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AARP Auto Insurance Program
P.O. Box 14215, Lexington, KY 40512

The Hartford Financial Services Group Complaints & Reviews

AARP Hartford Automobile Insurance Co / automobile insurance

Nov 07, 2017

I have been insured by AARP Hartford for the past 3 years for two cars in Florida and one car in Delaware. I received my new renewal payment schedule for the Florida policy last week. I discovered that my monthly payments went from $151.00/mo to $279.00/mo. I called to complain and the...

The Hartford Financial Services Group / bogus auto insurance

Jul 21, 2017

Hartford auto insurance scam on AARP site entices would be auto owners to call them for coverage but the hook or catch is that all autos within the household must be covered by Hartford or none at all. The adds for discounted auto coverage with AARP membership is misleading and...

The Hartford / auto insurance

Jun 14, 2017

Please forward this information to the AARP Board and Administration. The AARP should reconsider its relationship with The Hartford. I sustained a non-injury accident involving a deer on 6/2. I was authorized a rental vehicle commencing on 6/2 to 6/13. However, the claims examiner, Asfhin...

The Hartford / claim y83 ac 48398 event pa0017338965 april 19, 2017

May 23, 2017

Your records will show the poor service we received from the subject claim representatives. First, my wife Katie was asked if she could pay to have her truck towed, she paid $61 to Agero Roadside assistant to have it towed to our home with not a word of compensation from the Hartford. I...

The Hartford / work comp

May 12, 2017

I had a work comp with Hartford. I paid in advance $2400 approximately for $10000 salary part time employee which is really high rate. We are 2 partners ( we are brothers) and one employee. When I did the policy, I told the broker to exclude me and my brother because we are partners, and...

The Hartford / Automobile insurance

Mar 17, 2017

One year ago after receiving advertising from AARP I signed up with Hartford for my auto insurance. They gave me a rate that was about 35% less than what I was paying through another company. All was good until the one year was up and the renewal came due. I had no accidents, the same...

Hartford Auto Insurance / Hartford roadside assistance

Dec 10, 2016

Dec 10, 2016 by     klenk Hartford auto insurance roadside assistance Complaint Rating: Contact information: United States HARTFORD.COM aarp #[protected] 2 hartford auto #55phb383033 today my front tire got stuck in a hole and I spent 2 hours on hold with Hartford roadside...

The Hartford / Diminished Value Claim

Jul 30, 2016

Hartford Casualty Insurance Company has acted in bad faith by unfairly and unjustly denying a diminished value claim. I was backed into by one of their covered members and the problems began immediately. At first they claimed that the member was not covered and I was just out of luck...

The Hartford / AARP / hartford car insurance aarp bait & switch - beware-unethical

May 08, 2016

Received by mail material that as an aarp member I could phone the hartford and receive a discount on my car insurance. I switched to hartford, 1 griffin rd. N. Windsor, ct for my 2007 pt cruiser and I also added a home owner policy that gave me an additional discount...

The Hartford / Price Gouging

Jan 23, 2016

My premium was raised from around 1100.00 to 1600.00 a 500.00 dollar increase because I had received a ticket for going 7 miles an hour over the speed limit on an Interstate. This is the only ticket on my record. I was told the reason being was because the company thinks that if someone...

Hartford Insurance / Payment for short term disability discontinued for no reason.

Jan 18, 2016

01/18/2016 this is the latest scam by Hartford to save money and make consumers unhappy. They begin short term disability payments without any paper documentation from doctor, only verbal. Then 7 weeks later they pick an arbitrary date that has nothing to do with your doctor...

The Hartford / Auto Insurance.

Jan 01, 2016

As a long-time AARP member, (over ten years); I have always been proud to be part of an organization that sees to the needs of the over-50 crowd. In 2011 we took advantage of an AARP perquisite and switched our homeowner’s and automobile insurance plans over to AARP Hartford. We own two car...

The Hartford / Auto Insurance

Oct 22, 2015

AARP Hartford is very dishonest. On Mar.2013, I was falsely accused by person of hitting his truck, ABQ, NM, after he stalked me to my parsonage home. Neither of us were ticketed. No evidence we had an accident (e.g. no paint transfer, etc). From police, he found my insurer was AARP...

