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HMSHost Customer Service at PHL — I was treated rudely by the cashier, Tiesha 374709

On Sunday 15 Mar 2020 at about 3:55 pm EDT, I entered Balducci's at PHL in Terminal C and chose a salad from the pre-made salads displayed in the grab and go case. I took it to the cashier, who was on the phone. She disengaged from her phone (it was flat on the counter, but didn't hang up, which is fine. She rang up my salad, but did not greet me, or offer me a bag, or tell me where the forks were without me having to ask, then she pointed. It was weird. She never said a word. I don't know if it was a race thing - I am a white female and she was a black female.

I would like a refund for my salad ($14.04 incl tax) and whatever else you think is fair. I would also like for Tiesha to be reprimanded and apologize. That's not good customer service.

Thank you.
Katherine G. S. Carretti
333 Calle Felicidad
San Clemente, CA 92672

brioche doree

First attempt to order they both had there backs to both customers waiting in line. 5 min and no one talked to us. They were doing something with the coffee but offered us no...

jersey mike's

Although the food at this location is very good the service Sucks. It takes forever to get your order at this location. I've been to many Jersey Mikes both at Airports and at other locations. I can't fathom as to why it takes this location so long to make a sandwich. Generally after your order is placed it's a good 5 to 10 minutes on a good day to get your order.

Mike S

service at mco outback

We stopped in at the Outback in Orlando Fl at MCO for a bite to eat and a drink prior to our flight.
The expectations for airport food is pretty low so we did not have high expectations at all, we just wanted to split a meal before getting on our flight. To report the food as cold and disgusting would be a compliment. The fact the kitchen staff let the plate out of the kitchen and then the bartender actually served the items is very concerning.
We traveled Friday Jan 17 and we were at the bar at approximately 740-820 pm as out flight was at 855.
The bartender was Kourtney and we were clearly a nuisance as we quickly found out the kitchen was closing at 8 pm. The bartender was rude and unprofessional the entire time until she perked up when serving the check which may have been an attempt to recover from her behavior and salvage her tip. We always tip 18-20% which we did on this occasion but felt it necessary to inform management of the experience. When one or the other is lacking it is a bit easier to accept when food and service is bad someone in management should be informed so we decided to inform you.

turkey club panni

Friday Jan 10 I bought a sandwich at Atlanta Bread Co. It was delicious and the service was excellent. This was at Atlanta international Airport. So I decided that on my return trip I would try it again. Apparently all Atlanta Bread Co are different. The one on Concourse C sucks. I ordered the turkey club panni and it was terrible no cheese and the bread was so hard. But before that after I ordered and was waiting for my order because they didn't have the kind of sandwich the customer ahead of me wanted they gave him my order They gave him my sandwich and had to talk him into taking it. After she knew I was angry she just threw a sandwich together for me. I feel that $11 is too much to pay for the crap I had. You may not care but you have lost a customer.
Veronica Griffin
[protected]@ Comcast .net

cleanliness - unsanitary

Just left the store. The regester personnel were very friendly and efficient. the cooks wore gloves, but their hair (which should have been in a net) was way too long and out of control.. One cook's hair was in braids and well below her waist. Her false eyebrows were exceptional long. The patron tables were filthy and the floor was dirty and sticky. Overall, the store appeared to be very unsanitary. Just thought you should know.

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    Burger King - St. Louis Airport Store ID - HMSBGRK03

I am complaining of the rude and slow service.

Airport tims has the slowest service any where.
Management says they are always short staffed, and Sundays the crew is so IL trained IE.. they do not cut the bagels in half, every body walks around like zombies.

A suggestion it might be to HS host to have secret shopper, To truly confirm the slow and rude service of the staff.

The People who work at the Airport do not have a lot of the to wait 10-15mintes in line just to get a snack or a meal.
it is my opinion that slow and bad service it solely the fault of incompetent management.

food was not all the way cooked

I tried you guys food when y'all first came to the airport in terminal b I order the lemon chicken. Didn't check it because I figured it would be food fine> I get back to my store cut open my chicken in it was still pink. Now two months later I say let me give them another try, this time I asked the waitress to let the coo know I want it well done please... And again I didn't check it right then in there (which I should have) I get to my store again, outside looks perfectly cooked but when I cut it opened is was still under cooked (mad face) an the coo gave me the most smallest piece of chicken they had (because I asked for well done) y'all charge 23$ for that chicken in for the second time around my chicken wasn't done at all. I want a refund,

Togo #604 december 19, 2019


Shamia d.

