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unpleasant experience

This is a letter recently that I wrote to Home Depot:

To Whom It May Concern:

This afternoon I tried to return a new Husky Powerwasher 1800 psi to your Gloucester, Virginia store. It was purchased on June 16, 2007, with Check Number 5675, along with other items that totaled $326.88. The serial number on the power washer is ____, Item Number 18005. Included with the total purchase on the 16th was a floor model upright freezer, SKU 453-946.

On June 17, 2007, I purchased an LG Refrigerator for $2,199 (special pricing), along with the ice line, delivery, etc., for a total of $2,374.45.

The following is a description of some of the mishaps that have occurred during my interactions with Home Depot.

First, my husband and I brought the freezer home on the 17th using our own trailer. We brought it into our garage, moved the food in the old freezer into the new, and put the old freezer on the trailer to take to the local land fill on the following Monday a.m. The new freezer started running; by the way, it also had been running when we bought it at the store.

About midnight, when I took our dog outside, I happened to open the freezer and realized that the food inside was thawing. Upon calling my husband downstairs, we brought the thirty-year-old freezer back into the garage, once more transferred the food, and started up the old freezer. Later I plugged in the new freezer; it would not freeze ice or anything else.

The store personnel suggested that I get the local approved repair person to the house to see if the freezer could be repaired. I called the manufacturer to get a list of approved repair companies. On the 26th, I was able to get someone to the house. The owner of Briggs Appliance had been on vacation earlier, and the other approved repair service refused to repair any appliance that had not been purchased from them. While he was very nice (Mr. Briggs), the repair person said that the freezer was not worth repairing, that it was leaking coolant.

To give the salesperson credit, he did come to collect the freezer, so that we did not have to take it back to the store ourselves.

I made arrangements to have the LG refrigerator delivered on June 25, 2007, making sure that I remained in my home office all day long. When the delivery men arrived and I had showed them where the refrigerator was to go, the driver requested that I come outside to the truck. The corner of the refrigerator was bashed in severely, along with the packing being damaged. My husband arrived home about that time and said that whoever loaded that appliance knew when it was loaded that it was damaged unless the damage occurred on the truck.

The delivery person gave me a damaged products card (MS# ____) and said that I had to call the company to make arrangements for another appliance to be delivered another day that I could not leave the house. The damaged appliance was hauled away. The new refrigerator was finally delivered about a week later; it's a beautiful appliance.

There was a special that was running at the time on energy saving for which I applied on July 4, 2007, via http://homedepot.onlinerrebates.com/confirminfo.aspx. I was to receive a $200.00 gift card for purchase of the LG refrigerator. That has not arrived at the time of this letter (Promotion Number 52907).

I was also to receive a return of the delivery charge as part of a promotion. That check has arrived (Promotion Number 84923).

As I had guests in my home and my husband was preparing for a lengthy stay in Africa, I did not have reason to use the Husky Powerwasher until on or about July 20, 2007. The power washer that I purchased on the 16th of June would not build pressure. I did not return it at the time; I thought that I would let my husband try to operate it when he returned. He came back from Zimbabwe on the 8th and tried the power washer this a.m. It will not build pressure.

Please note the following, when we purchased it, the box that the washer came in was nearly disintegrated, but it was the last one on the shelf, and I wanted that particular model. When I did install all of the hoses the first time, I noted that the water plug had already been removed. Is it possible that someone else had purchased this washer and also returned it?

Prior to returning the power washer today, I looked for the sales receipt and could not find it. As you can imagine, I have lots of paper work: sales receipts for the refrigerator and freezer, multiple customer invoices, bill of lading, online rebate forms, the paperwork from the appliance repairman, card from the damaged refrigerator, pick-up confirmation for the freezer, warrantee materials, manuals, and more. It is my fault that I cannot find the sales receipt for the power washer, but, at this point, I hope that you can see that such confusion is possible.

When my husband and I brought the power washer today to the returns desk, the young woman at the desk said that she could not take the washer back, as I did not have a receipt and the sale occurred more than 30 days ago. I asked for the manager, who was short with me, said that she could not do something that Georgia would not permit her to do, and walked away. I admit that I was upset when I spoke with her, but she would not let me finish a sentence and try to share with her some of what is in this letter.

It should be noted that at the returns desk at that time was the exact same model of power washer that someone else had returned today (the 12th). Is it possible that these power washers are defective?

I was told that I would need to send the washer back and pay $35.00 to have it looked at. If the washer was still under warrantee, my money would be returned. If there was further cost, I would be called about the charges. At this point my frustration with Home Depot is about to the maximum. Remember, this is a new washer does not have the first minute of powerwashing timed on it, yet, and I'm paying for a repair!

There was no discussion of I am sorry by the store, an even return for a washer that works, may I see the check that you wrote, or any other amenity.

At this point, I do not know what the answer is for my frustration with my experiences with Home Depot or how that such a situation can be ameliorated, but I have seldom been so upset by a corporation, especially, after having spent several thousand dollars with your company. I know that my business will not make or break your company, but as soon as I get my power washer back, I will not do business with Home Depot, again, nor would I recommend your corporation to anyone else. My experiences with Home Depot since June 16, 2007, for the most part, have not been pleasant.


  • Su
    Supermom4jc Aug 14, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    3 weeks ago we went to purchase a gas stove. Was told it would be delivered the next week. The day it was to be delivered we were told it was received damage. However they have an identical stove returned that has a broken knob they can replace. We pick it up. When we have someone hook the gas up, they find the cord has been cut off. No stove yet!


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the worst case of customer service

Home Depot
Hampton Point, Hillsborough, NC

In late June 2007 we purchased a dishwasher, followed by stove two months later. "HBI Home Delivery" is the company that Home Depot and Lowes (in this area that I know of) contract to deliver their appliance sales and never have I seen a delivery company so inflexible to customer needs.

HBI delivery would call the night before to inform us what time they were delivering, which we quickly noticed was 3-7 Tuesdays and Friday. Like many people we have busy work schedules making us unavailable so we asked for a morning delivery, which we never got. Finally after only a month our dishwasher was delivered, not in the morning of course, but rather 3-7 after my wife took time off work.

Thinking the first delivery problem was a flook we purchased a stove from Home Depot and of course, ran in to similar difficulties. We informed HBI Home delivery that we were unavailable in the evening due to work schedules that couldn't be changed but would be happy to be present in the morning. Again they told us to reschedule for the next delivery date and they would see what they could do. After rescheduling two times HBI finally told us that due to their route we could only get deliveries in the late afternoon and they would not alter it. I called Home Depot in Hillsborough and they did little to help, stating that unfortunately that's just the way it is.

Luckly we received this stove in only a week and a half due to HBI forgetting to take us off the schedule after we canceled and the truck was so late that they arrived at 9pm when we were home.

This is the worst case of customer service that I've ever experienced and I will never purchase another appliance from Home Depot due to the poor customer service they've provided in both my communication with the Hillsborough store and via HBI that they contract for deliveries. I would like to see Home Depot provide some good customer service, until they do, I'll make sure to inform others so they don't make the same mistake I did in purchasing an appliance from such a place.

polyresin wicker furniture is a rip off!

I purchased my wicker set at Target 2 years ago I have taken very good care of my furniture wrapping it every winter. This year when I took in out I noticed that the plastic resin is popping off an splitting I am very disappointed I thought I would have this set for years to come since it was about $500.00 I feel that this set should be replaced If you think about it it has only been outside for the months of June, July and aug a total of 6 months in the last 2 years I have tried to find a phone number or an address for Hampton Bay but have not been able to find any information on them.

be prepared for a long wait!

Be prepared for a long wait for blinds when shopping for blinds at the Expo Design Center owned by Home Depot. I have three windows with arches that I wanted to have honeycomb blinds put on. The installer came out to measure and do the templates for the arches. I placed the order for the blinds. Three weeks later, they called to tell me that the blinds I ordered don't come in the size I needed for the arches. I picked out a new fabric and asked them again to order them. I was told they would arrive three weeks later. On the Wednesday of the week they were due to arrive, I called the store to find out if they had arrived. They indicated the blinds were still being fabricated, but would arrive in approximately 2 weeks. Two days later I received another phone call saying that UPS lost our templates for the arches and that the installer would have to come out to redo them and basically start all over. Needless to say, I AM NOT HAPPY! They can blame Hunter Douglas and UPS all they want, but I ordered blinds for my other windows from an online company I have used before and they were here in less than 2 weeks.

inferior product and service!

