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Htc Mobile — lost mobile

I had mailed to u many times for recovery of my husband's lost mobile phone on 3rd Jan 2008 and till now...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Aeliotis Cyprus-HTC DesireUnlocked Phone

I was given HTC mobile phone bought from Aeliotis in Cyprus as a present from my bf for the price of 499euro. When I switched on the phone, in the "welcome screen" I could see the logo of T-mobile (a German provider) operating networks in EU and USA. In this way, I realized that this phone was an unlocked phone. Also note, that the box had already been opened when my friend bought it and the instructions as well as the notes on the box were in German. Also, my friend told me that the seller at Aeliotis switched on the phone before giving it to my friend.
The next day, I went to their shop the with my friend, asking them to give our money back. At first, when I told them that the phone was unlocked, the person at the customer service desk was saying that he had no idea what I was talking about. After 5mins of discussion they gave us our money back.
Later, I bought the same phone (in a sealed box) from the HTC agent in Cyprus at the SAME price of Aeliotis. When I told them about my experience with Aeliotis they told me that Aeliotis or any other company can sell HTC phones in Cyprus but they don't accept to repair any faulty phones etc at their service department if the phones were not imported by them (in some cases they have to pay 200euro or so). Therefore, in these cases, the seller needs to send the phone back to the exporting country.
In general, unlocked phones may not have any problem BUT among other things in some cases due to proprietary settings sometimes installed in locked handsets, the phones don't always function correctly with other carriers. Also, there is a risk with the warranty and the service dpt. If you need to send the phone back to the exporting country for repair it may take anywhere from 1-4 months to get it fixed (IF).
So, why should I risk buying an unlocked phone when I have the option to buy the same phone at the same price from the official agent?

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    • Oo
      OOO-NNN Aug 05, 2013

      With Aeliotis Cyprus I had the worst experience ever . I took my phone for services over a month ago, and still no reply . Customer service staff is horrible, management even worst - avoiding any contacts with the customers . ongoing nightmare . I will never be using their service services (thought I can’t call it services ) and do not recommend to nobody

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    Htc / Htc P3300Cheaters and bad services

    Becarefull of HTC service center in Bangkok at Rama 9 intersection. I had bad experince with this HTC service center. They just damaged my P3300 when I bring this to them to rplace the body parts only. I have replaced body parts with them at least 3 times and last time they put the soldering iron on battery socket to damaged it. They removed the socket legs from the printed cicuit board. I found it when I got problem with my phone and try to fix it by my self and found this inside. I opend this phone by my self many time so pretty sure that there was no such reparing before. So do not bring these units to them for services. If you bought this brand try to fix somwhere else or just put in the dust bin. Better not buy this brand here in Bagkok.

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      Att Htc AriaAT&T Customer Service

      I ordered my Aria from AT&T on Oct 22 of this year. When I received it I was quite impressed with it compare to the Iphones I have come across in the past. I took it out of the box, called AT&T and had the phone provisioned for my line. Everything was fine with the phone and I used it watching you tube videos and playing around with the different apps that came with the phone. When I finally sat the Aria down on the table I noticed after about 10 minutes it would reboot its self. Assuming AT&T were pushing updates to the phone and being familiar with vastly different operating systems from windows to unix to symbian I knew this was normal for a smart phone that s updating important software. When we went to bed I realized the phone was not acting normal. It continued to reboot its self until the battery died the first night. All day the second day the same thing. When the phone was in use or on the charger it was fine but as soon as it was on battery power and went into low power mode from not being used it would start this reboot loop.

      I took this phone to my Local AT&A store and a tech looked at it and commented "We get this in about 1 in 4 Arias. It is a Hardware Issue. We can exchange it here but since you bought it online we have to charge you a 35 Dollar restocking fee" So I was sent home to call 611. (AT&T Number for Handsets)

      Here is where the fun begins. Thursday October 28th of this year (Last Week) I spent over 4 hours on the phone with AT&T. I called Business Care (This is a business Account) who sent me to Premier (AT&T Website people), who sent me to NBO (National Business Ordering), Who sent me to Warranty. This cycle repeated 2 1/2 times. I spoke to every department twice each of which denied any responsibility. I will be very brief with the details in these conversations but remember this has taken place over 4 hours on Thursday. Much more was said but this s the jist of it.

      Business Care:"I'm sorry you didn't order from us please call premier."

      Premier: "We are sorry you ordered through NBO I'll connect you."

      NBO: "We are sorry you need to call warranty."

      Warranty: "Sir, you have only had the phone for 2 days the warranty does not kick in until the 31st day." <~~~ YES this IS their Policy.

      Regular Customer Service: "Sorry sir you are a business care customer we can not handle this call."

      This goes on through out 9-10 random AT&T employees over the course of 3 hours or so.

      Finally I get a Business Care employee on the line who takes some responsibility. "Sir what we need you to do is Box your phone back up and ship it back and when we get it we will send you another Phone."

      This is NOT AT&T Policy. I have been with the company for many, many years. The correct AT&T Policy is to send you a replacement phone immediately, when you receive you new phone you repackage your old phone, minus anything AT&T did not send you (They routinely just send the handset part and request you keep the back and battery and SIM and SD card). If you fail to return you phone within X amount of days you will be charged retail value of the device you failed to send back.

      So I am to understand that I will have to be without a phone for a week or so on a business line because I gave my old handset to my niece? So the struggle continues on with AT&T for another hour until I decide to just take advantage of "Buyers Remorse" and just cancel the damn line. Time for a new Department. RETENTION!!

