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Hit Web DesignStole my money

A young salesman at HIT web design, formerly heritage web solutions, named Brandon Byrge lied to me when I signed up with his company.

He led me to believe they were going to make a killer website for $700 for me so I agreed to sign up. He and I went back and forth for a few days going over what features to include and what features not to include. There were some things that I wanted but couldn't afford because they would've cost thousands more. He told me I would receive a 7 page website with a forum with paypal integration and 6 months free hosting. Also, the forum would allow an unlimited number of pictures per profile. A search function would also be available. From here things went straight downhill.

My account manager's name was Gabe Miles, a charming lad who will steal your money while smiling and complimenting you. Gabe Miles immediately wanted me to send him content so the programmer's could start working on the website. I asked him a technical question that he didn't know the answer to and he connected me with a programmer. I asked the programmer to tell me about some of the features I would receive with the forum. He listed some and also told me it would be one picture per profile and a search function would cost extra. I talked with Gabe Miles and he said to get the website that I thought I was getting would cost over $3000 more.

I asked to see a contract for what features I would get for the website I paid for. I was connected to accounting who sent me a receipt that only stated when I paid -nothing else. HIT web design again balked at sending me a contract so I asked to cancel the account. I figured since I had sent them zero content and they did absolutely nothing to design my website it would be an easy cancellation/refund.

HIT wouldn't even offer a partial refund, they left me with nothing. I neither signed nor saw a contract but stupidly gave them my bank information and they began to debit my account. I called VISA's fraud dept and they agreed it was a charge for "services unrendered" and have refunded my $700 back into my account. Now HIT has a merchant dispute with VISA.

If Brandon Byrge or Gabe Miles of HIT web design lie to you and steal your money the best recourse is to file a fraud claim with your bank. I was lucky that I didn't send them any content or else they could claim that they performed work on the website (like changing the background color). Now I see why Gabe Miles was so anxious for me to send him some stuff for the website, they wanted to perform the minimal work, then try to charge me thousands more and offer no refund.

Also, HIT web designs used to be called Heritage web solutions. They were forced to change their name because there were hundreds of complaints just like this one if someone does a google search.

As soon as they sent me the email that stated there would be no refund for my cancellation, Brandon Byrge and Gabe Miles no longer answer my calls or return my messages. They are classless individuals working for a scamster company.


  • Bl
    Blabber guy Jun 26, 2009

    HIT WEB DESIGN sold me a website with OPen X Banner program and can not tell me how to add a banner. I been working on this for a month. I have a spot on my Web page that can not load a banner at the top righ. Ask questions like do you have open X and what does it do? They do not know. Problem from day one. 5 months to complete site. Payment made issues still ongoing. CEO wrote on the complaint board to contact him and give him a chance I did TWICE! no response. Keep it local and with a company you can call and get answers from. I do not recomend them. Another test call their 800 number and try to get to TECH Support, time it. Now call for sales. Notice the time difference. Back to open X they sent me a tutorial on it and it states I need code pasted and to call tech support and they can take care of it. My time line start with designer sends me to tech support who send s me to updates dept who sends me a updte tech who sends me back to tech support who sends me back to update tech who is waiting on a reply from her boss this is day 3 of waiting for a reply. Sent this to ceo and no reply. My opinion either they have way to many complaints, to call back or they just don't care.

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  • Ut
    utahconsumeradvocate Jul 23, 2009

    this just seems like it is common practice there. I suggest you get a refund by doing a charge back, and continue through another avenue with your business.

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  • Ye
    Yenrabaa Aug 11, 2009

    I also have had a bad expieriance with this company, not as a consumer but rather a prospective employee. They have a very hard time getting back in touch with people. All three times I have been in their office I have seen disgruntled customers wondering why they are getting charged for a website that isn't even online yet. One guy had been charged for 5 months and still not had a working or even online website. They are a very shady company and I would suggest anyone looking for a website go to another company.

