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rude and incompetent people!

The people at Home Depot - Sauve Street, Montreal, Quebec are rude and incompetent. Especially the manager and this useless fellow whose attitude borders on racism called nicola. i tried calling their office to tell them about the incident that infuriated me, and after 15 minutes of being forced to listen to their commercials. the line goes dead and they ask you to call again. they'll never see me there again.

I urge all of you never to get this credit card!

For all you credit card haters out there, I have a good one for you. I signed up for a Home Depot Credit Card...

home depot had sold my appliances to somebody else

I purchased 4 appliances from Home Depot in Biloxi Mississippi to repair our Hurricane Katrina damaged home in Long Beach Mississippi. I bought some of them on clearance. I paid for them and when I came to pick them up a week later Home Depot had sold them again to somebody else. They then offered me lesser appliances for the price of the reduced ones. Instead I returned all of the Items and I will never shop there again.

  • St
    stop crying Apr 26, 2009

    It is not Home Depot's responsibility to store your purchases for you until it is convenient for you to pick them up. Same day or next day pickup, but not a week. What did you expect when those stores were packed daily after the storm? I think Home Depot will survive without your patronage.

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  • Ta
    Tall David Jun 27, 2010

    I disagree. The fact was this person purchased the items. 4 items to be exact. For a store to sell of items you purchased is just wrong. I don't care how busy the store was after the storm. Those appliances needed to be put in a reserved section for the customer who purchased them.

    Why should you pay for lesser appliances, or receive things of a lower value when you spent your hard earned money on what you ordered.

    I see no reason why the warehouse could not have been called to have this person wait to get what they ordered. It'd be a pain, but it would have saved a lot of frustration.

    Even though it passed this is just a lesson that you should go the next day. Also man, have a little compassion. Hurricane Katrine was a terrible storm. Put yourself in somebody else's shoes, and think of how you might feel.

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carbide... you stupid mother-[censored]er!

I am writing to inform you of the absolute worst experience I have ever had in any retail store in my entire life. At approximately 2:00 pm on 9/17/2006 my partner and I visited the Home Depot store located at 1232 W. North Avenue in Chicago, IL with the sole purpose of purchasing a simple flow diverter for our shower stall. After finding a flow diverter and some teflon tape I approached the self-checkout aisle to check out. After about 5 minutes of attempting to get the unSKU'ed diverter to come up on the register, I saw an empty checkout aisle (at the time I thought I saw the light on as being "available") with three people standing in front of the register, so I said, "The hell with self checkout, I'll just go to a cashier." My partner remained standing at the self checkout, then moved behind the cashier's stand I spotted. As I approached the cashier I thought was open, I set down the items on the belt. At that point, one of the cashier's pointed out the register was closed... So I said, "Sorry... I saw three people at this register, so I figured someone was working here". I then grabbed the items and moved to a cashier directly behind this register.

Shortly thereafter, I heard my partner get into an arguement with one of the women at the register I just approached, and no sooner than this happened, he asked for the manager to come over. The cashier was an African-American named Kim. Well, apparently when I made my comment about thinking the register was open and turned my back, she said, loud enough for my partner to hear (since he was standing at the end of the register, and not in Kim's line of sight)... she said, "You smart mouth mother-[censored]er!". As I mentioned before, I did not hear her, so I continued to try to purchase the diverter whilst my partner requested to speak to the manager. He did this after confronting Kim about what she said, and she replied, "I wasn't talking to him. I was talking to her." To which he replied, "It's not about who you were talking to, It's about what you said. Get me your manager." Kim then proceeded to get on the phone and make gestures that could only lead an observer to think that she was vividly describing her point of view on the situation to sway any prejudgement that the manager would make. The manager aggresively walked toward my partner and asked what the problem was. The manager's name (or the person who was identified as the manager) was named Chris. My partner explained the situation, obviously agitated. The manager then put his finger in my partner's face and in an attempt to intimidate him said, "FIRST of all..." That was all that it took for my partner to know that dealing with these people would not help the situation. He then asked for the number to Home Depot's corporate office, so that he could effetively lodge a complaint. He was then denied that request, but if he wanted to he could wait for the manager to run and get the "Customer Care" number. I ended up not purchasing anything not just because I learned of the staff insulting me behind my back, and unknowingly in front of my parter, but also because it was taking entirely too long to ring up the diverter - what should have been a 5 minute purchase turned into total fiasco. We left the store, got in our car and travelled a few extra miles to visit an independently owned Ace Hardware, where we were greeted with smiles and hellos upon entering the store. We asked the salesman where we might find a diverter, he walked right over and picked one out right off the peg. The whole pleasent experience took us all of three minutes.