I purchased a Hampton Bay Callaway UU ceiling fan, Model: 526062 on April 27, 2007. The fan was purchased online from Home Depot The Vendor # is: 219030 and the UPC # is: [protected] (Tex. White. This fan came with a remote that controlled the light on the fan as well as the speed on the fan, et., al., It was installed by an electrician and it did work for little over a month or so, but just tonight June 8, 2007, about 9pm the fan blades and the light failed to go on, even though the remote worked telling me that something is drastically wrong. I see in the manual that came with this fan that it was made in Taiwan and just maybe the person who put the fan together didn't inspect the product before it went out for shipment. I am totally disgusted with Hampton Bay as well as Home Depot for carry such an inferior product. In the manual it states: that I have a Lifetime Limited Warranty on this product and if this is not settled to my satisfaction, then IU will turn it over to the proper authorities.

  • Ja
    Jane E. May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had the Hampton Bay Callaway ll fan installed. One of the lightbulbs included was broken. This type is not available at Home Depot (I would guess also not at Lowes, too). Home Depot is sending another bulb (via the manuf.) but could take several weeks. What manufacturer would market a light that requires speciality bulbs. I do not know where to buy or how much. The manual says it is a 14W but no other info. It is a small twisting CFL but has 4 pins in the base instead of screw base.

    Any ideas?

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  • De
    DeeJ Jun 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If the fan is not responding to the remote or if the CFL light is a problem. Contact "King of Fans" who covers the warrenty for Hampton Bay. The contact number is 800.749.3267 for the lifetime warrenty.

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nothing but frustration

Home Depot, Casa Grande Arizona, just this past weekend I went to Home Depot and I needed some assistance with looking for a part, when I did find someone to help me, before I could even explain what I needed and was looking for I was immediately given the answer “No”, and every question that I asked after that the answer was “No”. This was the straw that broke the camels back, just about every time that I have been at home depot and needed assistance I am treated very rudely and never get the assistance that you normally get when you go to a Lowes or a Wal-Mart. The worst part is if you have to go to Home Deport and god-forbid you have to ask fro help at the customer service desk, the people that are up there are so very rude, now not everyone that works there is rude or unwilling to help but the majority of them are. It is sad to see when you are shopping there and people get so frustrated that they just leave there stuff there and walk away. The sad thing is that my husband and I have received gift cards from Home Depot, and we are willing to go to Lowes and pay out of out pockets to purchase items just because the customer service is better there than home depot. I hope that if you are in the Casa Grande area, and have to go to a Home Improvement store do not choose Home Depot, our you will leave with nothing but frustration. Until their customer service acts like a customer service should I will not be going there and I will be suggesting to everyone I know and anyone who reads this not to go there as well.

Very unhappy Customer.

  • Bo
    Bob G. Mar 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to the Home Depot Store at Thunderbird and I-17 in Phoenix looking for a washer and dryer that were on sale. I was told that they had none in stock, and that they were on back order. I requested that I be able to purchase them at the sales price and have them delivered when they arrived. I was told that the sale would go off in a few days( Feb, 27th) and that since they had none in stock I couldn't do that. I then asked that when they did arrive could I still get them at the sale price. I was emphatically told "NO".

    Since I was moving to the Casa Grande area, I asked if the salesperson could check in Casa Grande for me. She told me that she didn't have the number and had been on vacation for a week, and had forgotten how to utilize their internal phone system. She found the number in a file and gave it to me to call.

    After moving to Casa Grande on February 27th, I was told by a salesman at the Home Depot Store that they had none in stock, and besides, they had a lot of complaints about that particular item, and he recommended I buy something else ( would have cost me another $400 to $500) at about double the price. I was also advised that I could not purchase the appliances at the sales price at that time and have them delivered when they arrived. I walked out of the store.

    Where's the customer service in what happened above.

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customer service an oxymoron

My experience with Home Depot has helped me see that you really don't care about your customers. Therefore, in hopes that someone at Home Depot's corporate offices will read this I am writing this summary of my recent experience.

1. On May 5, 2007 I purchased a riding lawn mower at Home Depot in Sandusky, Ohio. When I purchased the mower I also rented a truck from Home Depot to transport the mower back to my home (about 15 miles from the store). Your employees loaded the mower on the rental truck, and thanked me. I had, however, not even paid for the lawn mower. Realizing this, I went back into the store, told the woman at the customer service desk that your employees loaded the lawn mower on the truck and I had not paid for it. I told her that I could have driven away with the mower, but I didn't. I told her I wanted to pay for the mower. I waited for 15 to 20 minutes until she located the employee how handled the transaction (the man who loaded the lawn mower on the truck). I paid the for the mower (a little over $1000.00).

2. My next door neighbor had purchased the same lawn mower a few days before I did (one of the reason why I decided to purchase this particular lawn mower). While he purchased the same model as I did, the store employee loaded the next higher model on the truck my neighbor rented to take the lawn mower back to his house. When my neighbor informed him they put the wrong lawn mower on the truck, and the one they loaded on the truck was $200.00 more than the one he paid for, the employee told him - "It's OK. Our mistake, just go ahead and take it."

3. I've since used my lawn mower a total of four time. When I tried to use it on Thursday, June 7, 2007, a part must have come loose from the mower, because the deck was hanging to the ground on one side. Thursday June 7, 2007 happened to be 3 days after the Home Depot 30-day refund policy expired. I called the Sandusky store and told them that I wanted this lawn mower fixed. I had only used it 4 times and paid $1000.00 for it (I could have gotten it free had I chosen to be dishonest). The employee told me to call the company that manufactured the mower and that there was nothing Home Depot could do about it. I told him I didn't buy the lawnmower from the manufacturer, I bought it from Home Depot. He said it didn't matter, I now had no other course of action but to call the manufacturer. I asked him if that was the only thing he could tell me, and he said yes. I then asked his name. He said (QUOTE) "I'm not going to give you my name." I pressed him for his name and he said "Dave". I then asked for his supervisor who told me basically the same thing.

4. After going through the same waste of time with the customer service department, I asked to speak the store manager. He was busy at the time, so I gave him my phone number to call me back. About 20 minutes later, he called me back and told me his name was Miguel. I explained the situation and he told me that I had to bring the lawn mower in and they would send it out for repair. I told him I was not renting a truck at my expense to take the mower to the store and then rent another truck at my expense to pick it up when repairs were complete. The exchange became heated after a time. He finally agreed to have someone pick up the mower and take it back to Home Depot and then bring it back to me when repairs were completed. But he indicated it would cost me a "Diagnostic Fee" of $30.00 and that if the repair service (not the manufacturer) determined that anything that was found wrong with the mower was "the customer's fault" that I'd have to pay for repairs. The exchange got heated because I had only used the mower 4 times to do what the mower was designed to do - mow grass and I had no assurances the repair facility was going to be honest. Miguel asked "Are you done, yet?" and then proceeded to say "Look, dude!" (quote). At this point I stopped him and said "What did you say? Did you call me 'dude'?". He said, "Sir, madam, Mr., Mrs....it doesn't matter...". I told him I thought this was rude and unprofessional and told him I would contact the corporate office of Home Depot and find someone who cared about Home Depot customers. After that, he hung up on me.

This is when I learned that no one at Home Depot cares about its customers.

My next step was calling the Home Depot Customer Service toll-free number. I spoke to an associate who told be basically there was nothing I could do because a 30-day refund policy means 30-days. I was 3 or 4 days over the 30 days and that's Home Depot policy and that's that. I asked to speak to her supervisor.

I was transferred to a lady name "Betty" - supposedly a customer service supervisor. After a discussion with Betty and seeing this was going nowhere, I finally agreed to the arrangement "Betty" proposed. Since I had no desire to and, in fact, refused to ever call "Miguel" (the Sandusky, Ohio store manager) again - Betty told me she would contact the Sandusky Home Depot store and arrange for them to pick up the lawn mower, take it back to Home Depot, send it out for repair and then bring it back to me when repairs were completed. She said for my inconvenience she would issue a $10.00 Home Deport card for my trouble. I agreed to this, because I could see that I wasn't going to get anywhere with anyone at Home Depot and wasn't going to be able to exchange the lawn mower.