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  • Re
    retaildiva Sep 11, 2009

    Hit Web Design formally Hertiage Web design.
    Sold me a bill of goods, sound professional.
    Currently, 4 weeks behind schedule, couldnt get anyone to respond for 3 weeks.
    Website is not custom, just a simple template.
    Requesting my money back.

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Sep 15, 2009

    Please take this advice as it seems to be the ONLY way you can get your money back from Hit Web Design or Heritage Web Solutions. You need to call your credit card company and do what is called a "Charge Back"

    This will basically state that they did not deliver on what was promised. If you go any other route you will end up with either no money back or a fraction because of their so called "work already done."

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  • Co
    COMEON! Sep 16, 2009

    This company is absolutely ridiculous! I was baited in by their pitch for "custom award winning design" with the "best pricing." My project officially started 7/13/09 and I am still waiting for the finished site.

    Account Managers- if you want to call them that, are nothing more than recent high school graduates that think they understand the computing world. They have absolutely "managerial" talent or authority. They have "supervisors" listed under their contacts to make complaints to, however they don't provide a name or extension. I've sent over 240 emails since 6/11/09 to which a "supervisor" has never responded! I'm on my 3rd "account manager" this week.

    Project Managers- Not sure these exist, but anytime you are on the phone with one of their "drones" they speak of some project manager that they will be sure to contact for an update report. I've never gotten the courtesy of a name, email, or extension for these so called ghosts.

    The last account manager I spoke with when I learned that my 2nd account manager had been fired 3 days earlier, told me that there is no one at the company older than 30. I could care less how old the employees are as long as they have some authority to make something happen...or at least update me on the progress so I can continue to plan the marketing efforts once the site is launched. Currently, I'm sitting on thousands of dollars of marketing materials to introduce the launch of our new site...which I don't yet have or even know an estimated completion date.

    I'm not sure why everyone is management needs to be so hidden from customer contact. I've gotten more professional courtesy from my dog! She at least acknowledges me when I speak.

    I had read some of these comments before signing the contract with HIT, however, seemed skeptic of the severity described. Don't make my same mistake!

    This has been the single worst business experience of my professional career.

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Sep 16, 2009

    With much regret your experience is not a single occurrence. Hit Web Design has a history or doing this! They sell, but cannot fulfill! The only way to properly deal with this company is to call your credit card company and do a charge back. If you try to negotiate with Hit Web Design you will only end up with more delays, less money and an inferior product.

    If you look at their sites, the would be considered great websites if it was 1999. They seem to be over 10 years in the past.

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Sep 16, 2009

    Please contact the BBB and the Utah State Attorney General's office about Hit Web Design's tactics!

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  • Tw
    Twister from Kansas Sep 18, 2009

    Add me to the list of disgruntled customers. I wanted a website with an edgy look and feel, a site I could afford. Most of my customers come from design firms and ad agencies, so it was important that I have a professional...yet sharp-looking image.

    To my great dismay, Hit Web Design assigned me an obviously junior designer, who created an embarassingly amateur-looking site. /there is no way I would come before the business world with that website.

    I got increasingly abusive emails from the designer, and I"m ready now to just cut my losses and run, run, run, to a local design firm. Which is what I should have done with from the beginning.

    Buyer beware! Better yet, buyer stay away!

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Sep 22, 2009

    Please don't cut your losses. There are things that you can do.

    First call your bank or credit card company and do a charge back on the charges that Hit Web Design has charged you.

    Then file a complaint with the BBB.

    Then file a complaint with the Utah Attorney General's Office at

    We cannot allow companies like this to continue to rip people off!

