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beware of improper installation

I bought a new LG front load washer and dryer and paid for delivery and setup. They came out and installed the two units, but told me that he couldn't get the old hot water hose to unscrew from the wall.

He said that he could just leave it on and connect it to new washer. Well, he did and had me sign the invoice. I told him that I had a stroke 3 years ago and that I would have to take his word about the old hose working and that there were no leaks.

One day I went into my master bedroom closet and stepped in a pool of water.

My wife started pulling everything out of the closet and the water had ruined stuff on the floor, our carpet, and 3 sheetrock walls.

My wife said that we must have a leak coming from the laundry room. My son pulled the washer out and the old hot water hose was leaking. My wife called hhgregg that night (5-14-08) talked with the operations manager. He said how sorry he was and that they would pay for everything to be fixed.

We heard no response and by 05-20-08, I had enough and called the store and talked with several managers and finally got a case number, phone number, and a contact person.

After talking with their corporate office, I was told that hhgregg contracts their delivery /setup and that I needed to contact them.

So, I did (Spirit of Delivery) and they were oh so sorry and that they would get someone out ASAP. About 4 days later I called them back and she told me the guy she needed to talk to was out of town at a wedding for a week. I waited a week and then I called her back and she told me it was under investigation. About 06-16-08 I called her back and she told me that it was my fault/problem, because their guy could not get the old hose off.

So, make sure you know who is responsible for delivery/setup before you buy.

  • He
    Heaton Jul 12, 2010

    Yep I agree! You told him to leave the old hoses on so that falls on you.

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  • Av
    Avaden Dec 10, 2012

    Over priced crap. I can't believe half the crap made it past testing phases - they need better choices when selling things. They target low income families too, with their low payment plans on a crappy heavy tablet that doesn't do anything it's suppose to. I only buy ink their- expensive still. Their warranty system sucks too, my latpops been gone and is gone, for over a month now! Their really taking their time, on a $400 freaking warranty on a $1700 laptop... Could have saved over 1000 on

    Screw this chain store.

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I would not recommend them

I would not recommend H.H.Gregg for any appliance purchase. Their models all seem to be one and two years old. Many of them have major problems within the first two years. The extended warranties are not factory or manufacturer backed. They are held by some GE concern that has no consideration for the customers concerns and frustration at the lack of proper repair and maintenance. The service company that is used in the Cleveland area not factory or manufacturer trained. They are poorly trained on one model and lost on any other. Also the service men know little or nothing about any "lemon laws".

stay away

I bought a s.s. fridge, stove, micro, d.washer& TV.

Rebates totalling $800.00.

When they delivered them the fridge door was scratched & ice maker delivered crushed ice only.

I read the detailed directions to a tee I'm an electrical/mechanical eng.

They talked to me like I was stupid. I'm sure they had a HS diploma.

When delivered they removed the boxes including the TV box with the UPC code for rebate.

When I called the 800 # they said nothing could be done.

Then I called Chrystal @ the Raleigh store and she said there was still a way to get the rebate and ginger would call me back. She did and advised me they could do nothing.

Next Jr. Mgr john Keane on the phone he was rude and bluntly stated he couldn’t do anything. I asked for the mgrs name he at first refused and then I told him I would be at the store in 10min. He said that wouldn't help.

Went anyway. When I got there after a 15 min wait

Mr Danial had a letter ready for me to send to the rebate ctr to clear things up.

The lack of training @ HH Gregg is well below Walmart or K Mart.

I'm a 25 year sales and marketing with a very large Mfg co and the 1st thing HH Gregg need to do is teach their people to say" Let me see what we can do to help you" rather than can't do anything up front.

I would not recommend buying anything from HH Gregg.

  • Ra
    ragdoll Mar 09, 2009

    everything this guy just said is ###.

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  • Sa
    Savler Jan 15, 2010

    We purchased a small refrigerator that was on sale from the HHGregg store in Piqua, OH. It's been one big hassle. I am 65 years old, and it's a 50+ mile round trip.

    The hassle began when I called to see if it was in stock, they said it wasn’t, and I'd have to come in and pay for it, before they'd order it. They wouldn't take my credit card over the phone. So I drove over and paid cash.

    When it came in, I called and asked if they'd deliver it. They told me I had to come in first and pay for the delivery, (Evidently, they would not trust me to pay the delivery man). So I called a friend, and we went to pick it up instead.