Betty explained that she would call me back later in the day with a confirmation number for the Home Depot $10.00 gift card and we would make arrangements for the pickup of the lawn mower. I explained that I was going to be out-of-town the rest of that day (Thursday 6/7/2007 and all day on Friday 6/8/2007). I told her any day next week would be find. I gave "Betty" my cell phone number and told her to contact me anytime that day (Thursday). She never called back on Thursday, nor did she call the next day. My cell phone was on the entire time and I received many other calls, but none from Betty or Home Depot.

It really appears to me that no one at Home Depot really cares about customers so I really don't expect more than a cursory reply to this message. But I will find a way to get this message to the CEO of the company and any other corporate officer I can find. I am not going to drop this and I will post this information in newsletters and on blogs and on customer complaint sites until someone at Home Depot acknowledges me and my problem.

Thomas Smith

  • Ho
    Homer D. Poe Jan 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sir, as I do understand the nature of customer service these days I also am attentive to the lack of personal responsiblity and rule following the consumers like you have seemed to have forgotten about. I work in the building industry as a salesman for a large box store so I do see both sides of this argument. Unfortunately, day in and day out I see people like you who purchase things knowing policy but belive that you are personally entitled to rule breaking and special favors. If a compnay with over 2000 stores were to cave in to "special" requests like yours day in and day out they would not be here to serve you when you need a screw and a nut!

    On the other hand, training is minimal for customer service, personal interaction and understanding differences of opinions. People are thrown on the sales floor and don't always know how to kiss the ### of "empowered" people like you.. which is after all "WHAT YOU WANT!"

    I hope in the future you have better experiences shopping and also understand the importance of policies .

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  • Br
    brit2000 Apr 20, 2008

    Your complaint is a classic, 'the customer is always right'. You simply did not hear the answer you wanted to hear and continually pressed the issues with many representatives at Home Depot. Of course they are all going to give the same type of answer as it is policy and in the contracts, ect. I agree with what Homer says as the company has to protect itself also.

    The only thing rude in this situation is you and your continued 'crusade'. They tried to compensate the best they could by offering to pick it up and take it back. They even gave out a $10 gift certificate. Home Depot is going above and beyond trying to help compensate you for the situation. The only thing they won't do is fold over backwards and take a big hit. If they did that every time then they wouldn't in business.

    Bottom line is policy protects the consumer and company. It is extremely rude and unfair of you to push this issue like you are pushing when the company has tried to help in every way possible that they could without breaking policy.

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  • Mi
    MIKE May 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For a company that predicates itself on cusotmer service, I have to say that it is sorely missing the mark. I went into our local Home Depot recently to spend about one thousand dollars and couldn't get anyone who new anything, to help me make my purchase. I stood in the aisle for about twenty minutes or so, spoke with two different employees that said they would get help and still nothing. I have had so many poor experiences with this Dartmouth, Nova Scotia store, that I drove clear across town to go to Rona where I had immediate help and spent my thousand dollars to get the same product I tried to purchase at Home Depot. I wonder how many others get fed up and leave. If I were a Home Depot shareholder, I would sell out my shares now before this stock tumbles. Home Depot talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. SERVICE IS EVERYTHING! They are loosing lots of consumer dollars as a result of their lack of this ingredient.

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  • Ri
    richard Jul 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Sh
    Sherri Apr 20, 2009

    I have read all of your comments above and realize what idiots there really are out there. I have done customer service and collections for over 30 years. "The customer" is always right, regardless of what product or service you are selling. I do understand that companies have policies and procedures so that they do not get taken advantage of and are able to stay in business and that there are a lot of people out to steal from you. But when a customer goes back into the store to pay for an item that was incorrectly loaded on their truck without paying for it first, worth $1000, then this is the kind of customer I would want when I am running a company or as a shareholder! I treat people the way I want to be treated. I would have gone back into the store and paid for it too, therefore I am a CUSTOMER and should be taken care of like one.
    My parents have spent thousands of dollars at Home Depot (Peoria, IL). They just tried to get a hardwood floor for a bedroom. Their hardwood floor in the dining room was done by Home Depot (Peoria) last year. The guy ($35 charge) they sent out to estimate the job from "At Home Service", comes out and writes everything down, makes a comment "This is what every home needs", pointing to the Bible they had in their bedroom window and leaves. He never discusses any additional charges with my father, who is standing right with him and is elderly. It takes this guy or Home Depot; not sure who is responsible for taking 4 days to make a job estimate price, to come up with a price and an additional $450 added because he says the floor is wet and it needs a new sub floor too. If my elderly parents don't pay the additional, they will not do the job. Out $35.00.
    I called and spoke with Mike (Operations Manager) and he says that this guy said it was wet and had to have a sub floor, or they wouldn't do the job.
    1st - The floor was wet from a water bed that leaked and ruined the floor. That is why it needed a new floor. But it is not wet now and has been cleaned, bleached and dried before he ever can out.
    2nd If this job required additional charges, why didn't the guy discuss it with my father at the time of the visit, instead of waiting 4 more days when they could of gotten Lowe's or Menard's to do the work.
    3rd My mother and father where both on the phone at the same time and my mother told them she didn't want the sub floor and since it was never discussed until now, she feels they are trying to con her and feels this is a scam and she doesn't want the sub flooring. Home Depot told her they will not lay the floor without doing the additional $450 sub floor. She refuses and they hang up on her. Sounds a lot like the original persons comments!!!
    4th She calls and tells me and I call Mike and discuss this entire matter with him. He tells me they won't do the floor without doing the entire job with the additional sub flooring because they cannot guarantee the job.
    I asked him why the person who came out didn't discuss this additional charge at the time of the estimate and he says they should of. I asked him if my parents sign a waiver to disregard any guarantee, because they wouldn't need it anyway, would they do the job. He said he would have to check into it and call me back. He took my phone number, but never did. He then called my parents back and told them he wrote my phone number down wrong. Again, I have done customer service for over 30 years and give my phone number slowly and clear. Then I asked him how does he consider this to be "F^%^ing" customer service? He says that is what made the person on the phone hang up on my parents because they used the "F" word twice, he heard it himself, yet it was Jeff they were speaking too. I did use the "F" word with Mike because he is incompetent in his job, responsibilities and response to a customer requests. But my parents never did and were really offended to hear Home Depot accuse them of this. My mother started crying and said, "I did tell them I thought they were trying to con us and it appears to be a scam, but we never used that word or any curse words, because my parents are good Christians and remember they are the ones with the Bible in the room.

    Let's recap for you idiots that think this place is just a warehouse, or a retail Neiman-Marcus store.
    How do you think any business or service company makes money. CUSTOMERS!!!
    5th My parents paid $35 for an estimate for work to be done that Home Depot refuses to do unless they get an additional $450 of sub flooring business. That is a pretty good scam and side business if you ask me.
    6th You have "At Home Service" do your companies estimates, which Mike verified that they exclusively work for Home Depot take 4 days to figure a 10x12 floor estimate, pathetic.
    7th They lied to me concerning my parents and my father told them they do not only feel they were being scammed now, but now Home Depot has been slanderous on their comments about them.
    Yes, I believe you give a company a chance to help you without a tantrum or screaming, but if you get nothing but idiots on the other end, then do what you can to make it right. I have policies and procedures I have to follow in my profession, and I can't always make people happy; but I treat them the way I want to be treated regardless of how much ### kissing I have to do. The customer, patient or client is the person who signs my paycheck!!!

    In Home Depot's defense, they did return the $35 charge back to my parents, only because I (daughter) called and complained for them. They are too nice. I am a customer service representative, expecting a customer service department to do their job. Regardless of what you are paid. Also, to the idiot out there concerning the pay of service representatives; if you did your job right and didn't lose so many customers, maybe companies could afford to give you a raise. But most customer service and department managers are way over paid for what little they do.
    So if this is how Home Depot and companies out there like this consider to be Customer Service, you have a lot to learn.


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  • Tu
    tuffguy Aug 30, 2009

    sir I agree with you WE bought spent 160, 000.00 dollars in a period of 14 months with home depot building new house then i bought hardwood floor nailer that did not work i took it back to Lenior city Tn. store where i met mike he would not give his name was very rude to us would not give credit or replace nailer i will never step foot in there stores again there mangement really needs help i hope they go busted i still like about 40, 000.00 to finish house Lowes will be my supplier from now on the nailer in question was bought six days before i tryed to return Home Depot SUCKS

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  • Ha
    Harrol King Dec 31, 2009

    Home Depot needs to take a look at their managers. Anyone that will put up with personnel treating customers rude is not a manager.

