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We specifiacally asked for a SMOKING room. Later that evening, I decided to have a smoke and there was no ashtray in the room. I called the reception desk and asked for one. I was informed that I was in a non smoking room and unless I wanted to be moved to the second floor I couldnt smoke there. I said we asked for a smoking room and I thought we got one but I agreed to go outside and smoke. We were too tired to move into another room and the reason I was in Peoria it was because my son had passed on a couple of days earlier. After my ordeal was over and came back home to NM, I discovered that they have charged our credit card with 150 dollars for smoking in a non smoking room. After all it was their screw up not ours. I sent an email to these people but of course they didnt even bothered to reply. I want people to know that this is very unprofessional and who cares service, if I may call it service. Hotels like Holiday Inn should not exist in the USA and especially that one in Peoria AZ. If you are in the area, Try the La quinta across the freeway on the other side...much much much better service and you get what you asked and paid for. Sorry you express rip offs in peoria but you suck!

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Elizabeth Hock Martin
, US
Apr 07, 2018 9:28 am EDT

I recently spent 4 nights at two different Holiday Inn Express hotel/motel, Holiday Inn Express Bloomburg, conf .#[protected] on 3/21/18 for $157.54 and on 3/22/18 in LaPorte, In. conf. #[protected] for $123.19. Then on 3/27/18 in LaPorte, In. conf #[protected] for $126.55 and again in Bloomsburg, conf. #[protected] on 3/28/18 for $178.69. My question is why is there such a difference in pricing? I know the old saying location, location but I would have been better off just going to the Hampton or any other hotel, but I thought I would try the Holiday Inn Express. We will be going back that way in the fall but will NOT be stopping at the Holiday Inn Express, ever again. Please send a reply, thank you.

Atlanta, US
Feb 17, 2010 2:32 pm EST

I stayed there for three days, during two out of which, we had no hot water, no clean towels. front desk charged us twice, as they lost the paperwork for the cash payment, and were arguing that i didn't pay any cash (but eventually they found it somewhere on the floor), the front desk manager was insanely rude! never been that pissed off at the hotel in my life.

They offered some discount for those inconveniences, but not only they didn't actually put the money back on my credit card, as they were supposed to do, but actually charged me some more money by the check out (30$), have no idea for what.

All that happened few days ago, and now looking for the corporate complaint number, to call and ### them out, but can't find one :)

Seriously, worst service ever! That guy at the front desk (manager) really made me want to bit the crap out of him...

Never, ever ever am i going back to that hotel

Linda Hunwicks
Aug 20, 2008 10:33 am EDT

Due to the fact that Holiday Inn Express appears to seek out the most incompitent staff on the planet nothing I read surprises me. Although their last screw up resulted in them telling me my room would be at no charge I will not be shoced to see it on my credit card bill. NEVER again will I even consider staying with them I am DELTA all the way

Aug 17, 2008 5:37 pm EDT

Did you smoke in the room? If so you are deserving of the charge. Even if you smoked in front of the room, and the smell of the smoke drifted in, you deserve the charge. Every time someone smokes in a non smoking room, a cleaning process needs to take place that can possibly take that room out of commission for the night, which is lost revenue.

A smoking/non-smoking request is just that, a request. It is not a guarantee. If a smoking room was available, you should have been given that room to begin with. This is a valid complaint. You were however, offered a room switch that you declined. If you chose to smoke anyway, then you deserve the charge you now have.

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