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  • Qu
    Quilting Granny Sep 30, 2009

    I contracted with Heritage Web Solutions, how HIT, to build a simple web site and as long as they were upgrading and collecting $ I could talk with my account manager. As soon as that phase was over, he disappeared- no answer phone, no answer emails. My supposed web site without any of my products was supposedly put online even though one of their own representatives could not find it live to make a correction, [have emails to prove]. Am fighting with credit card company to charge back all costs. The site is not viable with no product except the two test products that I know nothing about and no way to purchase. HIT has submitted copies of the site to card company.
    As with other posts I have read in the last 2 days, I have been getting the run around from everyone there-tech support-[the tech support according to contract that is available 24-7, I emailed once and got an automated email, never anything else] customer service-no one ever knows anything about my information that is still not to the designers yet and online-I have to go to customer service since the account manager will never answer phone calls or emails. The list of emails and phone calls goes on and on, again as with other posts that I have seen. I am stuck with a site that is not workable, My husband and I are on SS and raising a grandson without help from anyone and this site was a way for me to try and make a little extra money to help get him through his senior year in highschool. All this information was made known to the people at HIT but they don't care. I could only do this because of a grant from the state of Indiana to promote the artists here and that was made known to them also. What else can I do. They have lied to my credit company even though I have submitted evidence of everything I have b een through-any suggestions, anyo0ne??

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Oct 05, 2009

    Please take note of the above phrases used by HERITAGE WEB DESIGN / HIT WEB DESIGN

    "...there is no such thing as a complaint free company."

    WOW they are openly justifying their bad service with the mentality that "oh everybody is doing it"

    "Research any large company and you will find they have complaints posted about them on the internet, whether justified or not."

    Ok on this site alone (far from a comprehensive survey)

    Hit Web Design and it's various aliases has a total of: 336 complaints and comments
    Hit Web Design has stated on wikipedia that they earn about 20 million dollars a year

    Walmart and it's various aliases has a total of: 3008 complaints and comments
    Walmart has stated on wikipedia that they earn about 400 BILLION dollars a year

    So if Hit Web Design was the same size as walmart they would have a total of 6, 720, 000 complaints

    Walmart has a weekly customer base of 138, 000, 000 people

    Hit Web Design has a customer base of 20, 000

    Walmart 3, 008 complaints

    Hit Web Design 336

    Just to put it into perspective folks!

    "...a handful of individuals who, regardless of the merits of the issues, post slanderous and/or negative comments."

    WOW they are basically calling this victim of Hit Web Design a liar, and a person engaging in illegal activities just by posting her EXPERIENCE on here!

    People PLEASE contact your credit card company and do a charge back. Dispute your charges from Hit Web Design! Contact the Utah Attorney General's Office and file a formal complaint with them!

    Then PLEASE contact the BBB and file a complaint with them!

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  • Ro
    rosegeorge Oct 10, 2009

    Quilting Granny, my heart bleeds for you. This company is a joke and you have to do a charge back with your credit card company. Contacting Quality Control Administrator is a waste of time. I have been there and they were unable to resolve any of my issues.
    the charge back process is tedious, but it is worth it. We need to shut this company down.
    Also as ethicalhit has suggested contact Contact the Utah Attorney General's Office and BBB.

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  • Hi
    HIT Management Oct 12, 2009

    At HIT Web Design, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of honesty and integrity. We have been able to resolve most of the customer’s complaints from this website. However, there is no such thing as a complaint free company. Research any large company and you will find they have complaints posted about them on the internet, whether justified or not. There are simply a handful of individuals who, regardless of the merits of the issues, post slanderous and/or negative comments. Let me assure all who read this that those few who complain are less than 1% of our total volume of business. HIT has been able to satisfy every complaint posted, given that customer gives us the opportunity to do so.
    If you have a specific complaint or concern, please communicate directly with me at [email protected] or [email protected]
    My personal promise to you is that HIT Web Design will be completely fair and equitable with you.
    Warmest Regards,
    Quality Control Administrator

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  • Sa
    Salster Oct 13, 2009

    Sorry but just realized I had much more to add.

