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Out of chicken in the rush of dinner time

At 6:30 pm, this location was out of chicken... during the rush of dinner. When I asked when it will be ready, she said "I dunno -- however long it takes to cook chicken. I...

human resources / payroll

I worked for Qdoba for several months last year and left my job when I moved out of state. In December 2019 I mailed a letter to HQ requesting that a change of mailing address be put in their system so that I would receive my W-2. Apparently, after contacting my supervisor and confirming that I was employed at that particular store and that I did in fact want my address changed (my supervisor contacted me to let me know that she had given them the information they needed), Qdoba apparently decided not to mail my W-2 to my new address. When I contacted the company via email I was informed that while they are aware that they should have mailed my W-2s to the correct address, they didn't actually bother to, instead mailing my W-2s to my old address. Qdoba also acknowledges that they dropped the ball here, but for some reason that I will never understand, they now think it's my responsibility to spend yet more of my time (I have tons of extra time, apparently) calling Human Resources so that they can do me the favor of deigning to help me access my tax returns via an unsecured signal at the public library. I guess that in addition to the time I have already spent trying to get my tax documents sent to the correct address, I should now potentially jeopardize my personal information by accessing it at the public library all while having a likely prolonged phone conversation with Human Resources at the one place that I go to where me being welcome is contingent upon me being quiet and specifically not being on a phone. Isn't that lovely? I guess with all the extra time I have on my hands, I should have absolutely no problem undoing the damage of identity theft as best I can from using a library computer to access tax documents. They only have things like my social security number, annual income, marital status, maiden name, and some of my employment history. What kind of identity thief would possibly want that? Let's remember though, I'm unreasonable.

Qdoba Mexican Grill — staff

I arrived at the Qdoba Mexican grill in Milwaukee, WI (the address I 3101 N. Oakland Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202) on Saturday January 27th at approximately 10:57 p. m. I walked to the...

Qdoba Fox Point — Illness

I am an avid Q Doba eater and when I say avid, I have enjoyed over 100 burritos. In 2005, I became ill and threw up several times from eating a chicken queso buritto from q doba...