    I went to Home Depot and purchased a washer and drier ($900.00). The only two left in the store. I was to return the next day and to pick it up. The salesman put an eight inch square sticker on both boxes with my name and address on them saying sold. The next day when I returned, after waiting for about one hour, I was told that they could not find my drier. They told the only answer was that it was sold. I agreed to wait for them to order another. I was told it would be lest than two weeks. At the end of two weeks I was called and told that it would be six weeks before my washer & drier would be delivered. I told them to forget the sale and then I almost had to fight to get my credit card refunded.

    The same day my daughter bought the same model washer & drier. They were told that they didn't have the set in stock and it would be three weeks before they were expected in. At the end of three weeks she called to see when they should pick them up and was told that they had cancelled their order. HD wouldn't reorder the pair. It had to be HD that cancelled the order. I think that the sales being made on black Friday that HD never intended to order anything that they didn't have on the floor.

    Also my daughter had her purchase charged on her HD card, and it took two weeks to get the charges refunded.

    I believe the CEO needs to institute an honesty policy, and quit expecting customers to hand him their money and get the hell out of sight.

    PS: The store I was dealing with is located in Harrison, Arkansas

    Harrol King

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  • Go
    gonfishn Oct 06, 2010

    A policy is a policy, rules were made to be broken, policies were not. Quit being so lazy and fix it yourself or take it to the nearest authorized service center for repairs which would be covered under what is called a warranty where I come from.

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  • Je
    Jenniferin Griffin May 10, 2011

    A washer and drier, or any special item involved in a Black Friday sale is fist come first served. Often they are special buys that they get at discount for whatever reason. HD gives no rainchecks on these items because they are not usual stock. They might have tried to order more, but were unable to. You should not have been told, in my opinion, that they would be ordered in the first place. That was an error on the part of the associate who put in the order on a sale item. Lesson to take away: If you want an item that is on sale, GET TO THE STORE EARLY.

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  • If you have worked at any h.d. you know that staff are very nearly irrelevant, good only to shuffle out all the crap they sell. So, is it any wonder they could care less about the customer? In fact, the DIYer is not their bread and butter, the contractors are-they cater more to them. Employees have no advantages for working their feet off on that unforgiving concrete floor, get no discounts and little to no training. Don't expect a ten dollar an hour 'associate' to know the latin terms of your plant, if you want service, stick a crowbar into your wallet and go to a local, small hardware store where they pay their employees decently. For every dollar the consumer saves, that's another dollar out of the employees' pocket. Only the consumer has the power to drive the standard; no one wins when a mega corporation is given all the leeway to abuse people and communities indiscriminately. Best idea: DO NOT SHOP AT the home depot.

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I would say buyer beware!

I purchased a remote control Hampton Bay ceiling fan with lights in 2004 to go into a newly built seasonal sunroom. After the 1st year of use, the fan would only go to the medium and slow speeds. Now it does not operate any of the fan at all. I made several calls. It is made by a company called "Redington" for Home Depot. They wanted $25 to send me the new receiver I needed to install to correct the problem. The fan was used very little and if they can't stand behind their product, I would say Buyer Beware!

  • Sh
    Shar Jun 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What model is your fan? My mother has a Hampton Bay with remote and it caught on fire. What a scary thing! I'm not sure of the model number, I'll have to find out. Please beware of this problem. The fan started making noise, she shut it off and a little while later smoke was pouring out of it and it turned itself back on. Luckily she walked in the room when she did and immediately called 911.

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  • Ja
    janet Jun 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased 5 Hampton Bay fans for $1200 then spent $500 having them installed. The remote function and the fans are a piece of junk and Home Depot corporate complaint line told me Hampton Bay would remove them at their cost. I've never heard back from either of them. EVERYONE who has had a complaint should check with the free legal consumer complaint website and have their situation reviewed. I've seen online where they've caught on fire, mine don't come on half the time and they're all on different frequencies.

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  • Ga
    Gary_Iverson Jun 29, 2007

    We have purchased such a fan, with remote, and it is working fine; so far. It is worrisome that if it quits, our only recourse may be to throw it away. However, we would certainly bother Home Depot for a year with faxes, emails, letters, complaints to the BBB and to the States Attorney General, etc. I'd get my satisfaction by costing them many 100's of dollars worth of labor.

    It is a fact that most manufactures will no longer honor their warranties, or even allow a customer to contact them for any reason. The chain stores are beginning to do the same.

    If people would quit shopping at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart (Chinamart), etc., and instead buy from their locally owned stores; most of these problems would go away. The locals that are still in business will take care of their customers.

    By shopping at the large chain stores, no matter how they treat us, we are encouraging their crass behavior.

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  • Es
    esehgrav ynot Jul 23, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had purchased my Blackberry Gemini 8520 from a mobile store in Chennai and only after purchase I knew it was a officially unlocked device and not a usual Airtel Blackberry, I was upset at first as I have nearly 3 years of experience with Blackberry service at Airtel and its just awesome they do it so professionally. I used a Rs.999 (approx. USD $20) worth cover for the phone from case mate, after a month and few days the display brightness diminished to very low level and I had taken it to the Redington India Ltd. service center in T.Nagar and they told me about the Rs.730 charge if there is water lodged in the device and I was 100% sure that there isn't any possibility for the same, so I gave my device for service and was waiting for about 2 weeks and I received a call from them saying there was water lodge in my device and they want me to pay Rs.730 to get the device back and the most important thing is that the device isn't serviced. I was like what the hell? Why would I pay these cheats the money just to open and take look at it and return? These people don't have the basic common sense that if I had known there is water why would I give it for service to pay Rs.730 unnecessarily? I would rather go to private service center and get it done for same price or something additional, finally they sent me some fake snap shots of water damage and stuff. I doubt if they had done it on their own to rip off the money. Today I got the device back and the display totally doesn't work. They spoiled it even more. Blackberry has to stop sending officially unlocked devices let the people get good service from Airtel, Reliance and other service providers. Never from these local Redington guys, I wonder if they have ever seen a Blackberry phone, these guys would only have experience in spoiling local basic phones like Nokia, Motorola etc. Now giving the service order to these guys Blackberry is spoiling its reputation in India. I need a brand new device and also my Rs.730 to be returned and I am not going to live them till then.

    People beware of these guys. Redington India Ltd is totally a fraud company. Redington India Ltd rips off the money and spoils your device. Redington Group has to replace my device and pay me my Rs.730 back. Redington Group has to stop the scam in the name of service Blackberry devices. Redington India Ltd should no longed be an authorized company to service Blackberry devices. Blackberry has to stop the contract right away.

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my big challenges with home depot

Boy have I had challenges with Home Depot...

Biggest Challenge #1: I purchased a garden window (Milgard) from Home Depot that cost $1,100. I was promised the window in 10 days and I scheduled my contractors who were on site doing other remodels to install it 1 week after the due date to account for potential shipping challenges. After 2 weeks I called to check on the order and I was told it would be delivered in two days (directly from Milgard). When it didn't come, I called HD and was promised a call back on the status. Another two days later after no phone call, I called back and was told the window was on back order (this is now the day before my contractors were to install it. The reason for the back order turned out being a call to HD from Milgard verifying the order which was never returned. It was when I called the first time that HD found the error, didn't tell me about it even though they knew at that time that it wouldn't be delivered as scheduled and as promised when I called.

My contractor gave me a special price for installation because they were already on the job site. The delay meant they would have to pull off another job to complete the install and the next time slot for them was in 5 weeks. The cost would be an additional $300 (new price of $650 - old price of $300). They had a new delivery date of 2 weeks, however I asked them to hold the window for 5 weeks so it's not sitting in my garage as I waited for my contractors. They said that wouldn't be a challenge.

2 weeks later, Milgard shows up on the job with the window. I asked that they take it back and I even called HD and they said there was no way they could do that. I was forced to take delivery and store it myself. I called Customer Service and asked to have someone call me on this. No call. I called the store and asked for a manager to call me. No call. I called Customer Service and was promised a $100 gift card. Never came (it's been 3 months). 2 months ago we purchased carpet (challenge #2) and called customer service about this and the $100. No call back. I finally got in touch with the Presidents Office (don't ask me how). I was promised a call back. No call after two weeks. Called Customer Service. No call back. Finally got in touch with someone who promised to get to the bottom of this. He got the person from the President's Office to call me. The promise is now for a $300 HD gift card (this has been 1 1/2 weeks and nothing.)