      Retention: "Hello Mr. G I am Jerimiah S. with "Customer Resolutions Center and I understand that you wish to cancel your service with us today. I see that you are a very valued Customer (This means in the AT&T system my rating shows I pay more in each month tn we actually use which makes AT&T more money. If you use more than you pay, Retention will be glad to cancel you very quickly.) may I ask why you want to cancel your service"

      I explain in brief the past 4 hours speaking with everyone who works at AT&T.

      Jerimiah S. "Well Mr. Garza, I do not know where they got their information but you are correct. If yo device is faulty we will email you a shipping label, when you get your new phone you will package up your old phone, place the shipping label on it, and send it back. I would be happy to get this process started for you sir if you would like."

      Me: "I have to pick up my wife in about 15 minutes and the Aria is dead."

      Jerimiah S: "No problem sir. I do not need anything but your consent to take care of this matter. I will place you on a brief hold and if you need to go just release the line. I have already sent the shipping label to your email address we have on file for you and I will go ahead and get your replacement device sent out."

      Me: "Great thank you so much. And just to clarify, yo are sending me a new device right now?"

      Jerimiah S. "Yes sir I am placing the order I just have to get a manager to sign off on it."

      Me: "Great. Thank you so Much."

      Friday October 29th 2010

      When I get home from picking up my wife from work we decide to call and have a 'Paid Number Change' due to the fact of some harassing calls coming to her number. I cal AT&T and speak to Isiah who was in my opinion the best AT&T personal I have EVER spoken to in my years with AT&T. He changes my wife's number and I ask him to just check the account and make sure everything was taken care of.

      Isiah: "I'm sorry sir but I do not show anything being shipped to you but i may be due to the fact that this all took place yesterday. Try caling back tomorrow and double checking." (This was at 3am eastern time so I assume all the higher ups were gone for the day.)

      I end the conversation with him hoping he is correct.

      Saturday October 30 2010.

      I call AT&T and get a gentleman on the telephone. I spend 2 and 1/2 hours with him. Here are once again BRIEF parts of the conversation.

      Agent: "I see here that Jerimiah S. sent you labels to return your phone and has ROLLED BACK YOUR 2 Year AGREEMENT."

      Me: "Rolled Back?"

      Agent: "Yes. You are not under contract for that line as of next month and if we do not receive your phone in X amount days you will e charged the full retail price."

      Me: " He was not authorized to cancel my contract he said he was shipping me a new phone!"

      Agent: "Oh I am sorry. Let me see what can do for you."

      This goes on for about a hour of being placed on hold and him calling me back after he speaks to "Senior Management".

      Agent: "Ok Mr. Garza we have a solution. I can Discount a phone for you down to 104.00 (I had already paid for my Aria) and I can give you a 45.00 credit per month for 4 months to take care of that but I need a credit card to bill the 104.00 to!!"

      Me: "Let me get this straiht. This phone has been faulty since it came out of the box, and in order to get it replaced I have o pay 104.00 for another one or I have to wait until the 31st day at which point warranty kicks in and I can have them send me one?"

      Agent: "Yes that's correct."

      After once again explaining my take on the entire situation I continue on hold for another hour or so. Just so you know, My take on things is this. The phone did not work correctly, It i a KNOWN issue with AT&T and with HTC, I should have been sent a replacement on the first call, from the first person I spoke with.

      Finally after another day of sitting with the phone to my ear for untold hours I am told by another AT&T "Senior Manager" that I need to call HTC and make sure that there is a problem with the phone.

      I call HTC and speak to Lance who, after describing the problem and alerting him to the fact that I have already installed the Aria ROM from the HTC website it continues to do the same thing, replies tat it is not only a "Known Issue" with the Aria but sever other HTC brand phones." Lance is dumbfounded as to why AT&T has me calling him but he assures m that it is a Hardware Problem and gives me his employee ID so that AT&T can verify if needed.

      I call AT&T and to my surprise get another intelligent gentleman whom I give this information to. He proceeds to "Notate the Account" and says he may be able to get his manager involved and expedite things before the "Resolutions Team" gets a chance to call me back on Monday.

      Until then I will sit here and watch my Beautiful Aria reboot waiting for an answer.

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        • In
          InsanityLivz Oct 31, 2010
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          You can view A Power POint Presentation that I emailed to the CEO's at AT&T here. Http://www.cgzservices.com/doc/ATTComplaint.ppsx

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        HTCBad customer service

        They will use 'liquid damage' as an excuse for their phones breaking. Will charge you a phenomenal amount for repair and will tell you they have to pay more than £20 to send it back without repair because it's not in the warranty (liquid damage). Rude customer service staff that will interrupt and argue with you, including answering the phone 'what do you want' and telling you about the amount of customers they have complaining and the fact that we have to wait our turn (3 weeks I waited). They will very rarely call you back when promised. Even the managers are powerless to change the petty rules. Do NOT want to keep the customers happy whatsoever. A useless, pathetic and very poor company.

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          • Aj
            ajucvarghese Jul 26, 2011

            htc isvery bad company.

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          • Ht
            HTC=Hates Their Customers Dec 23, 2010

            Same thing has happened to me TODAY. The SD card holder was bad, sent it back, and they sent me my phone with the WRONG operating system on it. I sent it back so they could install the correct system on it, and now they claim I must pay for "water damage." I declined, and they refuse to correct the operating system error their techs make and have forced me to pay $28 to get my phone back!

