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poor customer service / dishonest

I purchased an entire kitchen suite. The dishwasher was defective and leaked water from the pump. They would not order a replacement until I brought them the defective dishwasher and paid them $85 more dollars for the next grade dishwasher (deceptive up-selling). They also couldn't deliver it for another week. Then on delivery day no one showed up or called. When I called, manager claimed there was a mistake and it would be delivered and installed tomorrow. That day is here and the delivery install person now calls and is backing up the install date. So I've had to eat three days off work and $85 dollars, meanwhile HH Gregg was continues to be incompetent. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Complaints just like this are all over the Internet and all very similar. Let them go out of business. Maybe customers will get a better option in their place.

rca 58 inch led full hd smart tv

I purchased a RCA tv from HHgregg in April of 2016. It stop working a few months later, in July. After several service calls, waiting for replacement parts and open appointments, it could not be repaired. So, I received a replacement tv in August. The replacement tv stop working in October. I have tried calling the 858 number that was given to me. Unfortunately, I'm not able to speak to anyone. I have sent several emails. I did receive a response to my email stating I would get a refund. All I needed to do was attach my receipt. I replied and attached my receipt right away. I haven't heard from anyone since and it's been a few weeks now. I would like a refund and I am beyond frustrated at this point!

Unhappy Customer/Mrs. Smith

rca 58 inch led full hd smart tv

horrible service and system

I purchased a Tempurpedic Bed and I followed up twice prior to the arrange delivery date due to a business trip I had. I have called the day before to confirm the delivery and all they told me was to wait till 9pm for the confirmation calls... so I waited and past 9pm I called back to confirm to only find out they changed my delivery date to TUESDAY?!? they had 48hours to reach me and no phone call letting me know... after the whole issue I confirm that they had all the parts in the center and just waiting on a delivery now, and changed the delivery date to Thursday because HHgreg does not give you a time frame until the day before... which means you should take a day off work now. and here I am on Thursday morning with delivery center telling me they are waiting on the base for the bed... and HHgreg confirms they have the order and now the delivery center is fighting with the managers to not deliver when its their mistake for not checking the inventory correctly. I have been on the call center waiting for 19mins now and 3 calls to the store and also waiting on this so call regional sales manager to call me for the last 1hr and half.

will not honor reward card they sent for prior purchase

We Were not made aware the Reward/Rebate card they sent (That we got for purchasing our homes all new total...

was offered a 12 month no finance charge promotion

Was offered a 12 month no finance charge promotion, come to find out it was a six-month promotion and I wa...

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ipad mini 1

I purchased an iPad mini in May 2015. I was talked into by a "protection plan" in case anything happened. I...

don't buy from hhgregg

I ordered a TV during the black Friday sale from Hhgregg. It supposed to arrive on July 12th, 2015. They promised to call me the day before the actual delivery date. However, I didn't received any calls! So, few weeks later I called them myself and asked about where my TV was. Their representative said that it have been delivered. However, I was home all day, and there was no TV. I called them again and the other rep said it will be delivered within few days. On November 14th I contacted Hhgregg and the rep said that the TVs are out of stock. Then, I called on December 21st to check if they have my TV is in stock. I was told that TV that I ordered is discontinuing, so they don't have it anymore.Today is January 15th and still no TV, no refund, no explanation. I ordered it like 6 months ago! How is this even possible? Don't buy from Hhgregg, you will never receive your items.

  • Ja
    JamesG McLean Jan 19, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I brought a double range from hhgregg total was 1800.00 the same burner stopped working the 2nd time being that the serial number is faded they said that they can't fix it. It is a maytag . I called maytag and they said they could not help me either without a serial number I have the model number and they said that couldn't fix it > I have the bill of sale that didn"t count I spent over 5 000 on appliances with them DON'T Buy from them they do not have good customer service!! The employee told me she was busy and she could not help me and hung up the phone on me .Iwill not go back in that store ever again and will tell All my family and friends that they do not treat the customers right .As for maytag I will go Samsung products for now on!!..Good bye HHGREGG AND MAYTAG!!!