Big Challenge #2: Carpet... I ordered carpet for my children's 2 bedrooms. I was told that they would be available at the same time (about 10 days) and they would be installed on the same trip. 2 weeks went by and I called. I was told one of the carpets was on Back Order and wouldn't be in for another 3 weeks. They were waiting for that one to come in before they scheduled the install. They never called me to tell me - they were just going to wait (5 weeks) to call and install. I asked them to install the first carpet that's in and install the second carpet when it comes in. Took a couple of supervisors but they agreed.

A week after they I was promised the second carpet I call. Found out the carpet was in but they were waiting the carpet from the first bedroom. When I told them the first bedroom carpet was already installed, they scheduled the install of the 2nd bedroom. On the day of the install, found out that the measure was done wrong - they didn't measure the closet even though it was clearly marked that the closet was to be included. That meant another trip by the measure people, another delay in receiving the carpet from the manufacture, and another trip to install.

It doesn't end there: On the due date I called to check on the order. I was then given the news that it would be another 4 weeks to get the carpet in. More calls to Customer Service, to the store, to Home Services, to the Presidents Office. After three days of frustration, I was told that the date was written in wrong. The carpet had been received by the installers on the date promised. Even when they don't mess up, they've got to mess up.

you do not deserve my hard earned money!

I went to store 0206 and was mistreated AGAIN. I have left the store frustrated with your lack of service many times before. Your store is very close to my home and for 25 or more years, I have shopped there for big items (A. C. units, ceiling fans, bathroom and kitchen appliances, fencing roofing materials, paint, floor and bathroom tiles etc.) and small items (like a drill, a saw, screw drivers, nails etc). I am attaching a receipt for the last big item, a gasoline-powered generator.

Your lack of interest in serving customers TURNS THEM AWAY AND THE RESULT IS THAT YOU LOOSE MONEY. Yesterday, I arrived at the store around 8:10AM and went to check out the double doors. I then went to the area that has several types of generators. I asked one of your employees for information and was told to go to “Hardware” and find help there. That person recommended that I ask someone at the desk by the area next to the generators to call for help. I then waited by the generators for almost 9 minutes and walked over to ask the lady to call again. She did, and as I was getting tired of waiting (for about 10 minutes this time) I asked someone else and, he told me that I should go to another desk, by the store’s entrance.

There was no one sitting at the desk, but there was a young woman inflating balloons and I asked her to call someone. I looked at my watch and it was almost 10 min to 9. I waited a few minutes and I asked her to call again. Finally, a young man, (whom I had seen pass by before) sat at the desk and he said something like “what do you need” in a tone that I did not like. I told him that I had waited so long that it would have been nice if he had looked at me and said something like “I will be with you as soon and I can” when he passed by before. His answer was “What do you need” as if he was annoyed. I decided to ignore the negative attitude and told him what I wanted. He then said that the person in charge of that item was at a meeting and gave me a telephone number. I left the store at 9:05AM without the information.

This morning I called the number and was REFERRED TO THE STORE. I called back, and asked to talk about a complaint and was given ANOTHER number. Although the person I spoke to seemed to care about my frustration, and offered me a coupon, I decided to write you and tell you that you can keep it as I am going to do my best not to visit your store anymore and tell my friends why. Between Tru Value, Everglades Lumber and a Door Store I can do my shopping. THE SERVICE AT HOME DEPOT HAS GOTTEN SO BAD THAT THE COMMENTS I HEAR ARE ALL NEGATIVE. YOU ARE SHOWING YOUR LACK OF APPRECIATION FOR CUSTOMERS THAT (IN MY CASE) SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AT YOUR STORE. YOU DO NOT DESERVE MY HARD EARNED MONEY. Livia Garcia, Miami, Florida

terrible experience!

Dispute with Home Depot regarding payment for Defective Merchandise. Sub: Request for Cancellation of PO. I do believe that only a few bad apples among many Home Depot employees are the causes of many poor service complaints.

The Asst. Store Manager at a store created a problem for me. But the “Customer Care Center of Atlanta” could not prevail on him. That was their JOB.

Chronology of events:

I placed an order for an out –of –stock (they call it a special order) toilet system at Home Depot in Paramus on 3/22/2007. I picked up those items from Home Depot at Paramus on 4/02/2007.

As my bathroom remodeled was to come for work the week of 4/23/2007, I partially opened the toilet bowl box on 22nd April ( Sunday) and found a broken chip. On 23rd April I took that box to the store to get a replacement. They opened the whole box there and saw a bigger broken piece. The bowl is unusable. The Asst Store Manager Mr. Gautam Wadha first said that any return for special orders had to be within 48 hours. I was not aware of any such rules. [Maybe, he made it up.] Finally, he said that he could re-order the item but I could not pick it up at the store. I have to have it delivered to my house and any further breakage I will have to deal with the shipper. He said I had to pay $ 50 for the delivery. I protested , then agreed. The clerk while processing the order said the delivery charge would be $ 65 per the computer program. I balked to pay for delivery for an item which costs $ 143 and which I could pick up. But Mr. Wadha was insistent on that $ 65. I wanted to talk with the store manager, also wanted to know the name of the district/regional manager. He said he was the BOSS. Finally, he gave me the Atlanta’s Customer Care Center number .

I called Atlanta at [protected] the same day at 2.15 pm . Got John (X 78340). He said that he would take care of it and asked me to call him back at 5 pm. I did call that extension twice and left a message. After several calls to that extension on 24th morning and leaving messages, I called the customer care number and started the process again. This time I got Jacquice (X 78318). She said Carl was working on it and the case no was 4409725. Nothing was resolved. She would get back to me definitely. She did call me back in the afternoon. She did talk with the store manager Mr. Steve Whitman. Store’s position did not change. Atlanta office could not do anything. She said that I have to deal with the store manager directly.

I took all three packages back to the store but was unable to meet the real store manager Mr. Whitman. The same Mr. Wadha met me. I told him as I could not use the system, so I wanted to return the set. This time he said I have to pay re-stocking charges for the other two items and he would not take the broken item back nor would he give me any credit.

That exhausted my patience. I told him that

[ 1 ] I am not going to pay for a defective merchandise.
[ 2 ] I am going to stop payment with my credit card
[ 3 ] I am going to buy a similar product from a different store.
[ 4 ] I am not going to come back to this store.
[ 5 ] He should arrange to pick up the items from my house. I am not going to that store anymore.

P.S. I have put a stop on my credit card. I have already purchased a toilet bowl system from another store and installed it.

  • Le
    leo Sep 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    notorious store with issues like that. I had a different experiance but just as anoying.
    Right now I am trying legel action against them. Their Atlanata center is useless, with call disconected and lack of ability to do much exept give information.

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misrepresentation and false advertising!

I purchased a silver birch just under a year ago. I left the tag on the tree so as that it could be identified just in case it didnt grow. Unfortunately it didnt survive. I tried to get a replacement this week May 2007 but was refused because I didnt have the receipt. I would like to point out on the huge signs in the stores it states" All live plants guaranteed for up to one year."Not a mention nor an inkling about keeping the receipt. Not only have they lost a 10,000 dollar a year customer but I will tell this story to everyone I meet.This IS Misrepresentation and False Advertising!!!

  • Da
    David Meyer Nov 13, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How would they know its less than a year old without the receipt... every store with that kind of policy will ask for a receipt to confirm purchase date.

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  • Ca
    Cassie Dec 17, 2008

    every store asks for a receipt. you need your receipt because people are dishonest. probably people like you.

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  • Ld
    lde234jd Sep 24, 2009

    your complaint is totally unreasonable and in no way is that false advertising and misprepresentaion. for someone who spends 10 000 a year at the same place, you would think that at least once you looked at your receipt and noticed the clause that says a receipt is needed for a return or exchange. i think it is common knowledge that a receipt is often proof of a warranty. you seem uneducated.

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lack of delivery service

This is a copy of the letter I sent to Home Depot:

To whom it may Concern,

Concern... Isn’t that a leap of faith, to assume that someone may actually be concerned, because that would imply that someone actually cared. But what the heck, stranger things have happened. I’d like to buy a BBQ Grill, you sell them, one would think this should be simple. But obviously it hasn’t been or I wouldn’t be writing this letter.

Here is my story.

Earlier in April I bought a Grill from K-mart, when I went to assemble it I realized I wanted no part in putting together all of those parts, so I returned it and went shopping again.