    When I got it home, it was defective, it wouldn't cool. I called the store, they told me to call the service center, who told me I'd have to call the manufacturer. I called them, they said they'd send someone out to fix it.

    After no one came to fix it in the next five days, I called the store back. I talked to the manager this time. He said he'd order me a new one, but I had to bring this one back, before he'd order it. That would be two more trips over and back. But I said OK.

    The next morning my wife and I decided to just get our money back, we’d had enough hassle already. When I got to the store, I told the manager I just wanted a refund. He got a little pissy, and said that’s not what we agreed on last night. I told him I changed my mind, we’d been hassled enough.

    He said he’d give me a refund, but he had the right to charge me a 20% restocking fee. (That was about $54.00.) I asked him how he could charge a restocking fee when he sold me defective merchandise. He said I should have read the back of the invoice. I said I’d pay the restocking fee, just write it up. When I asked for the cash back, he said they’d send a check in the next 7 to 10 days, he said they also had the right do this as it was also stated on the back of the invoice.

    Before I walked out of the store, I told him he was going to get a little publicity. I’d write the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, and post this on several web sites. He didn’t seem to care.

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  • He
    Heaton Jul 02, 2010

    Your an idiot!

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  • He
    Heaton Jul 12, 2010

    I'm with you this doesn't make any sense. Just another fake complaint from a Best Buy employee.

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price guarantee

HHGregg just opened stores in the Orlando area. THIS IS A WARNING TO PEOPLE IN THE ORLANDO AREA. I have not...

won't fix

I bought a 52" television and a refrigerator at HH Gregg within two months of each other for a total of nearly $2000. After finally getting it straight that we live 12 miles out of the delivery zone on the TV, which was bought first, we had to go back home (65 miles away) and get a truck and go back to the store to pick it up. But oh no it wasn't at the store, we had to go all the way across Nashville to get it at the warehouse- same with the refrigerator later on. But we get the fridge home and one of the fans in the freezer doesn't work. No problem since they told us we were in their service area. We called, but no, we weren't in the service area after all- sorry his bad- and we had to call Sears to repair the fan- $125 on us with a BRAND NEW FRIDGE! Then a month later a board went out on the TV. Nope still not in the service area, even tho we were told we were, and so Sears comes again. This time it cost us over $600 to repair the TV and get a new board. DO NOT shop with HH Gregg unless you are ready to fight a battle with crappy items. The TV and fridge are still working thanks to Sears. They have had to come back two other times on the TV and now it has cost us twice the purchase price to repair it, but it has a great picture so we just do it anyway. Coming again on the 2nd of June to replace another board... grrrr. If they tell you that you are in their service area get it in writing otherwise you will be STUCK with a crappy product that YOU have to repair!

  • Sh
    shoestring Aug 19, 2009

    My arguement is that hhgregg doesnt make the product, they just sell it. And if you would have purchased the extended warranty, all of that "cost" would have been covered and you would have had to do nothing! Just my 2 cents.

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rude, insulting staff

I will never shop at this store again.

A few weeks ago I was insulted by one of the sales staff when I went in to purchase a digital camera at HHgregg. First off, it was a Sunday. The first day of their new sale for the week and the display version of the camera I was looking for wasn't even charged up. The sales rep nor the manager seemed to really care as they were reluctant to open a new one for me to test out because as they put it "if I didn't buy it, then they would have to sell it to someone else at a discount because the box was open." It's not my fault that they didn't think ahead to have the display version charged up, especially on the first day it was featured in their sales circular.

Finally, after spending more time than I should have convincing the manager that I wasn't interested in any other models and needed to test the camera I was interested in before I purchased it, he opened a new one. As I took about five minutes to test the camera and look through the menu options (just as any other prudent shopper would do) the sales rep told me I was "taking it too seriously and that it was only $200." I was so insulted and taken aback. I left the camera there and told him he could keep it.

$2, $200, or $2000 it's my hard earned money and if I wanted to spend all day testing the camera, that should have been my choice as a customer in that store. Not to mention that I am an HHgregg account holder and had a store credit that I had to use in the store. I'd had purchased a large screen TV and washer and dryer in that same store before and had every intention to purchase the camera that day before I was treated so poorly. I wrote a letter and sent it to corporate and still haven't heard back from anyone. I guess HHgregg does not care about customer service! If you like to be insulted and treated poorly HHgregg is your place!

