Home Depotauto payment scam

I have used auto pay for years and taken advantage of the promos, just to discover the auto pay doesn't have an option to cover the charges to avoid a charged fee, and alocates the money to orders owed a year later instead of what is owed today!!!
This is a scam and a disgrace. i will cut my credit card and never use that again.

I have asked for a reimbursement of $63.15 of late fees and was told that would not be possible.
I NEVER had to pay a late fee on a credit card mismanaged before in my life. Your system is a scam.
I will NEVER use your card or home depot again if this is not taken care of.
i want to be reimbursed all the late fees due to this antiquated auto pay system that works to make you "steal" fees from your customers!!! I will contact Better Business Bureau as well to let them know if this credit card Fraud.

This situation will never happen to me again.
You are losing a long time loyal customer through this horible system! It's 2020!!! This is abusive!

i am paying back $1000 today in one payment to make up for your BS! Thank you very much!

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Home Depot

Oct 09, 2019

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