My wife and I went to the Home Depot in Lakewood, NJ on Monday 23 April 07; we found 2 grills we were very interested in. These Grills had been on display outside the store so we went in to find someone who could help us. I had also been approved over the phone for a Home Depot Credit Card, so we went to the Customer Service Desk to have the card “turned on” and get help for the Grills. The person at the Desk sent us to the cashier over seeing the self-checkout area, telling us she would have the key to un-lock the Grills. The cashier’s response was to mockingly ask us why we would ask her. Now I have to admit that asking a cashier for a key to grills instead of someone in seasonal seemed a bit strange but that is what we were told to do. Once we told her the Service Desk sent us to her she lost the mocking tone and did try to help us. She paged a person from seasonal 4 different times asking them to call her on her line, each time she did this the Service desk echoed her request so really the announcement went out 8 times. After waiting about 15 minutes we gave up and left. We told the cashier she could tell the person from seasonal that “they had won; they didn’t have to help anyone today”.

From there we went across the street to Lowes, they had one person in seasonal that could tell us about grills and there were at least 3 people in line in front of us, we went home.

On Tuesday 24 April 07, I decided to give you, Home Depot, another chance. I took my lunch hour and shot over to the Home Depot in West Long Branch, NJ. I looked at the grills outside; found 2 I was interested in. I went inside to the Service Desk and ask them to find me someone who could help me. In less than 5 minutes a young man named Chris showed up, he was excellent. He knew what he was talking about, and he was HAPPY to help me. In less then 15 minutes I decided on a Blue Ember, 3 Burner model with Rotisserie set (SKU 312-354) for $449.00, I bought the delivery service for $65.00, with Tax my total bill was $545.43. Now I realize $500.00+ sale is no big deal to you, but a $500.00+ purchase IS a big deal to me. Chris sent me to the Contractor Desk (aka Pro Desk), why I would be sent to the Pro Desk to activate my HD Credit Card, set up delivery and pay for the BBQ grill instead of seasonal, I didn’t understand; but I am a cooperative person so I went. I was in a good mood, I was a bit confused by the Pro Desk angle but ok with it, I had been helped by a guy who knew what he was talking about and was HAPPY to help me. I was going to be able to activate the CC, pay for the grill, and set up delivery all in one stop. Again Good Customer Service; The West Long Branch Store was kick’n the Lakewood Store’s butt when it came to Customer Service. The language barrier at the Pro Desk was a bit trying but we got by.

I left the store and went back to work, all seemed right with my world. I was a little concerned that I had signed for the Grill to be dropped off even if I wasn’t home. I signed because the guy at the Pro Desk assured me they would bring the Grill into my back yard. But when I read what I signed; I saw that I had agreed to have them leave it at the end of my Driveway. I pointed out to him that what I had signed and what he said were two different things. Again he assured me they would put it in my backyard. Because of his difficulty with English I wasn’t sure he understood my concern and I had even less confidence he could read what I had just signed. My concern was that if the Grill was dropped at the bottom of my driveway at 8am by the time I got home at 5:30pm it would be in someone else’s backyard. So I took the day off from work and waited for the delivery. It would have been nice to have been able to work half a day at least; but that would mean someone would have had to tell me if I had a morning or afternoon drop off, but all anyone would say was “any time between 8am and 5pm”. So home I stayed.

Sometime after 2:00 pm On Wednesday 25 April 07, I called the store, I worked my way through the phone menu and selected “Deliveries” I sat on hold for more then 12 minutes waiting for some one to answer the phone. I gave up and called back. This time I hit “0” and got the Service Desk, they put me on hold and with in a few minutes someone picked up. He told me that he was waiting for the Delivery Truck, I have to tell you this was a revelation for me, I had no idea Home Depot contracted out this service. It was obvious that he was quite bothered to be talking to me but I did manage to learn that the truck should be at Home Depot any minute. The Truck was expected at 2:30 and it was now about 2:35 and when the truck left to make its delivery run my Grill was going to be on it, no problem, I should see them before 5:00.

Between 4:30 and 5:15 I placed 3 calls. 1st Call on hold 13 minutes NO ONE picks up. 2nd call I’m on 6+ minutes and NO ONE picks up. 3rd Call someone picks up in few minutes. I am irritated and aggravated by now but I am still calm. I once worked in a call center doing Customer Service, I know my only hope at a positive solution is to get the employee to give a damn about me and try and get their help. I know I have to kiss their butt, I understand this. I understand that being nice to them gives me a much better shot then screaming at them.

I explain to the person who I am, why I am calling and that I want to know if the delivery has even left the store. He put me on hold telling he needed to check on something and he’d be right back. 15 minutes later I hung up and called back.

Now I’m angry but still hold my cool. I have lost a day’s pay, spent something like an hour total on hold with this store, I don’t have a grill and I still don’t know what is going on. I call the store back and get a person named Mike. Mike answered the phone he barely got out of his mouth that Home Depot installs windows and doors when I started talking. I started off with “DO NOT Transfer me and DO NOT put me on hold. My name is Steve Mansfield and I should have had a Grill delivered today. I have called the store 3 times in the last 45 minutes only to spend most of that time on hold and I still don’t have any answers. Put the manager on the [censored]ing phone”. Mike hung up on me. After an entire afternoon of being ignored or lied too, I finally snapped and used one of George Carlin’s 7 Dirty words you can’t say on TV. I would like to point out I did not call Mike any names nor did I call the manager any names. I used the foul language in reference to the phone. Apparently your company has a policy to hang up on customers, who become irate and use foul language; might I suggest here that you create a company policy encouraging the employees to treat the customer with some respect so we don’t become irate in the first place (just a thought).

So I started pulling myself together to drive the half hour to the store with the expectation I was going to get arrested. Since a grown man had never heard the “F” word before and was so deeply offended by it that he had to hang up on me to protect his sensitive ears, I felt it was my duty as a man to go and enlighten him. My intent was to go and stand on his desk while I gave him a full demonstration of what in means to “Curse like a Sailor”. I had been driven so far around the bend that the idea of being arrested and charged with assault seemed like a good plan.

Fortunately for me and whoever would have been behind the desk at the store, my wife spun me down and I stayed home.

She called back and got Mike again, actually this is when we learned his name was Mike. He almost hung up on her just because she was my wife, thank God he didn’t. He explained that he had just come back from Lunch and I was his first call. It wasn’t his fault; he hadn’t spoken to me before, and I had no right to be mad at him. What the idiot didn’t seem to understand, I wasn’t mad at him, I was mad at Home Depot and when he answered the phone, he became Home Depot. Mike sent her to a “Manager” named John, she barely got the words “waiting all day for a delivery” when he put her on hold. Now do you understand why the first words out of my mouth to Mike were “Do Not put me on hold” it seems to be a favorite past time there. In a few minutes another “Manager” named Steve Picked up.

It turns out the truck was still not there, he should be there any minute. Steve told my wife that they have been having a lot of problems with this company, my response was a very angry “not my [censored]ing problem, put the Damn Grill on one of the Home Depot trucks and have someone drive it to me”. He told my wife that if we had paid for delivery he would wave the charge but since “free delivery” was included there wasn’t anything he could do. Apparently there was/is a promo going on that if I had spent enough money I would get free delivery. And apparently I had spent enough money, which is why Steve thought I got free delivery.

So which company policy is that? “Caveat emptor” any buyer that does not know to ask for Promo doesn’t get it? Oddly enough I’m not all that upset by this, I understand that your purpose is to separate me from as much of my money as possible every chance you get. It seems a bit “Used Car Salesman” but we customers shouldn’t have any higher expectations then that.

Steve tells my wife that if the delivery company doesn’t get there in 20 minutes he’ll load it up on a Home Depot Truck and send someone to us (Yeah Right) and he was refunding the delivery charge.
We called back in about 30 minutes. The mystery truck had arrived; our grill was on it and it was on its way to us. The driver had 4 deliveries to make but we would be first. We called back about an hour later letting him know we still hadn’t seen the truck. Steve asked that we call when the truck got there, he was going to “do something” for us (yeah right). We called Steve back every 45 minutes or so to make sure he knew we still didn’t have the grill. At one point he asked what more we wanted him to do. My wife explained that we wanted him to call the driver and find out where he was. Steve said he couldn’t do that; the driver didn’t have a cell phone. Sure…. The illegal alien delivering my Grill is the only one in the country that doesn’t have a cell phone. If I had not been so absolutely torqued I would have asked him how the driver was going to call me from the road 30 minutes before he arrived if he didn’t have a cell phone.