  • At
    AtheneGrey May 06, 2009

    I had a similar experience down here in Florida. I was trying to buy a washer and dryer and I asked the sales guy about one of them. Instead of answering my questions, he immediately tried to sell me a more expensive model. When I said I was not interested he ARGUED with me and insulted my intelligence, telling me that I was "afraid of buttons" and that I was afraid of using hot water. I was like "What the HECK are you talking about? I just want to know about this washer. That is what I asked you about!" He continued to argue and tell me why I was too afraid to use a "new fangled" washer. Normally I am polite but this guy made me so angry I just threw up my hand and walked away. After this experience and reading other peoples experiences all over the country with this chain, I will NEVER shop there and I will recommend that my friends and family do not as well.

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  • He
    Heaton Jul 12, 2010

    It's not Walmart. You can't just walk in and start opening $200 pieces of equipment to play with and test out without buying it.

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unfair practices

I bought a mattress from HH gregg 1 year ago. The mattress was faulty and the store offered me a store...

scam and abuse!

Purchased 2 TVs with the promotional purchase of 1 year free interest. The sales person did not tell us we...

mail in rebate... what a joke!

I bought a mattress set ,washer & dryer and a refrigerator from HH Gregg in Montgomery, AL back in November 2006. The delivery fee was $ 59.99 x 3, which would be reimbursed when I sent in the rebate form in. I sent the form to Texas and I never got my refund. I called back to make sure the information was correct and they told me to send it to Florida, I did that and haven't heard anything since. This rebated is nothing but a SCAM... This company is a RIP OFF and they don't give SH!! about their customer and the customer service dept is very rude and could care less about your problem so don't bother calling them unless you are from another country!!! Oh one more thing never ever finance anything with GE Money Bank unless you want to pay for life...

  • Mo
    Monica Autry Apr 01, 2009

    I totally agree, with the comment about GE Money Bank we bought a Big Screen T.V. from HH Gregg that was suppose to have no interest for 24 months. I got the bill and it was wrong it said it was only for 12 months no interest so I called and said I would not pay the bill until it was correct, they finally got it corrected 2 months later and so then I did not get the free financing since I had not paid the bill??? Because of there error I get punished not sure how that is good customer service but in my line of work which is project management and customer service we would not keep customers if we treated them as I was treated.

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  • Rw
    R. W. Graves Jan 27, 2010

    hh gregg rebates are a scam. The company in charge of issuing the rebates must have a deal that entitles them to more money if they find (create?) reasons to reject coupon applications. That's what they did with my $69.99 refrigerator coupon. They made up a reason which was totally untrue.

    My advice: Don't count on getting that rebate back even if you submit the perfect application, because you won't get it back, and get them to take the rebate offer off the price up front.

    The hh gregg rebate offer was definitely a scam in my experience.

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delivery time

I purchased a washer and dryer at HH Gregg. They called me at 6:30 a.m. to tell me they would deliver between 2:30 and 5:30 p.m. . They were supposed to call me 40 minutes ahead of time before they show up.
They didn't call me until 5:23 and didn't show up until
5:45 in the p.m. just 15 minutes late, enough time to piss me off.

bad customer service

We bought a 46" LCD HDTV with HH Gregg for $4,000.00, were talked into buying extended warranty from GE for $499.00; so that we could be "rest assured" if anything happened to our TV we would be covered. Our TV completely quit working 13 months after we bought it; we were then passed around through four different companies to try and remedy this problem (HH Gregg, GE, local electronic company that works for GE, and the actual manufacturer Samsung) - all of which had NO idea what the other company was doing or had done. Our TV quit working in 9/07; it is now 11/29/07 and STILL no TV with no real time frame of when we will get ours replaced. They know (all four companies) that it needs to be replaced, not repaired, but no-one can seem to figure out how to accomplish this. It is really irritating to know that you have spent almost $5,000.00 in ONE purchase with this company and they cannot get on the ball and replace your television like promised. HH Gregg should not be selling a warranty from GE that they cannot stand behind. I am sorry but to me "REST ASSURED" does not mean that you have to be without a TV (which is under a covered warranty) for 8 weeks and counting. This is a big rip off. Never again will we purchase another item from HH Gregg and we will surely never waste our money on an extended warranty from GE. I hope that this complaint keeps other consumers from wasting their money with this warranty and this company.

