Hp Dv6000privacy violation and poor product!

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My HP's dv6000 Laptop had to be serviced continuously for 3 months and is still broken. First service call was placed in late 01/2007. The problem was found on defective wireless card. It was first replaced with a new one, but by replacing just the card did not fix the problem. The laptop was sent in for repair. Wireless card was repaired but soundcard was not working when the laptop got back. Also the battery was missing. The laptop was sent in again for repair. They eventually send a new battery separately. The laptop was eventually serviced but it has a battery and a AC supply that I did not send in, the DVD drive is defective and it also has someone else's hard drive inside my laptop (laptop has my serial number EZ472UA#ABA) with the owner's personal data.

Just to authenticate my case, I was assigned with HP's case manager, Joe Broadbur at [protected] x94 option 1. But I can not get through other than leaving messages. I also tried other HP numbers without any help.

First, I am extremely angry that this laptop keeps on failing. Second, not only they have compromised someone else's personal data, they don't seem to care because no one has called me back even though they know I have someone else's hard drive. This hard drive has a lot of personal files.

Beware people!


  • Fr
    Frank Sibolski Mar 23, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I have had at least 10 of these similar pieces of garbage. I smashed most of them with a hammer. H.P. thinks they are King Tut of ink but they really stink.They charge ridicules high prices for their lousy garbage refills. They don't even half fill their refills with ink.I usually use between 20 and 50 sheets of paper for one lousy copy on a good day.If I had a dollar for every time I cursed H.P. and my lousy H.P. printer I would be a multi millionaire . Is there a company that is not a greedy monopoly and has reasonably priced ink for their printers . A company for the people not against the people like H.P.

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  • Ge
    geeby Jul 08, 2015

    This printer is the worst I've ever had, it only prints with a lot of encouragement from me. it won't engage with the paper, it chews things up and makes my blood boil. I will never buy any more HP products ever again.

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  • Sp
    spoony1974 Dec 18, 2012

    hp dv6000 owner and have to say they are the worst laptops about my hard drive went within five year cd rom doesnt work and now i have a no audio output installed message which i have spent hours trying to fix to no avial. Will never ever buy a hp laptop again

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  • Na
    NAm Nov 01, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I bought an hp pavillion dv6000 about a year and a half ago. Few months later I noticed that the clock is running very slow. After getting sick and tired of adjusting the date and time every time I open the laptop (I rarely use it actually), and being and electrical engineer, I researched the problem on the net and tried several proposed fixes: BIOS, software update etc. Unfortunately nothing seems to work. So I finally decided to go through the hassle of contacting hp service to find a solution. Because the one year warranty has already expired by the time I made my call I was told I have to purchase and additional one year warranty for about $100 (or alternatively a "14 days" for $49) for them to start troubleshooting the problem. I know it's my mistake to wait long until the warranty has expired especially that I detected the problem within a couple of months but I think I should not penalized by $100 plus whatever needed to fix the problem for faulty/poor product. So I decided to live with this problem for now until I'm tired, then go get an other one but NEVER an hp product.

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  • Ri
    Richard Lightman Dec 06, 2010

    I bought a dv6000 for my wife. The wireless card NEVER worked and the battery was replaced 3 times within the first year. HP worked on it three times and NEVER fixed it.


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  • Fj
    fjudedog Sep 27, 2010

    I have had problems with mine for two years finally the mother board went out and I have called them for two years and then they say it isn't under warranty but yet it still was but refused to fix the problem. Now I have to get a new mother board for it. I have it at my husband nephews and he is looking for a mother board for me to fix it. I am going to call them and really complain to them and tell them that I want it fixed for free or a new one.

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  • Li
    littlemissharvard Jul 28, 2010

    I hate this computer so much! the battery life on this sucks so it now lives on the charger. I have had a terrible experience with this laptop and I can't wait to my relationship with it ends..I am hoping for a MacBook or the new iPad!

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  • Jc
    JClemmer Apr 29, 2010

    I have had the same motherboard failure on my hp dv6000. HP says it's out of warranty. Any lawyers out there want to put together a class action lawsuit against HP? This problem is a widespread, known problem with the HP dv6000 series. Too bad this information was not readily available when I purchased this laptop.

