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Humana Complaints & Reviews

Humana / Denial of prescriptions, poor phone connections

Philemt on May 26, 2017
In 2014 I had cervical spinal fusion, thank God I had Excellus then. Now my employer switched to a Humana PPO. After the surgery I was left with severe nerve pain in my arms and hand, also I have lost dexterity in my hands. My doctor prescribed lidocaine patches for pain. Humana denied it...

Humana / Revoked prior authorization at last minute/refusal to ok procedure even after trial was met.

Cora Dimitt on Apr 28, 2017
April 21, 2017 my husbands primary insurance and Humana BOTH agreed that no prior authorization was necessary to implant a pain pump for his stage IV metastatic cancer pain. April 24, as my husband was being wheeled in for surgery Humana called the Dr and said he did indeed have to do the...

Humana / clinical pharmacy review-impossible to get information

cmaltas on Apr 19, 2017
As of today 4/19/2017 I have spent more than four hours speaking with a variety of people in different departments to try and understand why a Tier Reduction Request was denied and what to do about it, since the letter was rather vague. It should be a simple question to answer: exactly...

Humana / humana clinical pharmacy review

Dfirkins66 on Apr 5, 2017
My doctor finds a blood pressure med that works for me and was keeping my bp in good numbers. So when I go fill my olmesartan medoxomil I was turned away. It seems that humana knows my health needs better than my personal doctor. Blood pressure is not a game that you should play with when...

Humana / Prior authorization

ShamelT.Byrd on Mar 29, 2017
Good Day my name is Shamel Byrd I am an RMA with Novant Heart and Vascular, and I have a complaint/request. When we receive these Prior Authorization for the patients the fax we receive from your office only has patients first and last name and Human Member ID, which is not very helpful on...

Humana / Liability to insure people's health

Lisa Mcgraw on Mar 19, 2017
Humana has wrongfully miss represented my insurance as a "network" instead of the only one I would have ever agreed to since I just went through a lengthy above the knee amputation just months before, ppo plan. Per your later dated may 16, 2026, "i enrolled in the ppo plan which was august...

Humana / Health insurance from marketplace exchange

Seiber on Jan 28, 2017
My sister-in-law has Humana from Exchange. She enrolled 12/19/2016 and paid her premium. We also have a confirmation letter stating the details of her plan yet, she is still not recognized in their system. She has multiple health needs medications. So far we have had to pay out of pocket...

Humana / Wrong coverage info given, unorganized, duplication of information

Becca635 on Jan 26, 2017
Everyone I have talked to has been polite and respectful. 1) When I purchased the policy 008 PPO beginning 1-1-17, I was originally told tier 3 drugs have no co-pay. Wrong. Tier 3 has co-pay. Book I received after 1-20-17 shows a co-pay. I called, they can't tell me why. I have all of the...

Humana / Rude customer service on 1-800-523-0023

Lisa Ann Ramirez on Jan 17, 2017
Called to find out why multiple line items were denied for duplicate when they were not duplicates. The first initial call was with a Yuri Y. And I had already done the research and she confirmed it was a duplicate in error, HCPC were completely different, she asked me to submit medical...

Humana HMO Gold Plus / Horrible company

Too Smart on Dec 27, 2016
I've had Humana for about 5 yrs. The only reason I stick with them is because they provide rides to doctors' appointments. Until 2 yrs. Ago we got 12 r/t but this year they reduced it to 6 r/t per year. I like to attend the annual meetings because they are supposed to answer our question...

Humana / Customer service

wfdianne on Dec 21, 2016
on 12-21-16 I called to speak to an agent (he said his name was Daniel S.). The reference number is 1000014373810...My parents are 85 yrs old and I am the caregiver on their account. This man would not talk to me stating that I may only "receive" certain information. He actually made me...

Humana / Automated system for specialist officer call in authorization

Linda Bauman on Nov 14, 2016
Gottlieb hospital NPI 183170232 Tax ID 36279649 RE: patient ID H44999284 Angel Martinez DOB 8/21/1946 I called in for surgical authorization for Dr. Marcus Quek for date of surgery on 11/15/2016 I used the automated service and entered all the necessary info as requested and it wa...

Humana / I have been disenrolled with humana

charmaine royer on Nov 6, 2016
I am filing a grievance about Humana for the decision of disenrolled me as of 10/31/2016. I reside in Pennsylvania in the service area; where in the Evidence of Coverage booklet does it state "I can not visit immediate family members in any state for any period of time."!! I have requested...

HUMANA Insurance / Ride assist service dropped my 77 year old dad off and left him stranded for the second time

socra saintiche on Oct 17, 2016
On 10/15/16 Humana scheduled transportation for my father to take him to and from his medical appointment (15 miles away). They picked him up around 7am and told him that someone would be there to pick him up after his appointment to take him home. When his appointment was over, he called...

Humana / Medicare prescription coverage

banospaml on Sep 20, 2016
First off, do NOT let them deduct your premium from your social security benefit! You have been warned. When we moved from one state to another my wife could not find anyone to go to in the new state. When we called Humana we were basically told "sorry, tough luck" and since it wasn't open...

Humana Dental / Dental service

shdesai on Sep 16, 2016
I got dental from Humana ON July 2016.I had a probelm in my one of the tooth. I went to human net work doctor Mr. Edward A. Mucha on August 1, 2016 . He took X-ray and found several problems. Humana Insurance needed pre treatment estimate for authorization for any payment. I called human...

Humana / Humana Gold Plus HMO

Water Melon on Jun 28, 2016
I was seen at the cancer center today my HGB is 7.1 My oncologist gave an order for 2 blood transfusions. These 2 transfusions are desperately needed. I called customer service to ask why it is going to take 48 plus hours to receive approval for these two transfusions. An African American...

Humana / Insurance coverage

plyoung on Mar 11, 2016
Would not pay anything for my sons leg braces and the policy we pay for is a comprehensive commercial policy. The braces were $286 dollars and needed because his knees were out of alignment and he was having trouble walking. The orthopedic doctor called Humana on my behalf and verbally asked...

Humana / Unethical Behavior/ Utilization Review Nurse

Reviewer13071 on Mar 3, 2016
On 3/1/16 a request for LTAC was submitted through the automated system for patient Walter Johnson, DOB:12/31/1941, ID# H48658549. On 3/3/16 I received a phone call from Devera Ellis who is the CM at THR Harris SW (the facility where member currently is) and Devera stated that she received a...

Humana / Medicare Services

paulars on Feb 23, 2016
In December of 2015 I contacted Humana about clarifying my preferred provider (Dr Ma). The operator assured me that Dr Ma (my primary care doctor) was on the approved list but for some reason she was unable to have her indicated as my primary doctor. Between then and now I have spent...

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