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fraudulent activities

Friday, April 24, 2009, approximately 12:30 p.m. EST -- purchased refrigerator from HH Gregg and scheduled...

awful company

HH Gregg advertised a Toshiba LCD HDTV in the Sunday flyer. Went to the store as soon as they opened that morning to find out that the only one left is a floor display and it isn't for sale. They then steer me to some other models, all at least $300 more than the one advertised. They employed several high pressure sales techniques and acted rather aggressive. Thankfully there is a Frys and Best Buy nearby, so I managed to extract myself from the store, avoiding another salesperson at the door who tried to convince me not to leave without purchasing the TV (not many left, they said, we have the lowest prices, they said).

Imagine my surprise when I found several of the same models at Best Buy and Frys for at least $100 less than HH Gregg. The model I ended up purchasing was only $677 at Frys (HH Gregg had theirs for $899...only one left and you won't find a lower price, they said).

Out of curiosity, I went back a week later to look at DVD recorders after checking prices at several competitors to find the pricing at HH Gregg to be higher and the sales techniques sleazy.

I recommend you avoid HH Gregg, can't think of any reason to shop there as better prices and more pleasant service can be found elsewhere.

  • He
    Heaton Jul 12, 2010

    Hhgregg def has the lowest prices. No doubt. Fake complaint.

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I was in a near by Hhgregg store recently looking to buy a few appliances, while checking out with a cashier a manager came over to her in began yelling at the young lady on the floor in front of customers. Not only was that embarassing to they young lady but why should this happen in front of customers im sure there are offices where this situation could have been handled. The customer service was great and the salesman that helped me was very helpful. I will shop there in the near future but someone needs to handle the management.

  • Di
    Diva Fierce Jul 11, 2009

    The Western Hill's Store has a manager by the name of Roshana Davis that likes to ### around with the delivery drivers. Instead of her doing her job she's sending picture's of herself to them and saying do you like this at the bottom of them. Stop hiring Whore's for manager's and maybe the store could better place.

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  • Il
    ile Oct 07, 2009

    I work at this store and this happened all the time! It is VERY unprofessional and embarrassing. Thankfully, this manager got demoted and has been relocated to another store!!! The current managers are AMAZING and hopefully, they stay!!

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  • Ra
    random customer at greg Nov 03, 2010


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  • Ra
    random customer at greg Nov 03, 2010

    HH GREGG Is EVIL Devil yah

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  • Ih
    ihatehgregg Dec 17, 2010

    There are malicious homos all over the Gregg. Truing to make people have the butt sex with managers

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  • Ih
    ihatehgregg Dec 17, 2010

    I hate HHGREGGS!

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unfair practice

HH Gregg are scam artists they will show you the item you want and tell you it is the latest. Which is true cause it is the display but at time of purchase they will do a bait and switch and sell an older model at the same price as the latest and greatest. If you try and return anything they do not give money back if it cost more than 100 dollars. They will mail you a check from corporate in 7-10 days. This is also not true cause I am still waiting and it has been 21 business days and counting. So buyer beware HH Gregg is run like a sleazy car lot full of crooked car salesmen.

  • Br
    brandon216 Aug 21, 2010

    this is very true i worked there for a year and quit because of situations like this and there warrantys cost twice as much as bestbuys and dont cover anything like they say nor do they cover burn ins

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HH Gregg is a public company but still allow HR violations including ones spelled out in their handbook to occur. For example they are turning a blind eye to a situtation occuring in their Murfreesboro, TN location.
An Assistant Manager (female) and male sales associate are allowed to have a relationship and even reside in the same house. They work in the same store side by side. Now let's talk about a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Gregg is very inconsistent when it comes to these issues.

  • Tr
    travis Apr 14, 2009

    Mind your own damn business, shut your mouth and go back to work, would you rather see a person loose their job? that would solve a lot. just stay out of other peoples ###... i bet your an employee at that store. if so you are stirring up the pot because you suck at your job, you think some kind of favoritism is going on. I'm sure a little but everybody in every job shows that. so if you are an employee are you hourly, commission, salary? if your hourly your the lowest on the food chain just quit if you don't like it. if salary then transfer or quit, if your commission then worry about selling ### not complaining.

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interest rate

I have many credit card accounts with far lower interest rates. Please check my history with this acoount and you will see that I have met my payments ahead of scheduled time and always more than was required. Please review my credit history and see if a my satisfactory interest rate can be appiled oor I will be forced to payoff this account by using a lower interest rated account and close it.