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  • Ca
    cassde Mar 16, 2010

    I bought my Hp DV6000 in Oct. 2008. It worked fine for a while, no problems other than the a/c power cords. I have had 4 so far now. I have to buy another one because the plug to the computer acts like it is loose or something but it has to be held a certain way in order to charge. It ticks me off but lucky I can find them cheaper on other sites than HP. My major problem is not the wireless card or the motherboard as others are having problems with. It is my mouse pad. My left mouse button quit working right after the warranty ran out so I switched the buttons overs so now for no reason the left mouse menu will pop up on me on its own. If I do not notice it right away it will delete all my work if I am typing something or take me back a page. Really depends on what it does to me while i am working. I have not called Hp on this problem but I have checked into getting it fixed and it will be 350 to just fix the mouse pad. that is about half what I paid for the whole laptop. Also my volume control if touched will freeze up my computer. Now I am also having problems with it my computer now allow msn messenger to load. I have tried to restore my laptop but it will not restore anymore. I have given up and just want a new one. It sucks and I am done with it for now. I just have to use it for school until I get a new one but it will not be an HP.

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  • Ra
    rattlesnake Jan 26, 2010

    I got HP DV600 in april 2007. It worked superb for around 2 years but in june 2009 it broke down. The problem was related to Nvidia card. The laptop starts up with a beep, led lights shows up then goes down, and this is repeatting. I got it repaired from one local vendor who just revolved the card. But very soon, after a month it again broke down. After googling a lot I find out that there is no permenant solution for this and HP isn't doing anything for it.

    I didn't ever imagine that HP would do that. They should come up with a solution or take back their f**king laptop.

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  • Wi
    WillDrew Jan 08, 2010

    I find it funny how I've had this computer for 3+ years, have had it sent in 4+ times, and I am now STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH IT. I'm honestly thinking about filing a lawsuit against this awful company and its service.

    Problems with my dv6000:
    -Wireless (twice)
    -Mobo/HDD (once)
    -AC Adapter (twice)

    Although I am out of warranty, I am again having problems with my HDD. My computer was becoming extremely slow so I decided it needed a recovery. In the process of recovering, it encounters a problem and can't continue. Now every time I try to turn on my computer I get an error saying the NTLDR is missing or some file is missing. This is completely rediculous, I honestly think I deserve a 100% refund of this ### excuse of a laptop.

    Oh I forgot to mention, every time I had my laptop sent in, it took at LEAST a month to be returned to me. EVERY TIME.

    Never buy ANYTHING from HP. Ever.

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  • Hp
    HpIsReallyBad Jan 03, 2010

    worst freaking laptop ever!! i mean wtf is their monkeys working on your laptops or what? u made laptops so we can go anywhere has wifi and wtf are we suppose to do if i have to be lucky for the freaking ### to turn blue. Cmon do your job right fix this ### dont relay on monkeys to do it

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  • Ma
    MAkiM Dec 30, 2009


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  • De
    Debra Bassler Dec 23, 2009

    2995 COUNTY ROAD 424 ANTWERP, OH 45813

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  • Ha
    HateHPTheySuck Dec 22, 2009

    Isn't it illegal to sell non-working products as new? I am trying to dispute with my credit card company. I will never buy another HP product as long as I live.

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  • Re
    rexh Dec 06, 2009

    hp dv6000 has replaced the Tandy 1000tx as the worst computer I have ever owned. I have the same display issues as many others, I will never buy another hp computer again. They know they produced a series of products that are defective and have refused to do anything to rectify the situation.

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  • Sh
    shdwstar Nov 28, 2009

    I have sent my laptop in to HP 6 times now for the same problem. It is a DV6000Z. The problem is no video on the display, the bios beeps 1 long beep and 2 short beeps.

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  • Hi
    HippyRandall Oct 31, 2009

    Just got off the phone with Indian Customer "Care" with the same results as others. My dv6000 series is no longer covered by their warranty "Enhancement" and would need to send it to them for repairs ( replace the faulty motherboard ) at a cost of $271.00 USD or take to BestBuy at a cost of $400.00 USD!!! No more Hp for me. ###.

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  • Ed
    EduardoZ Oct 13, 2009

    In my case, I will join to this list of complainers. I bought a laptop DV6338se in Aug-07 and then after couple months the keyboard fell apart. I called HP and sent my computer to them. Until there no problem!
    Now, mid Sept my WiFi stopped working without any apparent reason. I researched the HP.com and found they have a recall (which they call enhancement, ridiculous!) to replace the motherboard since this is causing WiFi stop to work. I followed there procedure in the site and called the Customer Care (what a joke!) and they informed me that my computer is out-of-warranty because the terms ended by Aug and I am calling in Sep and I need to pay $250 to fix the computer. I argued that I was not notified and they replied saying that there is no way. I am really disapointed, angry and very frustated with HP at all! Now this supposedly high-end computer has no web cam working, the WiFi and also the motherboard is overheating. And guess what, try to argue with the "Customer" Care about this or try to escalate this problem, nobody at HP is given you the dawn attention.

