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blue cross blue shield / ventra 30 day suspension

My Ventra card has been suspended before time in the negative of $7.25 due to possible double tapping due to the card not tapping the first time around
Also I need to no if I will receive a new card every month or will it be reloaded on the same card every month
This Ventra card I have now is a 30 day an doesn't expire till 08/38
My Ventra card # is
& my cvv# is
I need this to be addressed an fixed so I will be able to get back an forth to my program an other meetings an appointment's please
You can contact me @
Willie Harris

healthcare in indiana, usa

I have been in Indiana for exactly 1 yr today. I had an injury and needed the assistance of my children...

anthem blue shield blue cross healthy indiana

Customer service always points the finger to fssa (county office and vice versa). I have plenty of outstanding medicals because of this which falls on my credit and me with plenty of medical bills I have to pay back.. The medical insurance representive do not know there job! Why should I be responbility for services I didnt know the insurances wasnt gona pay. If the doctors charge something and insurances doesnt pay the patient should know right away not when they get a bill in the mail. The insurances only takes information straight from the fssa which fssa made a mistake and now I have to wait for changes to update. The contracts between doctors and health insurances is never up to date there goes more medical bills for me. Which I have accumalate medical bills that could of been prevented. Customer service always rush you off the phone, never has answers to my questions, never fix a problem, and everytime I call medical insurance I am always on the phone getting transfer all over every dept., or system is down and what do you know its been 2hrs on the phone with healthy indiana and nothing got solved!! Customer service are not compassionate, or educated on there job duties. Please contact me directly for further inforamation or questions I have plenty of doctors bills. And conitnue to get stress out when I have to call medical insurance
[protected] [protected].

customer service

Called today Sept 27 for our patients. S/w Herlyn (I am not sure if this is her name and from Phils). I told her the automated or IVR was able to pull up the patient before I was transferred to her. She said there is no dental coverage found. Yur representatives have poor manners and dont have sympathy on callers. Not only this agent. Everytime I call Anthem its dreading and I dont like calling your customer service hotline. They cant even tell me why the automated was able to get the member's family plan. Pt. Reynoso, Ivan.

customer services

Its been 4-5 months calling to Anthem CA on [protected],

They took maximum time to provide claim status, and also don't bother about provider concern

No Enthusiasm on call always took 15-20 mins hold to each DOS

sometime get anger on call and start asking unwanted questioned, to irritate the caller

Executive don't bother to took a step and resolve the issue .

Sometime they disconnect our call if we asked to help with some other issue

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Horrible Supervisor Abuse of a Client

Reason unknown first premium wasn't paid, Anthem CS refused to renew healthcare. I, my mother and Covered...

taking my payments- cancel when sick

I'm constantly being ignored by the Insurance Commission regarding the complaints I had againt Anthem...

Deceptive Trade Practices and Fraud

Deceptive Trade Practices and Fraud: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Los Angeles, CA

Earlier in the year I saw 2 doctors that pre-certified my insurnace overage. 2 months ago I recieved EOB's stating they would not pay based on the information they had re: other coverage. 1 month ago I received a survey re other coverage that I used to state there is none and mailed back at my expense. This week I received a EOB stating that they are denying payment for failure to provide requested information on other coverage, and that I would have to appeal for further consideration under ERISA have and still collect my premiums.

  • Lo
    loopie Jul 08, 2009

    anthem blue cross is trash they need to be beatin so they can pay their own medical bills god knows they dont pay any one elses bills

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Resolved Changed primary provider

My husband has had a policy with Anthem Blue Cross for a PPO since 1997 which covers me and our children. In...

Resolved Lies about maternity policy

I lost my job because I was 5 months pregnant and the company had to make cut backs. When my state continuation ran out through Anthem. I went to by an individual package from Anthem so that I was sure I'd have the same policy. I was told the maternity addition wouldn't start for 3 months. Even talked about the fact that it should be okay cause you don't really go to the doctor for 2 months so I'd only have a month to worry about. Three days after I paid the premium and 5 days before my policy was to start, I found out it doesn't start of 9 months. Now no one will call me back and I just want to cancel the "maturnity" portion of the policy. Guess thats like admitting guilt huh?

Resolved Insurance cancelled

I was an RN for Anthem for 2.5 years. Prior to being layed off 12/31 I was told that my spouse would be on...

Resolved Not paying for mediocine

Never ever buy insurance from these people. They have put me thru it over a drug prescribed by my doctor. If the medicine is over $100.00 they make you try not one but two different medicines and still would not pay for it. I ended up paying for my medicine out of my pocket in desperation after trying for weeks for them to pay for it.
We pay almost $10, 000 per year in premiums. No one in management takes phone calls. They are too busy spending the millions they make for doing nothing. They should be run out of business for defrauding people.