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          • Rk
            R.kannan Dec 16, 2009

            Dated: 15/12/2009

            I bought a phone HTC DIMOND from United Book store(Jarir book store) Abu Dhabi 11 month ago order No 57316 and S/N HT823GN39574. I found some DISPLAY problem on the LCD while using the phone. When I using in beginning its blinking slightly on bottom edge after it’s become more in is performance. So the time I gave the phone to the vendor with Warranty to do servicing.

            In beginning they refuse to do send Servicing, They rise the hand as a normal vendor like after sold its not in is product to take care. So finally I request to the manager to send Servicing DUBAI HTC CARE, SIT Distribution, Dubai Airport Road Free zone.

            In the service centre it was in 1 week observation they did not find the problem
            Phone submitted date 01/12/2009, Service date 10/12/2009, HTC Care Service Bar code No: M1S09121000010
            They are telling it is changed SUB board and ROM from the phone. I don’t think so when I giving the phone to service it was some photos and some video files, when I return back it was in same position. Its means they did something or not.
            In the same time they telling we reinstalled the software. “Really my tears are come out”
            The phone when I bought AD dhs 2999.00

            So now the Second time I noticed that my mobile as the same position (LCD Display Blinking on below part) and again I giving back to the company for repair. I don’t know now what they will do……or not
            I am totally unhappy customer of HTC.

            I discourage anyone buying any kind of HTC product as I have a good friend who made the same mistake. I have met one of the customers in Cellucom today who said that he is not happy with the phone or the after sales services of HTC after investing a lot of money in HTC product. I strongly believe that HTC failed to give the customer confidence on after sales or else I believe Cellucom may not interested in HTC services as they give much priority for NOKIA, Sony Ericson etc.

            I have never seen such level of customer support in all my life...!!!

            Thanks & Best wishes your disappointed customer
            Abu Dhabi – UAE
            Mail id: [email protected]

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          HTCWithin span of a month earphones began to malfunction

          I have HTC 3400i handset which is still in warranty. Within span of a month earphones began to malfunction. So I visited its service center at Vikroli. They promised to return me new earphones within 15 days.

          But I had to visit the service center for 5 times as they failed to return earphones even in 2 months. Lastly after some arguments ( they even dont respect or care for customer ) they handed me earphones that were repaired not even the new ones.

          Within a day or two it started to malfunctioning again. I dont know how to deal with them as even thought of visiting customer care ( which is 45 min away from my home) reminds me of their previous service.

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            • No
              nonlife_ May 01, 2014
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer


              I responded to your forum in May 2017 when I was scammed in China.
              And today I want to delete my account and my reaction in line with all that concerns me.
              You can find the link below.

              The problem is that I no longer have the email account of the time and identifiers to be able to do it myself.
              Can you help me get there.
              In advance thank you to you.
              Irene-Myriam PREVOT

              PS / I could not find an email address to send you my request so I reinstated as if I should complain again, or as you well know you can not write without log and I has more access identifiers.

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            • As
              askme222 Oct 09, 2013

              I was bought my HTC One X in Hong Kong, And I was used it 4 different countries where i was work in Europe and Asia. Suddenly the phone was unable to charge himself. In that time I was in China. The local customer service was refuse to provide to me even chargeable service. They said that I need to comeback to Hongkong to fix the phone.
              I think it's ridiculously stupid, because that's mean that I can use this HTC products only in place where I boy it, and can't go with it abroad.
              Hope you will die soon HTC.

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            • Pr
              prashant sanjay shinde Jan 27, 2012
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Your name:PRASHANT SANJAY SHINDE
              Phone model:HTC WILDFIRE
              COST: 15000/-
              Last used No.:[protected]
              E-mail for communication:[email protected]
              Missed date:25/01/2017
              IMEI No.:[protected]
              my fone has contain very very imp no.s and data ..plz help me i beg u..

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            • Sa
              sarfara Dec 03, 2011
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              i have lost my cell phone HTC wildfire s
              plz help me to find it, it was costly and i had some important stuffs in that.
              model no
              htc wildfire s A510e
              imei sv
              device serial no
              plz help

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Htc Touch2Servce Charge Greater than the actual Prizes

            Dear All
            I buy a mob from Htc (Touch 2) aftr 2 mths tht not working properly so i send to servse i recvd 1 mail frm Htc they found some liquids in phne so they need to replace some material i need to pay servce charge Arround AED 1100 but i buy the mob 1599 only they need to remve two material and prize 1100 Dhs, so my Qus wht abt other materials ...
            I attaching the mail which i received and Products new Prizes

            Please find estimation details
            C4 DALMA MUSSAFA AUH

            Customer Ref:

            Service Charge:


            1, 100.00
            Service Report
            The reason for charges incurred

            LIQUID DAMAGED
            THANK YOUJ

            Maria Penita Roslin


            Unit 60 Al Habtoor Complex,
            Industrial Area 3, Ghusais
            P.O.Box 232445, Dubai UAE


            Product Name: HTC TOUCH 2
            Model No: HTC T333
            Retail Price: AED 1599/- ( USD Approx. 438.08/- )

            OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional CPU Qualcomm MSM7225 528 MHz processor Messaging SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, IM, Push Email Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML (Opera 9.5) Radio Stereo FM radio with RDS Games Yes Colors Black, Brown, Silver GPS Yes, with A-GPS support Java Yes, MIDP 2.0 - MP3/WAV/eAAC+/WMA player - MP4/WMV/AVI/H.263/H.264 player - Pocket Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, PDF viewer) - Organizer - Voice memo - T9 Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 1000 mAh Stand-by Up to 500 h (2G) / Up to 370 h (3G) Talk time Up to 7 h 30 min (2G) / Up to 6 h 10 min (3G)