At about 9:30 pm my wife called the store for a last time, she told Steve to cancel the order and refund our money. He said he would, I asked him (through my wife) what I should do when the grill showed up; he said I should refuse delivery. I explained that I was not going to be home the next day to “refuse” delivery. He told my wife the driver was going to be there some time that night. My response was to laugh and tell him I would not be responsible for that Grill when it showed up the next day and sat at the end of my driveway.

So the next morning, Thursday 26 April 07 at about 8:00 am, I get a phone call from Carlos, he is on his cell phone (imagine that). He wants to know if he can drop off the grill at about 8:30. I kid you not, here is his phone number 201-481-XXXX. I told him I canceled my order when he never showed up. His response: “But why, didn’t Home Depot call you and re-schedule? My truck broke down yesterday I had to rent a new one” I said, no they didn’t, I was told you where going to deliver the Grill last night, no matter how late.” Carlos: “But I didn’t pick them up until 5:30 it was too late to do the delivery”
I told Carlos I had canceled the order and been refunded my money and he should take the Grill back to the store.

You realize if my job started at 8:00 am instead of 9:00 am, my wife would have found a Grill in our driveway when she got home. Assuming of course, that no one else had stolen the Grill.
At lunchtime my wife went to the West Long Branch store to get the receipt for the refund. She spoke to the “Store Manager” or at least some young guy that said he was. She explained what had happened, and that we would be cutting up out Home Depot Credit Card when it came. The “Store Manager’s” response was “OK”. So my wife left.

Do not tell me the delivery company failed you so it is not Home Depot’s fault. I did not contract with “One Truck Carlos” delivery service; I contracted with a Multi-Million Dollar, International Corporation, the largest Home Center retailer in the Country. You contracted with a rinky-dink one truck delivery company who are so new to the country they are still wiping the Rio Grand off their ###.
What could you have done different? Here is a short list.

1. Do your own deliveries
2. Contract with a delivery company that has more the one truck
3. If Carlos’ one truck breaks down, loan or rent him one of yours
4. Tell the customer the truth. If someone had called me in the morning to tell me the delivery had to be canceled, I would have been mad, but at least I could have gone to work for half a day. With a little stroking and some give backs I could have been saved as a customer.
5. Pick up the phone when I call. This was the part the really TICKED ME OFF. Sitting on hold listing to your ads tell me how wonderful you customer service is for 10 and 15 minutes at a time really wears on ones nerves.
6. Train your people that when they get an irate caller maybe the should try and figure out why they are irate instead of hanging up on the call at the first excuse and inflaming the situation even more. Mike hanging up on me was the last insult and indignation I was prepared to take. Acting as if I had no reason to be irate after losing a day’s pay and spending the afternoon being lied to or ignored. I couldn’t have been more offended or insulted if I had been slapped or spit on.

Your customers are not simply Credit Card Cash Cows being lead to slaughter; we are people that have an expectation of being treated with at least a minimal level of respect and dignity.

Steve Mansfield

  • Ap
    April Bocek Dec 03, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I do not like Home Depot any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #1. I applied for a job there when it first went up. I am a female tile setter, and thought I would be a great asset to them. I called every day for 10 days and all I got out of it is "Well we will look into this for you and call you back". What did I get? Thats right NOTHING!!!!!!!!!
    #2. My husband wants to build a garage for all his tools so they are no longer in my house. I went to Home Depot to get an esstement on how much it was going to be, mind you I gave all the measurements and everything they needed. When I went in to see if it was done because I got no phone call after 5 days, they didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. So the guy I talked to AGAIN said to give him all the info. I did, and I got a phone call saying that it was going to cost around $900.00. Well cool it was less than we had figured. So I go down to get the paper work on the plans (building inspecter requires them) and to give them the money. I started looking over the plans and it was so messed up I couldn't read them, and there was a bunch missing. It would have been ok if it was for a stupid tool shed.
    #3. This is the Big Fat KICKER!!!!!!!!! My brother in law bought a gift certificate for $500.00, because he knows how much we spend in there. And it was for X-mas. Well during all the constuction going on in my home it got lost (I think it got trown out with the card) So my sister in law called them and told them what happend and they told her that it was " NO PROBLEM" But wait it gets better. Some one called my sister in law back and told her that they can't do that even though they know it has NEVER been spent. Thank God they paid for it with acredit card because now they are going to dispute it and Home Depot will have to give them back their money. I hope this does not happen to any one else and if it does then fight them. If HD has an issue with this then OH FRIGGEN WELL!!!!!!! in less than a year we have spent over $6 grand in that place and they wont ever see another penny. April Bocek, 2049 Berry Ave,Sheridan, Wy 82801.

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  • Ma
    Mark Jan 01, 2008
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    Wow, just wow. Big Corporations need to learn that the customer is KING or we go elsewhere.

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  • Ap
    April learn to spell Jan 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    April, I think you need to learn how to spell. It is probably one of the reasons you did not get hired. Just an FYI.

    Good luck with the job search though!

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  • Ta
    taken_for_a_ride Mar 23, 2008

    Spell? You're probably one of those big corporate fat cats. This lady was getting screwed over and that's all you have to say is that she needs to learn how to spell? Amazing!

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  • Je
    Jesse Brown Apr 24, 2008
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    Your complaint would have greater merit if the inherent racism it contains was not included (the language barrier comment, the Rio Grande comment). If you did not like the service you received from Home Despot then you should stop giving them your business. Do me a favor, however--don't go to Lowe's. I work there and don't want to deal with your sorry ###.

    I've dealt with people like you in the past and am willing to say that your experience was not as bad as you say. People like you think that by exaggerating their experience you can get free stuff. You know what? It doesn't work. You may have been disappointed by your experience, but there were probably 20 other customers that day who were very satisfied.

    Your complaint is dripping of elitism. I hope someday someone is able to knock you off your high horse and show you that you are no better than anyone else.

    Take care,


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return policy rejection

I purchased a low voltage transformer for $40.32 five years ago to replace one that wasn't working...

deceptive business practices!

Home Depot in Prescott, Arizona sent us a defective LG brand washer and dryer. The set was returned to the store approximately one month later when it was determined that there was no knowledgeable repair person in the Prescott area. This purchase was made on a 12 month deferred interest plan and approximately 10 months later, we were billed for the washer/dryer interest as if the merchandise were still in our possession, but not paid in full. Numerous attempts to have the erroneous finance charges removed did not work - one customer service representative after another seemed not to comprehend or care. Finally I asked to have my account closed and was told that to close the account, I would have to pay the erroneous amount. After paying the amount, I was then $52.45 overpaid on this account. In January, I found a representative who agreed that the account was overpaid and that I would be issued a check for the over payment. Today, I inquired a to why I still had no refund and was told that the customer service representative had checked with her supervisor and was told that Home Depot will not refund interest charges that are charged regardless of whether the charges are in error. I have asked for this policy in writing as I would like to have an attorney check the legality of such a policy. What do you think about what is clearly deceptive practice? By the way, after all this, they still have not closed the account as I requested.

do not trust home depot at home services!

I live in Illinois, and contracted with Home Depot to replace my roof. Part of the contract said they would...

bad experience with homedepot.com

I placed an online order and was charged $50.81 for a 7 lb. box shipping via UPS ground. According to ups.com, the shipping charges should have around $8.00. When I tried to call homedepot.com's customer service 800 number, I went through their voicemail "tree" twice and both times the line was disconnected when I reached the "Please hold for customer service" message. This is not the first time I've had problems with homedepot.com but I can guarantee with absolute certainty that it will be the last. I am the purchasing agent for a company with 12 million dollars in annual sales and this company will NEVER give Home Depot another penny. I have asked all of our installers that buy from Home Depot to start going to Lowe's instead. If I can't get customer service from their online store, it reflects badly on their entire corporate structure and we will not be contributing any revenue to Home Depot in the future. I will also be certain to tell all of our customers and vendors of my bad experiences.

  • Valerie Jan 18, 2007

    Don't believe or waste your time dealing with Home Depot.com customer service. They are very inventive and have a different story to tell you every time you inquire about the "gift card credit" they are supposedly sending you. I was told that my request for an adjustment for an overcharge would be on my credit card. Then I was told that instead it would come as a gift card and I could expect to receive it in 3-5 days That was Dec. 13. Today is Jan. 17 and I am still waiting after being told repeatedly that it was in the mail.

