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HMSHost review: Customer Service at Shake Shack in Charlotte Airport (CLT)

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9/15/23 (9:45PM ET)

Order # 8049

- Placed order of a cheeseburger at 9:28PM.

- Went to sit down as I could see there was already a line of folks waiting for their order // figured I’d wait till I saw the couple in front of me get their order before I went back up.

- Looked up a few min later and didn’t see them up there anymore so figured my order was either already ready or soon to be ready.

- It didn’t appear to be. So I waited.

- Gal handing the orders out yelled out ‘8050’.

- Since mine was 8049, I decided to ask whether the orders were coming out in sequential order and if perhaps I missed mine as I sat down.

- She rudely stated she’s telling them out as they come.

- Meanwhile, the number of burgers and hotdogs on the heating plate are stacking up. She’s not in any rush to get awaiting customers their orders. But she nonetheless is giving them out one by one.

- Multiple customers get their orders one by one // all of them who came after me. Meanwhile I see there’s a lone cheeseburger just sitting there under the heating lamp. She’s ignored it completely // now she’s preparing new brown bags.

- I then realize she’s INTENTIONALLY withholding my Burger. So I inquire: ‘excuse me, is that burger for order 8049?’. She doesn’t stop preparing bags. I ask again. She continues to ignore me. I ask the gal next to her // she confirms it’s 8049. I ask why I’m not being given my order // she turns back to me and looks at me and turns back and continues preparing bags, completely ignoring me.

- meanwhile the other gal is feeling uncomfortable so she now puts her gloves on so she can give me my order.

- I thank her and ask to speak to the manager.

- she gets the manager, and as I share my complaint, the worker in question turns back around to me and just glares at me. I express my frustration w my treatment and the manager says ‘ain’t nothing we can do w these HMS employees // they can be the worst employees ever and we can’t do anything about it’.

That was quite literally the WORST experience I’ve ever had. She was literally WITHHOLDING my burger for asking her whether my order had already been called or not. Note: My tone to her when initially inquiring about my burger was purely inquisitive. Not rude at all. I canNOT believe you can employee somebody like that. She should NOT be interacting w customers at all!

I will NEVER go back to Shake Shack again because of this experience.

Desired outcome: I would like a formal apology w confirmation this employee is on some type of disciplinary action. That is intolerable behavior for anyone in customer service.

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