I purchased a stove and refrigerator from HH Gregg on Sunday 11/30/2008 by personal check. The only reason I purchased these appliances that day from HH Gregg was because of a promised delivery of the next day and a good price. I even had to run home, 45 minutes away, to get a check because their credit machine would not allow for a $3000 debit card purchase(???) AND the salesman Quinton told me they only had two available. On Monday 12/02/2008 I was called to say they had my delivery, great, but wait, only the stove was to be delivered, what happened to the frig? Sorry, NO Frig on the truck. When I called the store they informed me that was a special order and it should be listed that way on my sales receipt(it wasn't) and the salesman should have known this was the case, according to HH Gregg, this order will take at least 7/10 days. I was upset but decided to wait because now it would take me at least two weeks to get my money back anyway. Sounds like that was their intentions, once I purchased their appliances with a promise of next day delivery your at their mercy to get them delivered! I was called back and told they would deliver my appliances 12/06/3008, great it was earlier than expected, WONDERFUL news! They did arrive, at the end of the day(waited all day) they installed the stove and the Frig but as they went to leave I noticed it had a dent in the front door, I told them it wasn't acceptable. They asked what I would take to keep that one. I told them I didn't want a dented NEW refrigerator($2100) so they took it back. I had to wait until Monday to have a new one ordered. The following Saturday 12/13/08 they attempted to deliver the second Refrigerator. This time the back plug was missing! So now we are still without a new refrigerator. Not to mentions my old one was sold twice and I had to empty it twice and put all the stuff back in each time. Then having to call the person and tell them I had to wait to sell it AGAIN(they gave up buying my old frig, can't say I blame them!) I called the store and was told by Jerome (the manager) it wasn't their fault what was delivered inside the box, they have no control of that. What kind of appliances does this company sell??? Scratch and dent and rejects???? I went to the store to cancel me order. I was told by the Manager Jonathan they don't show any other available in the warehouse but he would give me a definite answer within 24/48 hours on a good one and would do whatever it would take to keep our business. Well guess what it has now been three days and no one has called me about when I will get a refrigerator. Of course Jonathan was not in! I called 12/17 to cancel my order and conveniently the manger is out to lunch(at 3:50 PM?) and he is the only one that can cancel my order. I called customer service and their response was the same! I have never been so aggravated with a company in my life! I finally got a call from HH Gregg, they can get me a Refrig after Christmas, thanks but NO THANKS! Do not do business with this company, save yourself a lot of aggravation! They will tell you anything to get your money and you have to jump through hoops to get it back! It is now 12/29 and I still don't have my refund. I went to Lowes and got a refrigerator in three days delivered to my home without and problems what-so-ever, they were wonderful!

  • Tr
    travis Apr 14, 2009

    ### happens like that all the time with appliances, its not the company selling the goods its the manufactures who make them and pack them for transport... and a company (HHgregg) does not want to make you write a check your ###ing card has a daily limit next time you are planning to make a big purchase call the bank that endorses your card and lift the limit on transaction size. 2nd if you don't see a display on the floor and you want something other than the 75 different ones they have for sale don't ### about the time frame of getting it. I bet you did not buy the exact same model at Lowes because you would have to of waited 3-5 weeks depending on brand i know i used to work for them doing special orders on appliances . So you had a bad experience just note they did try to accommodate you most of the other guys in town would of been a lot worse if the situation was switched.

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  • Fl
    florida2012 May 20, 2012

    Travis, who the hell do you work for HH Gregg? Give me a break! Retailers should check what the heck they are selling to a customer before they sell it, in my experience this weekend with HH Gregg, the snake oil salesmen I got tried to sell me electronics as Open Box theat were clearance items with missing components. This is pure nonsense, a retailer should have some sense, after all, a customer DOES NOT have to buy from them, there are plenty of stores to choose from with good customer service. I just cancelled my delivery from HH Gregg after I found out the $2500 TV they were selling me has missing items. If they give me a hard time about giving my money pal American Express will make sure they dont get their money for trying to mislead me through this sale. Never again HH Gregg fool me once...!

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they lied to me!

HH Gregg Lied to me and does not stand behind their customers! BUYERS BEWARE! Extremely poor customer service!