            2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G Network HSDPA 900 / 2100 Announced 2009, September Status Available. Released 2009, September Size Dimensions 104 x 55 x 12.9 mm Weight 110 g Display Type TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches - TouchFLO finger swipe navigation - Touch-sensitive zoom bar Sound Alert types Vibration, MP3, WAV ringtones Speakerphone Yes - 3.5mm audio jack Memory Phonebook Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall Call records Practically unlimited Internal 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM Card slot microSD (TransFlash) up to 16GB, buy memory Data GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps 3G HSDPA 7.2 Mbps WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g Bluetooth Yes, v2.1 with A2DP Infrared port No USB Yes, miniUSB v2.0 Camera Primary 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels Video Yes, [protected]@30fps Secondary No

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              • Ma
                Manojnair1979 Oct 31, 2010

                I guess if your device is physical or has a liquid damaged the tendecy is you will be the one responsible for the charges. The price for each spare parts from HTC i think doesnt based on the actual parts where retailers are selling the products. if you will ask for the individual amount of each HTC TOUCH 2 parts i believe it is higher than the price when you originally bought the device plus the labor charges i think.:)

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Htc Droid ErisRefusal to honor warranty

              The LCD screen of my three month old HTC Eris failed internally (a big crack developed across the screen...NOT the outer glass screen, but the internal LCD display). No, the phone was never dropped or subjected to physical abuse. The phone was always used with a slip-on rubber protective case. Verizon claims that the failure was due to my having carried the phone in my pocket (I often carried the phone in the front pocket of my cargo shorts...but NO, the phone was NOT broken when sitting down). Verizon claims that the phone overheated in my pocket, due to my body heat...and that therefore, this is not a warranty issue. This despite the fact that, the day this problem occurred, the outside temperature was in the 90's (it often is here, this time of year)...and my body temp is 98 degrees plus. So, as per their story, a temp differential of no more than 10 degrees F caused this. Interestingly, the girl at the Verizon store who "informed" me of the error of my ways...and refused any warranty claim... carried her Motorola Droid phone IN HER POCKET. When I inquired as to the obvious hypocrisy of this...and as to why customers are not specifically WARNED about this issue...all I got was a "runaround" answer.

              The temperature / failure scenario, as insisted upon by this person at Verizon is, of course, absolute NONSENSE. She even laughed and remarked to me when I showed her the phone and explained the problem, that "oh yes, we get a lot of those". Apparently, this is a common problem with the HTC Eris phone...and apparently, Verizon have been told NOT to honor warranty complaints of this type. HTC and Verizon trying to weasel out of any financial responsibility, clearly.

              I had insurance on the phone, but elected NOT to use it (why the hell should I pay the $89 deductible to get a new Eris, when this might well happen again...and it SHOULD have been handled as a warranty claim, anyway ?) Instead, I've dumped the POS phone...and probably will dump Verizon as well.

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                • Bl
                  black addam Apr 18, 2011
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  HTC's lack of product (and consumer for that matter) support is more to blame then Verizon's indifference ( although it was the Verizon sales woman who pushed the phone on me as the 2nd coming ) in most issues I have experienced with the Eris. I do blame Verizon for the run around between my warranty and HTC customer service it was like nobody had a clue about how to handle even simple requestin the end I was offered the Droid incredible from htc from verizon I said NO. Htc, just does not have ANY product support for their phones and woe to the buyer if you have issues...I however did choose the lesser Moto Droid and I loved every minute

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                • Jo
                  John Olesky Sep 23, 2010

                  I have the HTC incredible and has the same problme. broken glass and never abused.. I would not recomment this brand of phone.. when you call HTC they pass you over to a company called PCD...

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                • Da
                  DaveJ90 Jul 29, 2010

                  Same problem here, never dropped phone always carry it in my pocket with nothing else that could press against it. My phone was sitting on my charger and was working just fine the night before. Woke up the next morning, turned it on to discover that I had a black circle, near the bottom left corner. As the day went on, lines started appearing from the circle across the screen. By the time I got tho the verizon store, I could only see half my screen. I don't have insurance but did not misuse or drop my phone and the problem mysteriously appeared over night. Not even a scuff mark on my screen protector. I refuse to pay $170 for a replacement when the phone obviously had a manufacturers defect. If they do not supply me a free replacement, I will drop my data, text and all the extras I pay for on my account and just pay the bare minimum until my contract is up. Verizon could easily rectify this issue by replacing my phone for free but I guess they would rather lose my $200 + a month and send me away very dissatisfied.

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                Htc Dual Cel PhoneSMS MESSAGE WON 415,000 POUNDS


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                  • Wa
                    Waldo Dobbs Jun 08, 2010
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Hey Mary,
                    I got the same in Nassau 8th june 2010. I just have a crabby old 6210 from the UK, the Sim's from BahTelCo tho? How did they associate THIS number with THAT phone if they were aquired half a planet and three years apart unless they ARE authentic? {Laughs}
                    You have the same "PROMO PAYMENT NO." as me.
                    Obviously a con, but WTF's the point?
                    Guess i'll just have to save up for my new Iphone 4 the hard way. :-)



                    [email protected]

                    0 Votes

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Htc Hd2Service/Repairs

                  I bought the HTC HD 2 in November 2009 and to date, after numerous calls/complaints/repairs/servicing the phone is still not working! HTC replaced the phone with a “new” one and funny, we are back to square one! Phone hangs, does not switch on at times and is slow! So to recap, for the last almost 6 months I have had neither NO JOY from the company (HTC) nor the phone, the phone that cost me almost R10K. This is now my fourth complaint on Hellopeter and all Leaf International can do is pass this on to someone that can obviously not help me! It has been given to Tshepo, Renier, Craig and even the CEO Bjorn Gohre and we are back at square one! Leaf International should start taking responsibility and ownership for this now! Customer service should prevail as there was no lack thereof, rather NONE WHAT SO EVER!! I will post this onto Facebook and Twitter and I will start advising anybody and everybody that used HTC products to change their brand immediately! I am awaiting your feedback on the most painless and easiest resolution to YOUR PROBLEM and my BAD LUCK with your product!! I demand my monies worth!!