  • Mi
    Mike Ullman Jan 04, 2008

    I am in the midst of the exact same situation although the Samsung tv I purchased from HH Gregg is 3 years old. Spent the $400 on the service agreement thinking I may need the insurance. The problem began in July, 2007 and still has not been corrected or the tv replaced as of January 4, 2008 and a total of 7 service visits. The service tech won't come out any more and says Samsung doesn't know what the problem is and they have already replaced everything possible at least once. The GE warranty people have been very rote-mechanical in their response "I have n0 supervisor for you to talk to", "There is no phone number for GE Appliance Headquarters, Louisville for you to call", "I have given you all the information I can". One lady on the phone was was actuallly nice and tried to help but the other one was like talking to a robot. Another 5 to 7 days is the standard response. We'll see...

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  • Ca
    Cathy Oliver May 03, 2008

    Same thing happened to us we purchased a 60" Hitachi TV and the protection plan. We purchased it when HH Gregg still had their own service department in May of 05. Everything was fine until they decided not to do there own service. We had one service call under the plan whith HH Greggs service department, we have had 3 service calls with GE. 2 of the breakdowns were the same part that costs $1700.00. There is a no lemon clause that should go into effect after the 4th major breakdown. GE states that since the first breakdown was when HH Gregg was still servicing our TV that it doesn't count. HH Gregg says that it's GE's problem. I'm just asking for my TV to be fixed. Hitatchi has the part we need in stock. GE doesn't want to get the part from Hitachi, they want to have our part taken out of our TV, sent out to be re-built, then re-installed when it is finished. Even if that was acceptable to me, they cannot give a time frame for this to happen. No one wan'ts to help, and you can never talk to anyone in management. The people that you talk to obviously have cue cards that they read from for every problem that they come accross. I'm sure they expect people to get tired and give up, but I refuse to give up. If they aren't going to honor their agreements, then they shouldn't sell them. We own our own buisness, and I KNOW that if we did business like HH Gregg or GE, we would have been out of business years ago.

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  • Ch
    Chad Stevning Aug 15, 2008

    I just got done going thru this whole process. It was the absolute biggest nightmare ever. I was also passed around between HHGregg, Tops Electronics, and GE. GE is by far the worst company out of the three. They could care less about the customer. HHGregg ended up being helpful, and Tops was pretty good to. I had a 37" Olevia LCD TV, and it started making turning off on me. So I called, and Tops came out, and ordered a new main frame for me. By the way I did buy the extended 3 year warranty as well. Anyway they put the new main frame in and it made it even worse, started making possessed noises. I am the type of person who will be in peoples grills until I get what I want. I think this is the only way that I ended up getting a new TV. If you are not they will walk all over you. After I called Tops to come back out the guy basically told me that they dont make the part anymore. So now I had to go back and forth with the three companies again. GE told me they could find the part, and Tops said there is no part anymore. Finally after two months I just got a brand new 37" Sharp TV. I will never buy anything from HHGregg again. YOU MUST KEEP BUGGING THEM!!!

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  • La
    Laine Feb 02, 2009

    I had purchased a 57" DLP from HH Gregg over a year ago. I got the 3 year warranty. When the TV just broke recently, I contacted HH Gregg. They sent a report to Tops Electronics. Tops contacted me within 24 hours of my call to Greggs. The guy just came out today and had it all fixed up within 15 minutes. I have no complaints at all.

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  • Ja
    jackie Jun 01, 2009

    we puchased a 55" mitsibishi in 2004 and purchased a 5 year gold warranty, which we were told covered everything including picture tubes, which is not usually covered. In August 2008, we had lines up both sides of the TV and the number 8 seen on all channels. Called HH gregg service who called Topps electronics and they came out and said it was from watching HD channels on an "HD TV". they said the CRT parts were no longer avilable for this TV and that GE will replace it. Well GE said they would not replace it, they wanted to parts sent to a company to be "refurbished" no new. They said this was not a permanent fix and it would happen again. They replaced these in November of 2008 and in may of 2009 they are back and we called Topps again and they came out three weeks before our contract was to expire. Two weeks later I still had not heard from anyone and called and was told that the warranty contract would not be honored because this was a problem just taken care of about 6 monhts ago. We even called GE and they are the ones with teh contract and they said the same thing., they are not going to fix the TV again for the same problem. Here we are with a TV that the warranty is about to expire and it does not work. Why purchase an extended warranty if they are not going to honor it? any info from anyong would be helpful, thanks. jm