    Bryan lied to me too! Including all of my management team. I was promised to have this sensational, professional website set up for several hundred dollars. It has been months and months and my site is still not up to my satisfaction. Their turnaround time is awaful because most of the people who work there are part timers who work at night or the wee hours of the morning. You can't get in touch with them and once you do they tell it it will take up to 2 weeks to accomplish the edits. After months and months they just finally got my email up and running properly. THEN!...on top of that one tech support person told me it would be best to synch my email with my Outlook which made sense to me. He said he would help me with it but I declined feeling I could do it myself. When I had trouble and called back they wanted to charge me a fee!! I also paid them $300 for a new logo desing. I had created one close to what I wanted with clip art but legally couldnt' sue that. They were supposed to re-create it for me. All they did was make the colors a little lighter! This company runs on scams!!! DO NOT HIRE THEM!

    And complaints WON'T GET YOU ANYWHERE! When I called to complain and requested ownership of my site so I can transfere it to a LEGITIMATE company, they proceeded to tell me that I would yet again, pay the rest of the years' fee. The rep basically told me that even thought the work was poor and turnover for edits was poor, it was ok for them not to abide by their side of the contract. I however, have to abide by mine. Then he refused to even give me his name so I could not even report him. This is a disgusting company. YOU WILL GET SCREWED ROYALLY IF YOU HIRE THEM.

    Since this company refuses to act professionally and work to resolve this matter with me I am contacting a lawyer. However, can anyone advise me if there is a specific agency who/where I file a formal complaint against the company in general as well as the specific individuals I worked with?

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Oct 13, 2009

    There is only 1 course of actions for customers of Hit Web Design, Heritage Web Solutions, or whatever name they go by!

    Step 1: Call your credit card company, bank, and explain that you want to do a "charge back" and that you do not accept the charges from Hit Web Design. (sadly if you used your Discover Card or American Express you might experience some hiccups here, but be vigilant). We recently learned that VISA has flagged Hit Web Design, so getting a charge back from VISA should go smoothly as they have identified them as a fraudulent company.

    Step 2: Contact the Utah Attorney General's Office, and fill out an official complaint against Hit Web Design / Heritage Management / Heritage Web Solutions

    Step 3: Contact the BBB and file and official complaint with them.

    Step 4: Share your story on as many websites as possible.

    Step 5: Contact your local TV Station or News Paper and explain how you were swindled and taken advantage of in this tough economic time!

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  • Sa
    Salster Oct 13, 2009

    Thanks Ethicalhit. Some good advice and I plan on following it immediately.

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Oct 14, 2009

    Excellent Salster! Post on here what your results are! Hopefully you have a VISA!

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  • Su
    surfwahine Oct 17, 2009

    I paid 50% for my web design + one full year of discounted hosting. I provided 99% of all required content and 30 days later was told "we dropped the ball on your account." They proceeded to re-assign to new project manager, and 10 days later dropped the ball again. I cancelled service and was told I would have a refund within 3 days. Haha... nothing yet... am having AMEX battle it out with them also filing a BBB complaint. They are a joke, do not believe their fast talking sales people or their smooth and silk project managers. They are all liars! So far the mysterious CEO, Dave Aitken has yet to return an email. He is untouchable... was told by customer service: I don't have a phone listing for him. That is a bunch of bunk... I have other choice words too. DO BUSSINES AT YOUR OWN RISK WITH THEM.

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Oct 19, 2009

    Again Hit Web Design clearly shows their ignorance. They post the same comment hoping that people will believe that they actually want to help solve problems. If that was true we would not see time after time the EXACT SAME COMPLAINT!

    If you have experience similar issues with Hit Web Design or Heritage Web Design or Heritage Web Solutions or whatever they call themselves there are a few simple steps that you can follow so that you can get your money back, and help others avoid the same pitfalls.

    1. Call your credit card company or bank and file a "charge back" with Hit Web Design.
    2. File a formal complaint with the Utah Attorney General's Office.
    3. File a formal complaint with the BBB.
    4. Share your experience here online.
    5. Post results.

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  • Hi
    HIT Management Oct 20, 2009

    Again, I welcome any and all who wish to work with me to contact me directly. It is my goal to do my best to help.