This letter is to alert you of some severe personnel problems at this store. The manager's problem resolution skills suck, and the attitude towards customers who require assistance, not insults, also sucks. The cashier Kim should be summarily fired for insulting a customer. There is absolutely no excuse for that type of behaviour and obviously if her job makes her so miserable she has to take it out on customers, she would be better off somewhere other than representing Home Depot. Chris, the manager, handled the situation entirely wrong. As opposed to listening and resolving the problem, he chose to aggravate the situation and my partner by instanteously confronting him before knowing all the details of the situation. As a gay man, I get a fair amount of grief from friends for even giving Home Depot any business at all. It is common knowledge in our community that Home Depot hates gays. I think the manager's attitude towards my partner (who is pretty easily identitifed as "a gay man") proved this point. At one particular point as I mentioned above, I was under the impression he was trying to physically intimidate my partner by his aggressive body language and tone - solely because he appeared gay. I don't think "bullying" a customer whose point was to make him aware of a severe problem with one of his cashiers is called for, whomever they may be. Certainly the point of the manager is to manage and operate the store, and resolve problems. I resolved the problem myself, by walking out with no purchase in hand, and after wasting a considerable amount of time doing so.

I did manage to get a good laugh at a housewarming party that day after seeing one of their advertisements on TV... They had some commercial showing helpful Home Depot staff assisting clients on TV with some do-it-yourself clinics. I had joked out loud to about 10 other people, "Yeah, what you don't see is when they customer asks a question like, 'What kind of bit do I need for my router?", the Home Depot employee smiles and says, 'Oh, you need a quarter-inch carbide bit'. Then when the customer is 5 feet away they say, 'Carbide... you stupid mother-[censored]er!'"
-- that was the only good thing I took away from my experience at that store -- a joke at Home Depot's expense. I've been pretty loyal customer to Home Depot... I think buying about $2000 worth of power tools (and home furnishing) in the past two years would determine that. To date, Home Depot has offered a $20.00 for my grief and experience, I believe this to be insulting... the problem they need to solve is better train their managers (and probably overall staff), and fire the employee(s) who choose to greet their customers with obscenities, attitude and insults.

buyer beware at home depot! and to top it off!

On April 2, 2005, we spent $850.00 on new countertops for our kitchen. (Along with a new $432.00 dishwasher and $1399 in new flooring - which we installed ouselves).

When the installer, who was subcontracted by Home Depot, was finishing the installation, I noticed that the countertops were cut too short. (They had been measured by a Home Depot employee.) There was too much of a gap between my stove and the countertop.

I immediately went to Home Depot and told the kitchen department employees about it, and they advised me not to sign the form that I was satisfied. I returned home, and told the installer that I would not sign and he went ballistic! He called him employer and made a huge deal in my house, actually making me really anxious, as my 10-year old son and I were alone with this guy.

This guy was really angry and finally left. My husband immediately got involved. Home Depot sent out three people from the store who admitted that it was not right!!! They admitted it!!! Then Home Depot sent out someone from the subcontracted company and this guy would not admit anything - he just tried to say it was not cut too short.

In the end, after emails, letters, phone calls, etc., Home Depot gave us a $100.00 gift card - that's it! I know that they think we have gone away, but we haven't yet.

Buyer beware at Home Depot! And to top it off, the dishwasher is in the process of breaking - the door hinge gets stuck and it must be pried open.

What a mess - I'll never go back to Home Depot - I tell everyone that I know about this experience.

  • Valerie Dec 07, 2006

    Bought a Ryobi MultiTASKit Laser Level Kit on line 11/26/2006 for $9.99 3 days later it shows up as back ordered even though the CSR 5 minutes early said it was being filled.Two days later back on line being sold for 49.99 today back on the back ordered list I figure I will never see this item for $9.99

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  • Valerie Dec 08, 2006

    On August 5th I placed an order on HomeDepot.com. I had order 2 54 In. White Callaway Ii with Remote and High Efficiency Blades for a total of $321.10.