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  • Sy
    Syx Jun 05, 2009

    I purchased a samsung 30 inch slimfit hdtv. Also have the 3 year warranty. We had problems with the tv since day one. The first repair the guy from tops said it was an easy fix (and it was), but if the tv does that again later down the road, he would not worry about fixing it. The screen was always a little off (bowed). but the guy from tops said it was probably just the input device doing that. 2 years later we switched to dish hd, and got a 360. the problem was still there. so i called in the repair again. this was back in mid feb. of this year. tops was confident that if they replaced the picture tube, it should fix the problem. well it didn't. samsung said they thought it was a defective part. so they sent another tube. it didn't work either. samsung then said it was either another defective tube, or they said the original back on accident. well i am now on the 4th tube, the tv is in the shop still(i have a rental that GE is paying for). samsung thinks they have send 3 defective parts. if i were in charge of samsung, i would be ashamed of my company. tops has been pushing the service along as much as they can, but samsung just keeps dragging there feet. they are currently waiting for the 5th tube, which is now 5 days late on shipping. if this tube is "defective" tops is going to tell them that the tv can not be repaired, (for the 5th time). and try to get the tv replaced. Samsung/GE you should be embarrased of how crappy your service is.

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  • Ap
    aprincess3535 Sep 14, 2009

    Wow! All these complaints just pretty much tell my story to! We purchased a 60 inch Hitachi TV from HH Gregg back in Sept. 2005 and purchased the extended 5 year service plan with it as we do everything we buy from HH Gregg. By the way this is the first time we've had to deal with the warranty part of it, we have spent a lot of money their, it is where we by everything from. (Not anymore lol) Anyway on 5-28-09 I called them to have someone come out and look at our TV because it had a green tint to it that couldn't be fixed. Topps Elec. was to come out but they called and said they knew it was the light engine that needed replaced and it was on back order with no ETA. Fine we waited and waited. Then on 7-08-09 they got it and were out to install it. It was like a new TV when they put it in but only lasted like maybe 5 hours or so lol. It started freezing up the picture having a rolling screen turning colors all kinds of things. Called them back and they sent topps back out on 7-16-09. They brought out a new light bulb that goes in the TV but when he seen what it was doing he said it wasn't going to fix it that the light engine they replaced was defective! So he called and they said a new one was on backorder AGAIN with no ETA. I was really mad; at this point we can't even watch our $2450 TV. I called GE (who our extended plan was with) and told them I didn't want to wait another 2 months or longer for another light engine to come. They said we had to be without a TV for 90 days before they would consider replacing it or giving our money back. So on Aug 26th 2009 I called in and told them it had been 90 days since our first problem. We wanted a new TV or our money back. They filed the claim told us to call back in 2 days to see if they had found us a new TV. My husband called and was told it would take a few days for them to get everything worked out and find us a TV. Well two weeks went buy and I called them Sept 10 2009, they said it was still being "reviewed" to call back at first of next week. So I call them today and the lady tells me our claim has been denied! I was so mad. She said we have to just wait until a light engine becomes available. I ask to speak to someone higher up and she told me she was the highest person to talk to, come on their has to be someone higher up then the people who answer the phones! Told me I could write in a complaint if i wanted to, but they would not be replacing our TV or giving our money back. So now almost 4 months after our first contact with GE we still do not have our TV fixed. I mean why on earth pay $399.99 for a service plan that is suppose to cover everything when they won't make things right?! We will never do business with them again

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  • Sw
    Sweet Kascey Mine Dec 02, 2010

    I had the same problem with a Toshiba that we purchased and the replacement parts were obsolete, the tv was 3 years old. I fought them for almost a year before I got my purchased price refunded. They wanted me to take a refurbished television, I did not buy refurbished, I'm not settling for it. I finally went onto Wikipedia and looked up HH Gregg, then GE and found a number for New York City Headquarters for GE. I figured that I would now start at the top and watch the crap roll down. Well it worked, within a week and a half I had my full purchased price in my hand. I was told they have switched carriers for the extended warranty, but, I will never do business with HH Gregg again.

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tv is not working for 6 weeks

Purchased 55" HITACHI TV with ext. warranty from HH Gregg Feb. 06. Sept. 07 TV would not work called HH Gregg after a week company called normans electric came out said needed a part would be back in a week to 10 days today is Nov. 6 I have called many many times HH Gregg, Normans, GE, and HITACHI and and no one knows when it will be fixed.

inferior products!