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  • Sa
    Salster Oct 21, 2009

    I have hired another hosting service and have had my site transfered but HW refuses to change where my site is pointing to from their host to my new one. They are holding it hostage because I asked for a charge back and seeking a refund. What a bunch of crooks!

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  • Ji
    Jisaac Oct 21, 2009

    I got riped off by these low life ###. Even down to their youtube posting is a scam. Bryant Gumbal does not do that episode about no [email protected] Hit. He is talking about the general economy.

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  • Ch
    chesterpaw Oct 23, 2009

    I decided to go with Hit Web Design formerly known as Heritage web design. At first, they sounded great and one was supposed to get all of these things. Immediately after signing, all of the little extras cost a lot of extra money. I signed up in June, paid a lot of money up front and it's now the end of October and there is still no website. There are to many agents assigned to one account and noone is in a hurry to work on anything. When calling customer support or techincal support, most agents are less than helpful. This company is a well marketed and misleading company. At the end of the day, it's an expensive do it yourself design company. If you want something doen right, do yourself a favour and do not use hit web design. You'll turn old grey and very frustrated dealing with this poorly organized comapny. Just because they claim their fame to being in INC magazine, does not mean a whole of a lot anymore.

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Oct 26, 2009

    Jisac it is clear that they run a very good racket! I suggest you follow the steps I shared above to get your money back!

    This company seems to know how to work the system!

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Oct 26, 2009

    If you paid for the domain it is yours. Hit Web Design has lost this dispute a number of times. I believe you can file a direct complaint with ICANN if they do not release the domain to you.

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Oct 27, 2009

    Quilting Granny,

    Please share with you how your journey has gone so that others can learn from your experience.

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  • Ja
    Jackie Moore Oct 27, 2009

    I was going to contract HIT for my web design, but after reading the Post from their QCA, I'm going with another firmQ

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Oct 28, 2009


    Please post your results on here. If you were able to get your money back, or if you have been forced by Hit Web Design not to speak, we really want to hear what your outcome was.

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  • Ho
    How are they still in biz? Oct 29, 2009

    As a former employee of HIT Web Design, I can attest to their unfair business practices. I knew Brandon personally and he is a good guy. The company is not. We were forced to compromise our integrity time and time again - which is why I left. The company has no product to offer. They're piecing together templates for the same price as a custom site. They fired all of their designers! To all who think about using this company, stop now. You will regret it from the moment you hang up the phone.

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  • Cl
    Clayton Eads Nov 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello to all.

    I don't know if this is appropriate or not (location or nature of post in general), but I just recently did a COMPLETE rebuild of a website for a client that ALSO went through the same scenario with HIT (job) website design.

    His situation was that he has a LOT of products to offer, but DOES NOT sell online. They forced him to go with a "shopping cart" style of website, which he did not want or need. The layout was bad (forced to choose from one of their "templates"), the "categories" and Navigation Menu were HORRIBLE with no apparant way to solve the problem and it left you stranded deep within the site. And he too felt that he had an expensive "do it your self" type website.

    He contact me and I was able to completely rebuild his site, making it look MUCH better, I also created an easy to use navigation menu, and he gets GREAT customer service. I am never more than a phone call of email away and I always answer and return email and phone calls.

    Again, not sure if this is okay to do or not, but I will try and if it's not, please contact me directly or remove post as needed. But I am Clayton Eads of Dallas Website Design Company (same URL) and I have experience in dealing with HIT and getting supposed "custom websites" actually custom built for the customer and to their liking as well. I am also reasonablly priced. Give me a call (972.849.1835) and I'll try to help. Let me know you got worked over by HIT...