    I received the fans shortly after ordering them.

    On installing the first fan, I had one of screws break off. I called the Home Depot in Mira Mesa. The associate in the electrical depart told me that I should return the fan and exchange it for another one.

    I called Home Depot and started the process of my return. Home Depot sent UPS to come pick up the fan and told me it would be 30 days for me to receive my refund.

    I had also installed the second fan. The fan was very noisy. I had called the Home Depot in Mira Mesa again. They had told me to give the fan some time to break in. In the noise was not reduced after time to return the fan. I gave the fan 2 weeks. The noise was still way too loud. I called Home Depot once again to have the fan returned. Home Depot told me that someone would come by and pick up the fan.

    Two weeks had passed and still no one had come to pick up the fan. I called Home Depot on September 11th, 2006 to inquire why no one had come by. They had said that they were back logged it should take one more week. I also inquired about the other fan I returned. They stated that fan was not marked as received in their system. The called the warehouse and found that fan had in fact been received and that they would start processing my return. Once again they told me it would take 30 days. I was also told that 2 more fans would be sent to me to replace the fans I returned.

    Another week passed by and still no one had come to pick up the fan. Once again I called Home Depot. They had stated the reason no one came to pick up the fan is because the person who had done the original entry of what it was returned forgot to enter the reason why it was returned.

    The entered that the fan was too noisy and told me it would be a few days before someone would come to pick up the fan. I also inquired about the replacement fans. They told me that I need to place the order myself. At that point I was very frustrated with Home Depot and talked with one of their support managers. The support manager apologized and gave me 10% off of the replacement fans.

    UPS came by to pick up the second fan around Sept 29th. UPS had shown that they were supposed to pick up two fans even though we returning only one fan. The driver said it wasn't a big deal and he took the individual fan. At that point we thought everything was being processed as normal.

    A few weeks went by again. I called Home Depot again to find out what the status of my return was. They apologized for the delay and told me to give it a few more days.

    I waited till the beginning of October and called again. They apologized for the delay; they said they would do an emergency RMA and said the credit should show up soon. Yet there wasn't any return. I once again had called around Oct 20th. This time the support person said they would do another emergency RMA and I should see the credit on my credit card within 3 days. The 3 days passed and this time half of the amount $160 was credit to me.

    Once again I called several times and talked with several people. Each person had stated I should expect my return with in a couple of days yet I did not receive anything.

    I recently called Home Depot on November 28th, 2006. I was told the rest of my refund was not given to me because UPS did not show the package as received. I was not told this by any agent in the previous calls. I was continually told that I would receive it in full within a couple of days yet Home Depot had a problem with UPS. When the UPS driver picked up the package, as stated above, he expected two packages. The driver canceled the original track number and generated a new one. Home Depot did not have any record of this but neither did UPS. I was told that UPS would put a trace on the package and respond to me in a couple of days. I have been promised a full refund several times yet I still have not received a fill credit.

    I finally got frustrated and emailed the Director Customer Care Group. My email was given to a corporate support person. Once again the corporate support person apologized and told me that she would look into the problem. I was given a gift card for my trouble. She had said she would call me with status within 48 hours. 48 hours passed and no call. Finally four days later I received a call stating that I need to deal with UPS in finding the package because UPS had not record of it. After tearing apart my house I finally found the originally receipt from the UPS driver. I gave that to the corporate customer service person. She told me that I could either take a gift certificate for more money than what the return was worth or wait on the return. At this point I couldn’t take it any more so I took the gift card just so I would not have to deal with Home Depot.

    Stay away from HomeDepot.com. If you need to return something it will be a long painful process. Home Depot puts ownership of the return on the customer. You will have to make sure the product is picked up, keeping the tracking receipt in case they lose the product, make sure they make the product as received and then make sure you get your refund. It should not be this way. If you order something from other on-line stores like the Gap you can actually return the product to the store and be done with it.

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I almost hate looking at my floors!