My wife and I purchased a JVC 32" Flat screen (model # LT32P679) TV from HH Gregg on [protected]. We had some concerns about the durability of the TV since we have a 3 year old. The sales person Jason Hake was very kind and promised us that the TV was covered 100% under warranty for one year. I then specifically asked about the screen and if it would scratch and he said that he has never seen one scratch but the manufacturer’s warranty covered the TV 100% so we should not worry. We were satisfied with that answer and purchased the TV.

On December 3rd we discovered a scratch on the screen of our new TV. So I called the store to find out how to get it repaired. To our extreme disappointment we were told that the screen is not covered under any warranty and that we were out of luck.

I then asked to talk to the manager of the store and the manager said that his sales person knows better than to tell costumers that screens are not covered and that he doesn't believe me.

Well, I don't like being called a liar and I asked for the District managers’ name (His name is Larry Keller). I called his office and was told that he doesn't deal with costumer complaints and that I will have to take my issues up with the store manager.

I have been in business a long time and have never been treated so badly. And for a district manager to not take my call is extremely unprofessional.

I would like for HH Gregg to replace or repair my TV AS PROMISED!

  • Tr
    travis Apr 14, 2009

    ya i bought a brand new car the salesman said it was the best and it had a 5 star crash test rating and a 100, 000 mile warranty. I replied i like to drive really drunk and crash into things will the warranty cover if I CRASH IT... car salesman says i have never seen one crash itself by itself but if so ya... point of story, your kid scratched the screen wow and now you want a new one ### i wish things worked like that on everything... my bank account is too low fill it back up for me, or i will bash you on an internet blog... you dumb ###! Why do people like you even exist today i figured all of you would of become extinct by now along with the Dodo bird.

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  • Ag
    Agree's with Travis Dec 09, 2009


    Is it not obvious to everyone that physical damage, cosmetic damage, or any type of damage done by YOU or YOUR FAMILY would not be covered under a manufacturer's DEFECT warranty?

    This is something that common sense should solve, but SIGH another ###ed consumer...

    Like travis's post above... you sir fail at living life in the 21st century

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  • Ze
    zebra kitty Dec 09, 2009

    I do not shop at HH Gregg for a similar reason.

    I purchased a computer monitor that had a rebate coupon. I sent it in timely and never received my rebate. When I called to follow up they said they couldn't find it but would I send it again? I did so and still no rebate. I called back and they said I could send it again but they don't know if I'll get it because its late now.

    I did send it a third time with proof of the fax confirmation from sending it the SECOND time as I made copies of everything. Never did receive a cent. :(

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fraud and cheating

I carefully planned a big 25th anniversary surprise for my husband, spending 3 hours in Hhgregg on Black Friday selecting, ordering and setting up delivery on a big screen TV (67' Samsung DLP). I was told it was in stock and ready to be delivered whenever I wanted. I also applied and was approved for their 24 months-same-as-cash financing. I arranged for it to be delivered on the 18th of December while my husband and I were on our anniversary trip. I gave them my son's cell phone to call for delivery time. I called two more times before we left on the trip to confirm the delivery and was told each time the TV would be delivered on that day. My son called me the night of the 18th and told me no one had called to deliver the TV. I asked him to call the next day to deliver it before we arrived home on the 20th. He couldn't find anyone who knew anything about the delivery. We walked in the door with me anticipating the surprise, and there sat our old TV. I called on the 21st and talked to three different people before I could even find anyone who could check on anything for me. That person said they didn't understand why it was arranged to deliver that TV because it wasn't in stock and they didn't know if they would ever have it in stock again! He blamed it on the salesman and said he didn't work there anymore, but it was the manager who arranged the delivery and even said it would be delivered free because it took so long to set it up! They wanted to know if I would wait while it was backordered and I said no, cancel the order. I was so upset and crying. It was three days before Christmas and I had nothing for my husband because that was supposed to cover both anniversary and Christmas. To add insult to injury, I was going through the mail that came while we were on the trip and, low and behold, the first payment is due on the TV I didn't get!

  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    I ordered a set of samsung front loading washer and dryer. I had a great sales guy working with me. The products were on back order and should have been in on 10-1-08. That's O.K. so I wait.The order was placed on 9-20-08, it now the 4th weeks still no product available... Still O.K. with me, I'll wait.

    Well, I received a bill for the units that I ordered, so I called to ask why I need to pay when I don't have the washer and dryer yet. The response was abrasive and negative. So I pushed back. I didn't think I should be paying for something I didn't receive yet.

