07, 2019

      Travelers PO Box 430 Buffalo, NY 14240-430 (Virginia-Carolina Claim Center — giving client an 87-year-old man a 3 day notice to move out hotel on 9/8/2019 and home is not repaired to move in.

      Mr. Floyd H. Lewis an 87 year old veteran home was damanged from a hot water heater exploding around...

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      Mar 20, 2019

      Travelers Insurance / The Travelers Indemnity Company — auto insurance

      My father had a car accident in late 2017 after moving from Texas to Idaho. He had insurance in Texas and the...

      Travelers Insurance / The Travelers Indemnity Companydenial of claim

      I bought travel insurance through Delta Airlines for roundtrip airfare from DTW-LAX on Feb 27-Mar4, 2019. Then submitted a claim, #[protected]-001 which was unfortunately denied. I realize now, did not know before that the terms and conditions of this lousy useless travel insurance policy does not apply to travelers with preexisting mental condition since I was told by the customer rep that I spoke with that mental conditions are not considered "medical conditions" according to the "Allianz" terms and conditions policy. My son had an anxiety attack due to some medication change so we needed to seek immediate help.
      I am challenging this policy and prepared to go to the press and escalate it further until it is changed. As an advocate for my so, who has traveled on his own last year with Delta Airlines, and multiple other times with Delta and other carriers with NO issues, I find this exclusion demeaning to all of the entire mental health patients and their care givers. I further spoke with case managers from the health care system and they are ready to support my mission and fight this type of discrimination.
      I will not fly with Delta airlines going forward until I get refunded and until this policy is revised. I am also in the process of seeking legal action. This is a discriminatory. According to the American Psychiatric Association "Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a medical problem, just like heart disease or diabetes." I am sure I will be able to get additional support if needed.
      I can be reached at [protected]
      Jihan Bani-Awad
      For (Joseph Zecharia)


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        • Updated by JihanPJ · Mar 18, 2019

          I am waiting for immediate feedback

        Travelers Insurance / The Travelers Indemnity Companypolicy refused

        On Feb 1, 2019, I called to add a landlord policy to my long list of existing policies. The house we are purchasing to run as an Air Bnb is 2.1 miles from the home I live in and insure with Travelers.

        Travelers refused to write me a policy for the rental home because we filed a claim last year involving our dog. My 20 yr old daughter was throwing frisbee with our dog in our back yard. Our dog ran from our yard to the empty lot next door (has been empty her entire life as she's only 2 years old) when she saw a surveyor. My daughter ran after our dog and got her immediately back in to our yard, but not before the surveyor got scared and fell over his own equipment injuring it. Our dog did not attack him, bit him, or jump on him. We filed a claim and the insurance company paid to rent the surveyor new equipment and fix the equipment that was injured.

        The reason why Travelers won't write us a new policy on a house 2.1 miles away from our dog where our dog is never going to be... is because our dog is now deemed "Aggressive". I asked to speak to a manager and the manager confirmed the underwriter refused our policy and there was nothing he could do.

        I told him I would be taking my home, two cars, boat, trailer, and umbrella policy else where and he didn't care.

        So long Travelers...

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          Travelers Insurance / The Travelers Indemnity Company — destroyed property

          My name is Dwight Johnson, my mailbox and my three of my neighbors mailboxes were destroyed in a vehicle...

          Travelers Insurance — homeowners insurance

          Filed 1st claim ever with Travelers Home Insurance. Damage to fence gate in driveway. Back window broke and...

          Travelers Insurance — unethical behavior

          Yesterday, at roughly 11:00 am I contacted travelers insurance to inquire about a reduction towards my...

          Travelers Insuranceincorrectly using my telephone number as contact number for travelers insurance

          Your cardholders are being given my personal telephone number as a contact number for questions regarding Travelers Insurance Companies premium charges.
          Please STOP.
          Call me, John F.Dolan III, John F.Dolan Agency, [protected].
          Your customers are calling me from across the country totally disrupting my business.
          I am not Travelers.
          I am an independent one man broker.
          Kindly stop immediately.I have called you to no avail.

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            • Updated by John F.Dolan III · Sep 07, 2018

              Posting on my Capital One card the wrong telephone contact number

            Travelers Insurance — d&o policy

            Travelers you have enough evidence to prove condo board breached their duties and jeopardized resident...

            Travelers Insurance — auto insurance

            Travelers insured driver responsibel for an accident that caused damage to 3 vehicles and a business sign. 10...

            Travelers Insurance — cancellation of our homeowner's policy.

            On 7/17/17 there was a violent windstorm here in Vegas. As a result, 35 shingles were removed. We contacted...