Resolved Age Discrimination and Retaliation

I spent 28 dedicated years of my life as a Blue Cross employee in Kentucky. When Wellpoint (California'...

Resolved Denail of claim due to expired pre-certification

My Doctor wanted a test performed 50 miles from my house, which was still covered by Anthem. The request was made 11/24/08, but due to bad ice storms and lake effect snow, I rescheduled the appointment 4 times. Finally, 1/12/2009 I made the drive and had test completed. Insurance denied claim indicated beyond the 30 day auth window. No problem, Doctor will contact the insurance and get a post certificaiton for procedure. Nope! Procedure needed to be done within 30 days. Now Anthem insurance is fighting saying they can't do anything since we are too far out... hello...
Anthem sucks!!!

Resolved Deceptive Trade Practices and Fraud: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Los Angeles, CA

Deceptive Trade Practices and Fraud: Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Los Angeles, CA Earlier in the year...

Resolved Prior Authorization of Drug Coverage

On April 28, 2009, my neurologist prescribed a medication to replace one that I had been on since 2004. I have developed some side effects and find it is no longer effective. We submitted the request per instrucions to request an urgent processing of this claim. I was denied coverage on May 4, 2009. We again were given instructions about how to appeal a denial of claim and again faxed the required forms with the information we were told to provide. I was assured that I would have approval within 72hours as I had already complied with one of the "step therapy" requirements.
As of today, 5/28/09, I have spoken with 19 Senior Services Representatives, been told by one that I would never receive authorization, told by another that I should not have any problems being approved and that my policy will cover the medication, told by another that there is no record of the necessary paperwork reaching the prior authorization department and today I have been hung up on twice.

I would like to know what recourse I have and what options I have left. I cannot affort to pay for the medication out of pocket - this one is over $350 per month and I am on 9 other medications for my MS, Gout and now Neuropathy.

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    FAMILY RIGHTS Jun 17, 2009

    Contact your state's insurance regulatory agency. They should be in the blue pages of the phone book - or you can call your local Better Business Bureau office to find out who to complain to.

    You can file an appeal with your insurer. Get your doctor to submit an appeal letter too to help you.

    Be sure you keep a copy of any correspondence you send to this insurance company. Write down the dates & times of any phone conversations, and the names of the people you speak with. They'll lie and say they didn't speak with you. Keep good notes... Keep a file of all your info submitted to them.

    Insurance companies will do anything to get out of approving & paying claims.

    Contact these people. They should help you file an appeal if you need help - and they do not charge anything:

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Resolved Stonewalling claims payment

I have yet to have a medical claim paid since signing on with Anthem Blue Cross PPO January 2009. Despite my...

Resolved Piracy

I'm on hold trying to get through to Blue Cross, so I have lots of time to rant about their horrible service. They charged me $2.00 to send me a bill. The bill said to call a number to sign up for automatic pay. Then the message on the phone said it would cost me $15. I pay outrageous insurance premiums and they charge me extra for everything they do. What a RIP OFF! Can't any regulatory group get off the lobbyist teat long enough to control this monster!

High and Dry after Years of $$$$

Folks, if you think you're covered in case of an emergency by your health insurance plan, THINK AGAIN. I...


I called to inquire why a recent prescription was not covered. I spent 35 minutes on the first call without an answer. Two days later, I spent 65 minutes on the phone with them, no answer. Today, I received two voicemails, one from "Michael" and another from "Lauren". They both said they had answers for me and to call them at [protected] and [protected], respectively. Both of those phone numbers are disconnected. I called the main line and they were unable and unwilling to connect me to those extensions or people, and said they were unwilling to hear my claim again since it's obviously being taken care of.

A response to another post indicated asking for the "Executive Inquiry Group" is a worthwhile attempt to get answers to questions that you'd otherwise expect to be answered. Will try that next.

Meanwhile, who is paying my bill for 1.9 hours of phone time??

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    Gilles Combrisson Oct 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    See my post called "High and Dry after years of $$$" This company s*cks! I know exactly what you are feeling. When I called them I had a representative who had OBVIOUSLY been trained to recite to angry customers exactly the reason why their claims were denied. He ran down a list of excuses like "hmmm, let me see, no. not that one... oh, that one could work. Oh but wait, here's a good one: we only pay what is a "usual and customary amount for those services." There you are sir, does this answer your question?"
    If anybody out there uses this company, BEWARE BEWARE! You may not be covered as you think you are covered. PLEASE take the time to review their terms, and don't be fooled by their website full of "Happy Smiling People" IT'S A COMPLETE FRAUD.

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  • Gi
    Gilles Combrisson Oct 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    See this story about Anthem Blue Cross:, 1, 2675470.story

    Do a search on google for "complaints anthem blue cross" Aye Caramba! I am canceling my membrship TODAY!

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