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  • Ed
    Edward J Fitzgerald Apr 17, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Get in touch with the Illinois consumer protection board. I don't know the number but you can get them from 411 or the phone book, they are downtown and have an office in Springfield. The will resolve the matter to your satisfaction. They are very good about call backs or getting back in touch with you. I had a similar problem with Circuit City when they were still in business and they got my problem resolved in less than a week. I was arguing with them for 2&1/2 months. They should be able to resolve your problem.

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  • Hh
    Hhgregg ex customer Aug 17, 2016

    I have had the worst experience with this company I would not recommend to anyone I hope they go out of business

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  • Tj
    TJones001 Aug 25, 2016

    They treat customers who buy thousands of $ worth of appliances and electronics like dirt, we are no more one!

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amazon kindle package

I bought on Black Friday a kindle package for 54.99. I bought it, they took the money out of my account on that Friday. On Tuesday at 5pm. I get an email stating they don't have the product but they will give a proscan that is more expensive. Not at all close to the same. I called explained that was just wrong. I had believed I had the product and to wait 5 days is just wrong. The worst customer service. So I called the executive office. Talk to a really hateful women that told me what could she do about it they don't have any. Now my son ain't getting what he asked for and I bought because they didn't know. They say on my money for 5 days.

frigidaire professional induction cooktop model fpcc3085ks

I purchased a Frigidaire Professional Induction Cooktop from HH Gregg for $1, 200.00 plus installation and a...


McKnight Road Store 15237. Barry is constantly getting employees he doesn't like in trouble. He stays on them constantly and turns them in even if they breath wrong. Two employees were doing the same thing only one gets turned in immediantly for cursing nothing is said or done to the other employee.

lack of customer service for repairs under warrenty

My Samsung washer quit working almost 3 weeks ago, now. I called the number on the extended warranty form, was in "que" for over 25 minutes only to find out that my washer could not be serviced for 2 wseeks!!! That is very crazy. While waiting for the, expensive, washer to be repaired, I called Samsung to see about an authorized repair service in my area, call the two places I was given, only to find out that they do not do warranty work because they don't get paid in a timely fashion...Maybe I should have taken the money I paid HH Greg for warranty and paid an independent repair person????? I then called HH Gregg several times regarding providing some type of reimbursement for lack of service. The reimbursement for this plan is a $25.00 per year for laundry...WOW can you even get to a laundry for $25.00? There is only a dry cleaner near me that does laundry...The last time I called HH Gregg, this week, I was put on hold by a female that never came back to the phone...after 26 min. I used another phone and called them. A man answered my call...still on hold on the other line I kindly voiced my frustration with A&E Service (this is the contracted service provider for their appliances) and ask about the replacement clause in my warranty. I was either requesting a new machine or a scratch and dent to use until mine is fixed, which by the way when the service tech got to my house and 2 hours later, had to order the parts and rescheduled the service for yet another week out. I recieved the 3 electronic board parts yesterday, Thursday, called A&E this am to see if they could get someone here to fix the washer, no way and no luck... I bet if this repair was not warranty related I would have had the washer fixed with in a couple of days... I am pushing 3 weeks, with no compensation or assistance with the piling up laundry... What a shame...I wonder how HH gregg would feel if I did not pay my bill and just told them I will, maybe, get you paid in 2-3 weeks and you will NOT charge a late fee or interest. My suggestion to anyone that is purchasing appliances, make sure that the service provider is not A&E Service.., ... Check reviews online!!! and make sure that the vendor you by your appliance from has a good plan in place in the event to this type of delay!!!

lg refrigerator

To Whom It May Concern: We purchased this LG Refrigerator December 21, 2014 from HH Gregg. We have not had...

whirlpool duet washer - defective product

We purchased $8, 000 worth of appliances 5 years ago. Duet washer and dryer, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher...

premium service plan

Bought a kitchenaid dishwasher that was exchanged at delivery, but the PSP was not transferred to the new...