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  • Sc
    scb1234 Sep 28, 2009

    this dv6324 is a piece of garbage. There is a class action suite against hp. I cant seem to get anyone to call me back to be involved in it. Maybe some others might have some luck.

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  • Cy
    cynthia cruz Sep 16, 2009

    i have the same problem for months now . just to find out theres a problem with motherboard . and my computer is no longer on recall so I have to pay 400 for repair .

    told them I'll just buy another pc bit not an HP . Were not notifed on recalls have called several times and there customer service does not even mention that theres a recall .

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  • Fe
    Ferraroz Aug 23, 2009

    My hp laptop is a stupid POS. I bought it for school and right before exam times my hard drive failed. I lost all my notes and had to rent a stupid laptop with wondows 2000 whilst they "fixed the problem"! I am good with computers and have been able to fix most problem s (keyboard unresponsive, speakers popping out, rear fan issue etc..) but i really dont want to have to. The worst laptop i have ever gotten, buy a gateway cheaper, better, faster, stronger. The dvd drive also wont open. jeez...

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  • Za
    Zaka Jerera Aug 03, 2009

    Looking for a new laptop - NEVER buy HP, you will be disappointed. The public must know how crap HP products and service are. I will never ever buy anything from HP again.

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  • Gr
    grneweene Aug 01, 2009

    i have a dv6000 and the sound has never worked properly. now that the warranty is out they use that as an excuse to not bother to fix the problem that existed prior to the warranty running out. i've spoken to at least 6 representatives via the hp chat, not to mention the 3 in the beginning of the problem. and even though i tell them ahead of time what has been done to attempt to resolve the problem they ask again, like what i've stated was never said. i have also had a problem with the cord, and have promised myself that i would load the gun, aim it, and dial dell's number at the same time i'm pulling the trigger, blasting this piece of crap computer. as god as my witness, i will never by another hp again.

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  • Jc
    j_christ Jul 22, 2009

    I just got off the phone with hp discussing the problem with the dv6000 not restarting (motherboard failure) They did agree that it was there problem but that the extended 2 year warranty they are offering to fix this problem expired on my computer 6 weeks ago. But for a small price of 398.00 they would be more than happy to fix it. I will spend that money instead to tell people how poor their customer service is and if one person buys somewhere else then I have cost them more than it would have taken to take care of the customer...

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  • Cm
    cmv1389 Jun 30, 2009

    I bought a rather expensive HP the fall before my freshman year at college. Before the school year was over, the motherboard had fried. So, I called HP immediately since it was still under warranty and they had me send it in. I was originally told it would take 1-2 weeks for it to be fixed and returned. After about a week, I got a call saying it would be a little longer since they were waiting on a special part to be shipped to finish repairs. Then I kept getting calls every week or two saying it would take a little longer, and a little longer.

    Finally, I got fed up and demanded to speak with a higher authority. I pushed my way all the way into Corporate, and finally someone listened. I told them I was extremely upset since I'm a college student and I HAVE to have a personal computer to do work. It's impossible to be at the library 24/7. So, after about three months of my computer being with them, and me hassling the Big Man up in Corporate, they were nice enough to replace my entire computer with a brand-new computer, upgraded it, gave me a wider screen, more memory, and even sent free wallpapers and a skin for the cover. I've had my new dv6000 for about 14 months now and - knock on wood - it hasn't given me many problems other than the usual Vista issues - which don't really have anything to do with the HP itself.

    I may just be slow, but I also just learned that when your lap top is plugged-in, you can remove the battery. I just started doing this, and I think it makes it run cooler, and it also saves the battery life. So in conclusion, if you're having a lot of issues getting repairs done now, just ask to speak to Corporate -- especially if it's still under warranty. I urge everyone to only buy brand new if you're going to buy at all, regardless of the product, and if it's availabe get AT LEAST a one-year warranty. Otherwise, you might as well just throw your money down a drain. Hope this helps.