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  • Ed
    ed gauthier Sep 20, 2008
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    Verified customer

    to whom it may concern
    i recently purchased an oscillating belt and spindle
    sander. i just went to buy sanding disks and i was told
    that YOU do not carry them. i was told sorry but maybe i could get them online. if i wanted to shop online i would have freaking bought the sander online .

    yours truely
    teed off

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  • Mi
    Michael Boyeson Sep 13, 2011

    The Home Depot on the Eastside in Madison WI provides kitchen remodeling. The service specialist walked us through the installation of a marble countertop (McDermott Top Shop Home Depot contractor). The specialist indicated that the marble did not have their 15 year seal warranty. We asked how often we needed to seal the marble. The specialist (HF) indicated the best determination was when a water bubble did not bead up, and that we would need to re-seal every 1-3 years. When the marble was installed, it was not of uniform thickness (off by a 1/4 inch that was clearly visible). I placed a water bead on the marble after it was installed, and it left a visible stain in less than a minute. The installer had indicated it was sealed prior to installation. When we called HD about this, they suddenly changed their minds and said the manufacturer indicated that the marble should not be sealed. We subsequently found out that marble should not really be used in the kitchen (their response was that they sell a lot of marble for kitchens) because it stains so easily from multitudes of liquids. Once the specialist had made the sale, she kept changing her story. At the time of the purchase she showed us the sealant to use for our countertop! The installation process was quick, but HD backs off on any responsiblity after the sale is made. This store specialist is simply not knowledgable enough to give meaningful and truthful guidance to the buyer. The vast majority of marble people do suggest you seal with an impregnating sealant. HD specialist and their contractor (which always referred us back to HD for resolution) did not stand behind their claims, but rather made up different stories as went through the process.

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  • Hi
    Hilope Aug 24, 2012
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    Verified customer

    The website is so slow it take 20 minutes for a web page to load.

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  • Pl
    playpiano89 Aug 24, 2012

    Haha. Must be your Internet connection or computer. I just went to the website and it takes a whole second to load a page.

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poor service performance

I paid $35.00 for Home Depot to come out and measure my porch door to install a fiberglass door. After taking my money and measuring the opening I am told that they do not have a fiberglass door that fits but they can put up a $1700.00 wood door. I told them I do not want a wood door and was not able to afford a $1700 door. Also the wood door is not even finished. I have to paint or varnish it. I requested my $35.00 returned because they could not perform the service. I was told it is non-refundable. That is such a bad customer service tactic and I feel a real scam. Take your money and not be able to furnish the product. I will never go to Home Depot again and take my word for it - Loew's is more reasonable in their prices and very consumer oriented. Home Depot is a rip off.

  • Ch
    Charles Morel Aug 24, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I also paid Home Depot the $35.00 and found out the normal $124.00 instalation was now going to cost $250.00. Said they had to build out the frame. This was going to be $90.00 more then the door cost. Just learned how there stock fell in these bad times you THINK they would of been interested in selling the door. Be interesting if they can eat those doors when times get rough. I bought the door form Lowes and installed it myself.

    Charles Morel

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  • An
    ann Oct 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mom had a real bad experience at Home Depot. It was a nightmare. She's always wanted tile roof, so she went to Home Depot on a Friday and a man told her he carried it. The same man came to our house and made an estimation and came up with $13, 000 for it. But he said that my mom's house is an older house so it would not be able to hold a tile roof. ??? I 've never heard of that before since I've seen lots of older houses with tile roofs. There was a $1500 deposit made for it and he said he'll send out a contractor on Saturday to look at it and start working on it. Saturday rolled by and no one showed up. My mom kept on calling and he doesn't answer his phone nor was he at Home Depot. My mom calls him on Monday and he picked up the phone and said he was busy and was out of town, he'll send someone over later on the week to start working on the roof. It seemed like a scam because he kept avoiding our calls. I read over the contract and noticed in a small fine print that it same you can cancel within 3 business day and be refunded back. Finally, my mom was infuriated and told him that she was going to cancel the contract and get her money back. What do you know, he showed up 5 minutes later looking for my mom at home, but she had already left to work. Supposeldy he was "busy." Then we called the number for which the man works for and it was out of state!!! The contractor said that it's up to the "DETERMINER" to determine whether she gets the money back or not. I told him we cancelled the contract within that 3 business days and he kept on saying it's up to the determiner. She went to the bank and told them to stop her check. Luckily, the check was cancelled. My mom went back to Home Depot to complain to them and get something back. When the employee went to look for her name she was never registered on the computer but she kept her receipt to show proof. The employees didn't even know what was going on.

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  • Mo
    moncton1 Apr 03, 2009

    i just picked out hardwood flooring told them i wanted it installed it took 2 weeks for them to come measure when the installer went to pickup the flooring they had sold it. nice move homedepot ill go back to my local reliable hardware store. i am out 80 bucks and have no floor.

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  • To
    Tofu1989 Nov 20, 2015

    Home Depot's Door Service is lower than not satisfied, I advise you not to use this place basically a complete scam. I recommend Sears instead because if the door is not working they at least will call you back. The workers first of all had clearly had no training before hand I'm sure I could have done a better job. They put way too much spray foam so the locks were always jammed and they got their sticky fingerprints on the door which they recommended something to clean it which didn't work so I can never paint it. Plus they should have had to clean it for me so if I didn't work they would know that the door needs replacing. This morning I came down stairs to find water or moisture on the doors threshold. Which now gives proof that there is an air draft coming from the door that can blow out a candle. I have called the Home Depot to get them to redo the door and was told I would have to call the door service which I have ten times and have not received a reply. Finally someone called me back nearly a month later which is to late to ask a refund. She brushed off the door not actually being able to shut properly as I should pick the lock holes with a knife to remove the spray foam which had already attempted. I will never purchase anything large from home depot again unless someone actually replaces the door.

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employee ordered in inches rather than feet!

I ordered a replacement french door from the Home Depot on Elston in Chicago, IL through my contractor. The door was poorly made and didn't fit. When I tried to return the door because it was defective, the manager refused to waive the restocking fee unless I ordered another door. My contractor went back a few days later to reorder the door. The employee entering the order put the measurements in as inches rather than feet! My 6'2" high door was now a little over 5 feet! The door was in a box so my contractor didn't realize the mistake until he hauled it to my condo unit--the top floor of a walk-up 4 story. When I called the manager he refused to answer the phone. The operator told me I would probably have to come to the store and hunt the manager down since he regularly avoids talking to disgruntled customers on the phone. The guy in millworks and the manager (once I finally got a hold of him after dozens of calls) were emphatic that I had ordered a 5' door and I would have to pay the restocking fee and order yet another door. Neither the millworks employee or the manager could explain to my why anyone would order a french door that most people couldn't walk through! The mistake was obvious, particularly in light of the fact that the previously ordered door's specs were correct (even though the door wasn't made to spec) and that the measurements of the second door were clearly in feet and inches, not inches as the millwork employee had entered. So much for "you can do it, we can help!" The multiple mistakes cost me several hundred dollars and a lot of time that I will never get back. Never again! I will drive clear across the city to go to another hardware store in order to avoid Home Depot.

Resolved corporation with no responsibility!

I special ordered a black brick on 4/27/06 both in the traditional square and bullnose. I arrived to pick up on Saturday 5/13/2006. I paid and loaded one pallet and took to the job site. Ditto for 2nd pallet. Upon returning to load the third pallet I noticed no bullnose. I could not complete the job and made the decision to use red brick. The gentleman at the pro desk stated he would pick up the black brick from the job site so I could use my truck to load red brick and because I had workers at the site waiting for brick to build platforms. The gentleman gave me a full refund for the brick on 5/13/2006 due to their errors. He stated he would be out to the site that day to pick up the brick. He did not go to the site until Monday 5/15/06 and unfortunately they were gone. They than recharged my account on 5/16/06 for the two pallets.It says RECHARGE TO CUSTOMER on the receipt where a customer would sign. I contacted Citibank who is Home Depots creditor and they reversed the charges due to the facts. I then was recharged 1/17/2007. I contacted corporate APRIL who merely contacts the store and says it stands behind its managers decisions. That being that the employee was doing me a favor to pick up the brick and I was responsible to protect and I should of called Home Depot when he didnt show up. I say Home Depot should tell its customers its doing them a favor before committing to do something and where was the phone call from Home Depot to say Im not coming! I contacted Citibank and they state its between me and Home depot even though they are the ones that have to collect. Corporations with no responsibility!