I defintely won't be spending any more of my money with Home Depot!
I ordered linoleum flooring in Februaruy 2006 and they were installed on schedule in early march 2006. My husband and I loved it, they were beautiful and not exactly cheap! Almost $5000.00!
1 year installation warranty was included with the install. I really thought a company like Home Depot would stand by that!!
What was I thinking!!
A repair need that was the result of installers error,came up in June. I called them.... no problem they say, we'll look after you. It is now the end of October. 1 person has come to look.... but no repair has yet to be done! I got the run around, lots of return phone calls...... but still NO REPAIR!
4 months later I have a new phone# to call that the install department so kindly gave me ...... only an answering machine there! Talk about a brush off!
Never Again! I will shop with the little guys that might actually care about customer service!
One day I hope to have my floor fixed, probably by someone else.
If only I had read all the online complaints referring to Home Depot prior to purchase!
Now, I almost hate looking at my floors!

  • Br
    Bridget Nov 20, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A copy of email to: Home Depot, Tucson, Arizona (El Con store)

    I recently bought an Atrium front door through the Home Depot and paid for their contractor to install it. The door and install totaled approximately $1,800. The install alone was nearly $400.

    I should have known this was going to be a fiasco when I initially went to order the door.... On July 12, 2006, I went into the store on my lunch break and picked out the door. I paid the $50 fee to have the contractor come out and measure for the door. On July 19, 2006, I returned to the store to sit down with an employee and actually get the door ordered. I was there for nearly an hour and 1/2 and thought that the order had been completed. Over the next week I received repeated calls by various employees requesting information that had already been given to the initial employee I dealt with (the employees were apparently not communicating with one another), the door was FINALLY ordered on July 26, 2006. The information that was given to the employee ordering the door was that the door was to be natural, unstained pine construction on the inside and out (not metal clad) and that we were going to be staining the entire door and NOT painting it.

    The door finally arrived in the store in mid-August. I asked the person at the special order desk if I could come and look at it to make sure everything was in order before it was delivered and whether I needed to make an appointment to do so. I was told no, no appointment was needed, to just show up at the special order desk and they would take me to receiving to see it. I went to the store the next day on my lunch break and told the girl at the special order desk why I was there. She then proceeded to take 2 phone calls, making me wait for over 10 minutes. Finally, I was taken back to receiving, only to be told "oh, the door is behind a big stack of merchandise on a pallet". I requested that the pallets be moved so that I could look at it. Another 10 -15 minutes went by while someone went to get a fork lift. Finally, after nearly 1/2 an hour, I was able to look at the door. All seemed to be in order.

    I could not get an installation date until August 31, 2006, so the delivery date was scheduled for the day before, on August 30, 2006, so the door would not have to sit outside while waiting for the install. I spoke with 2 different employees regarding the time for the delivery. I informed the employee that I live 35 miles from where I work in town and that I would need the delivery to be sometime after 3:30 p.m. I was told that they could only narrow it down to a time between noon and 5pm. I informed the girl that I could not take 1/2 day off work to wait for the delivery and could they please work it out to be after 3:30pm. She told me that she would put my request down and she would have the delivery supervisor get back to me. I did not hear from the deliver supervisor. On the day of the delivery, I received a call at my work at 2:00 pm that the deliver driver was on their way. I told them that this was not the arrangement and it was supposed to be after 3:30. I was then told that since the driver was already on their way and would have to wait for an hour for me to get there, it would be an adidtional charge of $120 (on top of the $80 I was paying for the deliver). I asked to speak to a manager about that and was told they would call me back. I did receive a call back approximately 15 minutes later that they would waive the charge. I appreciated that fact, however, I don't believe I should have been "threatened" with that in the first place, since I made arrangements well in advance to have the delivery at a time that I could be there.

    The door was installed the next day. My husband took 1/2 day off work to be home for the installation. When I arrived home from work, the workers were just finishing up. I noticed that the trim on the outside of the door had a gap of over an inch all the way around the door where it should have been up against the adobe brick door frame. Also, they had installed brick mould trim rather than solid pine trim. Brick mould is is for painting, rather than staining, and I had given the information that we were planning to stain the door and not paint it. So, Home Depot had ordered and delivered the wrong trim. I pointed this out the workers, who told me that was the material they were given to work with. I also noticed that they had started to fill the gap on the inside of the door with WHITE caulk (the adobe is dark brown, the door is to be stained honey pine). I told them to stop and we would do the caulking ourselves with either clear or dark brown caulk. (We had to wait for the caulk to dry for 2 days and then dig it out and scrape the adobe to get it off). Lastly, the door has 2 sidelite windows that have screens. The screens were made too big to fit the opening for the windows. The installers took the measurements and told us they would give the measurements to Home Depot to order the right size screens. Also, the screen frames were constructed of shiny white metal, and did not match the threshold which is a dark bronze.

