Home Depot Extended Service Planlg refrigerator model lfx25960tt


Purchased LG refrigerator in 2007 and have had repeated problems with it overheating. On 8/6/2009 I discovered that it was starting to burn the area around the interior light bulbs. From this, I realized that the interior bulbs were staying lit even when the doors to the refrigerator were closed. All of the food in the fridge was hot and if I had not been home, the fridge would have caught on fire because the area around the light bulbs is black.
Also, if you like ice in your drinks, don't buy this fridge. It takes 2 full days to fill the ice bin, and when it is full of ice, it malfunctions and doesn't automatically shut off the ice maker. So, this is something you need to monitor at all times to make sure you turn it off when the bin is full and then remember to turn it back on after using the ice supply. I purchase several bags of ice weekly so you can definitely see that it is not superior in the area of ice production.
I've spoken to a representative from LG on 8/6/2009 and he said he needs up to 5 days to locate someone in my area to service my refrigerator. It is now 8/12/2009 and I have still not heard from LG.
On 8/9/2009, I visited The Home Depot in Harrisburg PA where I purchased the LG refrigerator and The Home Depot's Extended Service Plan, and a representative said that someone from the store would contact me the next day. On 8/11/2009, after not receiving a call from The Home Depot, I phoned the store and the representative said he would call me right back after finishing with another customer. Never received a call back. Today, 8/13/2009 I again phoned the Harrisburg Home Depot and also called the Extended Service Plan again and after a week, they are still trying to locate someone in my area to service my refrigerator. I reside 35 minutes from the Harrisburg Home Depot and they tell me that I live in a remote area, this is the reason for the delay in my service. I spoke to a representative from the Extended Service Plan today and she said that she cannot guarantee when she will locate a service agent in my area. When I asked why I was sold The Extended Service Plan for my area if there isn't an agent in my area for service, she said that they have no control over ensuring that there is a service agent in every area of the country. When I asked when I could expect a call back with a scheduled time for service, she replied that she could not promise me anything and hung up on me! I paid $ 2, 442.33 for a refrigerator and purchased The Home Depot Extended Service Plan, and after a week, I still do not have a scheduled appointment for service and they repeatedly tell me they are still trying to locate a service agent.

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