I bought a GE washing machine in July from the new HH Gregg store in Hickory NC. The first day of September...

payment reversed

We purchased a tv from HH Gregg (90 days same as cash) on our HH Gregg credit card and changed our billing address at the store. This change was apparently not related to ge money bank who said it was our responsibility to change it through them. They sent an initial bill to the wrong address which we received and we paid $100.00. We never received another bill from them and when they contacted us regarding late payment we paid the entire balance using our Indiana National Bank checking account #. They do not take debit card numbers. I checked the bank records and it showed the payment was pending but when we were billed again GEMB said that the payment was reversed and we should contact the bank. The bank said they did not reverse the payment, rather it had to have come from GEMB end. We had between 3,200 and 5,400 in the bank so there was plenty of money. GEMB confirmed the account # for us and they had the correct account #. We have never been able to determine why the transaction was reversed but the money has not come out of our account. We verified with the bank that payment is not pending, nor do they have record of the transaction. The bank suggested we go to HH Gregg and speak with a manager.
We received a letter of apology from GEMB after the full payment was scheduled and they assured us that this would not reflect on our credit. This purchase and payment was a problem from the very beginning through no fault of ours. It's not that we don't have the funds to pay this off and we have attempted to pay this in full with no luck, again through no fault of our own. We would like to take care of this but feel that we do not owe the additional interest and penalty charges as this was (we thought) taken care of.

terrible customer service

We purchased a amana front loading wash machine for hh gregg less than a month ago, the main board has already went out, we contacted hh gregg to return the machine or upgrade to a different machine they refused to cooperate and gave us a number for repair. The repair company comes out 10 days later only to inform us the board will take another 14 days to receive the part and then we can reschedule another appointment. We contact hh gregg again to complain about the situation they have refused to do anything even though we just purchased a washing machine to be without one for the next 4 to 6 weeks. The customer service at hh gregg is the worst i have ever seen we will never purchase anything from them again. Future buyers beware do your homework on the company.

  • Me
    melissa large Nov 29, 2007

    We understand your frustration completely. We too have been "ripped off" by HH Gregg and the extended warranty they sell from GE. It is like once you buy a product and they get your money; it is so long, have a nice life. There is NO customer service; all they want to do is to "transfer" you to a different number for someone to help you. We will never buy from this company again and truly wish that we had researched them before spending our money.

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  • Mi
    Miamikid Feb 22, 2012

    After buying appliances from this fast-expanding regional electronics store, my wife and I have been stymied with the worst customer service. Late deliveries, damaged goods, and failure to ever live up to a single representation to credit some of the purchase price back to our cards. Terrible disregard for the customer after the store separates you from your money There is now an HHGREGG SUCKS Facebook page!

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lack of customer service

I bought a freezer from H.H. Gregg in July 2007. It was my first visit to an H.H. Gregg store and my first purchase from them, and will be my last. First off, we were entirely ignored in the store until one of the salesmen realized we were there as serious purchasers. Then he gave us very smart-alecky service and tried to double-charge us for delivery. When the freezer was delivered, the delivery men rammed into a tree in front of my house. They didn't apologize at all, didn't say hi, nothing--my daughter was just anxious for them to leave, because they were so scuzzy and creepy. Afterward, the bark was peeling from the tree and the neighbors were worried it would fall, so I reported it to the city (it was on city property) and the city took it down. The tree may have been on city property, but it did provide us shade and we do miss it.

Gregg had sent a couple of men out to inspect the damage, but as of today, I'd heard nothing back, so I called. The woman I spoke with asked me "what sort of resolution would you like to this?" I said ideally I'd like the tree replaced but that I thought a refund of my $45.00 delivery charge would be the least they could do. This afternoon a man called me back from Gregg and told me that, since the city had taken the tree down, they considered the "case closed." He sounded aghast when recounting that I'd asked for a refund of my delivery charge. He kept repeating that the "case was closed" and said there "wasn't any damage to their truck". He ignored me when I mentioned that my daughter had seen the collision happen.

I said: "Well, you won't have me as a customer again." "Okay," was his response. I'll never go back to H.H. Gregg again and plan to give them as much bad press as I can. There's no excuse for "customer service" like this in this day and age. I simply can't believe the consistent rudeness and bad service this place delivered.