    The next day, I took photos of the trim on the door and the gap around the frame. I went to Home Depot on my lunch and delivered them to the special orders desk with a note asking them to call me so that we could have the installers come back out to fix the problem. I also inquired about the color of the screen frames and whether they could be ordered in different colors (I was not asked at the time I ordered the door what color I would like). I did not hear from anyone for a day, so Ifinally called. I was told, oh yes, I received the photos, we will have them come back out. I then inquried about the screen frame colors and whether they came in different colors. Her response was, "I'm not sure". I finally had to ask her if she could please find out for me and let me know. Several hours later I did receive a call back and was told that "the screens come in 7 different colors". I was amazed once again that I had to keep pushing to get the information that should have been offered from the very beginning of the ordering process. I selected the color I wanted and was told the screens would be ordered.

    The installers were scheduled to come back out to my house to fix the trim on the door on September 11, 2006, between 9 and 11:00 a.m. I took the morning off work to be there. At 8:00 a.m. on that day, I received a call from the installers that they were at Home Depot and they were given poplar wood trim, rather than the pine that was ordered. They were then told by Home Depot that "we don't carry pine" and that they would have to get the pine trim from another Home Depot store on the other side of town and they couldn't get it that day. Meanwhile, I had taken time from work and had to go into work late that morning and still my door was not finished. The next day, on Tuesday, September 12, 2006, I again took time off work in the morning. The installer arrived at 8:15 and finished the job. He told me that Home Depot had told him that the manufacturer told them the screens are the correct size (this was a surprise to me, as I was under the impression the screens had been ordered the week before!). This installer AGAIN tried to fit the screens, which were (still) too big for the opening. He took the measurements and told me he would give them to Home Depot. Later that day, I called and spoke to the special services desk and I was told that they had ordered the screens but it would be 4-5 weeks before they came in. I stated this was not acceptable, there had been multiple screw ups and could they please put a rush on them and let me know when they would be in? As of this writing (September 14, 2006) I still do not have an arrival date for the screens.

    I finally decided to contact the store manager, Bud Butterfield, to discuss all of the problems that I have had with what should have been a rather simple door installation. He had nothing but excuses to offer me and told me that he didn't have the details and should speak with his special orders manager. I told him that I did not want to deal with another employee and that is why I was contacting him, as the store manager, to rectify the situation. He informed me "that is not the way their process works" and that I needed to speak to this other person. I again told him I wanted to deal directly with him. He refused to help me, telling me I was more than welcome to contact his district manager. I informed him that I am planning on installing new tile throughout our house, as well as buying new appliances and asked whether my experience with this door installation is indicative of the service I can expect from Home Depot? He had no reply. I can assure you, I will not spend my money at Home Depot again only to go through the inconvenience they have caused and then show absolutely no concern for rectifying. It seems that Home Depot really doesn't care about the "little" consumer and their customer service reflects that.

    Tucson, Arizona

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  • Cu
    Customernotalwaysright Aug 03, 2009

    I definately agree that the Home Depot is very unorganized. I used to work there and there is definately a lack of communication!! I was a cashier and would desperately try and get help from staff on the floor and would get responses such as "can't you just get it for the customer?" Uh, no. I'm a cashier and cannot leave my till unattended, so why don't you do your job?!

    Unfortunatley customers would take their anger out on me instead of management who should make sure everyone is doing their appropriate job when the customer needs it.

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  • Th
    THDAssociate Aug 23, 2009

    I hate my manger at Home Depot - Charles Boarden. He is a dickless loser and will screw you every chance he gets.

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  • Ph
    phlegm Oct 23, 2009

    If you manager is "d!ckless" as you post, THDAssociate, then how can he "screw" you every chance he gets. I am assuming you were speaking metaphorically?