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  • Vi
    Vishal Jun 17, 2009

    Hi All,
    I am also sick and tired of HP and planning to file a complaint against HP. I bought an HP Pavilion dv6200 laptop in Feb 2007 for a premium price from HP web site. I bought the laptop primarily for my PhD homeworks and research.

    The laptop worked fine for few weeks, but as soon as my usage increased I started seeing random crashes with random messages like "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL", of "BAD_SYS_CONFIG", etc . Once the crashes start the laptop goes into cycles of reboots and starts doing launch-up repair for like forever. The laptop also had a heating issue. After dealing with the HP support in India and doing inane things like re-installing drivers and doing numerous recoveries, I finally managed to send my laptop for factory repair after a month or so of hassle.

    Anyway, they replaced the motherboard, speakers, heat sink fan and keyboard and sent the computer back. After that, I didn't install any extra software and kept the laptop for observation by only engaging in surfing and watching youtube videos. The computer worked ok for a while and the problems re-occured in couple of weeks. All this time I had to work on my university computer as this laptop was barely of any utility and didn't have the luxury of having time to watch when and how the laptop crashes. I also tried installing Windows XP on the laptop but the crashes persisted.

    The crashes are so random in nature that they are hard to reproduce whenever the laptop is sent to HP. They come after 2-4 hours of use and then appear in streaks. Eventually the laptop was sent again after doing 2-3 recoveries. The laptop was returned back from HP saying that the computer boots fine and they couldn't replicate the problem. I was like I complained about crashes and not about no being able to boot it.

    Meanwhile, I was advised to buy another year of service plan to be able to get my problems fixed (worth $100). Now after 10 months of playing this hide and seek game with HP, I was referred to the Quality case manager in North America. He plainly refused to do a replacement and asked me to send this computer again for repairs. He refused to commit on what would HP do if the problems persist after a third repair attempt. I sent the laptop for the third time and they plainly sent it back after doing a recovery along with a sticky note on how to create recovery disks. After a week or so the rebooting (BSOD) problems returned and I gave upon the computer and bought a Dell which has been working perfectly. This is after spending $1200 on a HP pavilion laptop and sending it to factory thrice for repairs.

    Its been over a year since the last time I sent it to HP repairs and the laptop has been totally unusable for any serious work. I can only surf web on an ever slow Vista and wait till the computer crashes next time. I am never ever going to buy any HP product again, and would be glad if there are recalls on HP dv 6000 laptops so that my hard investment as a student doesn't go down the drain.

    Vishal Saxena
    PhD Student in EE
    (vishalsaxena209 AT gmail.com)

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  • Ma
    Mackenzie Jun 06, 2009

    I have sent it back three time's in under a year. The motherboard has been replaced twice and charger has been replaced 3 times. Currently, my CD Drive wont open. Lovely.

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  • Bi
    Bird76Mojo May 19, 2009

    All of this only 2 months after my warranty ran out!!

    I like many others am having serious issues with my HP laptop. I’m posting here in hopes that others will follow my lead and do the same. Apparently my motherboard has also fried itself. My laptop now just powers on and off repeatedly with only a black screen. The first DV6000 I bought froze up while creating the backup discs so I took it back for an exchange 2 days after purchasing for a replacement. I’ve never dropped my laptop or otherwise subjected it to any abuse. In fact I’ve always treated it like solid gold. If anyone is having similar issues then I highly recommend you visit http://www.HPlies.com and join up as a member. So far HP has flat out lied to consumers and wants to cover up this whole problem. Voice your opinion and speak your mind at http://www.hplies.com as this seems to be the only solution for consumers thus far.

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  • Go
    goaxer May 18, 2009

    If you have black screen and three beeps, one long and two shorts, problem with hp laptop, please email me [email protected]

    I know easy fast and cheap way how to fix this problem. Just email me and I will explain everything in low price. With my method I'm using my computer about half year.

    My method just fixing problem with black screen and three beeps, one long and two short.

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  • Ma
    matsustainable Apr 17, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased HP products since 1973. HP 80 Calculator. I have been a loyal customer for hundreds of calculators, printers, plotters, computers, laptops, cameras.

    I purchased a dv9000 series last year and recently a dv6000.

    They are both junk! Engineered Physical Obsolescence!! The hinge broke on the dv9000 for no apparent reason. The dv6000 has been down more than up. Lemon Laws should apply to HP for sure!! I will never purchase another HP product!!! I am frustrated with their service department who thinks it is cheaper to have four people call me from India about my computer that is in Tenessee. GO FIGURE!!!
    HP you are on your way out!!!