chick fil a

I ordered chick fil a last night at the dallas love field airport. I ordered chicken nugget meal. I didn't check the nuggets until I got on my plane. I tell you these were the worst nuggets I have ever received from chick fil a!!!
I must have got the bottom of the barrell because they were tiny tiny and no chicken. Mainly crumbs. It was shocking someone would even serve something like this to a customer!!!
Check number 9644 Dec 12, 2019 3:05 stopre id: DALCFA01 order number 9644.

food court cheesequake travel plaza

Stopped for lunch while traveling. The employees were nasty! Downright rude! Grilled chicken sandwich was 1/4 inch thick, burnt and all dried out. Two sandwiches, 1 fries and 1 drink. Charged each thing separate instead of for a meal with an extra sandwich. On the fries was a coupon for a free coffee. "Take it someplace else we were told". Don't give out the containers with coupons if your not going to honor them. Store ID was ID4GSFC005. Check 2894. Then we walked over to the pretzel place and got one. Order Check 2912. Opened it in the car as we left. For $4.47 it was hard as a rock. Last time we will go to any Burger King! For $27.35 we got cold, terrible food with a bad attitude! Could have gone someplace else for a whole dinner for that price! Would be nice to get a refund. And now I have to agree to your cookies and have advertising sent to me!

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Teresita (4842 on receipt) completely ignored me until someone else came along to place their order. I am in an electric scooter, but she had seen me when she gave the previou...

[Resolved] shula burger restaurant

We stopped in to eat at Shula Burger in Fort Lauderdale International Airport terminal on 11/30/2019 and found the service there to be terrible. Staff name on Receipt wa...


On Thursday, November 21, 2019 the manager on duty, Oiuda was extremely rude. Traveling is stressful enough and a meal before boarding a flight should be relaxing and enjoyable...

poor customer service and filthy store

As I approached to place my order the employee was seated on a stool. I ordered a mocha frappuccino. I was told "We are not doing that." I didn't fully understand, so I reviewed...


Stopped at HMS Host/Chick-Fil-A in Orlando Airport Store MCOOFA1 and ordered two CFA sandwiches and a large Waffle Fries. Quickly received two sandwiches and two small fries ...

very poor customer service

On Sunday, November 10th, I had ordered a 10" chx burrito and asked for it without the tortilla. Marian (425031) put the same amount that goes on a 10" burrito into the container...

starbucks customer service

417000 i went to go get my usual coffee and i told the woman which her name was nithya and i told her to make my coffee i told her to change it for me because it was old and too dark and...

chick fil a

It was oct 22 2019 7:06p at a rest station Knowlton Travel Plaza | Chick-Fil-A
408591 Mololuwa
Check number 7478

Service was horrid, I waited for five minutes with Mololuwa at the register and no other customers and was never asked for my order. I actually had to ask her if she was ready to take my order.
When we got the food to go it was cold
My bill was $14.79 and they forgot to give us an order of Waffle Fries, but we had left before we found out

service unsatisfactory

I work at the airport & was getting a sandwich to have for my dinner. I ordered the classic italian on rosemary parmesan. The employee asked what kind of cheese I would like & I said swiss. She picked up american & started to put it on the sandwich. I told her I said swiss but she didn't care, she put american on it anyways. I told her I wanted lettuce, tomato, pickle, banana pepper & cucumber on the sandwich. She said they were out of cucumber. She finished my sandwich but had to wait for another employee making a sandwich for a customer in line in front of me. That customer asked for cucumber & there were cucumber slices!
My food choices at the airport are limited but I will not get a sandwich from location again.

  • DeAndre Washington Nov 02, 2019

    Hi Ladybug! As the associate told you, they were out of cucumber when your sandwich was being ordered. After your sandwich moved to the next phase of processing cucumber became available. This is standard practice. I hope this clears things up!

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  • Rw
    RW16610 Nov 03, 2019

    @DeAndre Washington Surely the person working in this sandwich shop had to know they'll have more in the back or coming soon? Even if they were new the part about the cheese is absolutely inexcusable! What if the customer had an allergy or an issue with a certain topping? They can then decide as they please what to give you? What type of business strategy is this? And no, I don't think it clears anything up, sadly.

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  • Ev
    Everywhere Nov 03, 2019

    You failed to even state the name of the business.

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  • Ll
    LL cool bean Nov 03, 2019

    @Everywhere This guys has declared himself the complaint police. Has a lot of time so make sure your complaint is properly worded, clear and thorough. 😂

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417000 I went to this place to order a grill cheese, I told the server Andrew #361435 I wanted grill cheeses sandwich with no fries, when it was served to me it had fries I told him I...