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check refusal

On september 9, 2006 I went to home depot at spokane valley, wa. I had regularly been spending $500- 700 week...

no employee ever showed up to help me

I was purchasing electrical supplies from Home Depot and could not find an item that I needed. I went to the "customer service" area and asked the woman behind the counter if there was someone in electrical that could help me. She said that she would call someone and picked up the phone and called someone. 15 minutes later I went back and told her that no employee ever showed up to help me. Again, she said that she would call them. I waited by the counter and listened to her talk to her co-worker about her weekend and personal matters. After 10 minutes I asked if there was anybody working in the electrical department and she told me that there was not anybody working in that department, but that she would try to help me. I was so frustrated that I put all of the items that I was going to buy on the counter and walked out and went to Lowe's.

  • Br
    Brenda Miles May 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, my experience has been with Lowe's not home depot. I visited the Lowe's store on William Penn in Durham twice in the last week. I have experienced sales personnel that totally ignored me and my call for help, while they were doing nothing. On one occassion I even asked the sales person if he saw me standing and waiting for him at least 15 mins, and he stated yes. While he was not assisting anyone, just ajusting the carpet role, he never said"I will be with you in a moment" or anything. I was only there because my job wanted to use the Lowe's card to purchase carpet, otherwise, I would have been at Home Depot.

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amazing incompetence

My first experience was ordering cabinet knobs, the order got completely messed up and then I had to stand on the customer service line for a credit for almost an hour. I hesitated having any further contact but I needed flooring and decided to try again. I went into the Home Depot - 23rd St., NYC and Staten Island store and asked for Pergo laminate, when I could not find the color I wanted I was let to another flooring company and picked something out. When I got home, I realized I had been sold real wood instead of laminate. I accepted what I had bought but I am amazed at the incompetence of the organization.

Never again.

  • Valerie Feb 14, 2007

    I went to my local homedepot on January 29 2007. I wanted to purchase a dishwasher. The one I wanted wasn't available to be delivered until February 10.

    I was never notified the night before when delivery would occur. I waited until almost 3:00PM the next day which was in their delivery window. Upon arrival the men didn't speak English and it was difficult to deal with them.

    When they opened the product up on the truck the whole washing machine was warped. The frame itself was cracked. Yet the delivery guys wondered if I still wanted it.

    They told me to call the warehouse and try to get another washer. I went back to the location and inquired about another model to be delivered. The associate said all the information wasn't filled out and he asked me more questions.

    Finally he said the warehouse must be called to cancel order and get a new one. I then asked when a new one could be delivered and he said maybe Wednesday. Since he didn't realize it was past 5:00PM the warehouse was closed.

    So to proceed I would have to come back on Monday at which time to complete the transaction and get the dishwasher would take at least a week. He said that the schedule is fool and that is the way it is.

    Atr this time I was so enraged since I had surgery on my hand and needed the dishwasher ASAP. Since they could not comply I wanted ALL my money back. However, they said only the portion dealing with credit card can be credited on next bill. The part I used a Home Dpot gift card could NOT be given back in actual dollars.

    I don't want to deal with this company anymore yet they continue to hold my money in giftcard form. It is my money yet they want me to remain beholden to them in the future.

    I feel at this time I will have to contact the NY Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau to complain. Maybe even a letter to the Home Depot CEO.

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never received my rebate giftcard

I purchased over $5000 in Kraftmaid cabinets in Jan 2006. I filled out rebate form $300 and mailed in per instructions per time window. In March, I checked the status on the website and it said giftcard had been mailed mid-March. I never received it. I called twice in March and was told it was mailed. The second time, I explained that it had been over 10 days and I would have received it by then. Request re-issue of gift card because I had not received it. They said they could not reissue for 45 days. I waited well over 45 days. No re-issue. Called in June. They said it had been over 90 days. SOL! I requested to speak to someone higher. I was told there was no one else to speak to. I could e-mail customer service complaint. I did. NO RESPONSE!!! It's been 2-3 weeks now since I e-mailed.

  • St
    Stephen Apr 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a Ryobi tiller from my wife "gee Thanks", so I tried to appease her and tried it out before i returned it. Mistake #2. It would work until i hit hard soil or caught a small rock stone... So f that and back in the box it went. I took it back to home depot and made mistake #3. When They asked did i use it, I said yes... oh then u can't return it. "WHAT" A manager came over and reversed the unable to return but unknown to me until i received the GIFT CARD that it was 199... not the 230(including tax) that was paid for it. I asked what the hell is this. He said that since i did use it i should just be glad they took it back. With some more ### and complaining They were so generous to give me a $30 credit on anything i bought TODAY and TODAY only... Like I felt like buying anything after this B.S. And when i said just give me a gift card for it he told me again... well i didn't have to accept the return, as a threat to accept or get out.