            Travelers Insuranceagent has not completed requests since january 15, 2018

            1. Agent Ken Norton, Pueblo, Co, 81005. Policy # 7154G152329, has not issued a cancellation check for the entire ranch insurance after request [protected]. The insurance was cancelled January 31, 2018. He has requested for a re-issued check and I have not received any check. Account: Leonard & Jean Reis Family Trust Cancellation request [protected]. Effective date [protected] Expiration Date [protected]. I make regular phone calls and send emails to Ken Norton checking on the status of both my complaints without results. Ken Norton does not call me.

            2. I requested an insurance quote on just the dryland, and meadow land of this same previous entire ranch/trust policy. I now own these parcels of land. I requested this quote at the same time as the cancellation request January 15, 2018. I have not received a quote on the agricultural land. I have been told its at the underwriters, & the underwriters are really behind. Why was Ken Norton able to provide a policy and insured the home on 80 acres for my sisters which was a part of the previous entire ranch/trust policy also. Explain to me how the home policy for my sisters became priority over my request and why I still haven't received a quote.

            3.Travelers should be aware of the status & instability of the Barn structure and the Barn's foundation. The barn received wind damage 3-2018 and was not included in new the home policy. My sisters are now requesting Ken Norton add insurance coverage for the barn. The Barns rock foundation is collapsing. The instability is very visible on the inside with the concrete floors cracked & heaving upwards on the west side of the barn. This information is included due to the Preferential customer service and actions to date by Ken Norton in regards to insurance after the division of the ranch parcels.

            I want the refund check from the cancellation policy from Jan. 31, 2018
            I want a quote on the meadowland and dryland for liability only.
            I want both the check and the quote as soon as possible. I think a request of Jan. 15, 2018 should have had results by now.
            I want Ken Norton to be aware all clients are important.

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              Travelers Insurancebilling renters insurance

              I called to get help with my bill and to change my card information in the system for my auto debit the representative said not to worry about it. 3 months went by and I recived a bill thru mail. I called travelers insurance to let them know about my situation and apparently the letter said that the auto debit didn't went thru because of an issue with my card and the representative said the same thing. I let her know that I had called to make the change and that the representative confirmed that they change the card information in the system. She didn't care and didn't wanted to work with me to solve my issue she said that I owed $117.08. I told her that I didn't mind paying for the 3months I owed but that I was not going to pay for the late fees because it was not fair that for a travelers insurance representative fault or fail to do it's job I was going to pay the cost. I told her When I called to make the change of bank card in my auto debit from my auto insurance and renters insurance the representative said he changed it and not to worry about it that he took care of it. She seemed not to care and told me once again my fee was $117.08. I asked to speak to a manager and she said she was going to get one and she hung up the phone. I called back and told the representative that answer my call that I was in the middle of being transferred to a manager and that the other representative hung up the phone. She said that their was no manager on duty. To me it was disappointing to know that their was no manager managing or assisting with complaints or helping employees with questions. I called back to confirm that their was no manager and Mrs.Contessa confirmed it. I told her if I could submit a complaint with her due to the first representative service and I told her I didn't get the first representative name and she helped me with it. I let her know my situation and see if she could assist me with it because the first representative didn't wanted to help me solve my issue. She went above and beyond to help me. She made me feel valued and appreciated as a customer. Unlike the other representative she made me want to close my insurance policy and take my business somewhere else. I truly and gladly appreciate mrs.Contessas help and the amazing customer service she provided. She is the reason I kept this insurance because I don't mind keeping my money and business when you have representatives like her.

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                Travelers Insuranceunemployment

                Travelers Insurance is dropped the ball several times on our unemployment check not received a check in over a week and we're told it was because there was snow storms in Georgia where the check is coming from we could find nothing of the sort this is the second or third time that Travelers has lost the ball and Cassandra just seems to have excuse after excuse Meanwhile we're getting hit with overdraft fees in the bank because we have automatic withdrawals and no money coming in we've mentioned it to him there's no desire for them to help pay for that even though we feel like it's their fault and our fridge is very bare. His lunch account at school is in the negative but all we get is we understand your frustration but it's going to take at least three days just to cancel the check before we can even think about issuing a new one also it's taken over 2 months to get a surgery on a torn rotator cuff and torn bicep

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                  Travelers Insurance — auto insurance

                  I've been with travelers for so many years with a clean driving record. The sent me a cnl notice to inform me...

                  Travelers Insurance — travelers referral to caliber collision company for service to my car

                  After the terrible hurricane in our state, I found my car was filled with rain, both the back passenger door...

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