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                    • Ka
                      Kanyptian Nov 09, 2011

                      Three months ago I sent my HD2 to the HTC repair department to have my screen repaired. I get a call telling me that my phone is dead and needs a new motherboard (funny, since it was working fine when I shipped it) and the price has gone from $125 to $285. Everyone knows that a brand new very disappointing HTC HD2 running Windows 6.5 doesn’t cost that much brand new anymore. They ship me back my phone with no screen and NO buttons. It’s a shell of a mobile and I can’t do a single thing with it because the buttons and base they were connected to are GONE. Now I have to go small claims court because they refuse to send me the parts they stole. All I wanted were my buttons and to get my phone fixed somewhere else, now I am going to ask the judge that they replace the whole unit for being so ###ic.


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                    • Ha
                      HAUWA A IBRAHIM May 24, 2011
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      The followings are my complaints for your urgent attention; please.
                      {1} I can't receive calls
                      {2} I can't make call
                      {3} I can't browse neither access to the facilities.
                      {4} I can't share my devices blue-tooth

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                    • Mi
                      Millie212 Aug 30, 2010
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      I also have had problems with the HTC HD2 I bought mines in June 2010 as a birthday gift to myself. I paid $449.99 for it. It is the WORST phone I've ever owned and Im the type to upgrade alot. The worst part of all is that because I wasnt eligible for an upgrade I took it under credit with Tmobile, mind you I have never had a problem withany phone I have bought from Tmobile but here I go and purchase this one under credit and its giving me hell...I have to reboot all the time PLUS it FREEZES constantly to the point that the touch screen doesnt work and I can not pick up or make phone calls. I even had to master reset the phone before even having it for a month. So I call Tmobile with various complaints and they're telling me to just shut the phone off several times a day like a computer. I called agagin to drop their service and now they want to switch my phone for a Tmobile Dash 3G which in price comes nothing close to what I have to pay for the HTC HD2. They have the nerve to tell me that even if they exchange my phone for the DASH which is less I have to pay the same price as the HTC HD 2...Tmobile is NUTZZZZZZZ in 5yrs that I have been with them I have never owed them a month on my bill...andif thats not enough they cant even tell me what they did with my deposit of $250 when I first signed with them as a customer 5yrs ago...

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                    • Ch
                      CHARLES 01 Aug 03, 2010


                      0 Votes
                    • Hd
                      hd2_hater Jun 25, 2010

                      This phone sucks...could be Windows Mobile on it, but it sucks big time. never had to reboot a phone so many times in my life!

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Htc TouchRebate scam

                    Bought the HTC Touch phone on April 1st 2008, in the Virgin Mega Store (6801 Hollywood Blvd #105, Hollywood CA 90028) for a total of $270.61 (including tax), with a promised rebate of $100, that was supposed to be received after sending in a 'rebate form' that they were going to send me in the mail within 3 months. Thus getting the price down to roughly $170.

                    Apart from a bunch of other problems which I won't bother officially complaining about (no reception anywhere in or a 1 mile radius around my house, a broken card reader slot and AC adapter that both didn't fall under the $7 a month insurance), I obviously never received the rebate form within the promised 3 months.

                    I went back to the store 4 times to talk to the sales representatives that had sold me the phone to ask what was wrong, and they advised me to wait another 3 months, twice.

                    The 5th time I decided to go back, Sprint had parted ways with Virgin, so they were nowhere to be found. By then I had been waiting 9 months.

                    I then visited the next nearest Sprint store (364 South La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA90048) who, after approximately 30 minutes waiting, could not help me and advised me to contact customer service over the phone.

                    The reason I had not done this yet was because of my bad experiences with customer service regarding my other complaints.

                    After numerous phone calls, mainly consisting of being reconnected to 'unauthorized' personnel, spending hours waiting, only to find your call being dropped eventually. Having a phone that does not work in your own house/neighborhood obviously did not help.

                    In September 2008 I eventually managed to get through to a 'supervisor' named 'Jay' (all the customer service personnel have neither last names nor employee numbers), he promised me to fix everything for me, I obviously felt very relieved and trusted him.

                    I was supposed to fax him my sales receipt together with my mailing address under attention of 'Jay' along with promotion code 05/97140 to fax number [protected] and could expect my rebate within 3 months.

                    I'm not in possession of a fax machine, neither do I have access to one, but 'Jay' helpfuly advised me to go to the Sprint store, because they could fax it for me.

                    I did that the same day, at another Sprint store location this time, naively hoping I would be able to avoid the 30 minute wait time. Needless to say I never heard from 'Jay' again.

                    By this time I had moved to another part of hollywood, but I made sure Sprint got notice of this, and 'Jay' was also aware of this. Also I made sure an extended USPS mail forwarding service was set up.