Carlisle Appliances

customer service for credit

A coworker of mine went there to purchase a new refrigerator and large flat screen TV, She chose to do the X amt of days/months same as cash to make her near $1, 000 purchase. The girl at the credit area was HORRIBLY RUDE. She called me, and ALL of the other 3 ppl that she was REQUIRED to, to register for references. The girl asked me, and the others, and I quote, "please give me your home address so I can verify that she gave it to me correctly." I did so, only to find out that my friend NEVER gave any of them our addresses... why would this person ask for OUR addresses??? Then, my friend called her today, as she was told to, told the girl that she gets out of work at 3 pm, and she was coming over immediately after, when she got there, the girl was getting in her car, looked right at her and kept going. We find out she was 'going for her dinner'. when she KNEW my friend was on her way. Absolutely unacceptable. What is wrong with this country anymore???? Yes, this is a veritable drop in the bucket of life, but they just lost that $1, 000 sale.

  • Hh
    hhgreggcustomer Feb 01, 2009

    Pages of Complaints:

    Sears: 207
    Lowes: 114
    Best Buy: 103
    Home Depot: 74
    Circuit City: 47

    HH Gregg: 8

    I think they are doing a pretty good job.

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  • Cg
    C Gantnet Jan 16, 2010

    Do not buy ANYTHING from HH Gregg. Their return policy and service are poor. I got a TV from them that had defective sound. They would not order a replacement TV until I returned the defective one. They said I would have a new one the next day. That never happened. They have my money and I still do not have a TV.
    CWG Asheville

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  • Re
    ReasonableGuy2 Mar 14, 2010

    You have 14 days to take the TV back. After that you need to return it to the manufacture. Outside of that you should have bought the service plan and saved you any hassle.

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  • Lo
    LOL.. Oct 16, 2011


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  • Dd
    ddwhi Jul 01, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First off if the computer was brand new they are going to check to make sure everything was ok. People say this does not work but it is usually some silly mistake mon their part. they suggested tying this because they just wanted you to enjoy the pc you bought. How long have you had it? they have a 30 day return policy. If you were too cheap(and i am guessing you were) to buy the service plan then you have to deal with the manf. yourself. If you had gotten the sevice plan, they would have fixed it o given you a new one. So stop crying because they wont give you a new one because you dont know what the hell you are doing

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failure to honor warranty

I have been trying to have my washer and dryer fixed since the day I purchased it and brought it home. The...

poor service lies

I recently went on line and ordered a washer from HHGregg. I received a phone call from the store manager saying that the model that I purchased was discontinued and I would have to cancel my order which was originally scheduled for the next day. I purchased this model on line and you would think that they would only sell what they have in stock. The night before I received this call I had been on the phone for 45 minutes waiting for a customer service person to answer. "message was due to high call volumn wait time could exceed 10 minutes" I understand this but not 45 minutes that is extreme. Now the manager told me I have to call the same number to get a refund. This time on hold for 29 minutes. Then 7-10 days for refund. This is not the only time this is happened they had an appliance package on line so I wanted to see so I called the store. They said no problem we have it and you can get same price. Guess what drove 45 minutes and looked and the girl went to write up order etc and then told me she would have to get the manager to override and when she came back said price only good the night before and no longer available. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS PLACE AGAIN EVEN IF I HAVE TO PAY DOULBE BUYER BEWARE

sales manager lies

October 2014. Sales manager Larry sells me an iComfort queen size mattress. Sales person Ryan rings it up...

beyond rude!

We never got past Diane (HHGregg Naples). She doesn't understand that her job is to be nice. People call there to spend money and she is obviously to stupid to understand that simple concept. 30 seconds on the phone with her and we abandoned any thought of spending our money there. We never even got to tell her what we needed to purchase! Her awful attitude proves they don't care about their customers or community.
We did ask for her manager to try to get past her, but she refused.

bad delivery and quality

HHGregg, Worst service ever! I bought a Frigidaire refrigerator 8 months ago and it has had to be returned 3...