HSBC / Embarq / Charter Communicationsunwilling to help us with easement


Over 3 years ago the City of Johnson City came to my wife and me with a proposal to purchase a portion of our front yard for a road widening project the city was doing. We agreed (really had no choice) of the amount of the sale and work on the road began. At the time the power lines were across the street. HSBC has our mortgage on the house my father-in-law built on land which had always been in my wife's family.
When the project was completed, the City of Johnson City had moved the power lines, telephone line and cable lines across our property. There are no easement for utilites of any kind on our property. We have all of the easements ever granted, all signed back in the 1940's and 1950's by my wife's father, and others. We have gone to the utiltiy companies to get them to move their lines and pay us damages and they thumb their noses at us. We have asked HSBC to help since it waould seem they have a vested interest in the matter, but no one can or will help us. We finally got our Title Insurance name and number, but HSBC has to be the one to contact them not us. Charter Communications has completely ignored the situation, while Embarq recognizes they are tresspassing on our land, but will not come to terms with us and agree to pay us and move their lines. Mean while, the City of Johnson City has never paid us for the land, because HSBC will not sign a partial release, yet our escrow account paid our city taxes on the property this year which includes an eight foot sidewalk and grass median which the City constructed yet the City has not transfer the deed and we still are the owners according to the tax office. We can get no one from HSBC to help us and because we are dealing with City goverment, there is no lawyer that will help us . The City of Johnson City TN has
done a number on us, and HSBC or anyone else seems to know quite how to deal with the problem.
Is there any one out there who can help shed some light on the problem?

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