                    Another 3 months later I was back at where I once was, calling customer service for hours on end. And also contacting them through the website www.sprintrebates.com, explaining my situation. This usually led to them telling me this was an issue that needed to be resolved over the phone, providing me with the same phone number I had been calling all allong.

                    After a while I finally got through to another 'supervisor' named 'Nathan' through e-mail. He promised me to solve the issue, just like 'Jay' once had. I now had to send in the same stuff (receipt/address/promocode) via regular mail, and I could expect my 'status' to be updated within 3 weeks, and a rebate in the mail within 3 months. This obviously did not happen, but since our contact was through e-mail, I was able to contact him again, and he then advised me to scan all the info and send it to him in an e-mail (I had suggested this method from the very start since this is the only way to know for sure that nothing got lost in the process).

                    'Nathan' confirmed he had received my info and also promised and expedited process of only 3 weeks (or 15 business days as he called it). This was 02-22-2010, 3 weeks from that date would have been 03-09-2010

                    For a change my 'status' on www.sprintrebates.com did turn into a 'green' bar showing I should receive my check in the mail on or before 03-28-2010. Obviously nothing happened. I contacted 'Nathan' a couple of times more, we got to the point where I had to send them my address (for verification) through e-mail, and then they would cancel the original check and issue a new one. After verifying my address twice 3 days ago (I got the same e-mail twice) I haven't heard anything yet, but I strongly doubt miracles will happen. They can play this game for as long as they feel like it.

                    Basically I have been actively pursuing my rebate for a measly $100 for 2 years now, my contract with Sprint could have ended this month, but I figured I would wait with dropping my service until after I got the rebate. So far it has cost me approximately 40 hours of my time, not mentioning gas money/stamps/etc. I live here on a F1 Student Visa that will come to an end soon, so my time here is extremely precious (let alone expensive). By now this is obviously more a matter of principle than money, since it cost me way more than the $100 I will be getting, someday.

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                      Htc Diamond 2 Replicabought fake phone instead of real one

                      A certain Kawus Najibullah, email [protected]@gmail.com, phone [protected] from Swampscott sold me replica of the HTC Diamond 2 phone instead of the original one via Craigslist. Unfortunately I figured out that it is replica only at home and called to the seller. He said that he didn't know that it is replica and of course didn't take it back. The phone looks identically to the original one, but differs in hardware and features. Probably my case is not unique. Please, be careful.

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                        • Ji
                          Jim morinson Nov 27, 2011

                          Mat' tvou ya ebal v rot, pidr shelkovistyi, tuparylaya tvar. Ti suka popadis mne v glaza. Hulya pizdish pro ludei. Ti suka ebanutay tupaya tvar proverit ne mog telefon pered tem kak za nevo zaplatit. tupaya evreiskaya jidovskaya morda. Mat tvou telefon stoit kasar ti videsh evo za 150 prodaut. Ti tupaya tvar mozgi vkluchi i podumai realno eto ili naebka. Pidr mohnatyi v rot ya tebya ebal, tvou mamu tvoevo deda s otcom tvou jenu v jopu fistnul bez harchi i tvoih sestr ebal do poteri pulsa. pidr. Gnida belobrysaya.

                          -1 Votes
                        • Ji
                          Jim morinson Nov 27, 2011

                          You must be an idiot if you think he scammed you. when you spend $400 on a car you should expect to fix it. Remember you are not buying a certified preowend vehicle. Since you are a loser who cant afford nice things suck it up and buy your self a bus pass with t your entire savings money. I think it might cover your bus pass. Good luck kid.

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                        • Jd
                          jdaddy Feb 08, 2011
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          hi my names is justin i live in uxbridge, ma. Kawus najibullah also scammed me too! He sold me a car that does not pass inspection. there is alot more to story but was wondering if you could please contact me so maybe we can do something about this scam artist. im taking him to court. was wondering if you had any helpful information i can use in court. trust me im informing them of the scam on your phone on cragslist plus my car was off craigslist. thank you for your time and sorry that he got you too! im justin @ [protected] would highly appresheate it if you can; thank again

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                        The complaint has been investigated and
                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Htc Viva MobileOVER PRICING

                        Dear sir / madam,

                        I had bought a HTC touch VIVA mobile from STATR ONE MOBILE

                        shop on 04-10-2009 AT SLIM LIM SQUARE MALL(Electronic mall)

                        invoice no: 109501. I checked out in the internet and came to know

                        that one of your sales person overpriced the mobile and diverted my

                        attention to buy this mobile, when I intended to buy HTC touch 3G


                        The actual cost of the mobile should be around SGD 350-360, but she

                        was said SGD 500 as the best price and speed up quality feature of the

                        mobile and made me pay the amount SGD 500 in cash.

                        I think cheating a tourist is fraud and I hope Singapore law is strict

                        against crimes. Now tell me how do you want to handle it, or else I will

                        lodge a complaint to get the money refunded / Genuine product which

                        i intended to buy.,

                        Eventually have made so many calls from india but they not received

                        at all .

                        Kindly am too tyring of this trauma., Do the needful action

                        Other alternate contact no of shop:
                        # 02-85 Star One Mobile
                        Ph: +0065-[protected]

                        Expecting your speedy action and reply at the earliest.,

                        Thanking you .,

                        With warm regards.,

                        #367, "Banashri nivas" C.T.Bed.,
                        B S K 2 nd stage., Bangalore - 560 070

                        E-mail:[protected]@rediffmail.com / malini.[protected]@ge.com

                        Mobile no: +91 [protected] / +91 [protected]

                        OVER PRICING

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                          Htc Global Services — Why does Statefarm Insurance employee HTC Global Services as a vendor?

