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### manager

I went to Hooters at the Panama City location across from the Navy Base; and our waitress was great; but the...

managers at hooters

I think my biggest complaint about Hooters is its managers, it just amazes me that a company would hire men who clearly have no respect for women what so ever as managers. I have seen managers make their girls beg, they have belittled them in front of customers, I have seen them make the girls cry just get get a laugh, I have also seen sexual harassment by the managers and unfairness in giving stations to girl depending on their merchandise sales, the girls have to actually buy merchandise them selves to be able to get a good section or tables. It is absolutely disgusting, how the owners of Hooters would let such harassment go on in their famous establishment just boggles my mind. I have been a customer of Hooters for a while but just can't stand to see how managers are allowed to treat their employees. I would hope that owners would step up and lay some ground rules down for managers to followed before their are some really major law suits.

dam scam liars

sitting on the beach a banner plane flew by several times advertising all u can eat wings for 7.99 from 5-9...

worst service of my life

I wanted to let corporate know about the horrible service that our party received by your waitress, Audriana...

double charged!

So I walked in to hooters, sat at my table and waited for my order. after waiting about five minutes we were...

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Four of my co-workers and myself went to Hooters. 4 of us ordered mixed drinks(which were terrible) and one...

food and gambeling

Last Saturday a friend of mine accompanyed me to the Hooters in Mc Kenny TX were they were no busy so we desided to stop in.

Three girls at the front said sit any were and your server will be right with you. The Server from another store (Plano TX) took our order and appeared to be very unhappy. I ordered a stake and it was pictured on the menue but what they delivered was not as shown. I asked the manager why and he said th menue was changed last week. When the server came back to give us the bill I asked her ans she offered the same explanation. I asked her why she did not tell me when I ordered as the stake I could get at Road House was 1/2 the size larger for the price! No responce.

Upon leaving we observed three guys and one girl on a high top table gambling and using chips. One of the fellows that was giving out the chips had a roll on bills in his right front pocked and was observed pulling it out when he gave more chips out. The manager had walked by our table and knew they were doing it as it appeared they were there for a long time and had not ordered anything.

Upon leaving the manager came up and said he was sorry about the order and I asked him why there was gambeling going on and he acted like he did not know anything.

SORRY HOOTERS I WILL NEVER GO INTO YOUR STORE AGAIN !!! I would have put this on your website but you do not have any place to contact management so now the world knows!

food that I touched was sent to another table

The service was horrible! We placed an order and then waited 20 minutes. Another friend came to join us and his order came before ours. We ordered drinks that came after the meal. Wr ordered a roster full of oysters and 3 orders of crab legs and no shuckers or crab crackers were given until for at least 15 minuter. My crab legs were cold by then and I asked the waitress to steam them again. She came back and stated that she sent my crab legs...the ones that I had another table. I am thoroughly disgusted by the service. How can I be sure that I am not eating food that was once in the possession of another customer. The manager apologized for the "mistake", but he did not seem very empathetic. I wonder what the customer who ate my crab legs would think if he knew I had them first. I have enjoyed the food at Hooters for many years. How can I trust that your establishment practices quality control and how can I be certain that the food I eat is safe? Please respond in a timely manner. Sincerely, Shawnder O. Worthington

degrading of the girls

I watched Undercover Boss On CBS . com The show was Hooters, One Manager in Texas, Inspected the girls when they came to work, How their nails were Etc. He also had them put their face in beans., Who ever ate them first got to go home early, How Degrading, to the Girls that worked there, The CEO Coby Brooks, only gave him a lecture, I am asking everyone to to avoid Hooters in Texas and all over until this Manager is fired, Please watch the program on your computer, You will see what store it is, I am sure many viewers were upset seeing this as I was, as how these woman were treated, Even though this Manager said he would change his ways, It is hard to believe. And please try to e.mail the Hooters CEO, On what you saw on the show.
thanks for reading my complaint.

  • Xe
    XenoMiang Mar 18, 2010

    Yes but women (and girls) continue to work there ... so unless all women decide to never work for a Hooters again these comments won't do anything except for getting your feelings off your chest.

    Not saying I agree with their practices or whatever but Hooters is here to stay.

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# service/food

I've just had the worst experience I've ever had at a Hooters EVER! My brother, myself and 10 other...

crappy managers...

I recently saw 'Undercover Boss' where Hooters was featured. I saw mostly positive things about the company and seems like any other average american restaurant. I am angry that CEO Coby Brooks decided to keep manager 'Jimbo' after his inappropriate expolitation of his staff. Jimbo is a disgusting man, a liability, and makes the WHOLE company look terrible. Keeping someone like Jimbo who would knowingly act that way on camera makes it look like that behavior is 'not that big of a deal'. I f Hooters will put people like that in charge than Hooters is not that great of a place to work because you will keep an obnoxious manchild who gets his jollies from degrading young girls. I am 27 and if Jimbo told me to snort a plate of beans I would have told him to go piss up a rope. I am disappointed in this company. Jimbo should have been FIRED. Instead he got a slap on the wrist. The company was on national television and it would have reflected better on Hooters and would have helped your image if you had taken a firmer stand against such disgraceful unprofessionalism. That behavior is absolutely unacceptable! He has not changed and it is only a matter of time before an employee files a lawsuit for harassment.

Kelly Ashton

  • Yl
    YLPgal Feb 17, 2010

    He should have been fired. I was shocked they let him keep his job.

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Bad from get go I walked in no greeting, sat down no one came to get our order for 10 mins food was all wrong.. While siting ther saw a rat run across the back by the bathroom!!! Nasty... Then the short maniger was a total # he should be fired! That whole place should be shut down... I will never go back the or will friends & family...


Employees there should be more professional and not try to sleep with married men.. Especially /name...

waitress not!!!

On December 11, 2009 @ 8:45pm. Myself, my husband & my sister stopped there for some wings & drinks, to have...

over served alchohol

I was over served alcohol by the managaers approval, Autumn Pletcher. ( Manager ) at the Hooters resturant in...

treated poorly by assistant manager of store

I am writing this evening to express my extreme unhappiness with a situation that occurred at the fargo, nd...

disregarding mission statement

I am so disappointed with the way my boyfriend and I were treated at Hooters. I went in to the West Covina...

terrible service and terrible manager

I was with 2 friends at Hooters on May13, 2009. We went out for a smoke and when we came back our plate of...

bad service/hospitality

Do you know what it feels like to be avoided by most hooter girls and not Talked to frequently? I am a...

bad service

My name is Stephanie Popkowski and I live in Jacksonville, NC. I am writing this letter because I feel you...