Specifically, for MANAGEMENT! On October 21, 2019, my husband and I sat in your celebrity bistro the vibe your servers gave us was outstanding. Although work with back of the...

dunkin' donuts, montvale travel plaza

I was traveling home from Newark Airport and I stopped at a rest area serviced by HMS Host on October 21, 2019. I bought a bagel from Dunkin' Donuts, Store ID 4GSDDS06, at 5:52 pm. I was hoping to eat it on the rest of my way home, but it was so stale & hard, even though lightly toasted, that I couldn't eat it. It was a waste of money. It seemed apparent then that it must have been a bagel that was sitting there since the morning. I will not purchase something from them again since it seems the food is not fresh.

condition of restrooms

I travel often througout the states, and the rest rooms at ALL of the NJ Turnpike rest areas are awful. Particularly Woodrow Wilson on a recent trip. The areas are dirty, in need...

landon from sbarro

Took forever to get waited on and he didn't smile and wasn't to friendly and acted like he didn't want to work everyone wasn't to friendly and landen wasn't much help letting my...

refused to provide service. rude behavior.

Okt 18, 2019 : At 6:42pm I went into the Starbucks Store at Birmingham Airport Terminal A and ordered a cappuccino. Service was refused. The employee explained that the shop...

metro pizza cashier

I ordered my pizza with upali the cashier. I ask if the pizza just came out of the oven because I wanted fresh one. He said yes it has just came out. I feel that he was lying. The...

starbucks, houston intl airport terminal c

Ordered Vente Mocca Frappuccino with the espresso shots. The kid who made it s knocked it over when sliding it on the pickup counter in my direction. Yip, you guessed it, all over my pants leg. These things happen. However his coworker made me another, and as I rushed to make my flight I took a sip at the gate, it was terrible. Zero coffee flavor, just a watery mess. Tossed it in the trash. HMS has a lot of nerve thinking they can run a Starbucks. They do a half baked job at best and must think it's ok because the have a captive clientele. I recommend they stick to food service for prisons, that's what they are fit for.

bic bec combo

October 8, 2019 5:43am - 312149 Khim - Chk 9771 I am requesting a refund of $7.13. Meal was funky tasting, therefore did not eat much. But apparently I ate enough to get food...

chick-fil a in the minneapolis-st paul airport

I've never been so disgusted by the lack of professionalism and lack of customer service with a Chick—Fil A in my life. Everyone, including the managers, need to take another customer service class. They were more worried about joking around and their side conversations, rather than making sure orders are correct and customers have all the items that they ordered. I've been to many Chick-Fil A restaurants throughout the United States and I've never seen one quite like this.

hms/host facility store id 4njfc053

October 3, 2019 went to travel plaza to get something to eat, was dirty extremely OVER PRICED!!! Employess that worked at Starbucks were talking as we ate at table near there and...

cinnamon roll

September 28, 2019, I was travelling through PA and decided to splurge on a cinnamon roll. It was terrible. It was obvious that it was not allowed to rise prior to baking. It...

customer service

Tried to buy breakfast for me and wife this morning ticket #265 at 526 wife ordered when the server(nativida) asked me I asked if this location served just morning food as oregon...

a&w at raleigh airport

It was a terrible experience. They were out of A&W root beer. How can A&W be out of A&W? It was also very poor customer service. The woman taking out order was not helpful and seems annoyed we were there. They got our order wrong and when we told them we were missing items they didn't seem to care. The sitting area was a mess. The tables were all dirty, and no one cleaned up the spilled soda. I will never be going back to this location.


Hello, I got to Starbucks pretty often and I've never been treated the way I was treated at this particular location. Starbucks located at the Las Vegas airport near gate A5...

burger king original chicken sandwich

I purchased the Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich on Sept. 24, 2019 at 11:20 a.m. It took about 10 minutes to get the sandwich and then the chicken was burnt. Completely...

veggie frittata

417000 The frittata I was served was the driest eggs I have ever eaten. I would have asked for something else if anyone had even asked how my meal was. I was on a stool looking right at...

popeyes store 7158

Very long line with one woman working the counter (older lady long ponytail). She apologized because she was only one working. She repeatedly called for help because there was a...

store id cltsta 01: host# 400472 check# 4653 sept. 21, 2019 9:38am

The worst starbucks ever. I stopped for coffee at CLT airport and the employee were abusive and not willing to make a pour over for me. I ordered a decaf pour over with an extra...

burger king food, store id # 4nybkg01

My daughter & I stopped at the Burger King #7152, Sloatsburg travel plaza, ticket # 8010, for a quick bite. What an awful mistake that was. My daughter ordered first and then I...

lack of staff available and wait time.

Sept. 4, 2019. Stopped on I-90 Eastbound to use the restroom and grab a bite. We did not expect to be there almost 40 minutes. Waited in line to order food, even though the travel...