                          <H1><font size="36" color="red">Why does Statefarm Insurance employee HTC Global Services as a...

                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Bell Mobility / Htc Touch ProInsulting Customer Service & Defective &Smartphone&

                          I had posted a complaint toward Bell earlier this evening but felt the need to update the status of my outrage. I`ve been with Bell for 4yrs and growing up we had Bell landlines. Up until today I`ve had adequate dealings with them. I pay $90 a month for an HTC Touch Pro so for that price I expect excellent service. The average cost of cell phones in other nations puts us to shame. Bell & other large phone providers bully customers and keep costs high on things such as text messaging or MB bandwidth. Charging outrageous prices for flying data. Point is, I expect top notch service since I`m paying a monthly amount that rivals some of the most expensive plans in the world.

                          With that said I`ve been having issues with my 4 month old Touch Pro. It frequently misses calls. Callers will be automatically directed to the voicemail with no evidence of a call taking place in my call history. As I use my phone for my business this is unacceptable. The next issue with the phone is that it draws more power per second than the charger can provice. Sound crazy? It`s not... If you are having a long conversation and your phone is plugged in, it WILL inevitably shut down due to battery power. You are forced to wait 5 to 10 minutes to allow charging while the friend you were talking to is getting your voicemail. In a world of overpriced plans and smartphones I expect more.

                          Given these problems I decided to phone Bell Mobility. I called them at 2:49pm and was on hold for 2hours and 20mins until I was disconnected. Annoyed and frustrated I phoned back at 5:12pm. Amazingly I got a CSR in seconds of waiting... how does that work? Over a two hour wait and 5 minutes later it becomes a 10 second wait?
                          Something is seriously wrong with their dispatch department.
                          The CSR I got this time was monotone and didn`t show much empathy for my 2hour wait. I asked to speak to a manager right away as I know this person couldn`t help me. They agreed and transferred my call.

                          The only problem was they transferred me to another CSR?
                          Annoyed & very frustrated I asked once again to speak to a manager. The new CSR agreed and put me on hold once again.

                          At this point the phone shut itself down. It wasn`t able to operate on the power provided even though it was plugged into the wall outlet. Unbelievable.

                          5:34pm I phone back after allowing my phone to charge.

                          I am told by the automated service that there will be a 45min wait to speak to a CSR. I wait 20mins and get someone. Finally, thank god.
                          This guy was helpful, the only issue was he accidentally hung up on me with his elbow. Yeah really. He phoned on his personal cell phone after he had hung up and appologized. He told me since I was disconnected from the call centre I would need to phone in again and wait. Defeated I said thank you and hung up. At least the guy phoned to tell me what happend.

                          5:58pm I called Bell Mobility once again. Waited on hold for 45mins. Finally got a CSR. Admittingly I was frustrated and let her know my true feelings for bell all the while telling her it wasn`t personal and that she was doing a fine job.

                          She told me that all though I spent $150 on an extended warranty 4 months ago. I can only trade in my phone for another Touch Pro.
                          They were too busy to allow me to speak with a manager but one will be phoning in the next 24hrs.

                          I will be asking for another model of phone as the issues I have cannot be fixed with a replacement.

                          Let this be a warning to all cell phone customers. Stay clear of BELL MOBILITY. They are another heartless coroporation.

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                            • Th
                              The Realist Sep 02, 2009

                              I totally agree... The CSR are really fast at responding to email but don't seem to pay attention to the comments within. Also emails are bounce to different CSR so each person has to be re-informed of the issue.

                              I have the same phone and am disgusted by the high rates they charge here. Yes they will argue the area is big but they've keep the density low in alot of areas so they really aren't paying nay more for infrastructure per number of subscribers.

                              But since the phone is CDMA I'm stuck with Bell... can't just change the sim card and be done with them. Join the Facebook group against Bell... with enough people our voices can be heard.

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                            The complaint has been investigated and
                            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                            Htc P3400JACK NOT WORKING

                            I have bought HTC P3400 for my official requirements. Several times its speaker has been reparied and now I could not connect headphone to the hand set. I went to service centre several times and have been told as board has to be replaced and there is shortage of same. It has been long 1 months time since I am calling service centre several times a day and answer is same. Now they are asking me to place the set for atleast a week for repairing. And there is no guarantee that they can arrange the board. Is there is no system in HTC to have service to there valuable customers. Only 1 service centre is there is the state to promote service to the customers.why?

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                              Htc P3400iMobile problems

                              MODEL: P3400i AUTO MULTISELECTING
                              I have purchased HTC Mobile GSM Model:P3400i( sr no:HT834FW07354). In the of month September 2017 on 26th, from MANGO stationary Pvt.Ltd. Naupada, Thane (W)-400602. Mumbai

                              I had given my mobile to HTC service centre at grant road, after one month i.e ysterday only they had given back my mobile but still following problems are appearing in my mobile,

                              1. Icon selection is continuously flickering.

                              2. After making all settings (soft/hard resetting has no use).

                              this problems previously not appearing in the mobile, after servicing of one month this problem are occurred n my mobile. what kind of servicing is this??????

                              Please help me out. I have lots of hopes from HTC company as compared to other mobile company.