    Too Bad! Sooooo Sad!! Maybe you will qualify for a bailout!!

    My next notebook is a Toshiba for sure or a MAC?

    Lee Grothe
    [email protected]

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  • Tr
    TRich Apr 05, 2009

    I thought I was getting a steal when i traded My VAIO for this HP DV6000. sometimes i feel like throwing this damn lap top out my front door over the balcony. Granted I didnt spend that much $ to get the thing anyway but just the hassle of these people saying your going to get the computer back at a certain time and then it doesnt happen. Then when i call to try and find out whats going on, Im being told about other ### they trying to replace (300 for a screen, are they crazy) and charge me for when i specifically told them not to touch anything else other than the wireless card they said they'd replace for me!

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  • Cr
    Crunchbite Apr 02, 2009

    I have sent my DV6000 in once and had it returned broken... I sent it in again and it is currently being fixed. I have had no problems with customer support.

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  • Su
    superboy Mar 29, 2009

    I too got an hp dv6000 with not so great results or help from HP.

    First of all let me make it clear that I got my HP refurbished. Now I was told that it was as good or better than new with programs installed etc... and it was really a great deal. Also I was told it would be under warranty.

    Well the first thing that happened was that it wouldn't load windows...I tried over and over and then tried to re install and called the indian people and whatnot and they had me do the same for hours and hours and no luck finally they said they would send a new disc that I could use to reinstall. Two discs later, still no windows. Called back and finally after hours again on the phone I was fed up and said I was sending it back. The guy was like well try this...I was like look it has been hours just today I want to send it back. So I did. Got the laptop back and it seemed like it was stalling would stop processing and then start again a minute or two later. I called they said perhaps I had too much in there. Ok it was brand new nothing in there other than the programs. No luck, no help. I said well perhaps the kinks will work themselves out. Didn't happen. Took it to a local shop. They couldn't figure it out said perhaps too many programs running. I thought to myself well these were programs installed from HP...how would they not know?

    Finally took it to another shop because of the dvd/cd burner not working. I asked them about the stalling. They said the noises the hard drive was making and the tests they ran say that I needed a new hard drive since these symptoms were consistent with imminent mechanical failure.

    I called HP and said my computer was under warranty. Wanted them to replace the hard drive.

    Apparently, according to them, my warranty expired five days before.

    Convenient isn't it.

    No paper saying my warranty would expire on whichever date, and I assumed I had a year warranty. They said the warranty was from the date of original purchase which would be ok except that nobody told me that and there was no indicatiion of original purchase date so I think that basically they didn't want to fix it and they just said the warranty expired no proof, but it is what I feel.

    They did not back up their warranty and the service sucked big ones.

    Never again another HP, I will try dell or toshiba next time.

    Bad for them too, cause I am getting another laptop and printer and extras to use for my business (web design) and they will not be HP's

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  • Ri
    Rich Mar 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a HP DV600 Pavilion Laptop, from the QVC shopping channel and literally a a few months after the warranty had expired I experience my first problem with it. In early November, last year, I turned my laptop on and it made a loud single beep sound which was closely followed by two similar beeps in succession.

    I contacted HP the following day, told them the problem and they said that they would arrange to collect it. My laptop was collected the following day and that was the last of the good service I received from them. After a few calls, basically wanting to find out when I could expect my laptop to be returned I was told, by someone in customer support, that the problem was being dealt with and that I should expect the repaired Laptop back within days! When my laptop was finally returned, to my place of work, I was told to take it home and check to see if it was working - because the battery and power cable was there. I was also told if it wasn't working that I should contact HP the following day (Saturday) and rearrange a pick up! When I called on Saturday the automated message said that the offices were closed. I tried again on Monday and had to re-explain the whole situation which was very annoying as the person I had previously spoken to in customer services said that they had documented my previous call. I was then told that the fault with my DV6000 Pavilion wasn't covered by the extended warranty after all!

    Obviously I was very angry and asked to speak to a Manager. This 'person' was really cold and wasn't helpful in the slightest. He even had the audacity to ask me for £265 to repair it! There were NO guarantees that if I parted with my money that my laptop would be properly repaired and I wasn't willing to pay that much anyway for a 'known' problem with the DV6000.

    I had no choice but to search the internet and seek an alternative company that would fix my laptop as it was integral to my out of office work. This company, which is a few minutes walk from where I work, 'fixed' it for £75. The thing is my laptop, after just a couple of days use, experienced the very same start up problem again.