Aarp The Hartford Auto Insurance / Auto Insurance Customer Service

Sep 27, 2015

The Hartford Insurance company is apparently recommended through AARP. We have had insurance with them on our automobiles or over a year. I have had an issue during the past month with their billing policies and procedures, and have contacted customer service three times during the past 4...

Aarp Hartford Home Insurance / Misleading

Feb 27, 2015

Solicited by AARP for Hartford Insurance. After changing all my auto and home to Hartford the problems have just begin. They cancelled my home insurance after two months as "the roof on your dwelling is a flat roof and does not meet the eligibility requirements of the program. Also due to...

Hartford Auto Ins. / Rate of auto insurance

Feb 16, 2015

In Jan I recieved bill for 2015 insurance ( I pay annually) The bill was for more than 2014's rate by at least $100. I called number on policy. Recieved reason as "increased company expenses", no review of policy to lower rate. I than did a web search for quotes from other company...

Aarp Home Insurance Program From The Hartford / Increase Premium For Home Insurance

Nov 19, 2012

When choosing home insurance don't consider AARP From The Hartford for your insurance needs. Because, What they did to me they will do to you. That is after you purchase your home insurance as I did for $708.00 for 1YR Premium. Then they raised the 1YR Premium to $1, 040.00. They said...

The Hartford / I find this to be a complete rip off and would like other people to be made aware of this underhanded practice

Nov 09, 2012

After deciding to switch to Hartford ins. after being very happy with Geico ins. for 7 years, Hartford increased my premium more than 22% due to an accident to my car 55 months ago when my car was parked. The accident was completely paid by the other person’s insurance, since my car...

Aarp Hartford Auto Insurance / Rates too high

Aug 16, 2011

As a former insurance agent I feel your products and pricing is too high. We are group that would off-set any long term expenditures. However, I feel you are just a money hungry organization; like the other insurance company's in America. As a senior, disabled veteran I feel you are...

Hartford Ins / Premium charge

Jul 07, 2011

My home insurance policy went from $1300 to $2000 because Hartford changed the fire protection provider from Germantown Hills FD to spring bay FD which is approx. 7-8 miles away! Called them up to make the correction and was told the underwriters have already decided spring bay FD was my...

The Hartford / Worker's Comp Adjuster Conducted Fraud

Jun 20, 2011

The Hartford worked a Worker's Comp settlement for GES after I sustained an on the job work injury. My claim representative at Hartford basically withheld vital doctor's transcriptions of my prognosis and medical condition and essentially told me that he supported a fraudulent...

Hartford Auto Insurance / Used deceptive sales practices

Jun 01, 2011

When I called The Harford requesting a "quote" for auto insurance, at no time did the agent notify me that they would do a credit check. As a result of this, they listed four derogatory statements in the reply letter. The DIRECTOR, Susan L. Castaaneda, refused to answer my letter, instead...

The Hartford / untrustworthy, bogus insurance company

Jun 01, 2011

I had complete automobile insurance through AARP's Hartford for several years. In fact, I paid more in insurance costs than my vehicles were actually worth. In 2006, a limb fell from a tree, damaging one of these cars. The Hartford covered the damage but cancelled the collision...

Aarp The Hartford / Auto Insurance

May 14, 2011

I sent this letter to The Hartford in response to their 'new lower rates' promo they sent me: "The Hartford May 10, 2011 To Whom It May Concern: I recently received the enclosed ‘Lower Rate Notice’ from you. The only ‘lower rate’ I am interested in was the one I...

Hartford Insurance Auto / DISCRIMINATIOM

Apr 18, 2011

I Lessie Steve Britton, and Carol Jean Britton, have two exisiting POLICIES, with HARTFORD INSURANCE Company, one Auto, and Homeowner( RENTERS). We have made all payments on time, if not before.Up until now HARTFORD INSURANCE, have the BEST insurance available . Because of their...

Aarp Hartford Auto Insurance / Ridiculous Rate increase

Feb 09, 2011

My letter to AARP Hartford Auto Insurance Company: Dear Sir/Madam, Recently it came time to renew my auto insurance. Your insurance bill arrived in the mail on or around Jan. 25th, 2011. The due date was indicated as Feb. 4th, 2011. I had received no other bills or announcements of payment...

