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Prior to making my appointment, I was given a general quote for my state and federal filing fees. Being that I was single with one job, I that I would be in that ballpark. Not!! After completing a simple 1040A @$70.00, I was charged $25.00 for Childcare calculation, $35.00 Child Tax Worksheet preparation, $9.00 Head of Household Determination Status, Etc. Totaling $232.00. These additional charges for having two children are outrageous!! It took 10 seconds to enter this information. H&R BLOCK NEEDS TO POST ITS FEES ON THE WALL!! If I knew their billing practices I would have simply left and not wasted my time. Never Again!!


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    Ten Year Tax Pro Mar 11, 2010
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    Bray, moan, and whine. We don't charge you on the basis of time but you are charged on the basis of forms filed and determinations made. If you'd rather go to a CPA firm and be charged while the accountants are sitting around gabbing, or in the rest room, or checking their personal email because something in your tax information spurred them to look something of their own all means go there and be happier. If you think that kind of stuff doesn't happen, take it from someone who also works in a CPA does.

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  • Ta
    Taxprep4U Mar 24, 2010

    You were shown the fee and you signed the forms. Time to start acting like an adult and
    take responsibility for your actions.

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    MoonCat13 Jun 01, 2010

    Those were not hidden charges - the title of your post is misleading. There is a charge for every form or calculation. They cannot be posted on the wall - it would take up all four walls due to the astronomical number of forms and other variables involved. If you thought the price was to high, you had the option of leaving and not paying for the service. However, had you gone anywhere else, the fees would've been even higher.

    If you want to talk about hidden fees - try Turbo Tax - they advertize that it's free, but it never actually is.

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  • Kc
    KCHJ Sep 29, 2010

    Thank you for all of your remarks. No offense taken. However, I did discuss my status and was given a quote over the phone. I did not expect it to be exact, but at least in the ball park. After sitting for several hours, I did pay the amount requested. I am now doing my taxes myself. I will not "whine" anymore. I will do as always and take my business elsewhere when I am not satisfied. I felt my tax preparer was inexperienced (unlike before) and I just was not happy at all with experience. In addition, I was warned by several co-workers with bad experiences. One again, thank you for your thoughts and I hope the cheaper software does not affect your employment.

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