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Do you know what it feels like to be avoided by most hooter girls and not
Talked to frequently? I am a regular at hooters in chester, va and
Lately the take-out girl would not take my order or ask me what I wanted.
She walked by me a few times not saying one word to me and sat down
With the other hooter girls at their table leaving me standing there waiting
For nothing. What kind of treatment is this? Isn't hooter girls supposed to
Be friendly and out-going, you know talk to people, be nice too!
I complained to the manager and he was no help because it seems he
Gave her orders not to serve me from my understanding in the conservation.
I hardly ever get a nice, warm hooters greeting coming in the door and most
Of the girls avoid looking at me.
I do not go to hooters to watch tv and sit there by myself. I can have a better
Time at the mall or get better service at mcdonalds. The hooter girls are
Supposed to sit down and spend a little time with you — to make sure you
Are having a good time there. Yes, I will watch tv too, but not just watch tv!
Most of the girls do not even say hi! To me and when they are doing
Nothing, I will be lucky if one hooter girl comes over and asks me how
Everything is going. I could be sitting almost right next to their table too!
I haven't been treated this badly anywhere else in the country or abroad.
It seems that some managers only care about the revenue and I was
Lectured by a hooters girl about how much I should be spending there
And it was better for me to sit at the bar instead of the tables; this is an
Insult to me. I have spent a lot of money there and this is what I receive
In return? Ironically, the girls want to see big tips and it doesn't matter
What you think about their service.
I can order coffee and they give it to me black without asking if I need milk
Or sugar. I usually have to go to the bar and order my food/drinks so I am
Not waiting for 45 minutes with nothing to eat/drink. There were times
I sat there for 2-3 hours and nobody came by to ask me if I needed my
Drink re-filled. I do not need to be treated like I do not exist there.
What do you have to do for a hooters girl to like you? (Give them a $20
Dollar bill?) — hooters girls are supposed to provide friendly, fun,
Hospitality and I do not see it here in chester, va. I am thinking about
Not going there anymore because I hate leaving there not happy.
Where is the friendly, nice, warm hooters hospitality and service they
Are famous for? Some really girls have left there because of a certain
Manager who they do not like; another manager quit too! He would
Talk to me a lot and the others do not — will not say anything to me.
I think I should eat before I arrive there, at least I will not be hungry.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jul 09, 2018 5:18 am

Hello it was 16 -16 -18 around 8 ;30 pm till almost after 11 pm waited in long line ( witch wasn't a line just come in the door )just whom every walks up to the counter 6 or 7 people sitting down young guy at the counter back and forth getting take out orders, there was plenty of room as of tables but none cleaned off i asked the young guy can we be seated told me to give him a min, heal get back to me never put my name on the list did nothing the gut white middle aged man ( i am black so nothing racial ) herd and walked up to me asked how many and did i mind up high or sitting low normal i told him it didn't matter he went to clean and move tables together and got someone to set us down with in 20 min. ; another waitress came took are order we order at-least $300 dollars worth of food it took an hour before we got 2 [censored] ice-teas we didn't get [censored] to drink till still no food for no one not even the [censored] fries the place wasn't even crowded ; i asked another waitress for some water she came back the main waitress with some [censored] like we don't have anymore sweet garlic parm sauce i was like you got to be kidding me its like 2 hrs and you just come over her and tell me your out of what we ordered do we want something else what about the burgers and the rest of the food your people are dancing in the kitchen door that's why no food is being cooked this was at 10;35 pm i was like the kids are hungry they want the wings no manager walked up no where to be seen there still dancing and having a good time at the kitchen door we got 50 wings and a order of shrimp and ice tea and soda and had to split that between ten people took over 2.5 hrs no i am sorry no discount i paid for what we got $102.58 dollars for and never again Philips was packed so we tried hooters drove from philly daughters graduation just to say thanks for the [censored] service any questions hell yea you can call me lorenzo thomas [protected] and my nephew still gave her a tip i was going to take that [censored] back i was like for what the worse place i have ever been luv the wings service sucks

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You dress like [censored] and flaunt your looks for tips, and you get offended when guys creep on you? hahaha.

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Being that I am a Hooters Girl at the Chester, VA, I feel as if it is my job to tell you this. Yes, we all LOVE our job! And since you just admitted that your a "regular" it makes me want to say that every hooters girl that works there probably already knows everything about you anyways. One of my biggest pet peeve's is when a guy comes in and "expects" us to sit down & hold long conversations with you. Newsflash sweetheart, that's NOT our job. We don't HAVE to SIT with you. We choose to sit with a customer based on if were comfortable or not. We do not get PAID to sit with our customers & hear about your 3 divorces, or how you just got fired 2 days ago, or how your son stole your car, or how you don't like your daughter's boyfriend, or how many donuts you ate that morning, or what time you went to sleep last night. Trust me, we don't care. Now, thats not saying were mean. It saying that we have our own problems to deal with. Like our own children, or college, or paying our rent, etc. We have a life too. You don't expect us to come to your job & listen to when our period started or how our boyfriends cheated on us, or how my puppy isn't potty-trained or anything else, do you? I personally do not sit with EVERY customer considering the fact that some guys that come in there say inappropriate comments or or make gestures towards us that make us not want to talk & sit with you. Newsflash #2, we get hit on ALL the time, so don't think your pick-up lines works, because it's doesn't. None of the girls find it cute or sweet, we actually find it quite annoying, disturbing, & downright creepy. Trust me, you have ONE impression on the girls & even if your a regular, & you say one thing that makes us uncomfortable, we will not want to be around you. Just hold a normal conversation & the girls will sit with you. Be respectful towards us, Hooters is not a strip club, we are normal women with a normal job trying to live a normal life. Hooters of Chester has the best, prettiest, & most outgoing staff around & we try our best to be nice, even to the creeps. But just to let you know, if our service is so bad, then nobody's breaking your arm to come inside, their's plenty of other restaurants you can eat at. Just let other normal people come in & enjoy themselves, don't pass judgement on us because of your insecurities...

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Mar 18, 2009 5:18 am

I LOVE Hooters of Chester. The girls are awesome, easy to talk to, and really good at their job. They are down to earth REAL girls. I'm sure you are a weirdo that feels that one of the girls are actually in love with you because they sit down to talk to you. They are supposed to be nice because its their job, so that doesn't mean they want you to take them home. I know a girl talking to you is something that has probably never happened to you before other then your sister you married but don't take it to heart. If you don't like the service then how about you just not come in.
Sorry for being so bitter, but come on the manager told them NOT to talk to you? If that was the case then you really must be scaring these girls. I suggest you just step back and take these few things into consideration:
- Think about how you act and talk to the girls. Be respectful and not weird.
- Realize they don't want a personal relationship with you.
- What type of tip you are leaving after sitting at a girls table doing nothing for three hours sipping coffee. They do remember.
- Last... ITS A FRIGGING RESTAURANT! Try one of those late night phone services or maybe eHarmony OR a strip club.

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All i feel like you are some one who needs to see a doctor for mental help because you are mentally sick ...don't you some thing constructive to do rather than just looking at girls and wanting them to talk to you whose some one good for nothing ...get a life u ###, lousy ### hole

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You sat your ### there for 3-4 hours leering at the girls and you wonder why they avoid you? They are waitresses! While they should serve your meal, they do not serve YOU. This isn't your personal harem, creep. Get a hobby

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Jan 28, 2009 5:18 am

You sound like a loser. Why would the manager tell the staff not to serve you? Possibly you have been disrespectful to the girls.

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