The Hartford Insurance Aarp / Auto damage

Jan 12, 2011

I have been insured by The Hartford through AARP for over nine years without a claim. They insure my home, condo and auto. The claim amount was approximately $1800 for damage to the Left Rear of my 2002 Cadillac Escalade. My car was in excellent condition with low mileage. The shop wanted...

The Hartford / over charge


the hartford auto ins. continuely over charged my ins. account. i requested that they would give me only what the state requirments where. beleiving they where a reputable company beause aarp is their sponcere like a fool i assumed their charges where right, only to find out later that...

Aarp / Hartford Ins. / Ins. (lack of) coverage


Hello - I'm not an AARP member but writing on behalf of my Mother, who is. Her and my Dad (who has passed away) have been members for 20 - 25 years. They have their home owners insurance through you (Hartford) also and have been paying premiums for the duration without once collecting...

Hartford Insurance / Customer Service


Heaven help you if you must contact The Hartford for help with your annuity. You cannot speak with a live person when you call. You reach an automated system with no option to speak to anyone unless you keep pushing random buttons on the phone like an idiot. And when you do reach someone...

Hartford Insurance / FRAUD


We were shopping around for replacement car, home owners and umbrella insurance. We were sick to death of State Farm and their crap, so for what we were paying for insurance decided to seek out a new company. We have excellent credit and no chargeable accidents. We contacted AAARP and got...

The Hartford / Arrogant and poor service


I tried to open a retirement account with this company and was met with resistance and unresponsiveness to basic and general questions about how they do business. They also refused to give me the basic information I needed to adequately compare them to their competition. These problem...

Aarp Hartford Auto Insurance / Incompetency


Anyone out there have auto and home insurance with Hartford, the insurance for 55+ drivers, at a great rate and other conveniences? Well take heed, take notice and take the time to do some comparing of insurances, not only is health insurance and prescriptions cost after the 55+ group, so...

The Hartford / accident not caused by me, but am paying the &price for it.&


The letter below was sent to Accident REcords Bureau, as well as our insurance company: THE HARTFORD...and the other driver's insurance sompany, ALLSTATE. we also attached a picture showing the damage to our car.. there is great inconsistencies...the police officer who arrived at the...

Hartford Auto Insurance / AARP / 3 times the rate of State Farm


After seeing ads on TV for AARP auto inssurance through Hartford and the claims of lower fees, I contacted hartford for an estimate. My current rate at State Farm is $500.00 per year. Hartford would be $1, 500.00 per year. Three times as much. The ads on TV are false and both Hartford and AARP should not be allowed to advertise.

Hartford-Northeast Property Claims Operations / Hail damaged roof-refusal to pay replacement cost


Roof damaged by hail - 6/15/2008 / replace estimate 7/7/2008. Estimator for Hartford-Crawford & Co., Charleston, WV. Written estimate was wrong. It did not allow for labor, disposal & local material cost. Estimate by two WV licensed contractors was double. Hartford refused to OK...

Aarp - Hartford / Auto Insurance / Late billing & Cancellation Fee


On December 22, 2008 I received a notice from the State saying my vehicles were not insured. On December 29th I called AARP and they said they had forgotten to renew my policy but that I was covered. On January 6, 2009 I received my policy but the rates had increased by 20%. I called and...

The Hartford Aarp / Cancellation of Insurance


My father Bing Lambert Jr. has has insurance with the Hartford for several years and I have paid his premiums on a timely basis. He had an accident on 20 December and when we filed a claim we were told that his policy was cancelled effective 20 November 2008. A payment was made in the...

Hartford Insurance / Harrasment


Currently watching how they seem to be attempting to harass and cheat an elderly neighbor. A 73 year old widow whose house took a battering in Hurricane Ike. Currently they are attempting to force her to sign a waiver which claims that NONE of the damage to her property was caused by Ike...

The Hartford Property And Casualty Of Htfd / auto insurance bait and switch


paid in full for on year renewal which was 933.00 the following week i get a notice that my preminum had changed to 1, 400. i call this a bait and swith policy