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Humana Complaints & Reviews

HumanaPayments Not Reveived

I have a provider whos claims are being processed by Humana under someone other than the provider's tax ID causing claim payments to be issued to the wrong address. We have been calling Humana for 2 years trying to get these claims processed under the correct tax ID ( the one listed on the 1500 form). Each time we call we are told the claim will be reprocessed under the correct Tax ID. This has been going on since 2019. We have 14 outstanding claims still waiting to be reprocessed. All out new claims that get sent to Humana continue to process under someone else's tax ID. Please tell me how this is legal? Shouldn't Humana process a claim according to the 1500 form being submitted? We reached out to credentialing but because the provider is out of network they will not help us. This is ridiculous! Under no circumstance should it take 2 years to get a payment to the provider. Oh and it that wasn't enough, the provider also received recoupment notices for the checks that were made to the other provider! I'm so over Humana and I've advised the provider to not accept anymore Humana patients.

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    Apr 26, 2021

    Humana — Customer service representatives' lack of knowledge & giving wrong information

    I have called Humana Pharmacy several times about my cost for certain prescribed medications. Each time, the...

    HumanaTired of you burning up my phone and my wife's phone

    Calls keep burning up our telephones when you were told no phone calls, contact us by e mail. Use my e mail at [protected]@juno.com. You are always screwing up my rx's by ordering my medications when they are not due. Another problem is the postal service, which I understand you have no control over, but I was without some of my medications for two weeks. I get my rx's by mail and they come from the west chester, ohio location. Tell me how some of my medications were shipped from another state, and sent to a different state for two weeks. I am very tired of this foolishness, especially when people put trust in you to treat them like human beings.

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      HumanaOTC orders

      3/31/2021 Why is it you are stealing from me $25? I had a balance in my OTC account for the first quarter? Why is it that earlier today I had a $25 balance and had put some items in my cart but because I had to leave and logged out only to come back tonight to place the order and the $25 is gone and my cart was empty. Why??? READ THIS!!! IT IS NOT ARPIL YET!!! What did you do with my balance that I was to use right now????????? You put the next quarter balance in there of $75 and it is NOT April yet!!! So, YES, I am using capital letters! I am so mad I could spit nails and have been on the phone an hour tonight with incompetent service people that I could not even understand and sure did Not understand my problem at all. Your people were and have not been nice to me. First stealing my $25 balance today. Then they have no clue of understanding anything and just talk in circles because they are not even trained of how to help. Who do I need to contact to get real help here? Would this be a web site issue or what? I am under the impression that we loose the balance left at the end of the quarter. However, it still is not April yet. So, where is my balance and you will put it back for me to place this order even though it will be the first of April in the morning or I will start looking for another provider. My name is Kyle Casey and my Humana # is [protected]. Fix it now! My stuff better still be in the cart this time also.

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        HumanaNot receiving an id card with my primary care physician's name on it

        In order for me to see my PCP it is required that the name be seen on the ID card. Since January I have made over 6 calls requesting an ID card with the PCP's name. I have been told each time that an ID card would be mailed to me providing the PCP's name. I have never received it although I was always informed it would be taken care of.

        ID # H76872790

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          Mar 19, 2021

          Humana — Would not reimburse covered prescription cost.

          I paid full price for a prescription that was supposed to be covered by humana, sept. 30, 2020. My doctor...

          Mar 18, 2021

          Humana — Drug insurance plan

          Humana Insurance Co. increased my insurance premium starting Jan 2021 without any notification of change. My...

          HumanaClaim approval inquiry

          I recently called Humana to try to find out the status of a claim which I had filed. This was for services which I had paid for myself, but for which the provider did not do direct billing to Humana.

          I was on the phone for 1 and 1/2 hours trying to resolve this. I spoke to three different agents, none of whom seemed to be well-trained or knowledgable. I was disconnected twice, put on hold innumerable times, and had two bad phone connections with feedback of my own voice. One agent spoke as though he had a mouth full of mush. I could not understand him and kept asking him to speak up. He was to call me back immediately after we cut our call short due to a bad connection. When about 10 minutes had passed without a call I phoned in again asking for a supervisor. I might add that, with the exception of the supervisor, not one person whom I spoke to was even able to locate my submitted claim information.

          The supervisor whom I finally spoke with was very helpful and within another 10 minutes I had my answer. Unfortunately, this kind of poor customer service has been the norm rather than the exception each and very time I have had to call Humana. Agents always seem confused, unsure and inadequately trained.

          Humana needs to do something about this NOW. For those of us dealing with matters of health, we do not need the stress of poor health insurance communications to add to our situation. Humana should do everything within its power to rectify this situation. I am seriously thinking of changing health insurance carriers because of this continuing problem.

          Melinda Elkins
          Asheville, North Carolina

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            HumanaCustomer Service Rep

            I was on a call for about 59 min, the rep put me on hold the entire time, when I asked to speak to a supervisor. She refused to transfer me. It wasn't until the I stated that I would be filing a complaint, she attempted to transfer me. Then came back 10 min after and stated that they would have to call me back. I called regarding a claim status, she stated that because the plan was terminated that she couldn't give me a status on a claim that was done prior to the term date. She was not knowledgeable and had no clue how to perform her job.
            Rep: Joan
            Supervisor: Ken
            Ref# [protected]

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              Feb 01, 2021

              Humana — Medicare advantage insurance

              I have a humana gold plus hmo medicare advantage plan (80840 - 9*61101) and I was issued a humana policy...