    The manager then said to me, you obviously don't know anything about credit cards. I can tell you that sent me over the edge. So off I went to the store to see him. I demanded my money back and this useless manager still had the @$# to continue to explain how credit works. When I told him to stop running his mouth.

    He pushed my receipt back at me, told me they would credit my account "leave my store this isn't a place you need to shop" I agree I will never shop at HHGregg again. I would only leave after I got a receipt. On my way out the little boy said " Have a nice day" Rude and childish. I would have waited 2 months for the washer and dryer if I had not been billed.

    I was going to contact HHGregg online but couldn't find a customer service Icon on their site, I should have known.

    Please Please be careful with this company.

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  • Lo
    Lori T Oct 17, 2008

    I found one at the bottom of their site in yellow. brings up an entire menu, including an on-line complaint deparment.  Hope that helps!

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  • He
    Heaton Jul 12, 2010

    So Black Friday is at the end of November which means you set it up for delivery three weeks after your purchase date. At the time they had the tv in stock put three weeks later it was out of stock. There was nothing the salesperson could have done for there was no way he would have known that the tv would be out of stock three weeks from that date. Hhgregg is not a storage unit. You can't buy something and expect them to let it sit there for almost a month before delivery. Your should have taken it when it was delivered. So...this was your fault.

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no response to warrantied washing machine

Purchased top of the line LG frontloader from HHGregg (along with 15k of other appliances) and purchased the 5 yr extended warranty on ALL of the appliances. The LG washer broke, called GE service Protection plan, sent a contractor out, which said I needed a new motor and that is covered under LG's warranty and the part must come from LG. A week later, no-one calls me, i find out adter calling GE back and they had to call the contractor back, that LG does not have the part (How this is possible i do not know). I was given the run around and had to call another numner for GE, found out they then have 48 hours to locate the part and if they can not, they replace. 4 days later, I had to call back, no-one from GE called and I find they can not locate the part and next step is to replace with a GE washer they feel is comparible, which is not. Considerably less in dollar value and not all the functions. I inquired what if the replacement breaks and they said I would have to purchase a new warranty (after a year) and that all parties involved have fulfilled their obligations. Deceiptful business practices, no customer service, basically the customer is ripped off and taken advantage of, replacement is not the same model you buy. I wrote LG 3 times over a week and a half, they have not responded, I have since then written the CEO's of HHGRegg, LG and GE Serice Warranty, awaiting some kind of response. My next step is to seek legal action out of principal of the matter and consumer rights, apparently we have none.

  • Eu
    Eugen May 01, 2009

    Yes, please take legal action; that is the only way companies will shape up

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refund policy

After Christmas, I purchased a TV and Blu Ray player from HH Gregg. Paid >$2500. After 13 days, the Blu Ray player died. When I called the store I was able to speak to the GM Dan Miller (He said he was the GM and top guy). I inquired into getting a replacement. He stated no problem, but it would be at least 3 weeks before he got more stock of the particular model player.

He was not confident in the 3+ weeks. I inquired into a similar model, but they had none in that price range. I asked for a refund of the price I paid to purchase a replacement elsewhere and he said no way. He kept quoting the 10 day refund policy and I was at day 13!

I can understand this if he can replace my unit or at least get me something comparable, but since he cannot, I should get a refund. It makes no sense to hold me hostage for 3+ weeks (again, maybe 3 weeks, maybe more...he was not confident in when he can expect more in stock). Dan Miller was extremely unprofessional, rude, arrogant, and just plain argumentative. I felt like I was talking to a 4th grader!

I could not believe they would have such a terrible refund policy, especially because they were selling their great customer service - "don't buy the equipment at Amazon for less money because if you ever have a problem, we will stand behind you and take care of you, not like any other store". That's right, any other store has 30-90 day refund policies, without restocking fees!!

I had a 13 day old unit (only watched 1 movie on it before it died), spent over $2500 with these incompetent people, and was treated horribly.

Additionally, it is fraudulent for HH Gregg to make statements surrounding their $120+ HDMI cables being REQUIRED in order to use my new TV. Now, I know better, but I feel for the many people who buy that BS and get conned into spending $120 when a $6 cable is 100% as good.

