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The H&R Block emerald card is a waste, I really feel bad for the people who have to do our taxes and offer that piece of S*** card... and I feel bad for anyone who actually got the card like I did. The card sounds like a great idea, well it's not, I wish I would have not been an idiot and would have just waited for my money to come in a check form. This card has amazingly disgusting fees and the worst people who work in customer service for this card. You get charged $2 everytime you call customer service about your card! really thats not a lot of money but when you are having a serious issue and the customer service department hangs up on you then it builds up.
WOW look at these lovely fees they rape you with!

$1.95 for ATM withdrawl
$1.00 for Balance inquiry
$2.00 to talk to customer service!
$20.00 for over the counter withdrawl (Any banks or credit unions)
$10.00 for a new card
$35.00 for "express" delivery for a new card
$20.00 for check requesting
$1.00 for a paper statement (reasonable though)

Plus a monthly maintenance fee of $2.50 - so don't try saving your money cause it gets expensive fast.

The one trick I found to using this card is I went to fred meyers self-checkout and bought a water, then when it asked for cash back it let me take out up to $200 with no fee :) Then I walked straight to my actual bank and deposited it... eventually pulling out all the money and depositing it into my free checking with Washington Mutal (now chase)

I used to love H&R block, actually reccomended them to all my friends and family, but now I realize that H&R block has a popular name so they sound trusting but I wish I would have went somewhere else. The people who work at the Tax office for HRB are very friendly and nice, I really enjoyed being helped by them but I wish they wouldn't reccomend that card... But unfortunately it is their job...

If anyone wants to talk about this with me please email

Thanks for reading my shoutout :)

h&r block emerald card


  • Se
    SedativeDeathDemon Mar 07, 2009

    The first time I ever filed taxes was this year. I feel so ripped off misled and abused by H&R Block. I feel like they prey on low income people without bank accounts. I know nothing about taxes or even what my rights are when someone does my taxes, so I feel very powerless. I can only say I paid for a very expensive lesson in tax preparation and just do it myself online or go to a non corporate CPA.

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  • Ji
    Jinack Mar 09, 2009

    If the tax pros at H&R Block did your taxes right, then you are in good hands.

    As for the emerald card, if it was a problem for you, just get a check at the office next time OR wait 8-15 days to get the refund. If you need it faster, then you have to pay what THE BANK wants you to pay. H&R Block offers the service for those who want or need it. This does not mean everyone should take it.

    BTW: wait a couple of years. The IRS will be upgrading to a much quicker system of getting the money back to the public. when that happens, the "Rapid Refund" loans will be a thing of the past. Maybe the bank behind the Emerald cards will take the hint and reduce the fees... we will see.

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  • Dj
    djf Mar 14, 2009

    I have been with H&R block for 3 years now. Last year they gave me a line of credit because I had direct deposit. When this year came around, I went through them again and they said that I had a line of credit then took it away from me, for no reason at all.

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  • Ju
    justin Mar 15, 2009

    My H&R block emerald card has been missing for over a 6 weeks now and no one in our local office will not do anything to help me track it down

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