50 Dollar Logo Complaints & Reviews / did not receive finished logo

Oct 23, 2017

I paid $69 for the premium service and received 12 potential logos within 48 hours. None of them were quite right so I sent back a revision request, and never heard from them again, despite 2 more follow up emails. They promise unlimited revisions and that they will not stop working on the... / Fraud Scam No Refund

Apr 18, 2011

This business seems to be a fraudulent 'bait & switch' operation unlicensed and running out of the person belows home: Tommy O'Driscoll 53 Fir Tree Avenue Wallingford, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX10 0PD 07951.768.689 EMail: [protected] Regarding the... / Scam, Fraud


Scam...going on 3 months of a promised refund. I do have some possible solution so this company doesn't keep scamming others. I was able to figure out who the webhosting provider is,, phone #[protected] . I called them to see if I could get a number to the actual...

50 Dollar Logos / Never listen customers


50 dollar logo should improve their communication with customers. Forget about several revisions. They will never listen to you. I could not communicate with them even for the first revision. They will keep sending you revisions without listening you. So after 2 revisions of their own...

50 Dollar Logo / RIP OFF!!! 50 LOGO IS A SCAM


*beware 50 dollar logo is a scam!!! * I ordered a logo from 50 dollar logo on july 15th 2009. I paid extra for 24hr turnaround time for my fist 6 samples, and black and white options. I was supposed to pay a total of $109 dollars. They charged me for $122.37. When I questioned them a...

50 Dollar Logo / no refund


Hired 50 Dollar Logo to design a logo and a business card for me. I paid them $79 and started receiving terrible logos. I didn't like any of them. You could tell that they were just cutting and pasting from some really bad gallery. Finally I picked a logo, even though I really...

50dollarlogo / Unauthorized charges


I found searching on the internet. Seemed like a reasonable price for a logo. Too reasonable looking back. They say they will give you 6 custom made logos. About a week went by and I had heard nothing from them. Their site says 24hr service, 100% Money Back Guarantee... / Online fraud


I live in England and paid 25pounds on 22nd September for a logo. I was very let down by the standard of logos sent to me by seem to be a sister company of as their websites look the same. The company politely asked for another...

50 Dollar Logo / 50 dollar logo is a scam


50 dollar logo is not a legitimate business. They don't have listed telephone or address. The employees of the company do not speak English well and most importantly they have no graphic design experience whatsoever. If you paid with credit card you can dispute the charge with your bank because they do not give any refund either.

50 Dollar Logo / paid for service of logo design, they withrew payment from my account and no more contact and no logo


Needed revisions to my logo went online to select a company who specializes in graphic design and selected they offered great packages for resonanable price. I even instsant message with a rep. who answered my questions of the design process and I got reeled in. The just...