  • Tr
    travis Apr 14, 2009

    i bet you were a ### when you called that's why you got the shaft if you would be nicer and talked to the salesman that sold you all of that stuff they would of worked it out. oh and on the $130 hdmi vs the $6 one, go and do some more homework on that one, i have been in high end electronics for 15 years and you get what you pay for.
    this is a link to help educate yourself, think of it like a exotic sports car. If you go out and buy a brand new Lamborghini you would not put just any old "$6" tire on it even if it looks the same as the nice ones the guy who sold it to you said you better get the $120+ ones they work a lot better.
    oh and heaven forbid that you get a screwed up product and the store ran out during the holiday season when consumer electronics are on everybody's list and Blu Ray players are in the top 10 gift choices that year, don't you think everybody else was out of stock at that time also...

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door fell off fridge

My mother, 70 years of age is opening her refrigerator door Whirlpool purchased less than a year ago at HH Gregg. The door fell OFF. Luckily, my mom wasn't injured. Calls HH Gregg, they basically cared less, got the run around and I ended up f ixing it myself. They wanted to wait until two days later to send someone out. So the food would have all been spoiled. These people suck, I have dealt with them in the past at a different location and I bought the extended worthless warranty. They still don't do a thing. I hope the store in Hickory closes and they all have to get jobs were someone treats them like they deserve.

  • Si
    SillyRabbit Apr 12, 2010

    That's pretty messed up that you wish bad things upon people not even involved. Look at your invoice, go after the people that delivered and installed said fridge. Why wish evil upon the innocent? tsk tsk

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terrible return policy

We purchased a small refrigerator that was on sale from the HHGregg store in Piqua, OH. It's been one...

extended warranty is a joke

HH Gregg sells you extended warranties and will do nothing to help you get your TV fixed or replaced. For about 2 months now I have had no TV. The repair man said Hitachi does not make the board for my 57 TV any longer, the so called warranty I paid $400 for said a board needs repaired. The repairman says they cant fix the board because its intermittent problems. Called HH Gregg about 6 times or more and they said they couldnt help me. They sold the extended warranty to another company and they are out of the picture. When I bought the TV with extended warranty I was told new parts for repair or I would get a new TV. I have now been told that if they would replace the TV I would not get the same brand and it would not cost the $2400 I paid, they have to depreciate the TV because its not new any longer, and I may end up with around a $1000 TV but they might send out another repairman to recheck it out and they cant give me any idea how long this all will take, and there is no time limit! HHGregg sure wants you to buy the extended warranty but will do nothing to help you after that...

  • Bi
    Bill Healey Nov 10, 2008

    I bought a large-screen rear projection TV in 2006, along with the extended warranty, which I was told would cover the lamp (parts and labor) if it went out. The lamp is now making my picture darker and darker. The factory said the extended warranty would not cover the lamp because of consumer usage issues. Service manual shows owners how to replace the lamp, which I found out was $249.00, but the factory said if I replace it, the warranty would be void from then on.

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  • Bi
    Bill Sturgell Nov 19, 2008

    If you have a problem with HHGregg, send a letter to the President|CEO. Here is his address;
    Gerald W. Throgmartin, Chairman/CEO
    7801 Alexander Promenade Place
    Raleigh, NC 27617

    Also you can contact and send complaints online to your state's Attorney General, your Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Advocates.

    Below are links to Ohio's AG and BBB, along with other Consumer Complaint sites;

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  • Tr
    travis Apr 14, 2009

    You bought a dieing technology first off, second you did not pay $2400 for that set, 3rd your an idiot if you did. Read your warranty paperwork it states that the brand could be different. But even if that TV worked 100% as it sits right now its not worth $500 so be happy with what you get. side note HHgregg did sell GE extended warranty's and a lot of this has happened with them, that is why HHgregg dropped them and picked up a "NEW" company with a better track record and a J.D. Power & associates award. if you are that pissed then SUE GE WARRANTY SERVICE they are a fault for not standing behind their word they said to HHgregg.
    Also you would be ### out of luck if you did not have the warranty because you said it yourself that Hitachi does not make the board for it anymore and the repair guy could not fix it so now you will get around $1000 out of this, looks to me like you are $600.00 up at this point after purchasing the $400 warranty. you could just be staring at a broken TV and a bunch of repairman bills for $60 an hour labor.

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  • Jg
    JGN Jul 07, 2009

    AGREED!! We had a very similar situation and HH GREGG will not do anything about it. We also purchased an extented warranty. We have called the store, warranty dept, and Samsung.. NO ONE WILL HELP. They say it is our fault. DO NOT GO TO HH GREGG. They have absolutely the worst customer server!!