    I don't want to go on and on about my situation since the day I first gave it to this company to repair I first handed it to them in mid November 2008. Its is now March 10th 2009 and since giving my laptop to this company to repair I have only had it back and working for a 2 week period MAX! They also damaged the internal fan and that had to be replaced as it was over heating my laptop! As we currently speak I do not know the whereabouts of my £800.00 laptop! This company that I refuse to name for now have told me that my laptop is currently with HP being repaired! This was over 1 month ago and the company have not replied to my emails or voice messages etc! This morning I have had to send them an email which also involves taking legal action etc!

    This could become a criminal case as my laptop has data that I would not want cloning or used by dishonest people. I have given this company until the end of the day to contact me and if they don't I will see it as theft and involve the Police. HP will also have to be implicated in this matter too and if there is a God, maybe we could all get our faulty, expensive laptops repaired, replaced or money refunded!


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  • Ch
    Chinmay K Mar 03, 2009

    these HP customer care is totally bull ###. its being a month i have given my laptop for repair and they have not replied to me still i have made a hundreds of calls to them but still they have same thng to say that no parts are available...guess did wrong purchasing a HP laptop as thought there desktop also sucks

    Chinmay K

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  • Ar
    ardmhuire Feb 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have two pavilion dv6000, two weeks ago both of them stopped working - motherboard. one has been returned and "fixed" with same motherboard as it was 6 weeks inside warranty. second one has dodgy label on back so cant get serial no etc. wont turn on so cant get them from there. have spoken to HP 4 times bout this, today the technician hung up on me and i wasnt even being rude he just hung up. have resorted to emailing them have had to two replies neither of which has been helpful. no warranty no free repair. i cant afford repair as i am not working at the minute because i am having chemo for breast cancer so i need all this crap like a whole in the head. they want £270 to fix it, if i had that type of money i could get a new computer . but i think it is their responsibility cos its a defective motherboard that they put in. dont know what im going to do as i think i have a better chance of beating cancer than beating this company.
    never again

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  • Sa
    samsyr Feb 18, 2009

    I have a DV6000, the screen goes white every time I start it, and then goes flickering with horizontal lines dancing, when I use the recovery thing it goes fine for like 30 minutes, then everything goes back badly.

    HP guys told me the motherboard with the nVidia chip has to be replaced, even though the ext. out does work fine, I think it is very easy to be fixed without replacing the MB, because there is nothing wrong with the VGA chip, it is the power regulator that feeds the screen and the battery charging unite (I had a problem with the battery refusing to charge also). but I think HP is the worst laptop that anyone can every buy.

    By the way, I disassembled my unite, the screen's plastic joints all are broken from within, the laptop is 14 months old only.

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  • Mi
    Mitchell Feb 12, 2009

    I also have a dv6000 and from the day I bought it straight from HP’S website I had a problem with the S-Video. I had to talk with them by phone 5 or 6 times before they would agree to pick it up. Then they kept it for 1 month and sent it and still broke. So I had to call again and then after 1 more month I finally got it fixed. So I bought a warranty upgrade for another 2 years. Now my screen has gone out and they will not accept my warranty. They want to charge me $300 to fix it and also for me to pay to send it to them. HP SUCK!!! They do not care about there customers at all.

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  • To
    Tomas Feb 04, 2009

    I have a simple question for HP executives in Thailand and around the world. In an anemic economy, where people are being laid off in dramatic numbers and consumer confidence is at an all time low, why would an esteemed international brand name company like yours deceive customers and sell products what will broked down?

    That is my story, purchasing an HP Pavilion 2626TX and my fgraphic chipset NVIDIA 8400 M GS start to melting with my motherboard. Problem si very common and know-well. Now I asking for repair to YOUR mistake and HP Thailand trying to tell me that they give me 10% discount on motherboard, Is that a joke??? Then, after interfacing with Customer Service here in Thailand which first denied the problem, was emailed a similar incompatibility notice HP had published. On hepl line was very rude to me and pretty useless.

    Why was this information not disclosed by the retailer (they claim they didn't know)? Why does HP Thailand refuse to deal with this issue?

    In some parts of the world this nondisclosure of consumer information is considered fraud.

    I will urge readers around the world on the blogs and PC magazines not to buy HP. Maybe then they will understand the importance of honest customer relations. Talking about loss of consumer confidence…….


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