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  • Ej
    EJM6234 Nov 02, 2009

    I began my business with HIT Web Design on 6/5/09. I requested to have a website created in order to support my business, Power Chord Guitar Lessons, LLC. They seemed very eager to help and answer questions up until the point where they have your credit card information. After that, everything went downhill. I was told to wait 7-10 days before a website designer would contact me. After about fifteen days, I called back to see what the hold up was. I was told my account manager had changed and I had to wait another 7-10 days to speak with a website designer. After 5-7 days of persistent calling, speaking with supervisors and speaking with the supervisor's supervisors, I finally got a call from a website designer. My website was done very quickly and to my liking. That is the only time I have ever been satisfied with their service. Since then, I have requested an update on my website. The update took a little longer than I had expected, but I was not too upset. The update took a couple tries to get to something that I liked, but there were still flaws. After calling the editor, Donald Lannon, several times to try and fix the situation, the problems still remain. You can see the problems with the front page of the web site at The unsightly red box to the right of the page can only be seen on browsers other than internet explorer. You can also see that there is an unsightly dark square around the home and information pages and there are shifts around the border of the graphics. Also, after the initial update was made, the website editor that HIT Web Design provides began malfunctioning to the point where I could not use it to make simple edits to my website, as I had been able to do in the past. To clarify, the website editor is used to make simple text edits to the website. In order to get a graphic edit done, the customer has to request an edit from the company. In the past, the web editor shows the entire page and you can edit it to your liking. Now, the editor only shows plain black and white text and is insufficient in making simple edits. Over the past two weeks or so, I have been calling both technical support and Donald Lannon persistently to no avail. When I called technical support, they told me that they could not help me and Jeremy Nelson, a supervisor, had been tasked to fix my web editor. After several attempts to contact him over the phone, including a message or two, I still have not found anyone to speak with about my web editor. Whenever I call HIT Web Design about a problem, it is passed on to someone else. I have spent two hours on the phone trying to get someone to help me before. I have never seen a company who's customer service operates so poorly. If I would have had the foresight to look for complaints on this company before I committed to them, I would have never given them my business. I Googled their name and searched to find a plethora of complaints from employees and customers alike.

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Nov 02, 2009

    As a victim of Hit Web Design's tactics I recommend using the following formula!

    Step One you call your bank or credit card company and you file a charge back! Dispute the charges from Heritage Web Solutions
    Step Two file a formal complaint with the Utah Attorney General's Office.
    Step Three contact the Utah Valley BBB office and file a formal complaint with them.
    Step Four contact your local media outlet and inform them of the tactics that Hit Web Design has used.
    Step Five POST all over the internet. And share your results!

    Please let me know if this helps!

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Nov 02, 2009

    Do oy have any results to share with your experience with Hit Web Design? Please feel free to share what has happened since you posted!

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Nov 02, 2009

    I just wanted to know if you had any follow up for your situation with Hit Web Design?

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Nov 02, 2009

    Hit Web Design has been making sub par websites for years now. Sadly a lot of customers are talked into products or services that they plainly do not need.

    As a customer of Hit Web Design you are entitled to get your money back, and a lot of times the only way you can get your money back is by calling your bank or credit card company and filing a charge back against Hit Web Design!

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Nov 02, 2009


    Please post on here what your results have been and if you have been able to get any resolution with Hit Web Design!

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Nov 02, 2009

    Jackie Moore,

    I am glad that you were able to take time, and not get taken into the high pressure sales tactics that Hit Web Design employs.

    Quilting Granny,

    can you share an update on your situation with Hit Web Design?

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  • Bd
    B Daniel Nov 05, 2009

    This company should not be in business. It overcharges, under delivers, and does not honor its contractual services. The development of my website was slow and tedius with very little assistance on their part. It took forever to get someone to assist me. Then, when it was time for renewal, they automatically charged my credit card without my authorization. When I protested this charge, they suspended my account and took my website off line immediately. This was done during the year's hosting I had bought and paid for. When I called to resolve this matter, I was told there is nothing they could do for me. I asked to speak with their CEO and was told they could not transfer my call. They said I would need to send him an e-mail.

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  • St
    stopthegreed Nov 05, 2009

    HIT Management,

    How long ago did you come up with this blanket answer?

    You just copy and paste this after every customer complaint.

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