              The nurse accidentally sent Chantix order in Humana filled charged $217. I am on SSDI lost my husband 10 months ago. I called as soon as I received an email they were filling my order was told sorry it was mailed. Told them I can't make it for the month I can't afford it. Needed to send back got approved been waiting for a return label since Jan 11. In the meantime, one of your employees decided to go in and wipe out all my prescriptions. I called several times a day several employees gave me one excuse after another but no one could help me. Was told by the deductible is $145 I received a letter in December showing my deductible would be $92 I am a low-income asst. They could not help me with that. I broke down crying kept calling back hoping i would get someone who cared and would maybe enjoy working at Humana someone that would say let me help you. I finally got a wonderful young lady in the specialty pharmacy dept, her name Azia took her time went through the records found the problem made a few phone calls and hopefully my prescriptions will be back on my records. Also explained why my repatha was $141 instead of $70 it was for two refills. She could not tell me what my deductible was with the information in front of her. She found the right department said it would take two days to put my prescription back into my records. In the meantime, i am still waiting on a return label 9 days later. I know someone within the company went in and removed my prescriptions. One lady told me it was because it was the first of the year and humana starts over really. Been with Humana a long time never do they erase your records and start over. So now here i am boring money to make it till the end of the month. I cant take Chantix or afford it tried it 5 years ago got ill but i did get it for free. Please i just need a return label i will call them again today. Most likely i will transfer to Walmart i cant go through this again. Have heart and breathing health issues what i have gone through in the last week is unbelievable. Send return label please

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                HumanaOTC benefits

                I joined Humana and signed up for a PPO plan which does not have Part 'D' drug coverage. The plan does state that it has a $100 monthly OTC benefit. When I went online to order OTC supplies, The website sent me to the Humana Pharmacy, I clicked for the OTC benefits page and was told that I had $100 available and placed an order. I received a confirmation email listing an order #, date of order and a list of items ordered.
                When I went back to the site to find out the status of my order, the site stated that I didn't have an active order with them. I contacted customer support to find out what was going on and was told that since the plan I have does not include drug benefits, I could not order OTC supplies from them.
                I consider this to be false advertising and intend on filing a complaint which my state insurance board and medicare.gov.

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                  HumanaHumana Gold dental Insurance

                  Have called customer service 7 times, gotten 7 different referrals for dentists in my area, not one has been able to verify insurance eligibility. 2 were pediatric dentists, why would someone on medicare go to a pediatric dentists. The customer service is terrible. My wife has the same insurance and we have both struggled to get the medicare dental benefits we were promised. We still have not gotten our teeth cleaned. My next complaint will be with medicare itself regarding not receiving the benefits being paid for.

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                    I was auto enrolled without my knowledge for 1/1/19, I had disenrolled from medicare in 2018 due to being married and being placed on spouses plan through the school district he works for. I have called 3x to find out why I was receiving a bill and I have never even known about this coverage at all.

                    I would like the bill of 447.50 to be wiped off my account as I never agreed to this account to even be opened.

                    I also believe they should be paying me for my time that I have spent calling and faxing paperwork.

                    Please provide me with a fax to fax info to you. My email is [protected]@yahoo.com

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                      HumanaPharmacy rep late call

                      It is not respectful for a pharmacy rep. to call my 84 year old mom at 8:30pm and keep her on the phone until 9pm at night asking about the medications she is taking. I explained that I am caring for my mom and get up to work at 5am from home and not to call at night asking my mom about her medications. The pharmacy rep. tried telling my mom not to take one of her medications prescribed by her doctor. I told the rep that the nurse can make that decision when she sees my mom the next day.
                      The rep said she was from Florida calling us in Illinois.

                      Stop calling elderly people at night and asking what medications they take when they are half asleep.

                      It is up to the nurse and doctor to determine if my mom should stop taking her medication not the pharmacist.

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                        I am damn sick and tired of robo-calls and telemarketers.
                        I have called and complained about the numerous daily computer generated sales calls from humana. In december my ultimatum to stop this harassment went well for three days until december 7th when the enrollment period ended. At this point in time I have no intent of changing my provider. Next october I shall be severing ties with humana.

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                          Nov 18, 2020

                          Humana — Dental policy

                          On october 15th, you withdrew $30.86 from my account. The amount that should have been taken was $28.86. I...

                          HumanaPaying claims for mental health

                          I am a provider and have made every attempt to get my clients' mental health claims paid and they keep being processed incorrectly and am incredibly fed up using my time on this and how upset I am that this is now going to affect my client and her care. No one will give me contact information for another department or how to submit a claim. I am so disappointed and ashamed of Humana's service and response for providers and taking care of their customers. Other counselors have said "Human and (another one) are the biggest challenges!" I just sent an email with all the required information on October 6th for this to be investigated through an email for Human and got a response to give them 14 days to reply. Nothing. Emailed them again a few days ago, got an email today saying they can't find my email from October 6th! So fed up!

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                            Oct 31, 2020

                            Humana — Application for medicare supplemental insurance

                            I sent the following email to agent Greg Collins, Humana HealthCare, this morning. Mr. Collins: My wife and...

                            HumanaCustomer service

                            I called Cust Serv and told them I could not get on the site as my password was wrong. I talked to several people as no one could help me. So someone from the pharmacy comes on and they tell me I have to have two separate email addresses to get drugs from Humana as they have two accounts there. Once for members and one for members and ordering drugs. She is crazy as I have been a member for several years and only have one account. When I go online I have the pharmacy and Humana on one page. I am switching health care. This company SUCKS

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