  • Br
    Brian Herron Oct 05, 2007

    On 9/9/2007 I ordered some tapes from One week later, after the tapes had not arrived, I checked the website for delivery information; it was not available. I called 1-866-WSGREGG; Britney assured me that my tapes would be sent out. A week later my tapes had not arrived, I called again and was assured that my tapes would be sent out. Another week later, my tapes had not arrived, I called again and was assured that my tapes would be sent out. Five days later I called again - same story, my tapes would be sent. The next day, I called back three times to make a point - that evening my tapes were sent out. hhgregg is pathetic!!!

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  • Gw
    gweberrn Jul 04, 2013

    We recently bought both a 55" Smart TV & a refrigerator from H.H.Gregg. I love the frig. - it has a bottom freezer. You can't screw up delivering that - all you have to do is plug it in. The TV is another matter. We love the TV, but we sincerely disapprove of, & dislike the subcontractors that deliver for H.H.Gregg. They "dump & run". They didn't know how to set up the TV. We ended up having an H.H. Gregg supervisor come out to finally fix it. Yesterday we went back for a gas range, OTR microwave & dishwasher. Prices were good, but they failed to tell us about installation charges until the paperwork was finished. The installation charges for the OTR microwave & dishwasher were almost $300 each! All from sub-contractors. This is how they get away with saying "we're the cheapest". We cancelled the purchases & ended up buying the same appliances somewhere else with a minimal installation charge.

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poor quality of product!

I bought a Bosch dishwasher from HH Gregg. We had a rebate for the installation. When I never received my rebate check, I called Bosch. Supposedly, they never received it. I was given a second address to mail my rebate information to. I soon received notice that we were too late. About this time, my dishwasher starts tilting up in the back when a rack slides out to be loaded. It also starts to smell. After numerous phone calls to Bosch and HH Gregg I get no where! Both say the other is to blame, it was not installed correctly, and it is no longer under warranty! It takes hours of waiting and researching to actually speak to a person on the phone. I have told to story to so many customer service reps and managers and I continue to be shoved back and forth between the two businesses. I will never step foot in another HH Gregg store and Bosch certainly isn't worth the extra money I spent on it!!!

defective products!

Bought a tv on July 3, 57"-got it home, watched for a few days, it was too big. Called HH Gregg told them I wanted to bring it back-just way too big-It took over an hour on the phone for them to "ok" my return (what happened to the 10 day return policy?)~they told me clinically my tv was not too big for my living room. Got to the store, and well they didn't have the paperwork. The problem with the return, I wanted a credit back on my HH Gregg card, they wanted to give me a store credit-I didn't want to be locked into HH Gregg if I couldn't find something suitable. Offered me a free warranty if I'd buy there-so look for new tv. Find one, for more than I originally bought, no problem, asked, is same warranty etc still apply, can I return this one..Salesman Matt Salazar says "yes, everything still applies"... I get it home try to hook it up, sparks flying out of tv.

Called cable, they say disconnect everything, and we'll schedule an appt for repair. So we unplug everything, notice the surge protector broke. So go buy a new one. Tried again, same problem. Called cable back told them problem, they question if my outlet is bad, we replace the outlet, new surge protector. TV still acting up. Cable finally gets here, the cable guy gets shocked, my carpet gets burnt, and after trouble shooting, its not the cable its the 2200.00 tv! Call HH Gregg, get stuck talking to Andrea in Indianpolis, VERY RUDE-talks over me constantly, asks a question about the problem, I tell her the cable guys here let him explain it, she says she dosent want to talk to a cable person-to make a long story short. The local HH Gregg tells me-The tv was sold as all sales final-they will call sony to see if it can be fixed. They wont take the tv back and I am in my 10 return period! Oh and since I didn't buy their extended warranty-carpet is not covered... (What happened to the free warranty if I bought another tv there?).

  • Ro
    Ron Curtis Oct 16, 2007

    This really makes since though if I worked at that store and you bought a tv on July 3rd and brought it back on the 7th thats just like buying one the day before the super bowl and bringing it back three days later thats just using the store. You most likely had people over enjoyed the tv made yourself look cool then returned it because you knew you couldn't afford it.

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mail in rebates!

I bought a mattress with HHGregg in Tennessee back in April and had it delivered. They charged me $59.99...

no customer service!

Bought an Hitachi Plasma. Had problems since day one. HH Gregg would not take it back and had to call...

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