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+1 954 587 2299 (General Information)
+1 954 656 6811 (Broward County)
+1 305 755 4675 (Dade & Monroe Counties)
+1 561 868 2400 (Palm Beach County & Surrounding Areas)
+1 352 448 4377 (Alachua, Marion, Lake, Hernando & Surrounding Areas)
+1 321 238 0050 (Brevard, Seminole & Surrounding Areas)
+1 239 425 0313 (Collier, Lee & Surrounding Areas)
+1 813 426 8010 (Hillsborough & Surrounding Areas)
+1 941 235 6682 (Manatee, Sarasota & Surrounding Areas)
+1 407 692 9122 (Orange County & Surrounding Areas)
+1 727 756 1279 (Pinellas, Pasco & Surrounding Areas)
+1 863 485 2040 (Polk County & Central Florida Areas)
P.O. Box 451119
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States - 33345

Complaints & Reviews

Ocean Harbor / Pearl Holding Group — Failed to honor the agreement in paying for the rental car cost/ $557.96

On feb. 01, 2020 an ocean harbor insured driver hit my van from behind. It was determined that she was at...

Ocean Harbor Casualty Insuranceclaims department

This is the worst company to do bisiness with. One if their customers totalled my stopped car slamming in to my car at 50 mph... He was charged and they are not paying up causing me to loose momeg out of mh pocket because my insurance took outvthe momey they should br pauing outbof my totalled car ck fit the loan i had. The guy that hit me is scum abd so is his insurance!!! i have personally tried ti contact thsm and no ome has responded back... Horrible customer service!

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    Ocean Harbor — they are denying that I have coverage with ocean harbor.

    my wife was involved in a auto accident on 07/26/2018. it was the other persons fault. ocean harbor is saying...

    Ocean Harborinsurance/customer service

    Ocean Harbor clearly doesn't have enough employees answering their claims calls. Each time I call, I'm on hold for almost an hour before anyone is "with me shortly" as quoted on the automated standby message. I handle cases with them frequently and I have NEVER had a case where their insured has bodily injury coverage. It's bad enough people actually purchase insurance without bodily injury coverage (in case they kill or injure anyone) but it is clear their agents and their company don't even encourage them to purchase it. It's for the bottom of the barrel citizens who don't care about customer service, protecting themselves from additional insurance exposure, protecting any assets, and for people who care about anything in general. Most of their insured's don't even own a home, they have older vehicles, no assets, and really shouldn't be allowed to drive to begin with, much less for anyone who is actually a responsible person. How are they still in business? Pathetic that Florida allows them to write insurance in their state.

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      Ocean Harbor Insurance Company — Auto insurance

      The revives I have been reading about this company is worst and its really a nightmare, one of their insured...

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      Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company — Claim not paid

      One of their insured crashed into my car on November 10, 2015. The driver 'was ticketed.' It took weeks of...

      Ocean Harbor Casualty — Never return phone calls

      Since Dec. 11 I have been trying to settle a claim with this company against one of their policy holders. I...

      Ocean Harbor — I hate them

      I hate them with a passion. In oct 13 2010 I allowed my girlfriend to drive my car to make an errand. She...

      Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company — Dishonest company, don't use them

      My son was in accident and we went to the company Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company. They promised to...

      Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance — Raising my car insurance

      My name is Alberta H. Gilyard, I currently have car insurance with your company! My policy # JAJ-[protected]...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Ocean Harbor — Insurance / customer service

      This company has the worst customer service i have ever experienced. The claims department is horrble and the...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Ocean Harbor Casualty — insurance fraud

      This insurance company denied the payment of benefits. when driving my car, insuranced under this company...