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  • Ka
    karash Jun 04, 2010

    just purchased a washer and dryer from hhgregg. Terrible customer service. I am still trying to resolve and they over billed me. They con'd me into buying a very expensive washer and dryer kept lowering the price. Finally I agreed. Am I ever sorry. Now I'm stuck with it. They do not accept returns on washer and dryers per customer service. They billed me for the pedistals twice. I am sooooo angry. I have been to the store twice. called customer service repeatedly, Called the card company and still no results. If they hold me off long enough there will be nothing i can do. BUYER BEWARE of hhgregg

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  • Je
    Jeff_C Sep 20, 2012

    You buy the warranty because the sales person usually always tells you that the product will be repaired, and if not repairable replaced with the same or comparable product.

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terrible experience

I purchased a 50" Samsung plasma television on 8/22/08 which was delivered 8/24/08. the television worked great until 9/6/08 when all of a sudden it made 2 popping noises and went out. The repair man they contract with said it may have had a hairline crack and when it heated up it broke the back panel and it can't be fixed. he wrote that it happened the same day on his report so when Samsung contacted them they told Samsung it was either damaged at delivery or when I put it on the table. which if I damaged it would I be able to watch it for 13 days? He told me to contact HH Gregg and tell them what he said and they will replace the tv.

HH Gregg has done absolutely nothing to help me. they keep saying they need approval from corporate, they need approval from Samsung. They never give me an answer or return the call when they say they will. Samsung now says that since the report from the repair man says it was damaged either in delivery or installation it is not covered by the manufactures warranty and it is up to HH Gregg to take care of me.

I told HH Gregg this and I get more of the same, I need approval and will call you back. they never do. I spent close to 2, 000.00 dollars on this television and a 5 year warranty they sold me which isn't worth the paper it is written on and can't get any help getting this resolved.

I found out today the 5 year warranty does not even begin until the manufactures warranty ends - was I swindled or what. The salesman told me when I purchased that the extended warranty will cover anything that the manufactures warranty wont cover so you never have to worry.

I called the extended warranty people and guess what, it's not covered under this warranty either. I will never purchase another thing from HH Gregg and will tell everyone I can to stay away from that chain. I now have to pay for a television I can't even watch while they get approval from who knows who?

Everyone involved in this transaction, Samsung, HH Gregg and the warranty company all point to the other for a resolution and in the meantime I have no television.

  • Valerie Sep 22, 2008

    Today, my wife and I made our first trip to an HH Gregg store. We went to one in Orlando on Orange Blossom Trail. The first thing I noticed was a sign with a sale paper - the sign said something like "private sale, open to the public." I couldn't figure that one, figured it was some incredibly lame gimmick to con people into thinking they're getting a better deal than they are.

    Just after entering the store, a salesman came up and immediately tried to sell us a TV. We told him we weren't there to look at televisions, we're looking for microwaves, then he walked away. We had to pause for a minute because there was a clearance table. In the very short time we were stopped at the clearance table, the same salesman came back and tried to sell us a mattress. We told him we weren't interested and walked away, toward the appliances. Upon entering the appliance section, a salesman came after us and asked if we need any help. I said no thanks, we're just looking. He continued following us and went on to talk to us for nearly five minutes about how HH Gregg is better than every other store. After that, we had to leave. At the front of the store, we made a quick stop at an appliance display near the front door. Right after we stopped, we saw another sales person coming for us, so we quit looking and headed for the door.

    This was a horrible horrible place and I intend to never go back to an HH Gregg. I don't care if their prices are an better than anyone else's - there are places locally that sell for less and the sales people aren't quite as pushy. Even if they were the cheapest, I'd gladly pay more to not have to deal with the incredibly pushy sales people.

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  • Tr
    travis Apr 14, 2009

    that's samsungs fault they should fix it read all paperwork before ranting about it

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  • Tr
    travis Apr 14, 2009

    I think its nice to have people so eager to help, yes it can be overwhelming at times but communicating that to the sales people would probably do more good than an internet blog about complaints. try speaking your mind with your mouth not your fingers hiding away behind your computer screen, tell the store manager tell the customer service tell a person working at that store so they can address that issue so it will be better for everyone.

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  • Bo
    Bob12 Sep 23, 2009

    Why would someone want to make a major purchase and not get customer service?