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briggs & stratton generator rebate

I purchased a Briggs & Stratton Generator at the Home Depot on Watson Blvd. in Warner Robins, Georgia, May 2006. I sent all the info. to the proper office to get the $125.00 give card when you purchase a power produce. I have not received the gift card. Every time I call the numbers provided by Home Depot, a human never answers the phone. I'm tired of being told to mash 1 for this, 2 for that, english or spanish. When I finally talked to someone I was told our information submitted has been lost. I've decided to take the generator back and go across the street to Lowes! My cc for Home Depot will be cut up. Thanks Home Depot. You know how to keep your customers satisfied.

home depot's return of on on-line orders are unreachable

Home Depot's return of on on-line orders are unreachable. In May I ordered roll up bamboo blinds. The order was incorrect and they overshipped by 4 blinds. I sent them e-mails to which the response was they will contact me as soon as possible. Not sure of what time table they use, that was 2 months ago. Placed many calls to the 800 number only to hold on from anywhere to 15 to 30 min. When I reached a live person they said I would get a call in 72 hours, 2 months have passed no call. HELP!!!!!!

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    ankit nema Mar 05, 2012

    my mobil lost in train.bhopal to chhindwara train.

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    hayfarms Sep 19, 2013
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    I ordered the Electrolux washing machine / extended warranty on line August 25th. I have heard only the best about this product and have one at my second home and love it because of these reviews. Received and within 2 hours the door locked showing code E-42 on first wash leaving wet clothes jammed in machine. Called Electrolux and they were going to send out a repair person to look at it. They were also sending me the parts they thought I needed because the company they contract through (Dial One, who has a poor reputation in my city) did not supply parts (?) I demanded a new machine. The second one arrived and during set up by the installers the door jammed and would not open. After a lengthy phone consultation with Electrolux the installers were directed to remove the machine from my home and I was told I would receive a third machine with priority delivery. The evening before delivery (Friday Sept. 13th) on the third machine I was called by logistics and told the machine would not arrive until Wednesday not Saturday as promised. By Home Depots account and in this process, I was without a washer from August 25 – September 16th when I officially cancelled the entire order. I have support showing I made 11 calls, placed on hold 7 times was transferred 14 times, spoke to 23 operators (to call them anything but would be a stretch) and called them out on three contradictions. This discombobulating and dysfunctional relationship between Home Depot and Electrolux and their so called logistics experts cost me $165.00 in Laundromat usage, three days out of work not to mention having to return to a local Home Depot to receive a refund on the Extended Warranty that was also purchased. To elevate anger, neither would take responsibility for the problem. Electrolux blamed Home Depot for mishandling the units and Home Depot stated it was the units themselves. Taking a leap of faith at 6:00PM on Friday the 13th, I went to the local HH Gregg bought an identical machine which was the night Home Depot cancelled my Saturday delivery. It was delivered Saturday by 4:00 PM(less than 24 hours) set up and is fully operational. This leads me to believe that something may be not on the up and up with the quality of merchandise I received from Home Depot. Is it brand new? This and the fact that never did I receive an ‘Electrolux Welcome Kit’ from Home Depot as was in the packaging from HH Gregg. It contained detergent, fabric softener and several two and three dollar coupons with a book of facts on HE. When calling Home Depot to cancel the third delivery and order Monday September 16th, I spoke with a man (finally) who reviewed the files and as he said, “I’d be returning it too”. Tuesday Sept. 17th I received a call from Home Depot delivery stating I should receive a call tomorrow (9/18/2013) with a 4 hour window for my washing machine delivery. To date I have not received a refund on a purchase of over $1000.00 made on August 25th. THIS IS LIKE A BAD NIGHTMARE! Customer Service not a priority. NOTE: When renovating a few years ago most of my special orders were from The EXPO, which was a division of Home Depot. That was a customer service based organization. What message is this saying, If you have money …..

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