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                                • Ka
                                  kaushikrameshbabu Apr 01, 2011

                                  Respected sir,
                                  i lost my mobile on 29th march 2017 morning 845 am.
                                  mobile make: htc p3400i
                                  mobile imei no. : [protected]

                                  i request to please trece out my mobile. if got please mail to [email protected] or call to [protected]

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                                • Ni
                                  nitin_pednekar Feb 05, 2010

                                  Yes that is not the right thing to do with mayur HTC is a well known company I to have a HTC p3400i phone it is disturbing to know if we come across such complaints i strongly request the HTC company to solve the problem with mayur if they realy want to make a name for themselves in India, it can be a reason for people not buying HTC mobiles.

                                  0 Votes
                                • Md
                                  MD. SHAKIL Oct 08, 2009

                                  My name is SHAKIL from India ( Delhi ), on sep'2017 i purchase a HTC P3400i mobile.
                                  After one year, i m facing some problems
                                  1. Network Problem
                                  2. SMS problem. and
                                  still i m facing same kind of problem. Pls do need ful.

                                  Mob. No. [protected]

                                  0 Votes
                                • Ma
                                  Mayur Khanna Aug 11, 2009

                                  I have purchased HTC P3400i mobile phone on 23rd october 2017 and my
                                  receipt number is :[protected]
                                  After 10 months my phone automatically got off in the morning and after consulting the customer care center at okhla, they said that moisture went inside the phone and hence any type of liquid damage occoured and it will be repaired in Rs 7000.
                                  I dont know what type of company is this.
                                  I myself will not put moisture inside my phone.
                                  I dnot know about the manufacturing of the phone, i simply knows that my phone is in warranty period and it should be repared.
                                  It was not so cheap to purchase again or to be put in dustbin.
                                  Please contact me as soon as possible.
                                  My mailing address is ''[email protected]''
                                  My address is '' A-114, Hil Apartment, Sector - 13, Rohini, Delhi-110085''
                                  My phone number is ''[protected]''

                                  0 Votes

                                Htc / Saeed MirzaHTC have no after sale service

                                I would like to inform everyone who is interested in HTC product in Saudi Arabia and Middle East that, HTC have no support for after sale service at all. I faced problems for after sales services for two of my HTC phones. First of all they do not have a care center but only through third partis i, e; NASA, SILICOM, ELECTRO, JARIR etc, ...who's job is just to collect your mobile and again look for a third party to repair ir and the cost to be charged from HTC. since, HTC do not trust them being all these people are Egyptians and can't speak English nor enogh qualified to handle such high-tech USA product, These Egyptians have no choice but to forge the customer by deceiving the customer by simply saying "we found water inside - or someone have already open this mobile or simply - this part is not covered in warranty " ultimately if you want to get your device which is suppose to be under warranty - PAY FOR IT otherwise YOU CAN NOT DO ANYTHING against these Egyptians since they are Arabic speaking - no one in this country will listen to you.
                                I lost my money twice, being an expat working in Saudi Arabia I sincerely advise everyone not to buy any of HTC product due to problem with after sale services.
                                I am sypathise with HTC - USA working hard to such beautiful product but is a failure due to bad supporters in Middle East.

                                Add your opinion

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                                  Htc Touch — AUTHENTEC DUBAI - BAD SERVICE

                                  VERY POOR SERVICE by AUTHENTEC - HTC CARE - CELLUCOM - DUBAI, UAE It is out of total frustration for the...

                                  The complaint has been investigated and
                                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                  Htc Mogul Mobile PhoneDoesn't work

                                  I bought an HTC Mogul Mobile phone in the month of July of 2007. I spent 450 dollars for this phone. The Sprint associate told me it came with free modem service to hook my laptop up to it to get wifi service. I had this service until November, it was discontinued, I called up and Sprint told me it wasn't covered on my plan even though they gave me the service for those months, and the associate misrepresented and told me that it came with the plan I bought.

                                  Now to the phone quality. I find my phone turns off by itself. Alot. Also, the phone heats up super hot, and it is has become suspiciously unhealthy in my eyes due to this extreme hotness, that literally hurts the ear talking on the phone. The battery doesn't last long, even when the power settings are put on the lowest power save mode possible. In the month of January, the phone completely fried itself, this coming from the Sprint tech. So they gave me a new one, AND the battery hardly lasts as long as a new one. The phone is displaying the same problem that the first one had. It will freeze, and not allow me to turn it on. I have to literally take out the battery, pop it back in, and restart it.
                                  If you have any inkling of going towards an HTC phone, DONT!!!, dont even contemplate it. They are the worst quality I ever have used. For that much money that I spent, I dont expect it to EVER fail, especially within the first year. This is ridiculous, and it is prompting me to seek legal opinion.

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                                    • St
                                      steve4bucs1 Jun 23, 2009

                                      I am on my 6th HTC 6800 I have freeze screen issues, Constant pop ups Saying that I am out of range or the number is no correct.
                                      Some times the phone would just dial up the internet Just set it down and watch it bring up the internet.
                                      nuber 3 was less troublesome It would just turn off on its own with out notice or reason.
                                      numbrer 4 was a screen that would not recognize the touch or if it did was so delayed I would be waiting to enter phone numbers Just bad. Alltell has been terrible to deal with I do not know who to talk to about the issues

                                      0 Votes
                                    • Am
                                      Amber Mar 12, 2009

                                      I also have an HTC Mogul and am on my second unit. The battery is worthless, the touch screen only works half the time, the phone freezes constantly, and phone quality is just awful (slider doesn't stay in all the way, sylus pops out, etc!). Do not buy this phone!

                                      0 Votes

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