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  • He
    Heaton Jul 12, 2010

    The warranty begins the day you recieve the product. Your not telling us something. I think you dropped the television and made up some crazy story.

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  • Fl
    fls93 Jul 30, 2010

    I purchased a complete set of Samsung kitchen appliances (fridge, stove, above the range microwave, and dishwasher) on July 2, 2010 with a personal check. At the time of purchase, the range was out of stock but was expected within the next week. Because hhgregg could only deliver to my address on Wednesday, delivery was scheduled for July 14, 2010 - the first Wednesday when all appliances would be in stock. I received a phone call from the delivery manager on Monday July 12th, telling me that they would not be able to make the scheduled delivery becasue the refrigerator and diswahser were out of stock. I was confused, did he mean the range? No, the refrigerator and dishwasher that I paid for had been delivered to another customer with an earlier delivery date. MY refirgerator and dishwasher were out of stock with no definite due date. I was disgruntled and asked for some sort of resolution from the store's management. I did not receive another call from the store until Wednesday morning, July 14th. At that time, my salesman called to let me know that they could not make my delivery - the replacement appliances had not arrived. I asked to speak with the sales manager - Mindy - who had approved the final details of my purchase on the 2nd. The salesman - Wayne - was nice enough but had to ask permission and get guidance on even the simplest of questions. When Mindy got on the phone she indicated that she could deliver LG appliances but could not provide any type of anticipate delivery date for the Samsung appliances I had ordered. I asked for a refund. She discouraged that and encouraged me to shop around because it was unlikely that I woul find a deal as good as this one elsewhere. She was surprised someone would make this deal b/c they "lost $50. I reminded her that she worked the deal! I did shop around and ultimately decided that even if it cost more money I would not patronize this business and I wanted a refund. On July 15th I called Mnday and asked for a refund. She again had to be reminded of my situation and proceeded to explain that had she been my salesman she would have encouraged me to schedule an earlier delievery date to ensure that the product I was purchasing would be in stock. Really? the delivery date was predicated by their delivery schedule and again, SHE was the sales person/manager. I was livid. I explicitly asked her the refund process and the EXACT date that I could receive my refund. She asked someone in the backgroung the details and said that I could visit the store 15 days after the date of purchase to receive a refund. I asked for the specific date, she replied July 22, 2010. I visited the store again on July 25, 2010 where I was told that the information she provided was incorrect. It would take an additional 7-14 business days to receive my refund becasue a check was being requested AT THAT POINT. I still have not received my refund. I called the customer service line to convey my complaint and in true fashion to the other comments posted here - no success. The representative on the phone was apologetic, but no real resolution. At least she apologized - no one in the store apologized once during this situation. I simply heard excuse after excuse about why this happened and they were only able to offer these great prices by keeping a small number of appliances on hand, blah, blah, blah. Think twice before shopping with this Company. My new appliances from SEARS are being delievered tomorrow! The y were more expensive, but I couldn't be happier.

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former employee

I am a former employee of hhgregg. To anyone look to shop there go somewhere else!!! They will force customer...

human resources

HHGregg has terrible business practices in employee relations. Although they claim to be family operated, and...

dishonest practices


beware customer

We tried to purchase a flat screen TV from them Sunday. The experience was so bad the manager of the day offered us free delivery. We had been promised this last remaining TV was not "open box."

Today (2 days later) it arrived. There was no stand so clearly the "not open box" was a lie. We were told by the delivery men that we would be contacted within an hour from a store rep to advise us how they would proceed. 4 hours later - no contact.

The best was when we went in tonight to request a refund, we were told they couldn't process it until tomorrow when the delivery truck returned its merchandise. HUH? You have completely messed with me for 3 days, I don't have a tv AND I don't have a refund yet? Never would I ever go back there. BEWARE.

  • Da
    dale Dec 23, 2008

    Don't even buy thier warranty, (better yet don't shop there0 I had the manager hang the phone up on me the sales person laid the phone down because he had a customer. Okay what am I ? Oh that's right they got my money already on a 60' Mitsubishi that just went completely dead after 6mos. I thought it should be replaced because a repair man had been out earlier and said he did not have a clue, he would have to take it to the shop sometime when he had help?????? and because it is 3 days before christmas and we don't have another tv and I had took today off work i thought they would do the right thing. wrong, they are not concerned. Mitsubishi made me some good promisees but that was 11am mon the tv went out fri it is tues and I have not heard from anyone

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